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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Sunday March to. To Vitue High Point Enterprise pm ref Center of a High Point North Carolina Page five Sec. A a ski a to Tho a rotate against i yarn project continued from doge 4, Sec. A Tor these millions of dollars Ami my one of these cases should co against it the loss we would sustain would be enough to Complete the financial wrecking of High i1 the City Council should not enter into another contract until the Resolution has been passed and cited upon by the courts and until these other rates have been decided upon by the courts High Point cannot afford to take any such reckless Chance 1 less the Public expresses itself vigorously to the Council promptly it is apparent that these contracts ate going to be let in the name of High Point. J. K. Marsh or. I Ong hours for tile firemen editor. The Kilter Price recently i read or. Setter s letter concerning the fire depart ment in our City and Only yesterday followed his advice by going to a fire station to find out what was meant by the two platoon system. I was very courteously received by the men to this station. They told me just what it Means to make a change from the pres int plan to a two platoon system. It a s so interesting to me that i feel like it is my duty to pass it on to those who car to read this. The most startling thing to me was not the fact that the men work 9k hours in a stretch hut it was the fact that the tax payers lot High Point pay for 105 hours la Day in which the men Are away from their stations simply eating this i am told can not he helped Lin tier the present system. The fact that the tax payers pay for this 105 hours while men eat is not the most serious fault that i find in the present system though. Under the present system a Man works 14f� hours and is off 2t hours. He is allowed one hour for each of the three meals of the Day. This Means that the number of men a mailable at any Given station during the Day is one less when a member of the company is taking his 24 hours off. But even the strength of the company is reduced by still another Man during certain hours of the Day when the men Are at meals. In other words at certain times during the Day the City is paying two men who ate worthless so far As firefighting is con i corned. The North Side action i believe it is known has four men regularly assigned to it for service. One of the four men is Al i ways off for his 24 hour leave of takes 9 hours a Day for the i remaining three to eat their meals. The meal schedule is staggered so that Only by Man is eating at a time and to do this they must begin at 8 a. In and do not finish until 9 p. In figure it out for yourself 9 hours out of 14 in the Day time there Are Only 2 men at this station. Now what does that mean to those of us who live and have our Homes in the arca allowed to this station for Protection in Case of fire it Means this. If your House should catch on fire instead of four men to protect you there Are Only three and of it is in the Day time. 9 hours out of 14 there would Only he 2 men two men Are almost helpless in the face of a fire Large enough to require the laying of a line of Hose. These men could do Little to help you until another truck has had the time to come All the from Cern trial stations in the meantime your House is burning faster and faster. I have used this outside station As an example but you can readily see that the same situation would exist at any of the six fire stations in High Point. While i think it is inhuman and exceedingly deplorable that our men have to work the hours they do. And under the present conditions. I think it is much More alarming when looked at in Light of the facts set out above. All right then what is the remedy the answer is the two platoon system. The it requires the men to be on duty 12 hours a Day and off 12. It completely eliminates the Day off and the meal hour. It insures you and your family that the maximum strength will always be at the station assigned to protect your life and property in Rase of a fire at any time of Day or night. I done to rare what such a system will Cost. It is Worth. It i am sold on the two platoon system and i Aglee with or. Setter that the citizenship of High Point ought Rise up and demand it. I am doing so now Carl c. Hodgin. 1714 Kivett drive High Point n. C. Enter politics other than to cast f rolling until these boy get this my vote for the party or parties j needful and efficient system which i think will do this Cit i will some other citizens thru the most Good. But i am inter-1 this paper let us hear from them ested enough in the fire depart thanking the editor for the ment in which i hav e Many \ space this letter requires i befriends to want to see these main. Friends get this system and be a. E. White free enough to go to Church fish an interested citizen ing and these Many other pleas j Hedrick Street tires we would like to enjoy to j High Point n. C. Get her. The safety committee a had this before them Many for too Many Days. Is it possible that l Nance to be heard nothing is being done about it by commissioner Are the present City officials hold-1 ing out on this Issue until Clee editor the Enterprise a Ion time to make a political is there is a report to the effect sue of it that there will be a meeting be surely the department beads fore fhe county commissioners especially the fire department next monday morning in greens Ean go to Bat for these boys who Boro when and where interested stand ready at All times to Aid j a payers of Guilford county them in any Way can help this May discuss with the county department get the one thing j commissioners the question As to they have wanted and ask for. What basis values shall he Arriv-1 would like to say that i be de at on property april 1st this Lieve this town has one of the year for the purpose of assess Best police and fire departments j ment for taxation. In the state the police depart this is the taxpayer s Opp Ortu ment works eight hours off six to 11 y to be heard on the most Al teen the fire detriment works j Tai question concerning taxation Twenty four off three for meals and Only off every fifth Day. These two departments Are above reproach vet the citizens i have come in Contact with believes As i that the two platoon system will he an Aid to the fire department and would like to see High expresses views on hours for firemen editor. The Enterprise i have read two letters in your paper pertaining to the proposed two platoon system for High Point fire dept. I saw where or. J Pickens brought this before the j City Council and in turn the Council turned it Over to the safety j committee. What the Public and j taxpayers would like to know is j what the safety committee is do i ing about this proposed system j surely they can see fit to pass on it and give it to this City because this department needs it let me state Here that i am no j politician and have no desire to Tiki t Kiln it in ii in urn est Iii m it Cury la he 00 a vip hesitate to accuse any one of falling behind the times. But. A a i until you be driven the Mercury 8�?-America newest car a you re missing a big event in your motoring life Hie Mercury has a 95-lip, a Type 8-Cylinder engine. Iii roominess As Well As streamlined Beauty it compares with the finest cars on the Road. And Ita dream a a very pleasant dream a to drive deep cushioned Comfort and remarkable quiet characterize this car s the Mercury slips through traffic like a Bunny through Briers a and when your toe gives the signal on the open Road this ear gets up and goes you d expect that v-8 engine to perform like a million dollars a and ii does. But you d hardly expect it to deliver up to 20 Miles to the gallon of gasoline a and that s what Many Mercury owners report see the Mercury newest member of the Ford Lincoln family at your nearest dealer s showroom. Drive it. Cheek Mercury features against your idea of modern motoring value. W e think you la agree with owners who say its the ear America wanted a rust motor company a Ford. Miri cry i Ami Lincoln motor it ars most complaints from taxpayers Are usually directed toward what is often called too High a tax rate then in an Effort to solve the problem we compare our tax rate with that of other cities and counties. A of which turns out about like the Hare s race with Point get this Hill passed. Prac that of other cities and counties tidally every larger town in j All of which turns out about like North Carolina has this system j the Hare s race a with the hedge excepting Greensboro or High j hog for we become exhausted Point and i understand greens and often disgusted and quit Boro is getting if later these More puzzled and confused than firemen deserve this system yet Ever they done to deserve to have it a Why Gued pro or Ron As a debate he because the trouble is not the tween political factions if this is fax rate hut the real cause of what is being planned for if. Why our trouble is a cause that la discant this he gotten for High guided and one which we Are not Point now As Early As possible. Often conscious of. Value at and Stop ugly rumours Why can t i which property is placed on the j the Public through this paper tax Hooks is s thing that la very know what is being done and the material and vital in determining Progress of it. Surely we As Ai the amount of the a Bill Public spirited citizens can to let of a piece of property is on i this Issue die Down now after it i the tax Hooks for 15.oho.oo that i has had such a Good Start. Sure j is Worth Only $2,000.00. And it in in the citizens will keep the Ball j taxed at a $1.50 rate the tax Hill a a will be $75.00 whereas. Of it were on the tax books at $2.- 000.00 As it should be. Then the j j tax at a rate of $1.50 would amount to Only $50.00 in other words on the state of facts As a above Given the taxpayer la pay i ing $45.00 per year More on that j certain piece of property than he should compared with other tax i payers and paying faxes on that i particular piece of property at a tax rate of $3.75 instead of a tax rate of $1.50. There May he some property on the Tat books of too Low an assessment value probably there is Bitt t am sure that i no reasonable Parson will con j Trover the fact that there is j much property especially real is i Tate on the tax Hooka in High Point and Guilford county at an j assessed value of from two to i j three times its actual or Market j j value. The tax authorities Tell tis they Endeavor to assess All real i estate at approximately. 75 per i cent of a actual or Market value. However reference to the tax j Hooks and comparison therewith of some property As assessed on the tax Hooks will undoubtedly convince some of us that Many taxpayer Are justly entitled to immediate Relief from Over valuation of property assessed for j j taxation. The purpose of this letter is j to urge interested taxpayers to attend this meeting of the county j commissioners at ten o clock next j monday morning in Greensboro respectfully. I. H. Parson a. Safety driving school Kong of classmates dear and did you hear i the news that s going around another safety driving class on monday will abound with Rodenheiser teaching us the Laws of safety through and checking up the Many things we had been driving too he teaches us reaction time and when to blow the Horn just How to walk and Crosa the. Streets his object was to warn i Here s Burns and Ralston at their wheels i to show us what to do with clutches. Brakes and gearing shifts i and Gas and signals too i but we have All accomplished things i we never did before obey the Laws and safety rules i we or Safe for Ever More. Mrs. Helen Deans. Chick Xou a vow it i �00�1 in n 01 a Quot r la a a a err in gent a Vul Quot a a Quot Quot a. Quot a Quot Tny. A Quot a -.0. The other democracies of the world to stand up and fight or admit that they Are cringing cowards before general Bluff. A we Are thinking of the Church it must stand up and fight or All is lost. There have been occasions when it fought Hack hut on those occasions its arms and hands were empty. Now they ate full of riches and it is in Retreat it it lose its men of wealth and its one of America s deadly sins is desecration of the lords Day. Legislatures Are repealing the Laws for the Observance of the Day passed by our forefathers. The peace that once brooded Over our cities and country places on the lord s Day has been dissipated. The aliens Are Bent on substituting a european sunday. The native born seem to have lost the sense of the Sanctity of the Day. Professing christians in increasing numbers have forsaken their places of worship and taken to the highways or movies. Well what else could you expect when Seldom if at All do any of our ministers open their Mouths against the desecration or movies on sunday or at any other time some going to movies themselves during week. Having made a great mistake in turning Over the original Resolution to the ministerial association on february 8, 1938, the lord s Day Alliance was organized on May 17th, and we secured Over three thousand names to petitions asking that sunday movie be closed and the Sale of wine and Beer he prohibitive on the lords Day. Our goal was eight or ten thousand which we could very easy have secured but very soon the summer vacation came on. Along with some procrastinate in our midst and in the meantime we was planning a big mass meeting and attempting to get an outstanding speaker in either judge w. F. Hardin of Charlotte or judge Johnson j. Hayes who live in Greensboro at that time hut judge Hardin a ill and very sorry he was unable to come. Being unable to Contact judge Hayes at the time the Petit ins Are still on hand. Int it about time that something was done regarding the desecration of the lord s Day in our City of course some will say no use nothing can be done about 1 if now i know better. Leviticus 28 7, 8, says. A and be shall Chase i your enemies and they shall fall before you by the sword. And five of you shall Chase an Hundred and an Hundred of you shall put ten thousand to flight and your j enemies shall fall before you by the sword. I caused the South pm railway to Speed up their i schedule on one of their Passen j Ger trains forty three minutes j making an All Pullman out of Traina no. 37 and 38 shortly j thereafter. Yet. We have ministers and citizens who says or thinks that nothing can he done in regards to our City except. Curb markets being wide open j on sunday. Repent not sign a card and join Church be therefore and he converted that your sins May he blotted out. When the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the lord. Acts 3 1 How much longer will the de j Serrations of the lord s Day he tolerated in our cite daily Smith. High Glade Popman. On being properly popped should increase its volume at least 20 times. Home Sites to be sold at auction april is arrangements were completed Here yesterday with the Amos realty company for the Sale at audion of 75 Home Sites in Mil Bourne Heights on Kivett drive Extension by Penny Brothers on saturday april i at 2 of clock. Details of the auction were arranged Here yesterday by George t. Penny of the widely known Penny Brothers twin auctioneers firm. Tile property to he sold is in the area of the new Melrose hosiery Mill full fashioned Plant. Aid int you la in vib Forch / values you cant mat / masonic notice m Ped Al communication to tit Larch a Jot ii 7 to p. M. \ is tors Cleome h Kuhn son w. In. M. Til eth Sec. 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