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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 24, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather colder today and monday 90th year a no. 83 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., sunday morning March 24, 1974 124 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25cstate beats Urcla meets Marquette Nixon will keep tapes until charges defined Camp David. My. Apr the White House indicated saturday it will not consider surrendering 42 taped conversations sought for the House impeachment inquiry until the judiciary commit tee defines its charges against president Nixon and specifies a what materials Are wanted and press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler issued a formal statement denying a published re for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Disabled payments q. How Long does a woman have to work if she becomes disabled before she could draw her social Security. Anon. A. It depends on your Date of birth says the social Security office. The work requirements Are in two parts for older women i you must have worked 20 quarters out of the 40 quarters ending with the Quarter in which you become disabled 5 years out of the last to years 2 you must also be fully insured. This Means you must have a total of one Quarter for each year that has gone by beginning with 1951 and ending with the year before the year you became disabled. For younger people it is a different Ball game it could be As Little As a year and a half. If you will caliche social Security office and Tell them your birth Date and when you became disabled they can Tell you exactly How much work you need. To repairman of Are there any schools in this area sponsored by Ria or Sylvania to companies that teaches to repair in North Carolina area thank you very much. Or. J. B. A. A local dealer who Sells and services these recommends the course at Guilford technical Institute. Daredevil Knievel q. Could you please print in action line the address of Evel Knievel my Little boy age 7, is very interested in him. He has begged me to please get his address so he can mail him a letter he has written to him. Thank you. Mrs. M. Y. A. Evel Knievel born Robert Edward Knievel on oct. 17, 1938 can be addressed at . Box 505, Butte Mont. 59701. Cash or nothing port that the White House would turn Over tapes of the 42 presidential conversations next week. A we continue to fell it is essential that the committee first define the charges and be specific on what materials Are wanted and Ziegler also assailed a report in the los Angeles times attributed to congressional and other sources that Nixon a taped conversation with former White House counsel John w. Dean Iii clearly showed that the president did not disapprove of the payment of hush Money to watergate defendants. The White House spokesman said a the malicious intentions of the individuals who planted this Story Are Clear and that the report a cannot help but influence the White House Atti tude with respect to providing additional materials in the future to the judiciary committee. A recording of the Nixon fighting flares in Mideast by the associated press Israel and Syria battled for More than six hours across the Golan Heights saturday and Tel Aviv said a syrian woman was killed. Meanwhile the state department announced a High ranking syrian official will come to Washington about april to or la to consult with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger on 1s-Raeli-syrian disengagement on the tense cease fire line. And rear adm. Brian Mccauley who headed the mine Clearing operations in Haiphong Harbor prepared to meet with Cairo officials to map a similar multimillion Dollar . Effort to clean the explosive Laden Suez canal. Dean conversation was one of 19 tapes provided to the committee As Well As to special prosecutor Leon Jaworski. Ziegler said no decision has been made to provide additional tapes to the committee. A the White House position has not changed a he said. A we feel that the committee should define the scope of their investigation and their charges. In Short they should be specific As to what further information they want and Why. Logically the committee can Only be specific after it assesses the massive amount of material already provided to the while adding that a the White House is prepared to continue discussions and to look for ways to cooperate further with the committee a Nixon feels very strongly a about his constitutional duty not to irreversibly erode the office of the busing Bill hailed by president Camp David my. Apr president Nixon urged citizen support saturday for administration backed legislation to consolidate Federal education Grant programs tearful but Happy these tears flowing Down the Cheeks of a n c. State University cheer Leader Are tears of Joy and Relief after state beat Urcla in the semifinals of the Mcaa National basketball championship in Greensboro saturday. Her team won in double overtime coming from seven Points behind in the second. Staff photo of at r Chorion in armed helicopter capture of spies claimed by China Tokyo a peking announced on saturday it captured an armed soviet helicopter and its three Man Crew and charged they were engaged in a espionage activities on the sino soviet Border. The chinese also said that Russia made at least 61 a air intrusions Over Sinkiang province in the past 14 months. There was no immediate reaction from Russia which claimed earlier the helicopter was on a medical Mission when it strayed Over the Border in bad weather and ran out of Gas. The latest incident increased tensions along the communist giants 4,000-mile common Border where Russia and China each Are reported to have about i million troops. In 1969 they clashed along the Frontier Over disputed territories in Southern Siberia. On Jan. 19, China expelled two russian diplomats and others on charges of spying. Four Days later Russia expelled a chinese Diplomat accused of espionage. Western q. I will soon be 16 and i was wondering do you have to be 18 to buy your first car. I was also wondering if any dealer in High Point or Piedmont Sells cars to 16 year Olds. Thank you. Anon. A. Unless you pay Cash you would have to wait until you re 18 which is the minimum age to sign a Legal contract in the state. Sound off we Are trying to locate 1964 Ragsdale High school graduates for a class reunion and if you have any information please Call Margaret Stanley Jones 454-4575 or Candy Blair Holmes 883-5119 after 5 . Thank you. Graduates of the Trinity High school class of 1964 Are planning a reunion this year. Any graduates who have not been contacted or who have information concerning other graduates Are asked to Contact Barbara Lockhart 431-3316jill Hill 431-4772or Barbara Mizzi 431-2044. Sound off the research committee of the High Point historical society needs All photographs or drawings of Mendenhall Mill buildings before the dams and lakes were built in what is now City Lake Park. This will be used As background material for what we Hope will be a very interesting display for the Bicentennial Celebration. Lacking photos we would find a rough sketch done from memory very useful. Anyone having information which they would share Are asked to Call mrs. Fred Browning at 454-3534. Thank you very much. Gas available sunday but conservation urged by the associated press the weekend gasoline drought has ended in most parts of the country and officials say the situation will improve further when Arab Oil starts flowing again. But they warn that the nation can to afford to waste fuel. An associated press Survey showed More gasoline stations planned to stay open this sunday than in recent weeks and there were fewer limits on sales. Dealers and state Energy officials said they were encouraged by the announcement last monday of the end of the Arab Oil embargo even though it will take several months for the Petroleum to reach this country. Increased March allocations and leftover supplies from allotments announced late in february helped ease things even without Arab Oil. The Federal Energy office said Friday that the nation had Only a 5.2 per cent shortage of gasoline in the preceding week compared to a 15 per cent shortage during most of february. President Nixon said tuesday that he was rescinding his request for a ban on sunday gasoline sales. New Hampshire officials suspended the state s Odd even rationing program mayor Walter e. Washington of Washington. Dc., announced that the capitals Alt mate Day sales plan would end next Friday. A we Are returning to normalcy so we Are taking the wraps off a he said. Experts now consider sino soviet ties at their lowest Point. China said it seized the helicopter in the Remote Northwestern province of Sinkiang on March 14. The official Hsinhua news Agency said China handed a protest note to the soviet ambassador in peking on saturday. Hsinhua said the chinese note accused the soviet Union of a cooking up a Bunch of lies to cover up its crime. A it said the flight was a not an isolated incident and that Russia has frequently sent aircraft Over the Border a to disrupt the productive activities of chinese inhabitants and engage in flagrant the area where the helicopter landed is about 2,-200 Miles Southeast of Moscow and 1.600 Miles West of peking and close to China s giant nuclear weapons Arsenal at lop nor. The peking note said that despite repeated chinese protests to soviet authorities a soviet air intrusions have grown More frequent and Tass the soviet news Agency said last wednesday the helicopter got lost on a flight South of Belushi in the Altai Region to pick up a sick Serviceman and made an emergency Landing As it was running out of fuel. Mercury pictures clearer Pasadena Calif. Apr the clearest photographs Ever taken of the tiny planet Mercury began coming Back to Earth saturday from the Mariner to space probe. However they were shot from such a distance a about 312 million Miles a a that scientists at Jet propulsion laboratories said no details of the surface could be made out. J pm spokesman Frank Bristow said the initial photos were a sharper than anything taken from Earth but these Are just a Warmup for next powerful television cameras aboard Mariner to will be continuously trained on the mysterious planet As the probe approaches at 27,-000 Miles per hour. Next Friday the Craft will skim past Mercury less than 600 Miles above the surface giving Man his first closeup look at the planet. Bristow said about 250 pictures were taken during saturdays session. Most of them Wero transmitted directly to Earth where jul and National aeronautics and space administration scientists observed them on television screens. Thirty six of the photos were taped and transmitted Back on a delayed basis for intensive study. And curb forced busing of students to achieve racial balance in the schools. With House debate scheduled next week on an education Bill he favors Nixon called on parents to lend their support. In a nationwide radio address broadcast live from his Mountain Retreat Here Nixon said the House Bill would help return decision making authority Over education to local communities. A you understand better than any Federal official what is Best for your children a he said. While describing the House measure As a an important first step toward meeting his education goals Nixon complained that a Senate committee is considering a rival Bill that would a move us in precisely the wrong the House has proposed consolidating seven Grant programs into two Broad programs. The Senate Bill however retains the previous approach and adds some More programs. The Senate Bill Nixon contended would create a a bureaucratic Nightmare built on Good intentions but hopelessly bound up in Miles of red Nixon who flew to Camp David by helicopter Friday afternoon for a weekend stay with his family used Strong language in again urging favourable congressional action on his 1972 proposal to limit forced busing. Nixon argued that Many dual school systems have been dismantled in the past years with minimal busing and said this demonstrated that a excessive forced busing is neither necessary nor lenten series�?5 the builders of Faith bought computer mailing lists milk7 funds aided demos inside Reading Cates on things. Page 2a new night school. Page id classified. Pages 5-20d editorial Page 4a women s news Section b sports. Section c 18b entertainment pages 17,18, 19b obituaries Page 9a Washington a the nations largest Dairy cooperative spent $137,000 in corporate funds on computer mailing lists for Campaign use by midwestern democrats including Sens. Hubert ii. Humphrey and James Abourezk the associated press has Learned. Details of the 1971 transactions were assembled from court documents interviews and a report by the cooperative on activities of its leaders. One of the largest payments covered most of the Cost of a mailing list for the Iowa democratic party. That transaction came after Coop officials sought to make a donation to the unannounced presidential Campaign of sen. Harold Hughes an offer the Iowa senator says he declined. Other payments went for lists requested for gov. David Hall of Oklahoma and gov. Robert Docking of Kansas. Those lists weren to completed because the state democratic parties did no to pay their share. The firm that received the Money and assembled the list has admitted falsifying correspondence and invoices covering the transactions. Watergate investigators Are seeking to determine whether the payments violated Federal Law prohibiting donation of corporate Money to political campaigns. The Story of the mailing list subsidies is outlined in a lawyers report commissioned by the co Ops Board of directors on the past political and financial dealings of its top officials some of whom have been ousted. Payments were made by the Texas based associated milk producers inc., in six instalments from july 16 to dec. 29, 1971, they went to share the Cost of computerized mailing lists that politicians or businessmen use to address tailor made letters to specific groups of people such As Kansas democrats Over age 65 or Iowa Farmers who vote. Gerald m. Singer an attorney for the Minneapolis com Puter mail firm that compiled the costly lists was interviewed by Telephone. Singer gave the following breakdown of the cooperatives payments �?amp1 paid $50,000 in two instalments for a list of residents Iowa. The state democratic party which requested it paid $10,000. Sen. Hughes said through a spokesman that Coop officials offered to help finance the project after he turned Down their offer of a be milk on 8a a Ion will find As you look upon life that the in o m ent s when you have really lived Are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love/9 by David Poling Healing was a natural and significant part of the ministry of Jesus. Healing was bound up in Faith and love. And where christians took the word of god and the news of Jesus Christ a Healing ministry was evident. It probably would be fair to observe that no important Christian service has Ever lasted without the Healing of mind and body and spirit. Across the centuries major institutions of health and Hospital care have been created by Christian people who believed that this was a major expression of the new life of Christ. Others have fulfilled the Call to Healing and helping through the improvement of human relations the reducing of tension and conflict the seeking of Accord and Harmony. Such a person was Henry Drummond. A leading Churchman in the free Church of Scotland and a prominent scientist who made Many expeditions to Africa Drummond sought earnestly to reconcile the households of religion and science that were warring in the 19th Century. His a writings and speeches and personality became a living Bridge Between two antagonistic groups. His commentary on i corinthians 13 became the bestselling classic a the greatest thing in the Drummond spoke the right word for his time and ours when he said a you will find As you look Back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived Are the moments when you have done things in the spirit of love. As memory scans the past above and beyond All the transitory pleasures of life there leap Forward those supreme hours when you do have been enabled to do unnoticed kindnesses to those round about you things too trifling to speak about but which you feel have entered into your eternal life. A i have seen almost All the Beautiful things god has made i have enjoyed almost every pleasure that he has planned for Man and yet As i look Back i see standing out above All the life that has gone four or five Short experiences when the love of god reflected itself in some poor imitation some Small act of love of mine and these seem to be the things which alone of All ones life abide. A everything else in our lives in transitory. Every other Good is visionary. But the acts of love which no Man knows about or can every know about a they never fail. Next week ministry within administration

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