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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 14, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather fair colder tonight More data on Page 5-a 88th year a vol. 74 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon March 14, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation. 882-1719 classified ads. 885-2177 All other departments 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c candidates forced to take stand big Issue in Florida busing i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. Phone pest q. I have been receiving annoying Telephone alls and until i checked with the Telephone office i was not aware that Calls can be traced which i intend to have done if i receive More of them. I Don t know if the person who Haft been doing this is aware of this or not but perhaps if they would Road it in action line they will Stop before i have to take further action. Thank you. Anon. A. Telephone Calls can be traced under proper court authority. The local Law enforcement agencies have excellent Means of apprehending persons who make annoying or threatening Telephone Calls. The Law enforcement Agency having jurisdiction Over the area in which you live or representatives of your local Telephone company will be glad to assist you. North Carolina Law g s. 14-196 prohibits the Jse of the Telephone for the purpose of making annoying Calls and also states. A anyone violating the provisions of this Section shall be guilty of a Misdemeanour and. Upon conviction be subject to a Fine of not More than five Hundred dollars and imprisonment for not More than six be Miami Fla. A ecology the Economy crime in the streets and welfare All have been topics for the Active candidates in today a Florida presidential primary. But for most floridians the primary Issue is busing. The question of busing Chil Dren to achieve racial balance in schools has made Alabama gov. George c. Wallace the Leader in the democratic race and state legislative action that put a busing Straw vote on the primary ballot is expected to bring out additional Wallace voters. Busing has forced the major National candidates to take stands on the Issue and forced them to tread cautiously so that a stand in Florida does no to conflict with a stand in less conservative states where they face future primary contests. Of the seven democrats actively campaigning in Florida five a two million vote today in wide open primary by Carl p. Leubsdorf a political writer Billfold Artisan o. I am serving a sentence in the n. C. Department of corrections and the Only source of income i have is making Billfold but i am having trouble finding buyers not because of the Quality for i make a very Nice and neat Billfold and i will stand behind anything i make. Could action line help me find some buyers for my Billfold i will sell them at a very reasonable rate per dozen. Be. A. A solution has been offered by Doug Harris the recreation coordinator for the department of corrections. He says if you la write him at 831 w. Morgan St. In Raleigh hell help you find outlets. Units located near population centers done to have this problem he said because people go to the units to select and buy and sometimes everything is sold in less than a week. Since you Are in a More isolated area hell arrange for your wallets to be displayed where customers Are More Likely to see them. A a a Baker Road plans 0. Finally the state Highway if beginning to redo the Cloverleaf at the Baker Road a is interjection. Now Why does t the City of High Point repair and bring up to Date Baker Road which will go Over this Cloverleaf As it would take a tremendous amount of traffic off Brentwood and South main. A lot of people going to work use Baker Road and by resurfacing Baker Road this would greatly eliminate the traffic conditions we Are now having in our downtown area. Thank you. J. L. A. Public works director wills says this Roadway has been patched and As soon As the state finishes their work. They will a set our plans a a Rock q. Where can you get a Pool table recovered and How much would it Cost the size is about 4x7? a. Saunier Wilhelm co., 2707 South Elm Street in Greensboro does repair work they can advise Sou on the Cost. A a Randolph registration q. Could you please advise where a resident of Randolph county registers to vote in the presidential election thank you . A. You May Call Helen Barnes executive Secretary of the Board of elections in Asheboro who can Tell you Hie registrar for your precinct. Anyone in Randolph May Register at the courthouse in Asheboro five Days a week from 8 to 5. A help for needy q. What was Tho name of Tho organization or Tho address mentioned in an article a couple of weeks ago where people can take furniture or housewares they no longer need. They were going to keep it in a warehouse to give to families who might be burned out. . A. The address is 1305 Franklin St. Where a citizens participation Branch of Model cities under Milton Stallings is stockpiling used household goods to have on hand in Case some family loses everything. They done to have a truck at their disposal so prefer that furniture or other items be brought to them but if that s not possible Stallings says give them a Call at 885-0817 and they la try to make arrangements to pick it up. A re action q i would like to help the child who said she feels that she is unloved. She is loved. The parents feel such a responsibility now they done to have the time to put their arms around the children and say a i love so Many people fee they Are neglected too. You like to hear a Loving voice at night and you sit alone and the parents feel just As unloved As the children. M. S. Miami Fla. A the Early turnout was moderate today As the first of an anticipated two million floridians voted in a presidential primary expected to influence the prospects of three Likely democratic losers More than those of the probable Winner. Alabama gov. George c. Wallace with la democrats dividing the vote. Sen Edmund s. Muskie of Maine said he thought a the pattern that emerges Over several primaries will he More significant than just the Florida returns. Muskie is fighting with Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey of Minnesota and Henry m. Jackson of Washington for second place behind Wallace a anti using bandwagon and for position in the Multi candidate scramble for the democratic presidential nomination. For Muskie. Florida could further Cloud a front runner image that suffered when he polled 46.4 per cent of the votes in winning last weeks new Hampshire primary in his native new England. Humphrey and Jackson Hope for Strong showings to Spur their drives to overtake him. Sen. George Mcgovern of South Dakota the surprisingly Strong runner up to Muskie in new Hampshire and mayor John v. Lindsay of new York. A former Republican in his first race As a Democrat Are the other major contenders in the 11-candidate democratic Field. Among the Republican. President Nixon is expected to be a runaway Winner Over conservative rep John Ashbrook of Ohio who has campaigned in Florida the past week. Liberal rep. Paul n. Mccloskey of California dropped out of the race last week but is still on the ballot Here. Nixon is also expected to win All 40 delegates to the Republican National convention. The 81 democratic delegates May be split with Wallace s rivals hoping to capture Clos to half of them in the congressional districts of the Tampa St. Petersburg and Miami areas. Polls will be open from 7 a m. Est to 7 . More than two thirds of the 2 1 million democrats and nearly 800,000 republicans Are expected to ballot in the states first major presidential primary. A fast count is expected since voting machines a. Used in All 67 counties. In addition to the presidential contests Florida voters will decide a number of issues. Gov. Reubin Askew has gained National attention with his Campaign against a proposal urging a constitutional amendment to ban school busing to achieve racial balance and could score a major political Victory by keeping the expected margin of approval relatively Small. The governor is already being mentioned by some of the presidential candidates As a possible vice presidential nominee. For Humphrey and Jackson who bypassed the new Hampshire primary. Florida provides the first major test of their presidential candidacies. Humphrey needs a Strong showing to overcome fears by political professionals he is a a closer a while Jackson needs one to show he should be considered As a major democratic presidential contender. A if a scoop Jackson does Well a the Washington senator told reporters at a Miami news conference a my show is on the he shied away from predicting How Well he would do in a primary he once considered make or break for his candidacy. But he said if Muskie and Humphrey do poorly a i think muskies had it. And Humphrey is in deep at Tampa. Jackson said he had passed Muskie in Florida. A a we re close to Humphrey and i May have passed him too Quot he added Humphrey campaigned from Jacksonville to Miami on monday proclaiming a not one of the other candidates stands a Chance of beating George Wallace except Hubert aides to the Minnesota senator say they Are confident hell beat out Muskie f o r second place and. Thereby pull himself even with the Maine senator in the presidential race As they head for the april 4 test in Wisconsin Muskie indicated in his final Campaign appearance monday he is prepared for the worst in Florida while looking to the future. A if theres a setback tomorrow and i Don t think there is a he told a Small group of Black supporters a there Are 22 More primaries there s a convention next july and an election next failure to place second Iii Florida seemed Likely to Spur a reassessment already reported under Way of the Muskie strategy of running in All primaries. The Maine senator is committed to running in Illinois next tuesday Wisconsin. Penn sgt Ivania and Massachusetts april 25 and Ohio on May 2. But see two on Page 2 a Vor school busing or say they can accept it As an unpleasant necessity. Busing has caused Florida s Young democratic governor. Eruhin Askew to take an unpopular position As a crusader against the busing Straw vote. The busing referendum placed on the ballot has no standing in Law. Sponsors said it merely will allow floridians to Tell the nation their opinion on racial busing. The referendum reads a do Vou favor an amendment to the . Constitution which would prohibit forced busing and guarantee the right of each student to attend the appropriate Public school nearest his Home a Askews forces in the legislature failed to keep the referendum from being included on the ballot but the governor did manage to tag on another referendum which reads a do you favor providing an equal Opportunity for Quality education for All children regardless of race Creed color or place of residence and oppose a return to a dual system of Public schools0�?� a third question asks if voters favor a constitutional amendment to allow prayer in the Public schools but that Issue seems to have been ignored by the voters. Here Are the positions on busing taken by the candidates campaigning in the Florida race a rep. Shirley Chisholm of new York the Only Black candidate in the race is in favor of busing. A sen. Hubert la. Humphrey of Minnesota says he opposes massive busing solely for the purpose of achieving racial ratios but he favors busing where necessary to provide equal education opportunities. A sen. Henry my Jackson of Washington opposes busing and says he favors a constitutional amendment to outlaw it. A new York mayor John v. Lindsay favors school busing. A sen George Mcgovern of South Dakota favors school busing. Although he did vote for the busing Compromise amendment in the Senate recently. A sen. Fld Mund s. Muskie of Maine says school busing can be a useful tool for desegregation but that he does not like it. A Alabama gov. George c. Wallace opposes school busing and has based most of his Campaign on this Issue on the Republican Side rep John \1 Ashbrook of Ohio is the Only campaigning gof candidate. And he is an outspoken critic of busing. President Nixon the Only other avowed Republican candidate. Has not campaigned himself in Florida but he has said he opposes busing and announced he will make a statement on the Issue after the Florida primary. Mitchell denies itt charge by Tom Seppy associated press writer Washington a former atty. Gen. John n. Mitchell testified under oath today that he was not involved in tile settlement of an antitrust Case against the International Telephone Telegraph corp. And. He said he did not participate in the negotiations for next summer s Republican National convention Mitchell now head of president Nixon a re election bid. Addressed himself a to the three Points which relate to my relationship or my non relationship to the subject matter of lie current hearing before the Senate judiciary committee the hearing sprang from charges by columnist Jack Anderson that Justice department officials were guilty of i pro pities in the handling of the itt Case. Anderson published a memo by an itt lobbyist linking the itt settlement with a purported itt commitment of $400,000 to underwrite the cop convention. Mitchell previously had is Wallace talks Humphrey listens Alabama gov. George Wallace makes a Point during an interview with Frank Mcgee right on no cd a today show today in Miami while sen. Hubert Humphrey listens to the portion of the show with an earplug. Humphrey was the next guest on the show. Both Are running in today a presidential primary in Florida. A wire photo sued two statements which dealt with the three Points. The first Point pertained to the litigation started by the Justice departments antitrust division when he was attorney general against itt. Mitchell said when the first of the three suits in the Case reached the stage for consider Avion by the attorney general in april 1969. A i disqualified myself on the grounds that my former Law firm had done Legal work for one of itts after that Date Mitchell said All matters pertaining to the fit suit rested in the hands of Richard g. Kleindienst. Deputy attorney general and Richard Mclaren assistant attorney general in charge of the antitrust division a i did not communicate with he said. A they did not communicate with me. I was not informed of the Progress of t in litigation or negotiation Between the department and itt. The second Point he made had to do with his contacts with representatives of itt a at no time have i talked to any representative of itt or any of its subsidiaries concerning the litigation or the settlement he said. He said that based on the records of his office he had Contact with three itt representatives Harold Geneen itt president Felix Rohatyn and mrs. Dita Beard itt s Washington lobbyist. Mitchell said he met with Geneen twice once at a social dinner at the White House and the other time in a business meeting in his office to discuss the Over All antitrust policy of the Justice department with regard to conglomerates. A the pending itt litigation set Mitchell on 2 a King Hussein Mideast agreement reported Bukiri t it Aig King Hussein has reached a full peace agreement with Israel Baghdad radio reported today. Earlier t h e Royal Palace in Amman announced Hussein would make a a statement of tremendous importance wednesday cornering the territory Israel seized from Jordan in the 1967 War. The iraqi broadcast said the agreement provides that the occupied territory on the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza strip which of Egypt occupied before the War will become an autonomous palestinian state Federated with Jordan in a i listed Arab kingdom unde r Hussein a Flash innate throne. The old Arab Quarter of Jerusalem or part of it is to be the capital of the new palestinian state Baghdad radio Saij. But israelis leaders have said repeatedly Jerusalem is now a United City under israeli Rule and will never be divided again. A dispatch from Amman said details of a Broad new plan aimed at breaking the deadlock Between Jordan and Israel were handed to the ambassadors to the United states the soviet Union Britain. France and the Arab countries monday. The jordanian government newspaper Al do Stour said the King would announce a a plan to consolidate National Unity Between the two Banks of Jordan on a permanent basis of decentralization a the use of the term decentralization indicated some form of autonomy for the palestinian population on both sides of the Jordan River. Baghdad radio broadcast an iraqi news Agency dispatch from Amman which said the King hoped to get approval of his plan at a meeting this afternoon with members of Jordan s parliament. The radio gave these highlights of the agreement a proclamation of a new Federal state under Hussein to be called the United Arab kingdom. The kingdom is to be made up of two autonomous states Palestine and Jordan each of which will have its own government for internal affairs. What s inside amusements 103 Bridge. 106 classified ads 5 9b comics. 4a crossword. 10b editorials 4a financial 2a obituaries 23 sports 3-4b television 7a women s news a weather a . Power reserves to be critical in summer Raleigh a Carolina Power Light co. President Shearon Harris says Power reserves in the Carolinas and Virginia will be critical this summer. He put much of the blame on environmentalists whose demands Are delaying new Power Plant openings. Harris outlined the Power Supply situation in the subregion monday before a conference of utilities commissioners and Power company representatives from North Carolina and Virginia. He said Power reserves should Range from 11.4 per cent in june to 12 9 per cent in August. The Federal Power commission considers 20 per cent a comfortable minimum Reserve. Harris said the Power reserves have shrunk during the last few years largely because of the increasing use of air conditioners during the Peak summer months. Total reserves of 2.258 megawatts. Or 11.4 per cent Are projected for the Virginia Caro Linas subregion in june he said. This should move up to 12.3 per cent in july when Duke Power Cliffside no. 5 unit comes on the line and 200 More megawatts Are purchased from outside Power sources. The Peak summer Load is anticipated in August he said when the subregion will be pulling 20.881 megawatts and should have a 12.9 per cent margin. But to achieve that margin. He said Virginia electric Power co s Surry no. I nuclear unit will have to come on the line As scheduled. Harris said if the plants commercial service is delayed As much As one month the total Power resources of the subregion will drop to a Reserve capacity of Only 9 i per cent. He put much of the blame for the situation on environmentalists and recent court decisions strengthening provisions of the National environmental policy act and the refuse act of 1899. Harris said he would testify before the joint committee on atomic Energy in Washington thursday in support of interim legislation that would ease environmental Impact statement requirements which Are stalling several nuclear Power Plant projects. Even if the Industry gets this legislation he said it still will have to provide Impact statements before the army corps of engineers can Grant permits for the plants to discharge hot waste water. Harris said this requirement is an a intolerable situation that must be relieved a either by changing or ignoring the 1899 Law. He said it would take the corps Well into the next Century to process Impact statement from the 20.000 discharge Points that will need permits. Up a does no to plan to halt operations to wait for permits he said

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