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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Be four Sec. A the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry Juge Point North Carolina sunday March 19, 1939igil Point Enterprise b. Terry president a. Rawley secy and treas. Emmett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Pull shed afternoons and sunday mornings t p Rawley. Publisher he 1915-1937 pus m. subscription rates Dally and sunday by Carlin in High Point and nearby town Ive months. Ii to months. S.20 tee Montna. 6u month. A a we 20 learner in nearby owns Are not permitted to collect for More than one Leek in Advance. Liners in City Are not permitted to col l Tor a period of More than five weeks in Libb eruption for a longer period i Dee red. Met in should be made direct to office. He associated press a exclusively in led to the use for republication of All is credited to it of not other a credited in this paper and also the Al news published therein. I member of audit Bureau of circulation inter d a1 wrong claw matter at the kof1 in High Point. N. A. Under the i of Congress of March 8. 182. I National adv. the John Budd co. I 420 Lexington ave. Nest York City sunday March 19, 1939. Cd jew Iurii used by lie i hat doth the work like lord deceitfully and cursed be that keep eth Buck i sword from a Jeremiah 18 10. 1 is As easy to deceive one s a it i bout perceiving it As it is difficult deceive others without their find it out. La a democracy enters Ai mourn pc dents of the past two Dave emphasize the concent lain of Power even in our govern int when vital matters of for n affairs Are in Point. Two de lit mental actions definitely of mating the government of a Leat european Power have curved without reference of her to c ingress. The denunciation of Hitler by department of state was folding by the exercise of the Ivilene in Law to regulate the Iff by departmental decree Uman goods were placed under 5 percent penalty at the ports. Is in a few hours our nation placed itself in position where theory is tenable that the Lerian government is Assum the Lead in a a Stop Hitler a Cement. That is courageous statesman Jip and it May have the a a of tile majority of the Peol but the approval is assumed Ieese has no chant e Tor it become Manifest. These de lop ments strengthen the Reso Ion of the War referendum adeste even while admin Strant forces act to remove some the existing harriers to execute discretion. Incidentally is the employer of Sumner Welles As Lur the deportment in in German Case an indication of c presidents willingness to Cive i j Lull Quot pkg isl i in k math Ema iks we judge by the current refits from the state capital that a Stative budget makers have Leir exes lived on tin Dail it re inns in the office of the Tommis per of Revenue As income taxes in dotted up. I they know that a a icon Servater estimate of the it ears sex Tanc it was i atm let a them As a Lide in their work. That Esti Ito was about three millions Ider the previous years actual elections. The commissioners office and c advisory budget commission id sound reasons for expecting i drop in the returns this year. Hey knew that the profile of Ime of the Large corporations Lorn which the lion s share of in states income tax Revenue is Rived had slumped. They would Ive been unwise to suggest aporia t ions based on expect an a equalling the record. On the other hand the Esti it May have been a bit too Knish. The ides of March ought a hopeful inkling. A Odly amount of Revenue pouring Raleigh. Perhaps the Fig jes for the week May encourage a legislators to take a Chance Lancing the expenditures of Leir Large appropriations with the Revenue and conclude their x work As promptly As possible. Of one thing the state May be reasonably certain Highway fund diversion is not merely a likelihood but a certainty under the plan which the present Assembly has brought so close to enactment that defeat for it is not to be expected. In Brief the 1939 general Assembly under the influence of a governor who inherited the largest general fund surplus in the entire history of North Carolina will take a record setting portion of the Road funds for general fund purposes while the Road system admittedly needs the Money. The confession of need is implicit in the governors recommendation of a five million Dollar Road Bond Issue while he takes seven millions of Road Money for other acct rate Meas re Public operation of electric generating plants and other utilities has some very definite and substantial advantages Over private operation. These advantages include the difference in the tax Burden. Private operators continually describe As unjust the Competition they face in this respect and it must be admitted that there is Merit in the complaint. If Public and private operations Are to be kept in rivalry in the Power Field particularly some contend that Law should equalize the conditions under which the Competition occurs. This theory has gained Strong enough following in one state to Force a statute through both houses of its legislature. The reference is to the state of Oregon where important Public development or Power is in Prospect. Yesterday the Wall Street journal discussed t h e terms of the Bill giving the following interpretation Quot in the first place it provides that each Issue of Revenue Bonds must he approved by a majority vote of the electors in the second place the Dis. Triet taxing Power is specifically limited to a total of to Mills in to years and not More than 2 Mills in any one year. In the third place the Tate a ill lax the Power districts in amounts and assessments equivalent to those which would he made against the property if privately owned in Hie fourth place District commis loners must establish rates which will cover All costs including taxes and debt service. Districts May pledge on it t hat part of revenues remaining after operating costs and taxes Are met. Subdivisions or municipalities within a District which decline by vote to include themselves in tile Power District Are not to be compelled to join under the conditions of the Oregon statute the t.v.a., for instance would become a much More impressive a a yardstick for Power service and Cost than it can in while occupying its favored position under the the news the Northwestern National life insurance company recently made a study of newspapers to determine whether they had shown any improvement in the past few years. The report of the company shows that improvement has been made if the following facts Are to be considered a they give their readers from 250 to 500 per cent More information than they did fifty years ago they print far More explanatory and background material to help them to understand what the news Means they print a wealth of pictures formerly not available editorial opinion has largely been eliminated from the news columns much More material on science health and Beauty and subjects interesting to women is presented More Able by line comment is printed by writers who May differ with the policies of the paper thus giving the readers varying Points of View on events we commend these facts to those readers who May have a distorted View of the press because of criticisms that failed to give All the truth. To condemn the press for a few errors of judgment is just As unfair As to condemn marriage because of the instances in which marriages go on the rocks. In which he killed 19 germans captured something Over a Hundred and marched them to the Allied lines. The St. Louis Post dispatch is calling Alvin now for the Benefit of the nazi Goering a the Field marshal Goering told nazi military naval political and party leaders that Germany was one of the greatest Powers the world has Ever known and that the German Soldier was the Best of the Reidsville review considers this item unimportant but True a the letters in the word a contemporaneously can be arranged to form the sentence a Many sleep on our cot a contemporaneously with other twentieth Century Phenomena that a just w hat happens in certain Mountain Cabins. Greensboro record a professor einsteins 60th birthday announcement is said to explain virtually everything in the universe. We cannot even explain How much territory that be patient Herr Hitler will probably be Able to let us know soon. The Salisbury Post says a its remarkable How untrue to life and How offensive a play can be sometimes. That is a thought to keep in mind when we read in the Public print of the arrest of two Alabama Farmers and their w Ives following a wife swapping episode involving a to Boot in the extent of two children two mules and eight acres of a similar episode was enacted in a Piedmont North Carolina Village fifty years ago a Farmer who had be it erne tired of his help meet fancied the daughter of a neighbor who was a widower. A Swap was arranged. The Farmer who got the blushing Damsel gave As a a Boot a Goose and a Cord of Wood. That Alabama affair seems to indicate that human life has advanced somewhat in value in the past fifty years hut a the tobacco Road still runs through far too Many appreciates help Given Campaign editor Tho Enterprise in behalf of the Hoard of directors of Tho Young Mon s Christ in association and the association member and friends i take this Opportunity to thank the different member of the Enterprise staff who so thoughtfully and willingly gave of their talents to present the Quot a a cause during the recent successful membership Campaign. The measure of Success attained was greatly advanced i am sure by the Fine spirit of Community cooperation manifested through the column of your valuable newspaper. Yours sincerely High Point Young menus Christian association f. Logan Porter. against los Tiro project editor the Enterprise the City Council is about to make contracts for some four millions of dollars for part of the Hydro electric project. These contracts will be made in the name of the City of High Point and High Point will have to carry them out or pay any loss that May he sustained including profit that might have been made by the contractors in the event High Point should fail to get the Money from the Federal government. Before the Hydro Bonds can be. Issued from which the Money is to be derived the City Council must pass a Resolution acceptable to the p. Vav a. This Resolution has not been passed by the Council nor arc the conditions agreed upon when the City enters into contract for erection of the project it will then either have to pass a Resolution dictated by p w a. In a form unacceptable to the City or suffer the losses outlined above of the Resolution As at present constituted is passed there would he grave doubt As to the legality of the Bonds. The legality of the Bonds would be immediately attacked in the courts and if held illegal they could not be sold. There Are three eases already in court and another to he slatted by Yadkin county any one of which if decided adversely for the City would prevent Ftp construction of the project. Should urn City be under contract continued on Page 5, Sec. A i think the members and the people Are beginning to realize that Congress can not be All things to All people a Daniel Reed Veteran new York representative in Congress. Walter w i Nuchell on to wad Waif the new York scene the first nights very Little reason for rejoicing in the world of make believe last week. On tuesday Quot first american dictator a took Over the seemingly jinxed Nora Bayes theatre. It is offered As a tale of Huey Long s fantastic , but that did no to please the umpires. Or. Atkinson Fri stance said it bore too much of. A resemblance to one of Huey s filibusters. Another dictator la Duce got diagnosed the next night in Quot Tell my it dealt with the Early Days of gangster fascism and while conceded As admirable As an aim was in the words of the a tribes Richard Watts Quot too Clumsy to be successful Quot something named Quot please. Mrs. Garibaldi Quot reclaimed the tiny Belmont theatre from the Cinema thursday night. John Anderson of the journal did t think the new tenant was drama just tiddlywinks. Recently a pair of collaborators who got a Little insufferable after writing a Freak hit delivered a Soquel which gave the theatre a very unlovely scent. An enemy Reading the raps was asked Why he did no to smile Over them. A a in a glum Quot he said Quot because they Aren t retroactive. The magic lanterns Slickest of the newcomers is love affair Quot a debt Eamer Aing of one of them. Not much originality in yarn but it a smoke uses Roy a to give the Femme the pit a pats and la Dunne to make it a moneys Worth for the spending sex miss Crawford is scenically wonderful in Quot ice follies but her scripted and producers gave her a very mediocre Batch of literature to emote through Little Durbin More than warrants her big pay in a three smart girls grow up a which incidentally is what Deanna is doing too. The Lovely Way.,.mr. Cagney galloped in late last week proving in Quot the Oklahoma kid Quot to be the Best wild Westerner Ever to talk like a manhattanite. The film is fun. Quot King of Chinatown Quot is just another murder mystery with a chop suey background. Quot a rials was hailed As a powerful report on the Natzis Nab of a Echo Slovakia with All of Vincent Sheehane a narration confirmed later in the week when the invaders completed their Job of tearing the friendless nation to pieces. Quot Cross roads a a French importation is like Tea without Lemon. The wireless Moat of Charlie Mccarthy s recent Quot coasting can be pardoned by the comeback in his gab with Beatrice Fairfax last Sun. The a Patter was very saucy and. For once smack in the Livingston butchered one of Jack Benny s Best laughs by jumping a whistle and probably owes her life to the fact that she the victims wife.,.it is to be hoped that the ladies of the d a r. Heard Marion Anderson on the Circle. It would have been a Good Way to learn How fat headed was their decision to deny the great Singer their Washington Hall. maugham. Interviewing Valier proved himself a very smooth radio bet. It s funny How Many people can qualify t Entinne no Page i. Hee. A this minute the old Plank Road a Book for this week by in in Carrick Jonquil plus valuable and honorable Section in the daffodils that come before the Swal Daffodil group. These Rush leaved Low dares Narcissus have qualities that could and take the winds of March with Well be embodied in most of the other Beauty. Divisions. They possess an abundance a Winters tale. Of fragrance they Are generally Early. They usually Flower Well year after More than three Hundred years ago year producing Rich Golden yellow Shakespeare wrote the above lines in flow ers and which As blooms for Cut Praise of the first important Spring Ting have few equals and no Superior Flower in the Garden. Each year since in keeping Quality. It is really too bad that Miracle has been repeated and that we do not have a larger varietal observed with greater interest in re list among the Jonquil for contrast cent times because of the finer forms among the sturdier forms of its close that have sprung into being from the relatives. Hand of Man. So in mid March one As far As calling the different types can look around almost any Home of daffodils by their Correct name one Stead and see the Golden Vanguard of should not be too critical about that the Spring Parade. For who is there among us who even it May seem gratuitous if not Down pretends to know the proper name of right Quot ornery Quot to Point out timidly All of the Many thousands of Regis that Shakespeare As Well As All of his tired varieties the chief thing of fellow British poets used the word course is to know that there Are very Daffodil instead of Jonquil in refer Many distinctive differences within ring to this general group of Flowers the group and that All varieties have As most of us know that designation some Points of excellence and often is not in accordance with Ordinary to also other features not so Good. In Cal usage. There May im1 some con these respects they resemble the he solution in the fact that Quot Jonquil so is Man species each striving for in far More than a local perversion. Only pro vement hut neither As yet having last Friday an intelligent feminine attained perfection. It is indeed a rash visitor from Pittsburgh commented and provincial person who prefers freely and favourably on my Quot Jonquil Only no to get of Daffodil to the Exielu Garden. So at least that mild inac Sion of All of the others. The bold Curacy extends from the Piedmont to yellow trumpets the virginal White Pennsylvania and no doubt to Points cupped forms the miniature yellows West. South and East. It seems unlike and Whites the Cluster flowered by that truth will Ever completely types the red and White varieties and overtake that widespread Pec Cadillo the informal doubles each have their for at its worst it is no More than special Appeal and undeniable Beauty that even if at times i do seem to one May As Well choose the Dogwood be impatient with hardened offenders As the Only Spring flowering Shrub it May be again affirmed that All and ignore the blazing red Bud and Jonquil Are also daffodils. The error the delicate fringe tree. Personal however is to assume that All Daf tastes and preferences Are bound to foils Are Jonquil me May properly arise but they do not justify the Dis say that All horses Are four footed Missal of other forms with a differ animals but certainly All quadrupeds ent Charm. It is this extraordinary Are not horses a a matter of Range in size colouring form frag Cuno sity and interest i carefully went Ranee season and other character through a very recent classified list ties that reveal the True fascination of of Daffodil names and noted every a the Narcissus. Individual interest and piety and specie that could make any attraction is often enhanced by con possible claim of belonging to the Jon Trast and comparison. There is per quil Section. I found seventy one such haps no single wild or cultivated Gen entries thus classified. However the us of plants that exhibits quite the entire list had Over eight thousand Beauty and diversity As does the Daf different and distinct Daffodil Varie foil. It represents Plant bf1 in one ties. From this count it is obvious that of its finest and most imaginative less than one per cent of the total moods. If is Little wonder that Over kinds of daffodils Are Jonquil in nth a Century and a Quarter ago. William or words Over ninety nine it or cent of Wordsworth saw in a landscape of a daffodils Are not Jonquil. Perhaps ten. Trees and these simple natural this makes the troubled Waters of ired Flowers a scene which he never Narcissus names a by clearer per forgot. The poem which is familiar haps not anyway Narcissus is the to Many begins with these lines technical Tiame for All of the daffodils and the Daffodil is the popular com i wandered lonely As a Cloud Mon name for All of tile varieties of that floats on High err Vales and Narcissus including the Jonquil. Hills in my efforts on behalf of accuracy when All at Oner i saw a crowd i do not wish to leave the impression a Host of Golden daffodils that the relatively Small number of beside the Lake beneath the Trees Jonquil varieties do not constitute a fluttering and dancing in the thoughts by w. A Bivins by Howard a Trurlu the word you arc about to look at to the plot second that they hit your Ere him a new kind of reporting. This will take Silty seconds to read. Whit you Are Reading these fact the events they describe Ara actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Eaith a world tata motion. ,. Destiny unfolds itself it Art Reading venereal Casos cont the City of new York five Dollar every sixty second. In one minute this nation makes 1,235 Square feet of window Glass. The deficit on car loading in America mounts at a rate of another Throe Hundred dollars each minute of the year. Two Hundred and fifty hides and skins Are being tanned in the 48 states this minute. Every time the second hand of your watch turns around on co. We have produced another eleven thousand pounds of tin Plato in one minute we Cut 54,000 Board feet of lumber. This minute seven More parcel Post packages Are being dropped in boxes a headed for foreign countries. And Twenty five Hundred pounds of second class mail is tumbling into Jim Farley a containers. Lost and theft of letters and parcels in the course of handling Cost the United states Post office seven dollars every sixty seconds Stor Reading. If will in recalled that Alvin York of Tennessee was considered the greatest american hero for individual bravery because of his exploit in the world War or. Vincent Astor says the Best Holiday for a banker s to put on a diving s it. 6c lowered overboard and relax. London daily Telegraph columnist. Copyright 1938, by squirt restarts Loc on having the flu the Hest Way to have the flu is to have it on the run however the Chaser get chased and is often tagged even when he has his fingers crossed. After the tagging come symptom. Off and on since Isho i have had symptoms of various kinds. But my symptoms in that beginning year were not those of flu. There a no such animal As flu then. It was Lei Grippe people had. There was some distinction in having la Grippe since a patient who could never quite succeed in scraping up enough Cash to go to ii Belle France had the Opportunity to Content himself with an importation. So in �?T89 i had a Beautiful French headache backache cough and All that went to make up la Grippe symptoms. I lost one Day from school went Back the next Day and highly enjoyed the pleasure of telling my friends that i had been a la Grippe victim hero or what Hae you. A year later i was out of school again for a Day with the ame old trouble. But la Grippe by that time had become so common that the name had been shortened to grip no la no capital no final Quot pc jus grip. Gone was the Glamor but All the old aches coughs and sneezes remained. That was just to Ltd it much. I made up my mind to have nothing More to do with it in fact i considered myself immune then. Well 49 years went by before i had another touch of flu and that was last monday and tuesday. I was away from my work those two Days while old father time was grinning at me. Lie Learned that he could not look after me and his column in the Enterprise too. So for the nonce the column passed out thanks to Providence or my Graal Angel i did not. Just Here i reach for my handkerchief no. Not to cry. But to sneeze since i still have thai symptom among my souvenirs flu travels flu travels widely but mortality resulting from the disease is comparatively Low during the 1920 epidemic people had ceased to Call it Spanish influenza just flu and that probably accounts for the decrease in the number of deaths. The doctors Are right about the Best Way to treat flu that is. Slay in bed drink plenty of water and Orange juice and eat sparingly. In a a poor patient when it comes to the bed portion of the remedy. When i get that Stuffy flu feeling its air. More air out in the wide open spaces that t want. And to the consternation of All my kith and Kin i usually manage to get it. Before i leave this painful subject t want to pass on to the Reader of this column the Quot sure fire recipe for keeping off flu suggested by my Friend Mark w. Stump the unexcelled Printer Mechanic of the enter prise. Or. Stump has Given me full privilege to use his name. He says a when the flu epidemic strikes your town or City drink a pint of whiskey every Day until the epidemic or. Stump says that in 1918, when lie a on a construction Job Down in Florida he and a fellow Workman tried the spirits plan result he and i Comrade reported for work every Day the other Quot boys Quot dropped out one by one or by twos and threes with flu. Now. I d have you to know that or. Stump is a sober Man. However if i should dare to try his preventive for just one. Single solitary time id Pas on to some place w Here i d have Quot afterthoughts world without end. On reefing Lent f have a wholesome respect for those Good people w to conscientiously keep Lent refrain from merry parties dancing and the eating of meat. There ought to he a season in which the carnal mind is Given a rest and certainly those who desire to experience in their own lives something of the self denial of the master of men in the last few weeks of his earthly ministry do Well to keep Lent but with Spring in my blood i am in spirit a poor observer of the lenten season. By no Means do i attempt a Quot Highland fling Quot hut i do shake a foot we Hen rag time starts up. When i go to a restaurant i say to myself that i ii order fish but i usually end up by ordering pork chops and instead of Topping off with a thin wafer i Call for a big piece of Coconut pie. I do not often attend merry parties for the simple reason that i do not get invited once in a Blue Moon and this is not a bid for an invitation since i do not know How to play Bridge and punch that punches too strongly gives me the jitters. Post office drop the handkerchief Blind Many a Buff fruit Hasket and other game i once knew Are no longer played. However Spring stirs up the old feeling within me i am at one in spirit with youth and my seeming to keep Lent is mostly a matter of appearance. Nothing offensive is intended when i say that i have known certain devotees of Lent who seemed to make up for lost time after the season ended. Coming Down to brass tacks All of us Are rather human. And Why should we despise our bodies unless we misuse them to our mental and spiritual detriment it is not too much to believe As did Browning that Quot body helps soul no less than soul helps it was like pulling Eyeteeth to part with it George Jones. Carolina publisher on Selling the car he had driven for 22 years. I am past by. Yet boys scarcely above College age often try to flirt with Wallace Hopper Charles Lamb one of the Best loved waiters of All time and his tragic sister Mary Are pictured in vital reality in e. Thornton Cooke a Quot justly dear Quot new York Charles Scribner s sons $2.50a biographical novel which recaptures not Only the personalities of the lambs but also the England and literary figures of their Day. To the lambs modest lodgings in London came Coleridge Southey Admiral Burney and numerous others. And when brother and sister sought vainly for health in the country for Mary whose her itary insanity Hung a. A dark Cloud Ever on the horizon their friends Camp there for Fellowship Good talk and feasts. Wordsworth and Dorothy came As did others for lambs stuttering but Brilliant conversation and Mary s gentle hospitality. Little Emma orphaned daughter of friends was the person who gave Charles and Mary Lamb their greatest pleasure. She was the embodiment of Lamb s dream children which his unfortunate heredity and his willing and devoted duty to his sister made impossible for More Concrete realization. When the dark Cloud enveloped poor Mary Charles icons lately informed his friends that Quot Mary was from with the return of sanity Mary a glad Homecoming from the Asylum was festive at Home she was cared for tenderly until again it was necessary for her to receive treatment. At fifty years of age. Lamb was retired from his clerks Stool and Ledger with adequate pension so that or could devote his life to Mary and to his writing. His Early poems his one ill fated drama brought floods of criticism but his essays of Elia brought compensating recognition and tribute to the rare spirit which inhabited Lamb s unprepossessing person. Lamb spent his last years in residence at the Asylum where Mary stayed in order that she might enjoy his companionship without the necessity of travel to and from Home and although Mary survived her brother by thirteen years she was cared for by lambs friends and by Emma whose Romance had blossomed at Mary a Home and we Hose children were a constant Delight to the in lid. The author chose the title for this Book from Southey s tribute to Lamb in the times Quot beginning Quot Charles Lamb to those who know thee justly dear for rarest Genius and for Sterling Worth unchanging Friendship warmth of heart sincere in her Story of Lamb. He emerges with clarity As a Man worthy of the tribute. Helen Eva Yates gives valuable Pointer on the Art of travelling comfortably and economically in a the world i your Oyster new York Henry Holt and company 91,75. This travelling author Tell the travel map and poster fans How to plan their trips what clothing and other necessities to carry along and even what to i e and not to give for Bon voyage gift. She describes enchanting trips that can he made within our own fair land and tells How a Wise person suffering from wanderlust can make a trip around the world for $1000, there Are countless hints about where and what to buy As useful and artistic souvenirs of ones travels. She tells where bargaining May prove useful end where i he shop keeper May not he talked Down on his prices. She tells in Mouth watering terms of foreign drinks and dishes which the tourist should Sample tells How not to fear the customs officials How to save tip on Luggage and How to get adventure and Educa Tion for the Prier of one. Quot the world is your Oyster i an attractive Little Book jammed with practical advice cunningly devised to make the Reader reach for his hat and suitcase. The 1939 edition of one of the be to annuals of decorative Art Quot decorative Art. 1939�?T new York studio publications $4.50 wrappers $3.50edited by c. G. Holme. Reveals a slight departure from editions of previous years. The volume contains More illustrations than Ever before there ate about 500 in All but the illustrations in Many instances Are smaller in size than heretofore there timing frequently five Ami six to a Page and it seems to us that some value is lost As a result. Nevertheless the value of the Book As a guide to the prospective purchaser of a Home and to those who Are about to decorate or redecorate their Homes is difficult to Over estimate so called a modernism Quot in design and style predominates the volume. But if the Quot modernistic prevails simplicity also prevails which is a comforting and a helpful fact. There is however a wide variety of styles the individualism of architects and decorators is reflected More than adequately. The color plates far More of them than Ever before Are delightful indeed one proceeds in the volume from the actual House itself the exterior to Halls and staircases living rooms dining rooms bed to Oren. Bathrooms Kitchen and thence to furniture table decor pottery and Glass. Metal Ware lighting and fabrics and rugs. Quot decorative Art 1939 a is a Guidebook to what is current in the Art of building and decorating a Home. It is designed for a wide variety of tastes and moods. Voting Tho Money and then net rats my the debt limit is like Locking tin barn door after the horse is stolen. Treasury Secretary Morgenthau

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