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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Weather rising temperature sunday monday fair and warmer. The Hio 11 Enterprise High Poi ii Industry at High Point offer go a Opportunity for year around Wor vol. 55�?no. 78 Mem bar associated press High Point. N. C., sinday Mohning. March to 1059 Complete aka service Price five Cen of Germany rejects ten killed As giant sub stratosphere Boeing p Lane crashes plunges into Wash. Ravine on test flight Clitness says motor stopped seeded up and plane twisted earthward Adler Wash., March 18.�? apr at least ten persons were killed including two officials of dutch airlines when a four motored 3 1-Passeuger air plane designed to operate through the sub stratosphere roads into Rumania plunged to Earth near Here to the main Road in the Eastern Dav during a test night. A a at Ald the plane a under colonel Baron Unger was of the blocked wih tree Trunka and troops Block rumanian in us of roads hungarians Complete occupation of Eastern car Patho Ukraine Tivadar car Patho Ukraine on the rumanian Frontier a March 18.�? apr hungarian troops tonight completed occupation of Eastern car Patio Ukraine facing Rumania and began blocking How Hitler brought Ukraine to his front door claim basis absent for witnesses peered suddenly out Clouds and that the sound of in motors died Down momentarily. The motors then seemed to Speed up and the plane Besan a Long crazy spin earthward the Tail Assembly apparently broke away during the fall. It struck in a narrow Ravine in logged off land. Tremel in it s Speed a it travelled toward the Earth at tremendous said mrs. L. W. Filbert of Lagrande. A there was an exceptionally loud noise not Uke an explosion but More like a Roar. A it was terrible to stand there and watch it fall. The noise was terrific even though we were Rome distance Seattle Headquarters of the Boeing air plane company which built the $500,000 a str Tollner a named the victims As Julius Barr Boeing test Pilot. John Hyl Atra. Boeing Engineer. Ralph l. Cram Boeing flight Engineer and aerodynamic expert. William Doyle. Harry West Boeing flight Engineer. Ben Pearson. A. Oil Onward assistant Genera manager of Royal dutch airlines. A. . Van Blumauer dutch him line. Harlan Hull. Chief test Pilot for transcontinental and Western airways. My have been Sho he the company said an Lith mane a b. Kinneman May have been aboard the plane. The str Tollner was the first four engined transport designed and equipped with Cabins and facilities for High Altitude operation 20,000 feet or higher above storms on the Earth a surface. It was to carry 3 3 passengers by Day or 25 in luxurious night accommodations with a Crew of four or five and had a capacity of two tons of mail and air sex pref s. This plane was the first of to to be built. It had a Wing Span if to feel a length of 74 feet and an Overall height of 17 feet three inches. One of its innovations was a a super charged Cabin to provide passengers Ann Crew with a sea level Quot air pressure while flying 20,000 feet in the air. This was a sealed Cabin into which air was pumped creating and automatically maintaining air pressure comparable to that at sea level. Tilt anted leave Raleigh March 18.�?ct a mrs. Sina Pope Godwin Dunn woman who was sentenced to three to five years for manslaughter in connection with the death of her third husband Furman e. Godwin has been granted a lace from prison to visit her daughter who is ill. Paroles commissioner Edwin Gui said the woman virtually had completed her term counting time gained for Good behaviour. Barbed wire to a depth of a i Quarter of a mile Back from the Border. Troops dug deep ditches on either Side of the Road. 200. He troops an estimated 200,000 hungarian troops were in Eastern Ruthenia alone for an undisclosed purpose. Excellently uniformed and equipped they were pouring into the Eastern arca where Concrete roads facilitate Progress even by the heaviest trucks. The roads were being blocked it ass said to atop All traffic with Rumania. The Frontier Between car Patho Ukraine Ruthenia and Rumania has no fortifications and the highways built by Czechoslovakia had been meant for the use of rumanian reinforcements of Czechoslovakia needed support. Hungary Ren edits now Hungary benefits by this system of highways and excellent railway lines. Car Patho Ukraine Bas been almost completely cleared of tech troops by the fast moving hungarian units but ukrainian irregular bands hiding in Mountain recesses still were holding out. The vast number of hungarian troops had orders to Speed Enfin nod on Page 2. See. A friends observe tense situation hold March meeting at new Garden Church featuring disruptions Greensboro March 18.�? a a the american friends service committee holding its March meeting in new Garden Church Here today took notice of the crucial International situation and discussed various phases of social Industrial and foreign service which demand immediate attention. Work of the committee which represents the american society of friends was reviewed. It w As shown that the committee has engaged in Many projects to promote peace and to afford Young people Opportunity for constructive patriotic service. The committee s Relief work in War areas and in depressed Industrial areas of the United states has been extensive the reports showed. In addition to promoting projects for american youth the committee supports students hostels in Europe has Given non partisan Relief for War refugees in Spain has assisted jewish Rand non aryan refugees from Germany and has extended Aid to the needy in american Coal Fields. Tom Sykes prominent Quaker Leader of Thomasville presided Over the sessions which were under the general direction of Clarence e. Pickett of Philadelphia general Secretary of the service committee. Negotiations condemnation take Sharp significance with Hitler master of most of what once was Czechoslovakia with Germany s Eastern Frontier identical with Eastern Boundary of Slovakia and adjoining polish Ukraine Der fuehrer now is within striking distance of the coveted russian Ukraine. Above map shows distances from ukrainian capital of Kiev to Berlin before nazi annihilation of Czechoslovakia and distance from Slovakia to Kiev after Conquest of czech state illustrating How in less than a week Hitler extended his authority almost to the ukrainian Border. Only tiny Ruthenia now part of Hungary w hich is Friendly to Germany lies Between Hitler and the ukrainian and rumanian frontiers. Black area is Germany or controlled by Germany. Lighter shading is Hungary King Caro Calls in on future course rail executives study bold plan to Ile used As last resort to stave off a nationalization a new York. March up a some leading Railroad executives and Wall Street Bankers said today they were studying a new bold plan for Railroad legislation As a last resort to stave off a nationalization in some recent news from Washington has convinced them they said that railroads would obtain Only piecemeal temporary help from pending legislation and that remedies remaining under consideration out of those originally proposed would do Little More than postpone a Fate they Are now coming to fear is inevitable. One internationally known banker Active in Railroad affairs for decades summed the problem up this Way a a whole generation of Railroad management executives has grown up so calloused to regulation that it seemingly has forgotten thai the Only real alternative to nationalization in some form is real the proposal which he initiated. And which is now being studied by some leading executives in the rail and banking Field amounts to this a let Railroad managements really manage the railroads for a trial period. If they fail throw them out and let the government take Over. If individual executives or roads Given this final Chance dishonestly take advantage of their restored liberties let Thorn be heavily fined or jailed let the penalties be so severe that no executive no Railroad would dare to resort to those ancient abuses which gave Rise originally to the plan in its present tentative phase has two main elements 1. Eliminate arbitrary Competition. 2. Make justified speedy rate increases or decreases possible Between fixed limits with enlarged Protection against discrimination. German imports hit with Tariff boost France and Britain seek soviet Aid to halt Hitler Paris March is. A of it a the chamber of deputies voted Premier Daladier unprecedented dictatorial Powers tonight As informed quarters disclosed a French British move to enlist soviet Russia s Aid in a triple front against German economic pressure on sweeping decree Powers Daladier demanded to enable France to move As fast As the dictatorships passed by a vote of 321 to 264 in the chamber. Senate approval at tomorrows session was considered a foregone conclusion. In another move to put the nations defences in order the Premier called an emergency Cabinet Sis Ion for tomorrow at which members of parliament a lid he would ask approval of decrees calling to the colors specialists from a number of military service classes. French Souter said meanwhile that King Carol of Rumania had advised Britain and France of Hie willingness to resist Adolf hitlers eastward drive if they could provide markets for rumanian exports of which Germany now is the greatest purchaser. The rumanian Monarch was Ald to have asked Paris and London for a real within 48 hours on what support they could give against the nazi drive. Thereupon the two governments these sources said asked Moscow if the soviet Union would join them in buying from Rumania to Block Hitler. Foreign minister Georges Bonnet conferred in Quick Succes. Ion with the rumanian ambassador former Premier George tatar Sci British ambassador continued on Page 2, Sec. A j Hine year old lad arrested for Auto theft files suit against cops through dad Tarboro March up a buddy Matthew aged nine through his father taster Matthews filed suit for $10,000 to Day against police chief w. Robert Yors Ley and City patrolman Harry Alderman claiming false am St arrest of a minor abuse Anco criminal whipping. The officers Are alleged to have whipped the boy with a Belt Atter they took him in custody on a charge of pilfering an automobile tile City commission investigated the report this afternoon hut said in a statement that it decided to take no action. Rifle association to hold state matches in Gastonia Gastonia March is up the North Carolina state Rifle association will hold its annual matches Here May 5-6, it was announced today by Secretary h. M. Van Sleen of Gastonia. More than too expert riflemen Are exy Vii to compete. Regarded As forceful expression of u. S. Displeasure at nazi methods Washington March 18�? put a on the Heel of the state departments strongly worded denunciation of Germany a absorption of Czechoslovakia the Treasury ordered an extra 25 per cent Tariff today on Many products that the Reich sends this country. A Treasury spokesman who announced the action said it was taken with the state departments knowledge but refused comment when asked of it was related to Germany a seizure of the Czecho Republic. A the action Quot he said a Speaks for there seemed Little doubt however that this economic blow to Germany could be interpreted in any other Light than As a forceful expression of this country a extreme displeasure at what Sumner Welles acting Secretary of state called yesterday the Quot Wanton lawlessness Quot of the occupation of Czechoslovakia. It recalled too. That president Roosevelt said in his message to Congress last january that there were Means a Short of War but stronger and More effective than Mere words of bringing Home to aggressor nations the aggregate sentiments of our own effective april 2ft the Treasury ordered the extra Tariff by imposing what Are known As Quot countervailing duties Quot effective april 23. The Tariff of 1930 provides that such duties shall be levied in addition to regular tariffs on any foreign products subsidized in manufacture or Export by the government of the country of origin the Treasury acted after attorney general Murphy ruled that German goods imported under barter arrangements should be subject to extra duties. Officials said the Treasury could not say at this time what goods would be affected it was said however that a a substantial part Quot of imports from Germany would feel the extra duty. The principal imports have been chem cont inned on Page 2. Soc. A Danenberg freed from detention Spartanburg s. C., March 18.�?op a a scheduled hearing before judge to s. Seas Here today on a Hareas Corpus writ on behalf of c. W. Danenberg Cio Union organizer in connection with his alleged detention by police at Union was called off when it was Learned that he had been released yesterday afternoon. According to dispatches from Union Danenberg was held several Days ago for investigation in connection with alleged efforts to create a disturbance at the Nocturne hosiery Mill where a strike was carried four weeks ago. Darien bergs counsel said today he had been released yesterday without any charges being filed against him. Danenberg and other labor Lead ers Are scheduled to speak at a mass meeting called for tomorrow afternoon at 3 of clock at the Union county courthouse. Of teachers group consider employing Field worker Raleigh March 18 a a the North Carolina classroom teachers association decided at a conference Here today to poll members on the advisability of employing a Field worker for teachers. Mrs. Annie Swindell of Durham told the group that the Board of directors of the North Carolina education association had declined to furnish the Field worker on grounds that the organization did not have sufficient funds. Quot no one wants to do anything to Handicap the efficiency of the . As a professional association and As a medium through which we have expression and the right to grow Quot said mrs. Swindell. A but the greatest menace to the . Is uniformed teachers since there Are place where we Are not uninformed it is time to Quot Cash and carry munitions Sale senator Pittman proposed revision Iii neutrality legislation Washington March 18.�?im a senator Pittman a Nev chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee proposed today revision of the neutrality legislation so As to prevent the Sale of any american products to warring nations except on a a Cash and carry basis he announced he would submit a Resolution monday to repeal existing neutrality legislation and substitute the new program Pittman who often Speaks for the administration on foreign policy matters said he had not discussed his Resolution with president Roosevelt or the state department but that he thought it would be More acceptable to the president than other neutrality proposals which have been advanced. In response to a question As to whether the legislation would strengthen great Britain a position in event of a european War Pittman replied a any nation that controls the sea would have the advantage under this Resolution. Of course we can not be sure who will control the sea in War the foreign relations committee chairman said he had been working on the legislation for some time and that it was not an outgrowth of Germany s recent seizure of czechoslovakian provinces. He added that the legislation was not intended As a part of any a Stop Hitler Quot program. Pittman a announcement coupled with president Roosevelt a statement yesterday that the neutrality Law should be revised raised the Prospect that what attitude this country should take toward wars overseas would occupy Congress attention increasingly in the weeks to come. Charge Britain with hypocrisy in handling Czecho slovakian affairs Berlin my Reb a Germany tonight prompt rejected British and frenc denunciations of Lier confined a f. I m. Of Czechoslovakia declaring army official to advise they a lacked every political Legal and moral at the same time chancello Hitler called Home his amb Assade to London Herbert von Durksen a to make a report Quot reciprocating action taken by Britain its Terra in calling her Berlin envoy Bac to London. France following Britain Lead also called her Berlin ambassador Home a to the government announced the its rejection of the British an French denunciations had been d slivered to the British and frenc ambassadors who earlier in the Day had presented notes Chargin that Germany a course in czech Slovakia was illegal and a Viola Tion of the Munich agreement. These developments occurred a reports of consternation Cam from european states within army reach of the expanding nazi Empire. The foreign office watch the gathering Cloud of critic Lar imperturbable. The controlled press bitter threw Back criticisms to the d Moc Racies. Enc Lish hypocrisy the National Veltung of Essen in which Field marshal Herman Wilhelm Goering is interested said in its sunday edition that Quot examination in Prague of be it a1 political documents in the last it Days has demonstrated forceful the hypocrisy of the English poll icy in the czechoslovak Pic it added that Germany h sought Britain s Friendship few 1 received threats for a therefore one should n be surprised in London if germs draws therefrom suitable cond Sions. A out of the entire mass of hyper critical attacks and political a dons which now Are direct Britain and Send bitter France notes London. March 18.�? to a Britain and France today sent bitter Denun Chatory notes to Germany for tier seizure of Czechoslovakia and acted quickly to Block a reported nazi move against Rumania. Both nations it was said on High authority Are trying to persuade soviet Russia to join them in aiding Rumania to protect herself against a German threat to her Independent economic existence. Acting almost As a team the two democracies lost no time in moving to Cope with Germany a absorption of Czecho Slovakia and the threat to Rumania. Prime minister Chamberlain rushed Back from Birmingham and presided Over a momentous hour Cabinet session the first saturday session of the Cabinet since last year s september crisis. Premier Daladier won from his chamber of deputies approval of his plan to Rule France by unprecedented dictatorial Powers until nov. 30. He called a special Cabinet meeting for tomorrow at which it was expected specialists would be called up to join the powerful French army no official announcement followed the British Cabinet meeting but it was stated authoritatively that the session dealt with a request from Rumania for a statement of Britain a position on the German rumanian situation. Rumania was reported to have received and then rejected a a virtual ultimatum from Germany to Grant the Reich sole Access to Rumania s Rich Oil Grain and other resources in Exchange for German a Protection Quot of rumanian territory. The report met official denials out inned on Page 2, Bec. A Colfax Man is killed near Greensboro when he hits rear of Auto pm was Orf Ansboro March 18-�?Glenn Stafford of Colfax injured fatally in an automobile collision near Here tonight on the Greensboro a Winston Salem Highway. Deputy sheriff o. D. Apple who investigated said Stafford s car ran into the rear of a car driven by a Man he said was the Rev. Patterson a negro of 1201 East 14th Street Winston Salem. Stafford was dead we Hen he was brought to a Hospital Here. Deputy Apple said Patterson was cited to appear before magistrate \v.s. Lyon at 4 p. In. Tuesday on a technical charge of manslaughter. Bucharest March 18. Map a Trade negotiations Given Sharp new significance by nazi erasure of Czechoslovakia during the week proceeded intensively today Between nervous Rumania and expanding Germany. King Carol considering Germany a new position from the military As Well As the economic standpoint called in High army officials to advise the Crown Council on rumanian a future course. The Trade negotiations w Hurh diplomatic circles in London and Paris viewed As holding important even alarming political significance were being conducted with or. Helmuth Wohltat representing Germany. A general nervousness indicated All was not going Well with the Trade discussions Ami that there were Many Points of difference. Not ultimatum foreign minister Grigore oaten u a Sis de however that Germany had presented nothing amounting to an ultimatum. He pointed out also that German oficial sources had denied any extraordinary pressure was being brought on this Balkan kingdom of Rich economic re sources. In London a spokesman of the rumanian legation said his government had received and rejected sweeping demands by Germany for Complete economic cooperation As the Price of nazi guarantees of rumanian a territorial integrity. The rumanian minister was reported to have informed Brish foreign Secretary Viscount Halifax of his nations concern Over possible German aggression and that there was no likelihood of Rumania accepting comprehensive nazi economic proposals the impression prevailed nevertheless that Germany had made certain proposal regarding Cerine a rumanian Trade including plans for disposition of rumanian a Petroleum which Rumania declined to accept. Further negotiations therefore were in order with the rumanian. Impressed by the political developments of the week open to new suggestions from Germany. Wohltat Chere or. Wohltat Field marshal Hermann Wilhelm Goering a economic adviser has Neon Here since Early this month. He came to Bucharest to regulate technical problems Concei Ned w Ith payments and the Exchange of products Between the two countries. But routine Trade negotiations assumed intense political significance As Germany absorbed most of Czecho Slovakia in her eastward expansion. Rumania and other Balkan countries sell vast quantities of food and raw materials to Germany but regard too much such business As unsatisfactory from their Point of View because it is almost entirely on a barter basis. Raw materials Are exchanged for manufactured product which Germany has attempted to dump into the Balkans in excess of the cont inned on Page 2. Sam. A j sought i years an answer a a continued on Page 2. Kwh. A social Security Rise predicted member of president .0111 Mitt up says More taxes ill be needed Washington March in a i the j Louse ways and mean committee heard a prediction t Day that the future costs of the social Security program would my h greater than estimated Quot an that additional taxes probably would have to he levied to Finiano it. This statement came from do Edwin k Witte of the universe of Wisconsin executive director the presidents committee on it nomic Security which helped dras the original Law. Testifying on proposed Chang in the aet. Or. Witte vigorous opposed suggestions that Payro tuxes be reduced and Benefit pay men is increased. A with ruthless dictators Anflic who Are constantly bringing the world to the verge of disaster. The Stocky Bald wish professor sorted a with a world War like to begin at any moment f United states government need ail of the Revenue it now has an More a a declaring great expenditure for National defense could not avoided at this time. The witness said it would be a unpatriotic the extreme Quot to contemplate reduction of the social be cult taxes unless they were replaced b comparable Revenue raisers. Durham Man named american water works ass n officer Durham. N. a March 18.�? pier. S. Phillips chemist in the Durham water department today was named Secretary treasurer of the North Carolina Section of the american water works association William m. Piatt of Durham state chairman announced after a meeting of the Board of governors Here the Hoard of governors decided to hold the next convention at Charlotte Early in november. J a Revenue t o determine Fate of Compromise plan by Frank b. Gilreath Raleigh March 18.�? api Twenty clerks pecked away at adding machines Iii the Revenue building into today running seven figure totals which May mean Victory or defeat for governor Hoey a Compromise appropriations plan. The totals represented income tax payments due last wednesday for the 19 38 Calendar year. Of the final figure is Large enough the chances Are the Compromise will be approved by the Senate and ordered ratified into Law. Such action would mean that the general Assembly could Clear its dockets and adjourn sine die within the next two or three w weeks. R. L. Ward jr., head of the division of account said it was impossible to predict the income tax total with any degree of accuracy at i his time. A we should know by monday Quot he added a because w Ell ready to run the final total a that. Time. All i can Tell now that there is a big volume returns but it takes a pile Little checks to make Millio Dollar governor Hoey stepped int the budget picture Early the week after the Honey had reared an apparent impasse in i consideration of the 1939-41 a probation. The Compromise effected at the request of certain leg Silati leaders was endorsed by to governor in a message read t the representatives monday nigh it called for a biennial incr i of approximately $500,000 to the $1 54,361,292 spending or Gram proposed by the joint a prop relations committee items to be increased wer Public school Tea hers. Welter Carolina teachers College Graf continued on Page 2, Sec. F it

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