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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Story on Page 1-c weather Clear and warmer today and monday 88th year a no. 72 acc finals Carolina 73 Maryland 64 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., sunday morning March 12, 1972 too pages Call us circulation. M2-1719 classified ads. 115-2177 All other departments 88s-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in Cate of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or a Ven acknowledge every one. Gold Star Mother o. I received an article that was published in a Florida newspaper describing the Gold Star medal which is Given to the wife parents and children of a Man killed in action. I wonder if you could give me any More information about it and Tell me if i would be eligible for it. My son was on a military Mission in Vietnam on a ch.47 Chinook when it crashed and burned not due i was informed from hostile fire of i am eligible where can i write to see about getting it As i would like very much to have it. Mrs. . A. Maj. Fletcher Jones information officer at fort Bragg writes that based on the information you gave it appears you would be eligible to receive a Gold Star Lapel Button. He says you should write chief casualty Section adjutant general division xviii airborne corps and fort Bragg fort Bragg no 28307 you should give Complete information As to your son s name rank unit and Date of death. You could also give your Telephone number so that you May be contacted if additional information is needed. The casualty Section number is 396-7209 or 396-9394 which you May Call collect if you desire. A it or Clara Cox cleanup a i would like to say to those children who wan to clean High Point up Tell them they can Start at Clara Cox apartments for this place is really a mess at a couple of buildings. Some people clean their Yards but others just let them go. They Don t seem to care and they break Glass and it is just terrible Down Here and kids will get Cut this summer. Thank you. Anon. A. Keeping Yards clean is the responsibility of the occupants whether they Are tenants or Home owners. If you Are a resident of Clara Cox Contact the chairman of the Clara Cox resident Council mrs. Julia Harmon so at the next meeting the problem May be discussed. The children who live in the apartments would be a big help pitching in with adults on a week end clean up maybe followed by a neighbourhood hot dog Cook out for the youngsters who help. A lost and foundling o. Could you toll to if any of Tho radio stations in High Point Havo a lost and found service m. A. All three High Point radio stations feature bulletin Board programs which include lost and found items Public meeting announcements Etc. Manager Bob Smith of nos says they schedule their bulletin Board program daily at 9 a in. And air All items available at that time. They also announce items one at a time each hour at ten minutes before the hour. The service is free if the items Are phoned in during hours of 9 to 5, or mailed. N Ieie Queen Zalea xxv q. Would you pleas Tell me the dates of the Azalea festival in Wilmington mrs. . A. April 13 through 16. The Coronation of Queen Azalea xxv and the show Are held on two nights Friday and saturday to accommodate the crowds with the Parade on saturday morning. Entertainers this year will be Pat Boone and family wife Shirley and four daughters and the new Christy minstrels. A a a profane phonic q. I am on a four party Telephone line and twice a week i get cussed out by a lady on my line. Is this against the Law and can or will the Telephone company do something about it thank you. W. A. The use of profane language Over the Telephone is a violation of the North Carolina statutes. The warning appears on the outside Back cover of the Telephone directory that a any person who uses profane vulgar indecent or threatening language to any person Over the Telephone shall upon conviction be guilty of a a a Demeanour and punishable in the discretion of the the Telephone company will assist you if you request their help. A sound off q. What can be done about people calling the wrong Telephone numbers the ones that have been changed. It is very annoying at times. I have a Small baby the phone rings late at night and Early morning and wakes her up. I would like for you to put something in the paper to get people to look in the phone Book to make sure they Are calling the right number As i have put up with this for about a year. G. A. Look people. Woman gives up Hijack attempt Munich Germany of a a Middle aged woman armed with a pistol and claiming she had a bomb in her purse hijacked an a italia jetliner from Italy to Munich saturday night. She gave herself up to authorities after freeing the 31 other passengers and five Crew members. The woman identified As at Tilia Laterri 55, of Rome said she commandeered the plane to protest her Sisters commitment to a mental Hospital. The Pilot Giacomo Marusco was allowed to get off the Caravelle Jet with the others but returned wearing a bulletproof Vest and carrying a loaded pistol. Police said he talked the Hijacker into surrendering. The woman hijacked the plane about 20 minutes after it left Rome on a flight to Milan. When the Jet landed in Munich police surrounded it and the runway was illuminated by spotlights. The woman was taken to the bavarian state police Headquarters in Munich for questioning officers said. Her weapon was identified As a 6 35 my pistol which was loaded. Police said she did not carry a bomb in her purse nor did she have explosives in her Luggage As she had claimed. She had threatened to blow up the plane after the passengers and Crew had debarked. Quot she had no political background a a police spokesman Mcgovern counts on Sanford win Raleigh a South Dakota sen. George Mcgovern is counting on former North Carolina gov. Terry Sanford to win the tar Heel presidential primary and keep potential Mcgovern delegates from falling into other hands. A spokesman in Mcgovern s Washington office said saturday that the senator expects Sanford to win the North Carolina preference primary easily and thus control a Large proportion of the convention Delegate votes on the first ballot. The aide said Mcgovern decided against entering the tar Heel primary himself since he and Sanford would be competing for the same votes and he did not want to split the strength of a Forward looking democrats. Mcgovern a representatives made an appointment with the state Board of elections Friday to enter the senator in the primary but they never showed up. Instead the spokesman said Mcgovern people will work in precinct and county caucuses to see that they get As Many convention delegates As possible who will switch to Mcgovern after the first ballot or after Sanford releases them. The spokesman said a a there a no doubt it la go More than one ballot at the National convention. The four democrats besides Sanford entered in the May 6 primary Are Maine sen. Edmund Muskie Washington sen. Henry Jackson new York rep. Shirley Chisholm and Alabama gov. George Wallace. The top four vote getters will Divide the state s 64 delegates on the first ballot according to the percentage of the popular vote each candidate receives. A candidate must get at least 15 per cent of the vote to participate. After the first ballot the delegates will be free to vote their choices. Said adding that the woman hijacked the plane for the purpose of dramatizing her sister s status As a mental patient. There was no immediate word on where her sister was hospitalized. The Hijacker told authorities when she left the plane that she wanted to convince herself she a really was in they said she was from Rome and was born in Aqua Lamia Pescara province. The Copilot Augusto Bertoni 25. Described the hijacking at a news conference. The woman who spoke fluent italian said she commandeered the plane to protest her Sisters commitment to a mental Hospital. Police ringed the air plane when it landed and the runway was illuminated by spotlights. Officials said Pilot Giacomo Marusco a who remained aboard for a Short time after the others were freed apparently convinced the woman she should give herself up. The Hijacker left the plane about two hours after it landed. Time for a laugh Pat Nixon laughs at a joke told by former attorney general John Mit Heil prior to his fire and Brimstone denial of a charge that itt bought its Way out of Legal trouble by donating to the Republican cause. Mitchell made his remarks at a luncheon speech at the Waldorf Astoria hotel saturday in new York. Mrs. Nixon was a special guest at the luncheon Given by the women a National Republican club. A wire photo Kleindienst hearings hurting gop Washington a the longer the Senate committee hearings on Richard g. Kleindienst continue the More they seem to Promise a major political headache for the Nixon administration most of the democrats on the Senate judiciary committee seem perfectly Content to allow the investigation of the governments settlement of an antitrust action against International Telephone a Telegraph corp., and Kleindienst s role in it to drag on. And they appear to be getting some perhaps inadvertent help from republicans. Chairman James o. Eastland d-miss., said at the time Kleindienst requested the hearings that he did no to think they a last More than a Day or two. When they resume this week they la be in their eighth Day with no end in sight. One reason for uncertainty on terminating the hearing is the difficulty m getting direct testimony from a key witness Dita Beard an itt lobbyist now in a Denver Hospital suffering from heart trouble. It was a memorandum written by mrs. Beard plus reports of interviews with her published by columnist Jack Anderson that touched off the inquiry. The Gist of Anderson s allegations is that itt received favourable settlement of the antitrust actions after it had pledged to contribute up to inside heading a Yuk week. Tournament in photos television amateurs Page 2-a Page 3c Page id editorial. Page 4-a women a b sports. Section c television. Page 13-c entertainment. Pages 12-13c obituaries Page 2-d classified. Pages 2-16d democrats launch final push for Florida votes Miami Fla. Apr democratic rivals in Florida s presidential primary free for All hunted votes at picnics rallies and shopping centers saturday with sen. Edmund s. Muskie declaring that a Victory for favored Alabama gov. George c. Wallace would be a message that a this is the state where the new South the embattled Muskie campaigning for a Good showing in tuesdays primary to prove himself As the front runner in the race for the democratic presidential nomination said he does no to believe Florida wants to Send the rest of the nation that kind of message. A i done to believe Florida wants to hear the party of John Kennedy speaking with the Ociee of George Wallace a he told some 200 people after a picnic in a South Miami Park. Nonetheless the major White House contenders Are struggling for second place tuesday while Wallace rides his anti using bandwagon As the favorite in an 11-Way race. Sen. Hubert la. Humphrey of Minnesota meanwhile was telling a mock convention of High school students from around the state that As president he would create a Cabinet rank office of youth affairs. He promised a the full involvement of youth in solving America s sen. George s. Mcgovern of South Dakota was in Orlando where he told the families of american prisoners in North Vietnam that As president he would announce an immediate withdrawal of ail . Forces from Indochina within 90 Days end support of the current Saigon government and then press for release of the pos. $400,000 for the Republican National convention in san Diego next August. Through her lawyer mrs. Beard has denied that she intended to imply any link Between the settlement and the convention pledge. But she has not been Able t0 answer a subpoena and has not been questioned by committee members or staff representatives. Eastland has said that he expects to decide what to do about Ler testimony. After be receives fresh medical opinion on for More 13 hours Kleindienst Richard Mclaren former head of the Justice department s antitrust division and now a . District court judge and Felix Rohatyn an itt director were grilled by democrats about their roles in the settlement. Eastland said he could see no wrongdoing by the Trio but it was obvious their Lack of recall in Many instances did not help the administration. When Anderson and his Young assistant Brit Hume appeared thursday and Friday the Opportunity was Ripe for the republicans to counterattack but they seemed on the defensive. And the election year political overtones were evident. Students uncover state Hospital abuses Durham no. A seven Duke University Law students who made an in depth study of North Carolina s mental institutions say patients Are frequently mistreated fail to get treatment and some engage in sexual activity. The students admitted As a a patients in mental hospitals and retardation centers last summer reported they found unsanitary conditions at most institutions and patients were treated like prisoners. The reports of the seven students were details in a six part series published by the Durham morning Herald. The North Carolina mental health association recently released an evaluation report by a study committee which said Broughton was the a a worst Hospital in the state. The students whose stays in the institutions averaged about two weeks each als Ltd failed to study Cherry Hospital at Goldsboro from the inside. Cochran said that during a tour of the Goldsboro Hospital the students were so a a shocked at the situation a none would agree to spend even two weeks the students were complimentary of some institution personnel but critical of what they called the states stress on High salaried doctors rather than better training and wages for attendants. The students said none of the institutions they saw could be described As a Snake pits of the past but added one reason apparently was patient sedation. They referred to this As a chemical Strait they said sexual activity within the hospitals and centers ranged from a a one to or. Eugene Hargrove state mental health commissioner said most of the allegations concerning patient treatment Are unfortunately True. He said the reports of the students provided a Good constructive criticism for the students recommended More than too changes which they said could be implemented immediately at no appreciable Cost and would improve the living conditions of patients. Some administrators of the hospitals have already acted on the recommendations. But the superintendents agree most crucial problems cannot be remedied unless More Revenue is provided. The students who participated in the program were Mike Stewart who studied conditions at the Wake county United at Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh Ken Olsen the unit for the criminally insane at Dix Tony Eitrem the Durham unit at John Umstead Hospital at Butner Don Mayer Western Carolina Center at Morganton will Fulton the adolescent unit at Umstead and Bob Hassell the alcoholic rehabilitation unit at Butner. Ann Beddingfield studied programs available for the states emotionally disturbed children. The students said they did not believe sexual activity was out of control at the institutions. They reported sexual activity seemed to occur More in retardation centers. Mayer who was at the Western Carolina Center for the mentally retarded at Morganton wrote a Greta rates like sex. Its a Basic things a form of physical expression. The younger people form temporary relationships with a goal of making out. A in my opinion and from what i was told by the staff a he said a there is a need for it. From my observations there Are very few limitations placed on Contact Between the sexes. It seems that whatever can be Given them in privileges to compensate for the difference in them and other youngsters their age is Mayer said the Retar dates consummated sexual affairs in Stair Wells in bathrooms behind buildings on the Campus Are behind Bushes. Eitrem who was at the Durham unit at Umstead Hospital. Said it is possible for a patient on an open Ward at that institution a to have As much or As Little heterosexual Contact As he or she he defended the policy and said it probably helped prevent homosexuality. Stewart who was at the Wake unit at Dorothea Dix Hospital in Raleigh said that while he was there he knew of i Only one affair Between patients that was consummated. He added a co mingling of the patients is limited at the Wake Hassell said no attempt is made to separate the sexes at the alcoholic rehabilitation Center at Butner. Quot visiting Between wings in the dorms is however strictly forbidden to keep sexual encounters to a minimum a he said. A the staff is fully aware though that sexual activity is not non existent and May even be Good All except one student said the institutional food was All but inedible. The researchers said that in every institution and All centers except the alcoholic units patients were subject to being locked up at some Point every Day even those patients who had voluntarily committed themselves

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