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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 13, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Duke to sell chateau by Norman Moss London was dwindling finances advancing age and wifely pressure have spurred the Duke of Windsor to offer for Sale the country House outside Paris that he has turned into a replica of an English lords country Manor. It will be a heavy blow to the Duke who transformed the House and its gardens with Loving care. The asking Price for the Moulin de la Tui Lerie is a secret but the Duke turned Down an offer of Over a million dollars three years ago. However he is More anxious to sell now than he was then. The windsors will keep their town House in Paris. When they bought the Moulin at if sur Yvette 16 Miles outside the City in 1952. This was a recognition by the Duke that he would not be Able to return to live in England but would remain an exile. He had hoped that after his wartime service As governor of the Bahamas he would be offered another Post by the British government and that the rift with the rest of the Royal family caused by his abdication would be healed. Like any English Nobleman the Duke is a country Squire by instinct despite his earlier reputation As a Man about town. The Home he really loved in England was his country Home. Fort Belvedere. The Moulin de Lai Tui Lerie was an eighteenth Century French Mill which had been made into a luxurious House. The Duke imposed his own style of furnishing and turned the six acres of grounds into a Garden with a Stream meandering gently Between Meadows bordered by colourful Flower Beds. He had a staff of gardeners but he was often out there himself with trowel and pruning shears. He restored the old farmhands cottages into guest houses for weekend guests. Now the driveway is lit by a London Street lamp. And beneath it is a sign that says a Small dogs. Please drive the dogs Are the Dukes Small pugs another of the trappings of the English country gentleman. A Well travelled american who has been a weekend guest there says a ttys remarkably like being a guest at a wealthy country Home in England. All the Way from the Bacon and eggs breakfast to the Choice of Riding or shooting to the port after dinner when the ladies have retired to the drawing room. Its a Surprise when the Butler Speaks but the Price of living like a lord in France has shot up in the past 20 years. Though the Duke is wealthy by a commoners standards and maintains an expensive life style when he travels he does no to have unlimited resources to draw on. High Point Enterprise monday March 13, 1972 7a remarkable father will live forever in memory dear Ann a few Days ago my Best Friend died. He was my teacher my idol my Symbol of strength and Protection. He was also my father. Last year on my seventeenth birthday i obtained my Drivers License. Three weeks later i had a minor Accident. I was scared to death of what my father would say when the police called him. I Wasny to Hurt but i had a few scratches and was dazed by the Impact. The moment he saw me he hugged me and tried to Calm my ragged nerves. I kept repeating a will never drive he said a ooh yes you will. In fact you Are going to drive me then he told me about Tho Langley Al ired pair wed mrs. Linda Clement and mrs. Louise Dunlop announce the marriage of their Mother. Kathleen Fields Allred to William Floyd Langley. Randolph county commissioner on saturday. The couple will reside at it. I Staley. Your letter i thought about my own father. He too was a remarkable Man and i miss him every Day of my life. Mas Alva Edison a How he made the first electric Light bulb after seven years of hard work and experimentation. Edison handed the precious bulb to his Laboratory assistant to put away. The assistant accidentally dropped it. Of course the bulb broke into a thousand pieces. Edison went to work on a second bulb. After he had completed it he handed it to his assistant again a to prove that he had Confidence in him. I knew How the assistant must have Felt when i was behind t in wheel of that car driving my dad Home. This was Only one of the lessons i Learned from this remarkable Man. I am thankful for having had my for eighteen years i Hope you will find room in your column for my letter perhaps it will help the Lucky ones who still have a dad to appreciate him a Little More a a Loving daughter dear daughter what a Beautiful tribute. When i read dear Ann my married daughter telephones me once a week. Big Deal. It s the same routine every thursday. She asks How in a feeling and who died. Then she puts the kids on. say a hello grandma the dog wants to talk to t a it and hold the phone Uke a Dumbbell and i Don t hear anything. All of a sudden the dog yelps like somebody gave him a sock and then my daughter hollers at them to leave the dog alone. I get to listen to a whole fight a no conversation just a lot of screaming and Yelling i Don t want to hang up because i think maybe someone will come on the line and say something. I have sat with crazy receiver in my hand for As Long As 20 minutes. Please Tell me what to do about this. It spoils my whole Day thank Vou Ann a High blood pressure w la 11 is to hike a a Iju Altos flour re prof worm i u e Imp infill r.1 plume Sam him Tow he urn a Iju beginner guitar set at Owca on March 18. A beginner guitar class for boys and girls Ages 9-15, will begin at the Adams memorial Owca 112 Gatewood ave the class will meet each saturday morning for five weeks from to a in. To noon excluding easter weekend. The instructor for the course will be miss Lori Krewson who has thought Many classes at the Owca. It is designed for instruction in beginner guitar. Those interested should Contact the y and Register As soon is possible As class enrolment is limited. A pretty new Spring hair style awaits you Here Kay Rogers Lynn Stoton Judy Brewer Hazel Clary Carol Collins Lazier cosmetics Claryus Beauty Salon 904 Lindsay St Tel 882-4758 diamonds still Seal most inc cements in Rhie Days of toppling traditions Tho Aimond fat no a till Tuandt firm at the Symbol of engagement a and marriage pay omit for what you get. Buy your engagement Diamond in the modern manner flawless Fine flair Mui zit. I a sol phone a jewellers 885-2251 come in soon plastic covers North Carolina tobacco growers have made increasing use of plastic a rather than Cotton a planted covers in recent years. With Good management plants can be ready for transplanting about 60 Days after seeding when grow under plastic covers. Brauly service budget priced no appointment needed in appointment Quot it jul artistic Beauty College 327 a n. Mein by. 2 327�?~a v mein St. Tri. 882-6113 monday 3 30 swim 4 15 beginner swim 7 30 colors 7 30 a Central a teens tuesday to a in a newcomers Bridge 10 30 a dip 12 30 3 a preschool swim 3.30 and tap 3 3 0 p. swim 4 15 6 15 amp p club dinner 7 30 a Baton recital end denture misery lose weight this week of Rex pm help you become the trim him person you want to be of Rex is a tiny Tablet and easily swallowed contains no dangerous drugs. No starving. No special exercise. Get rid of excess fat and live longer. Of Rex has been used successfully by thousands All Over the country for 14 years. Of Rex plan costs s3 25 and the Large Economy size 55 25 you must lose ugly fat or your Money will be refunded by your druggist. No questions asked accept no substitutes. Sold with this guarantee by eckers drug stores a Over the counter or free pick up m special d Sam tone amp Frt War Sam tone cart Fig astr Sikyr Aranar Kotti Lent ifs Hait Flut Miracle plastic Dent web re Zita Loose dentures in five minutes. This Quot Cushion of Comfort Quot \ eases sore Gums. You est anything. Laugh talk even sneeze without embarrassment. No More Rood particles under plates. Dentil rite lasts for months. Ends daily bother of powder paste or cushions. Just remove when refit is needed. Tasteless. Odourless. Money Back guarantee. At a1 drug counters. Organ recital Lebanon United methodist Church High Point North Carolina monday March 13, at 8 15 . Sponsored by the musical Art club of High Point Marie Burnette Marie Currie Jerry Jones Barbara Turner Marvin Williams presented on Tho newly installed Rodgers Organ specification 330 installed by Pearson music co dear when your daughter Calls next thursday Tell her you d like to talk to the kids but not to the dog. Ask her to stand by the phone and instruct the kids to say goodbye when they be finished so you la know when to hang up. Dear Ann i just rend the letter from a a mum wha complains that her two Beautiful daughters done to have any dates because they Are tall. She said All the tall Guys Are taken by the a sawed off. Run v Dames a and she thinks its a dirty shame. I happen to be a girl five feet tall and i Date a lot a Short boys As Well As tall ones. It does t make any Dif Ference to me. I have observed that Many tall girls Are popular so maybe a a mum so statuesque beauties have Rotten personages to go with their Beautiful faces. Tell her will you please a Happy pee wee dear Happy it would be a waste of time of love is Blind Mother love i3 also deaf and dumb. In Alabama there is no Way i can prevent other writers from lifting material from my column and passing it off As their own. Its happening More and More. Are drugs o k. 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