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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Threat of suicide should always be taken seriously following is the last of three articles on the rising number of Youthful suicides. End precede. By Dan Carlinsky women a news service new York was a probably the most popular myth associated with suicides and suicide attempts is that those who talk about doing themselves in won t Ever do anything about it. Not True say the experts. Says or. Richard h. Seiden of the University of California Quot its been shown time and time again that teenagers who talk about suicide should be taken seriously. Not All people who talk about suicide kill themselves but the people who do commit suicide almost always have Given frequent warnings. They should be taken seriously and not adds another suicide expert Quot the teenager who talks about suicide is often giving a disguised cry for potential suicides have been known to comment quietly about what things will be like when they Are no longer around or to suggest Quot you la be better off without others bluntly proclaim Quot if things done to get better in a going to kill not that everyone who talks about suicide will eventually carry out the threat according to estimates gathered from a College study by the american Institute of family relations for every Hundred students who threaten suicide Only ten actually attempt it one succeeds even when not Overly stated the very for help Quot can often be discerned in a Young persons behaviour. Parents and teachers Are warned to watch for Subtle clues that a youngster May feel so troubled As to con template suicide. Among the behavioural clues persistent insomnia. Neglect of personal appearance. Long lasting depression. The giving away of prize possessions. Again not every adolescent who dresses sloppily and has trouble sleeping for a few nights is on the verge of suicide but these Are signs to be watched since most of the problems faced by suicidal youngsters fade with the passage of time doctors recommend that if a would a be suicide can be contained a can be held at Bay even for just a Brief time a the suicidal feelings can be made to pass too. Acting on that belief scores of colleges churches and hospitals in cities across the country have set up suicide prevention centers where trained volunteers Man Telephone lines waiting to talk to callers in trouble. One report puts the count of such centers at Well Over 200. Often these centers Are in operation around the clock. The centers Are known by various names dial a shoulder help line hip help hotline suicides Anonymous teen lines save a life league crisis clinic life line and others. They can usually be found in the Telephone Book under the volunteers chief Job is simply to Chat with callers the Mere fact that someone has taken the trouble to Call a suicide line usually shows that he or she is ready to be helped. Says a West coast Telephone Volunteer Quot if we can get the caller to name his stress half the Battle is won Quot a gently after assuring the caller that someone does care the volunteers recommend clinics for professional help or offer other specific advice. At the University of Colorado students set up a 24 hour rap line its Young volunteers offer to escort troubled fellow students personally to the Campus health centers psychiatric emergency service. On occasions when a caller has just taken pills slashed a wrist or swallowed Poison the volunteers try to pinpoint the callers location and order a police Rescue team to the scene. No one knows How Many lives Are saved by such operations. Certainly some of the callers Are merely unhappy youngsters and older people who would never seriously consider suicide no matter what happened but need a shoulder to cry on. Others perhaps Are at the Brink. Suicide attempts studies have shown often seem to be chronic. Or. Herbert Hen dings study of College suicides revealed that most had made previous attempts on their own lives while in High school. Quot just about All seriously suicidal College kids Quot says or. Hendin Quot have a history of suicidal for this reason doctors warn that clumsily attempted suicides should not be ignored As Quot just a scheme to attract such an act they feel is in fact a cry for help and the Young person should be Given a Chance to find that help. Otherwise if the needed attention is not forthcoming the boy or girl May try again and succeed in creating what or. Seiden Calls Quot a permanent solution to a temporary Mark and Bride tour the country by Marci Shadman women a news service Philadelphia a. Was a four teenybopper from West Philadelphia stood Flash cameras poised in the lobby of Kew to waiting for the Prince to appear. Quot we re Here to see Giggle Giggle Mark Spitz Quot they chanted collectively rolling their eyes toward the ceiling. Quot hey Mark there a a Bunch of teenybopper waiting for you downstairs Quot somebody upstairs told him. The Prince Bent Over a roast beef Sandwich on a Kaiser Roll paused in mid a bite to Flash a smile that would Stop any female -14 year old heart cold. Quot want a Roll Quot he laughed lifting the top of what used to be a roast beef Sandwich with Catsup. Mark Spitz a minus his seven olympic swimming Gold medals a and his Bride of nine months Susan were finally getting around to lunch at 3 30 p. In. He had just finished taping a Mike Douglas show which he hosted this week. The sequence had gone Well a staff member said. He was nervous at first. He relaxed. And As moods go the Prince was Happy. Smile. And mrs. Spitz contrary to reports that she d Given up her modelling career for Matrimony Susan said she a still working a to commercials that kind of thing. Quot but if i Ever have a Job and it interferes with what Mark is doing i turn it Down Quot she said. Quot what Marks doing comes smile. For the last two months the couple have been travelling around on business trips a Montreal Dallas a especially for the sportswear line they re both endorsing. Quot the underwear is really popular Quot Spitz said. Quot did you know that 60 to 70 per cent of All menus clothing is bought by women Quot Spitz a agent Norman Brokaw cleared his Throat. Quot urn let me Tell you what Mark is involved in Quot he said. Seven companies for whom he a endorsing products. To shows. Charity things like a Mark Spitz swim Center at a Hospital and a memorial for the israeli athletes slain at the olympics. Spitz stared out the window. Quot unlike a lot of people you see doing commercials Mark let a lot of offers pass by Quot the agent went on. Quot he Only wanted the top Quality Quot like the swimming pools. Mark picked a Middle Price line company. He figured anybody who can afford two cars can afford this Pool. And then of course from there the scuba diving equipment was a natural. Of and drama lessons. He a been taking them for two months. Spitz 24, said he a definitely left dentistry behind. Now he wants to make it in show Biz preferably the movies. Quot we be had a lot of offers All the agent interjected. Quot but he Hasni to been ready Quot i done to know what area ill go into Quot Spitz said. Quot it depends where my Talent lies. Y6u know making a movie Isnit just the actor. Ifs the film editor and the director. You get a bad editor and he can edit you right out of the Box office. Quot i mean George c. Scott is George c. Scott but what makes him George c. Scott is the whole meanwhile Spitz says his life goes in spurts. When they re Home the couple live in what they described As a modest two bedroom apartment in Marina Del Ray. He and sue bought things for it which reflected their own taste a modern in shades of yellow and Gold. Quot we re Lucky enough to be Able to afford our own furniture a he said. Quot and ifs something we both picked out. So when i sit on me sofa and can think of All the screaming and carrying on that went into picking out the color. He grinned. Quot we done to live pretentiously a he said. Quot i have my own friends. I done to hang around in a socialite group to boost my ego. They re just everyday common people from All walks of life and i know they look upon me in the same Way. 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