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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather warmer saturday More data on Page 3a 90th year a no. 81 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon March 22, 1974 28 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c appear to supreme court Uncertain appeals court upholds secret report decision Washington a a Federal appeals court has moved the House judiciary committee a step closer to Access to a secret grand jury report on president Nixon s role in watergate. In an opinion thursday the court rejected requests that it reverse . District judge John j. Sirica a order sending the grand jury report to the committee. The appeals court delayed delivery of the report until 5 . Monday to give attorneys time to take the Case to the supreme court president Nixon did not oppose sending the report to the House a fact cited by both Sirica and the appeals court. But attorneys for h. K. Haldeman former White House staff chief and Gordon c. Strachan a former Haldeman aide opposed sending the report to the House on the grounds its contents probably would be made Public and result in publicity that could make it impossible for them to obtain a fair trial. Haldeman and Strachan were among seven former administration or Campaign aides indicted March i for allegedly trying to Block the watergate investigation. The grand jury gave Sirica its sealed report and a Satchel filled with evidence at the. Same time it returned the indictment. Lawyers for Haldeman and Strachan said they were undecided on whether to ask the supreme court to overrule the appeals court. Report on Nixon s Homes called untrue Washington a a House subcommittees report that $17 million in taxpayer Money has been spent on president Nixon a Homes a is absolutely untrue a a the subcommittees senior Republican member said today. The Republican. Rep. John Buchanan of Alabama charged a a political Witch Hunt and accused subcommittee democrats of distortion and unfairness in the report approved thursday on a the president s Homes in san for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Bond indebtedness q. The High Point Enterprise stated that the City of High Point had some $50 million in Bonds outstanding. I think your readers would be interested in an answer to the following the amount of annual interest on the Bonds Are payments on principal to retire the Bonds being made Are payments made on either principal or interest paid from Revenue or Are funds borrowed for either or both thank you. Or. . A. The 1973-74 City budget shows $1,766,270 going for interest on the debt and $1,895,000 towards the principal. The annual interest payments vary even As it does with a mortgage loan being paid off. The City does t borrow Money to repay borrowed Money except in the sense that not so much would have to be borrowed for new projects if there were no debt payments to make. Miles per gallon q. I would like to Challenge Highland motors Olds Cadillac dealers on some advertising that i feel quite confident is misleading. In their and the map shows High Point As the starting place and one City pictured is Charleston w. Va., which is approximately 250 Miles from High Point. The and suggests in the 1974 Cadillac one can plan a trip allotting one tank of Gas for either a 400-mile trip one Way or 200 Miles round trip. I suggest it would be just Short of a Miracle if a person could reach Charleston with one tank to say nothing of 250 Miles Back to High Point. I have travelled West Virginia Many times and two weeks ago i drove to Beckley w. Va., which was 57 Miles closer than Charleston. I travelled at 55 Mph All the Way but in certain areas in West Virginia and this was a 1972 Chevrolet in top mechanical condition. Not Only is it minus the emission control system required in 74 vehicles but it had a tune up and Points replaced and plugs and air filters and an Oil change. I used 3� tank of Gas and got excellent mileage. I am not criticizing Oldsmobile or Cadillac a my husbands Uncle Sells them in West Virginia but i am criticizing Highland motors method of advertising. Thank you very much. Mrs. So. A. Albin Bernot vice president of Highland motors picks up the Gauntlet and says a dear Chevrolet owner a Highland motors illustrated the results of published Cadillac Economy tests pictorially. Nineteen 1974 Cadillac were driven from Detroit to Chicago by the Chicago area Cadillac dealers and the results certified by the United states Auto club. The most mileage received was 16.5 m p g. The least mileage received was 14 9 m p g. With an average of 15.5 m p g. At a constant 55 Miles per hour. A general motors corp. At their Mesa Arizona proving grounds facility drove ten 1974 Cadillac identical in All respects at an average Speed of 55 Mph and averaged 15.8 mpg. A i personally was involved in a test drive situation in the Charlotte . Area 90 per cent Highway and to per cent town driving and at lesser average Speed than posted speeds actually exceeding the above averages. A average Miles per gallon multiplied by the Standard Gas tank capacity were used to illustrate the Economy of the 1974 Cadillac. A thank you for thinking about since Gas tank capacity is essential to the mathematics the company said the Cadillac tank holds 26 Gallons which allows the Long distance Between drinks. Clemente and key Biscayne. The White House earlier called the report a deliberate deception. What began As a subcommittee investigation on government spending on All presidents Homes Buchanan said at a news conference a has degenerated into the worst political Witch Hunt that i have seen in All my time in Buchanan contended the $17-million figure is distorted because he said Only $1.2 million has been spent directly on Nixon a Homes and property a and All of that is for the Protection of the he said he believes the subcommittees $17 million a is High Quot even when counting All military and civilian salaries and All other costs directly and indirectly connected with the Homes As the report does. Disputing the reports allegation that some of the $17 million was a loosely spent Quot Buchanan said a general accounting office report released in december concluded less than $70,000 of the spending was open to any question. Chairman Jack Brooks. D-tex., disclosed Brief highlights of the report thursday before his House government activities subcommittee approved it on a straight 6-4 party line vote. Brooks told newsmen he does not consider the report a shocker but rather a delineation of facts that came out during his subcommittee s Public hearings in october. The report makes no accusations against Nixon according to the subcommittee senior Republican rep. John Buchanan of Alabama. But republicans strongly objected before the vote to subcommittee action on the report challenging its findings and contending they did no to know it existed until monday. Brooks said in a prepared statement the report s findings concern a a the Loose arrangements by which the general services administration paid for items not requested by the secret service. A a the manner in which the secret service submitted see report on 2a . Gets More Gas for March Raleigh a state Energy Czar John Tolson Iii says an additional gasoline allocation of 27.5 million Gallons for March should begin arriving soon in North Carolina. The extra allocation approved by Federal Energy office officials earlier this week after a meeting with state officials should ease any end of the month crunch on gasoline Tolson said thursday. The extra allocation represents an addition of 13.8 per cent in the states March allocation. A spokesman for sen. Jesse Helms r-., said that Means North Carolina will receive 98 per cent of the gasoline it had in March of 1972, the Federal allocation base year. The state sought an additional March allocation of 43 million Gallons which it said was needed if North Carolina was to have 105 per cent of its March 1972, allocation. The Feo originally said the state would get 105 per cent of the 1972 amount. State figures on the March 1972, amount differed however from the Federal figures and Tolson said the extra allocation of 27.5 million Gallons was a Compromise. Tolson said any of the extra allocation that does not arrive at the pumps during the remainder of March will be carried Over to april. It will not count against the state s april allocation however. The extra gasoline will be made available through the usual distribution channels he said. Tolson said his state Energy office has not yet received any figures from the Federal Energy office on what North Carolinas gasoline allocation will be for april. A a we re sweating it out a he said. A we certainly Hope to get More next month. It s planing time and farm use of gasoline will increase Quot Mackinnon dissented in part from the decision saying he believed the grand jury exceeded its authority in turning Over the sealed report and Satchel of evidence and recommending that the House committee be Given Access to the entire grand jury proceedings but Only after the trial is completed. During the Oral argument Philip Lacovara counsel for the special prosecutor said the material Given Sirica by the grand jury focuses on the presidents role and that a incidental references to Haldeman and Strachan a do not go beyond the allegations in the in other w watergate related developments a american bar association president Chesterfield Smith said Nixon s refusal to hand Over All watergate evidence to the judiciary committee amounts to obstruction of Justice. A Nixon s popularity dropped to All time lows in two polls with 25 per cent approving of the Way he a doing his Job. According to the Gallup poll and 26 per cent according to a Louis Harris Survey. A two members of the judiciary committee said equal television time should be Given for a response to Nixon s comments about the committee. A rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., said Nixon should voluntarily file amended tax returns and pay any additional income tax for past years. Mills is vice chairman of the joint congressional committee that is looking into Nixon a tax affairs. A a House subcommittee approved a draft report concluding that the government has spent $17 million on president Nixon a Homes including some funds not requested by the secret service. Committee republicans and the White House denounced the report. Tentative bus pact reached Washington a officials of Carolina tramways reportedly have reached a tentative agreement to end a three month old strike by Drivers. Lester Greech president of the line which serves the delmarva Peninsula of Delaware. Maryland and Virginia said the settlement reached Here must be approved by the Union Drivers. An official at the Headquarters for the amalgamated transit Union local 1437 in Raleigh ., said thursday the vote would be conducted by mail and is expected to take about a week. No details of the contract have been released going. Going. Gone when Rolls of roofing on a truck driven by Jack Tilley of Springfield Ore. Started to shift after a Sharp curve there Wasny to much he could do about it. He eventually decided to Cut the Load s binders rather than tip Over the entire Rig. Albany Ore. Patrolman Gene Wilson controls traffic As the Load topples. It took the Driver one hour and 20 minutes and some helping hands to reload. There was Little damage and no one was Hurt. Al Wir phone a Power rate change enacted into Law Raleigh apr despite a last minute blast of opposition from a student based Consumers group the House today passed and enacted into Law a Bill that will permit the North Carolina utilities commission to use projected figures in setting Utility rates. After a Brief debate in which opponents mainly sought to get the Bill sent Back to committee for a Public hearing the House voted 67-32 to pass it on third Reading. As the House debated the measure the North Carolina Public interest research group a student backed consumer interest organization protested that it a gives an unjustified gift of millions of dollars to the major Utility companies like Duke Power and Carolina Power and Light the group also charged that John Hicks which it identified As a Duke Power co. Vice president had lobbied for the Bill without being registered with Secretary of state Thad Eure As a lobbyist. . Senate votes for housing act High school Grid player runs 50-50 risk of injury Washington a your son the High school football player runs a 50-50 risk of being Hurt at least once during four years of play. It most Likely will be his knee ankle head or . The culprit probably will be a helmet shoe or shoulder pad. And the place will be a september practice session or the second Quarter of a game. The boy will be at the greatest risk if he san experienced senior in a Small school and the coach is Young and never played College Ball. Those Are the conclusions reached in a 250-Page report on football injuries prepared for the . Consumer product safety commission by two University of North Carolina researchers. They followed 8,776 players in 43 North Carolina High schools through four seasons and found that 4,287 of them slightly less than half were injured. Carl s. Blyth and Frederick o. Mueller both of whom hold doctorates in physical education said there is no reason to suspect their findings could not apply to the 1.2 million boys playing football at 30,000 Public and private secondary schools another 200,000 playing in Community and social clubs and to some extent to another 70,000 Young men on College and University teams. The researchers conceded that a football is a hard Bod Contact sport in which injuries and fatalities will never be eliminated regardless of what is attempted to make the game but injuries and deaths can be sharply reduced by Weli trained coaches Good equipment better supervision and instruction and safety minded game officials they said. They Zero in on equipment which they found to be a frequent contributor to the three out of ten injuries caused by a a blow from an a the data clearly indicts helmets As the one piece of equipment most often responsible for the injuries in this category a they said. Next most dangerous were shoes and shoulder pads. Raleigh a the North Carolina Senate took favourable action this morning on Bills to revamp the state s housing program its consumer loan Laws and the location of the state Art museum. The housing act was tentatively approved by a 24-18 vote before being sent to the appropriations committee which must approve an $8 million fund to energize the program. The Bill would revamp the state housing Agency which never got off the ground after being established in 1969. It would give the Agency Powers to finance and insure mortgages for a flow income North carolinians although there were protests that it would not really help the poor. If the $8 million fund is approved the Agency could Issue $100 million in Revenue Bonds to finance Home mortgages. Its sponsor. Sen. Mcneill Smith a Guilford said the Bill would help people in the $6,000-$8,500 income bracket Purchase Homes. But sen. Charles Taylor a Transylvania said that unless changes were made it would Only help those with incomes of $8,500 or More. By financing the mortgages through tax exempt Bonds and permitting a 40-year term the Bill would enable the Agency to offer mortgages at about two per see on 2a the Bill would permit the utilities commission to use a period projected several months into the future in setting the value of a Public utilities property for rate making purposes. During House consideration of the measure today. Hep. H m. Michaux Ddurham said the Bill had been pushed so fast that a no one has had an Opportunity except Here on the floor of the House to debate this however Michaux motion to Send the Bill to committee Tor a Public hearing was overwhelmingly killed. In other action today the House voted 77-12 to reduce privilege License taxes of the soft drink Industry by $390,000 a year. The Bill now goes Back to the Senate for approval of a House amendment. Passed and sent to the Senate a Bill that would make it Legal Tor an individual to use wine making kits to make wine for a the use of his family and Bona fide the Bill. Which the House see Power on 2a democrats see veto proof gain what s inside amusements 7b Bridge 7b classified ads 8-15b comics. 6b crossword.7b editorials .4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports 3-5b television 10a women a news 6-9a weather.3a Washington a democrats heard predictions they will win a veto proof congressional majority this november and laughed at anti Nixon wisecracks at their annual $500-a-plate fund raising dinner. The financial take probably Between $600,000 and $700,000, fell Short of a year ago when the dinner raised a democratic record of $960,000. About 2.000 attended this years dinner. The republicans hold their fund Raiser next wednesday with president Nixon As the chief speaker. Tickets Are $1,000 each and their sales also Are Down from 1973, when they raised their smallest total in years about $900,000 the predictions of november Victory came from House speaker Carl Albert of Oklahoma and rep Wayne Hays of Ohio chairman of the House democratic Campaign committee. A the Way things Are going now we re going to have a vet proof Congress next year a Hays said. Although the democrats hold majorities of 246 to 187 in the House and 58 to 42 in the Senate they have been Able Only once in ten tries to Muster the two thirds vote needed to override vetoes by president Nixon. In an apparent reference to the possibility the House May impeach Nixon. Senate democratic Leader Mike Mansfield predicted a the months ahead will be difficult More difficult than those we have just gone through As the courts and Congress Deal with the Impact of watergate. Sen. Lloyd m. Bentsen of Texas chairman of the Senate democratic Campaign committee offered a Toast to the White House saying a in these Days of blatant nudity it is reassuring to hear there Are some people who still believe in covering comedian Mort Sahl delivered most of the attempts at anti Nixon humor including a crack that the president will resign a and become a tax consultant a a reference to his much publicized tax troubles

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