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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather rain expected More data on Page 5a 90th year no. 82 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon March 23,1974 travel of heals optimistic about summer 16 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25ctraffic picking up again on state highways by the associated press the lines of motorists waiting for gasoline in North Carolina have diminished and travel and tourism officials have grown More optimistic about the summer. But Highway safety experts say the increased travel in mid March has brought on More problems on the highways. Also gov. Holshouser has amended the states voluntary Odd even tags allocation plan to provide for the possibility that some service stations May begin opening on sunday following the lifting of the sunday ban by the president. Holshouser designated sunday As a free Day with no Odd even restrictions. A traffic is picking up and unfortunately speeding violations Are increasing a Highway patrol capt. D. R. Emory said. Emory research and plan Ning officer for the patrol said speeders had not returned in a any tremendous amount a but were present in substantially greater numbers than at the beginning of the year when the maximum Speed limit was Cut to 55 Miles per hour. A a we be noticed a definite easing up in the frantic buying situations a Bill Hensley of the . State motor club reported. A a we be seen very few problems and id say the word now is that we re cautiously 6ptimistic about the summer a dealer spokesman said Shorter lines Are a result of Consumers patience rather than greater supplies of gasoline. A we Haven to seen any extra gasoline a said Avery Upchurch of Raleigh president of the North Carolina service station association. The state Well and True but the Only Way it can get to the Public is for it to get to the service stations. And that a not Upchurch expressed doubt that immediate benefits would come from thursdays announcement that North Carolinas gasoline allocation would go up by 13.8 per cent or about 25 million Gallons. A a it a coming through into Holshouser acting to reduce the lines even More and to help Farmers during the new planting season directed major suppliers Friday to divert 20 million Gallons of the new allocation to service stations leaving the remainder in the state controlled Reserve. More than 30 representatives of firms dependent on the travel Industry met in Raleigh thursday with Holshouser to discuss the Outlook this summer. Sarah Crouch assistant director of the state division of travel and promotion said no statistics were available to show How the travelling Public has been affected by the gasoline shortage. A your Welcome centers Are showing about the same number of visitors As last year or up a Little bit but that Only Means people Are using the interstate highways More a she said. The governors office however said citizens complaints reaching it have dropped off drastically in recent weeks. A during the crisis period in february we were getting 50 Calls a Day from people complaining a gubernatorial news Secretary Jack Childs said. A then it dropped to 20 or 25. And just kept falling off. Now the complaints Are Down to very examples of alleged distortion Given to Media by White House policeman taken into custody Denver police sgt. Jim Sipos Center is escorted from a Snowbird Utah ski resort building in which he held his wife hostage for about la hours. Sipos gave up Early today. Other officers Are Benefit new residents sheriffs capt. N. D. Hayward and Denver police it. James Shoemaker who flew to Utah to help talk Sipos into surrendering. A wire photo developing offshore Oil would alter local areas by Randolph e. Schmid associated press writer Washington a serious social and environmental problems could result from development of Oil off the Atlantic coast and Alaska the presidents Council on environmental Quality has warned. New Industrial and population growth could seriously Black Birds roasted from Home by David Goeller associated press writer Graceham my. Apr Bird City Usa appears to be losing its claim to Fame a the estimated to million Black Birds which have roasted for months in a 66-acre stand of White Pines. Maryland health officials said Only 20 per cent of the Birds stayed in the Trees after an onslaught of fireworks Friday night. Men and machines will be on the Battlefield again tonight to try to evict the remaining starlings Grackles and assorted other Black Birds. Since last year Farmers have had their cattle frightened and seed devoured by the Birds and Graceham a 400 Homes have had was lines cars and rooftops peppered by Bird droppings. When Birds swarmed Home to Roost at night they would often blot out the Sun. Or. Kenneth Crawford chief state veterinarian directed a barrage of Shotgun fire explosive devices recorded Bird distress shrieks and ultrasonic frequency Waves Friday night. But some of Crawford a army of too men ran out of ammo. Many Birds found a Hole in his defences and swarmed into the Southeast Corner of the Woods. Crawford called the Battle a operation sanity and said he would return tonight with More men added firepower and redeployed weaponry. Alter local characteristics while offs h o r e development could threaten environmental damage in Ocean and Estuary Waters the Council said Friday. And. The Council added increased income from such development May not Benefit present local residents but rather workers who move into the area along with the new industries. A no recommendations were made by the Council As it released its factual findings. These Are to be issued after they Are presented to the president and Are ready for publication expected about april 18. In other Energy related matters a the Federal Energy office announced that the nation was Only 5.2 per cent Short of gasoline last week. In february shortages averaged More than 15 per cent. A a new Rule was announced by the Feo allowing fuel suppliers to increase allocations to customers whose needs have shown unusual growth since 1972 without prior Feo approval. A a series of reductions in the Price of propane Gas by suppliers was announced by Feo. A the Feo announced 60 Day studies of the economic Impact of the Energy shortages on a variety of major industries. A Energy chief William e. Simon called on Congress to end what he termed a a legislative embargo and pass some 17 Bills he said Are essential to the governments $10 billion Energy Independence plan. Even As the environmental Council was issuing its warning sen. Henry m. Jackson d-wash., introduced a Bill which would require the government to make All feasible outer Continental shelf oct lands available for Oil and Gas production by 1985. Jackson said Oil and Gas from the shelf can become the nation s largest and cheapest single source of Energy during the next decade. A rapid and responsible development of gig resources will help relieve . Dependence on foreign fuel sources and move the nation closer to the goal of Energy self sufficiency a said Jackson. In its findings the environmental Council neither favored nor opposed such development but pointed out potential problems and the need to solve them if development is to take place. By Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a the White House has Given examples of alleged news distortion of the Type president Nixon has criticized. Nixon at an oct. 26 news conference complained of a outrageous vicious and distorted reporting. The news Media had asked for examples of this distorted reporting and the response was Given Friday by Bruce Herschensohn Deputy special assistant to the president. Herschensohn gave examples from the Washington Post time Magazine a new York times Book and the lbs and Abc networks. In his examples of distortion Herschensohn listed the printing by the Post last july 29 of two pages from the daily news summaries prepared for Nixon. By running Only the first two pages which Herschensohn said were an Index to the45-Pagesummary, he said the Post gave the impression that Nixon received Only a sketchy report of the news. Howard Simons managing editor of the Post said the part published a was simply an attempt to give a flavor of what the news summaries prepared for the president look like. It said these Are the first two pages of the summary and clearly indicates that there was Herschensohn also attacked the new York times paperback Book on the Senate watergate hearings which included highlights of testimony. By cutting off the testimony with that of watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt on sept. 24-25, 1973, and not including the testimony on sept. 26 by White House speech writer Patrick Buchanan the Book failed to include the testimony most favourable to the administration Herschensohn said. Herschensohn said lbs. The Post Abc and time had All labelled As a a watergate Many former White House appointments Secretary Dwight l. Chapin a when he had nothing to do with Chapin has been charged with lying to a grand jury looking into dirty tricks in the 1972 presidential election. Herschensohn also criticized lbs for leading its evening newscast last monday with a watergate Story about the grand jury a Nixon report being ordered delivered to the House com Mittee which is studying impeachment of the president. Herschensohn said the newscast should have been led with news of the end of the Arab Oil embargo which he said was More important As Well As being More favourable to Nixon. A lbs spokesman said. A in our news judgment that was the most pertinent news Story of the Day. He noted that there had been speculation for a week about the expected end of the embargo. More clean air requests expected soviet helicopter seized by chinese Tokyo a China acknowledged for the first time today that it seized a soviet helicopter and three crewmen in the Northwestern province of Sinkiang nine Days ago. It said it had lodged an official protest with the soviet ambassador in peking accusing the soviets of carrying out a espionage and disruptive activities by a intruding in the official Hsinhua news Agency said said vice foreign minister you Chan summoned soviet ambassador . Tolstiko this afternoon and handed him a protest note. Moscow announced on wednesday that a soviet helicopter made an emergency Landing in China on March 14 and said the Craft and its Threeman Crew had not been returned. The soviet news Agency Tass said China had not replied to a soviet statement on the matter sent to the chinese. The peking protest broadcast by Hsinhua said a on March 14,1974, a Mi-4 armed reconnaissance helicopter belonging to the soviet Union intruded deep into China a Sinkiang uighur autonomous Region landed on More than one occasion in Nabahe county and carried out espionage activities. United s fare hike okayed Washington a americans who plan to Fly will have to dig a Little deeper into their wallets following approval of one air fare increase Friday and indications of More to come. The civil aeronautics Board Friday approved a 4 per cent rate increase for the nations largest airline United effective april i. And while it rejected fare hikes of 4 to 6 per cent for nine other lines it said it found no fault with their requests which it said were justified by the rising Cost of Jet fuel. The cab said it turned Down the requests because the carriers had asked for an open ended fare hike. In contrast United asked that its 4 per cent increase automatically expire oct. 31. The 4 per cent increase granted United Means that one Way flights Between new York and los Angeles on that Carrier will Cost $183 for coach compared to the current fare of $176. New % York to Chicago coach fare will jump from $64 to $66.56 for one Way flights. Carriers turned Down Friday were Hughes air West Frontier Southern american Braniff Continental trans world Western and Allegheny. The Board had earlier turned Down a 6 per cent hike sought by Eastern. By Bill Neikirk associated press writer Washington a the Nixon administration s major legislative proposals to save fuel by delaying clean air deadlines have received an initially mild reception in Congress although a fight May develop later. After the administration disclosed Friday its package to Amend the 1970 clean air act sen. Edmund Muskie a Maine chairman of a key environment subcommittee said the new legislation could have been far worse. He noted reports that the White House planned even further efforts to relax the Law. The National clean air coalition an environmental group said the administration was proposing a a unnecessary weakening of the clean air but earlier in the week conservation groups had denounced reports that the administration would attempt to exempt All Energy related projects from the Law. The administration stopped Short of going that far although its package of proposals would delay significantly deadlines for cleaning up the air in Urban areas. The package also would permit or even order increased burning of Coal. But in disclosing the proposals Russell e. Train administrator of the environmental Protection Agency refused to accept two administration proposals a to eliminate the Laws Protection against existing clean air getting dirtier and to permit on again off again use of ant pollution equipment depending on the weather. Train said these suggestions were sent to Congress As issues for consideration but not As formal proposals. But later Erie Zausner a Federal Energy office official said the administration wants the whole package adopted despite train s opposition to the two proposals. The proposals would postpone for two years total compliance with automobile ant pollution standards. They would allow cities having difficulty with transportation control plans to delay for five and up to to years their compliance with clean air standards. Under the proposals the president would be authorized to require some Power Russell train alarm Bell for cancer is isolated by Alton Blakeslee a science editor St. Augustine Fla apr scientists have isolated an alarm Bell for cancer that promises to help fight off the disease. Its Job is to announce that cancer cells have appeared in the body and then to summon scavenger White blood cells to attack them. The new finding is part of the intricate a a language a by which body cells and systems communicate with one another. For example when flu viruses or to germs invade the body the communications systems summon White blood cells or antibodies to attack them. The viruses or germs Are recognized As being foreign bodies. Cancer cells also Are foreign or not Normal. One defense against them is macrophages or scavenging or killing White blood cells. But they need to be told what to attack to be Given the alarm. And the alarm is sounded by a protein substance in blood plasma called a recognition factors a or. Nicholas Diluzio of Tulane University school of Medicine told a seminar for science writers sponsored by the american cancer society today. The recognition factors abbreviated As spare found in Normal blood. Of attract the macrophages to the cancer because they recognizes the cancer cells As foreign. In a sense rf1 see alarm on a spending Bill passes in Senate by Joe Hall associated press writer plants on a Case by Case basis to Burn Coal instead of Oil or Gas until 1980 As Long As they done to violate air Quality standards protecting health this would suspend standards designed to protect the environment. In a statement Muskie said the proposals a do not do the damage to the Law that some in the administration would have but he said his total attitude about the package remains negative because the administration wants to expand Washington apr the scope of emergency the Senate has passed Energy Bills. Legislation designed to enable Congress to get a better grip on Federal spending. My my Jan f a i my in _ i a but p i Dave a 80-0 vote con Epa asked to authorize Sui ism effectiveness of the Insaf of nov a nov Laona of a Many conservatives said Iii ctr i cd v ill Lvcy id july too much was being claimed for the measure. Meanwhile the one of these sen. John l. Agriculture department is Mcclellan d-ark., responsible for enforcing a appropriations committee regulation barring More than chairman said he doubted three tenths of one part per the measure would greatly million of dieldrin in meat strengthen congressional and poultry. Control of the budget. A different Epa source the Bill is a so fraught with told a newsman dieldrin complexities it May just be concentrations As High As 2.04 destined to fall of its own parts per million a almost weight a a Mcclellan said seven times the allowable but sen. Edmund s. Level a were detected in the Muskie a Maine one of the affected chickens. Sponsors of the Bill Challenge this source said recent Evi de this. View Dence has shown cancer he said the final product causing effects in animals developed in Over a year of from dieldrin Levels Only one work by three committees is third As High As the allowable a Compromise which some level. Conservatives consider too Loose and some liberals too a i tight. I a uni c incur of a there is a framework i Vinot s is a i that i think is workable a he amusements Kab to Quot aut a a a a a not Bridge work unless senators Are classified ads. My a pc a and their style Carnissa of living in this body. Crossword say Wjt is going to mean that editorials. 4a we Are going to have to keep obituaries.3a our noses to the Grindstone sport1-3b on a 10-month basis each television.5a year in following these dead weather.5a lines a Muskie said. By Stan Benjamin associated press writer Washington a the environmental Protection Agency has been asked to authorize the marketing of up to 22 million chickens contaminated with dieldrin a pesticide known to cause cancer upon prolonged exposure Epa officials say. Or. William Upholt Epa chief science adviser said in an interview the chickens contain much higher dieldrin concentrations than Are allowed under department guidelines. A he said the agriculture department told the affected producers All in Mississippi that it would order the chickens destroyed unless Epa which sets pesticide standards approves their marketing. Upholt said marketing the contaminated chickens a Means increased risk no doubt about it to the consuming Public. But he said the health risk would be Small and must be agriculture safety weighed against the economic loss of destroying the chickens. A no matter what we do we will be wrong of course a he said. Upholt said representatives of the producers and of Mississippi a congressional delegation met with him and other Epa officials Friday to discuss the problem and ask him to permit the Sale of the contaminated chickens. But he said there was no attempt to pressure Epa for a favourable decision. Upholt said Epa officials would meet this weekend and try to reach a Quick decision a because the growers made it Clear they can to afford to keep on feeding these chickens very Many Upholt said the dieldrin May have been introduced into the chickens with a single Batch of contaminated feed. Dieldrin is used under Epa limits on a number of crops and Epa is moving to ban its use on All food crops

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