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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1939, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Page fourth High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of a High Point North Carolina Friday Mardi 3, 19.19 High Point Enterprise i b. . A. Rawley Sec y and treas. 1ammett a. Cecil Gen. Mgr. Published afternoons Aud sunday mornings j p Rawley publisher 1u15 193? 90 jul apus m. subscription rates daily and sunday by Carrier in. High Point and nearby towns Welve months. X months. A a ref months. Be month. Be week. Carriers in nearby Bown Are not permitted to collect for More than one week in Advance learners in City ars not permitted to Colet for a period of More thin live weeks. B subscription Tor a longer filled is , hymn int should be made direct to . The associated priss is Clu vely Quot entitled to the use for republication of ail news dispatches credited to it or not other. Tse credited in this paper and also the Leal news published therein member of audit Bureau of circulation i entered As second com two is Tot lice in High Point n c under Tbs it of Congress of March 8. 182. _ National adv. Representative the John Budd co. 420 Lexington ave. New York City Friday Marcu 3, 1939. Cd Jar Nushi thou has mud known to in thay of lift thou halt make me Lull Joy with thy countenance. A acts Tel ass happiness is neither within us Only without us it is the Union of cursive with god. Pascal. The move to make Law permanent juggling of the two fiscal measures the appropriations rid the Revenue Bills for St nitric reasons the House at Raigh approaches debate and a it the on tax levies. When the Bill enacted it is expected to be camped with a new degree of but inuit. The legislature is lowing signs of a purpose to Fol jew advice of the state hankers nation and the governor in Laking the Revenue act a a per it we have expressed approval of to idea Sieving that tax levies t,1 dished and maintained in it t until repealed or amended ill promote stability in the ate a fiscal Structure and per is a More comfortable feeling Lind the necks of the people. A frequent changing of the be denies to business interests id other taxpayers even the fort of its callouses. But a a permanency is a relative pm and should remain so where in levies Are concerned. North Frohna has not matured judg it As to How far the Central de should go in raising Money finance Public service. Wyeth the recent trend towards Cen Ili Zed responsibility is to Connie or a reversion to the policy la division of that responsibility tween state and local govern it is to occur who can say j see no reason to believe that a current a a record budget let a deliberated at Raleigh will ome the All time High. The Jit nil state is Likely in the years mediately ahead of us to spend pre rather than less of the tax venues. Of this is the True Prospect the b9 a a permanent Revenue act la lie subject of necessity to current overhauling reshaping possibly replacement. Two ambers of the state Senate redly expressed the conviction it the whole taxing Structure cumbrous and inequitable and Puld be rewritten. The fact that Dias been mulled Over and Reed Section by Section biennial for years did not prevent the p senators from feeling that it s a sorry scheme of things Ding to lie seized in its entire and in i in 11 the. Short of Genius in Simp Ifica a getting hold of it any Pelt ten Revenue act would consist the pieces of the present one together in a changed design before we believe with the bikers and the governor that conferment of More enduring nay on the 1939 measure is arable. Harrison s plea rile heresy of Pat Harrison Toras the new Deal spending is Mug new. The senator now lands curtailment declaring he has no Faith in the concept that the government can spend the nation into Prosperity. The question of importance is respecting the number of congressmen ready and willing to join Harrison in a drive towards Economy. For one reason the present obvious loosening of Bonds Between the executive and the legislative branches of government we May expect Harrison a recruiting to be easier than before in several years. But a disadvantage for his purpose is the nearness of a presidential election. The business of keeping the party in Power May transcend other important considerations with enough congressmen to defeat Economy. Reversal of democratic policy at this late Day is not Likely to gain support it is More Likely to alienate it. We have in mind the fact that important retrenchment and a sturdy pull to bring expenditures and income nearer together would Dis affect the a a liberals without winning Over the conservatives. A Large percentage of the american people Are unwilling to have government Slacken the outpouring of Treasury benefits. These a Liberal administration has with it. In choosing Between democrats showing a tendency to be frugal and to warm up to big business and republicans operating at the same old stand the former might not be taken. That consideration is Likely to Handicap senator Pat Harrison in his efforts to Stem the tide of Public expenditures. The new Pope the election of Cardinal Pacelli to succeed Pius i As Pope is offensive to the totalitarian Powers and highly agreeable to the democracies. The former see nothing in Prospect save a continuation of the policy of the deceased pontiff. They regarded the newly chosen head of the Church As a motivating and guiding Force of the established Vatican policy. We deem these judgments of the Pope to be accurate but it follows that there should be no particularly embarrassing or complicating change of papal policy. The late Pope held to be influenced greatly by the new pontiff. Denounced the racial bigotry and other illiberal isms of the dictators but he maintained a fairly dependable Middle of the Road position. Certainly he gave no Aid or Comfort to the communistic forces of disorder. For instance there was no hesitation in Choice Between the Spanish rivals. The Vatican supported Franco. If Pius Xii carries on in the course set by his predecessor surely Only governments which would have the pontiff slavish to totalitarianism and unfaithful to the churches Conception of the dignity of the individual Man can find grievous fault with him. Georgia s sales tax while sporadic fighting against the 5-year-old general sales tax persists in North Carolina Georgia w h i c h boasted for some years of avoidance of it is turning towards the same method of raising Public funds. A general sales tax Bill providing a three percent Levy is before the Georgia legislature at the present time. Yesterday an Effort was made to table the Bill but the Effort failed. Another drive to write exemption for certain necessities into the measure was Defeated. Georgia therefore seems Bent upon getting a general sales tax Law even More rigorous than North Carolinas. Ours does have a few exemptions right or wrong. Hopkins adviser Secretary Harry l. Hopkins Choice of a business adviser to Aid him in working out plans for cooperation in furthering his department of Commerce program seems a Happy one. The appointee is general r. E. Wood head of Sears Roebuck amp company. General Wood is a great merchant he is that and More. He is a great hearted Fine spirited american. His kind of liberalism is praiseworthy we believe and his service ought to be of genuine value to or. Hopkins and the country. Incidentally general Wood has manifested from time to time a special interest in the South. He was in Charlotte yesterday in route to Washington and is quoted by the observer As describing North Carolina As his favorite state and the a most promising in the nation. Believing in the visitors Faith and Friendship we accept the a most promising description As complimentary. With Dale Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people Quot Bernard Zufall a neighbor of mine in Forest Hills Long Island is a memory expert. If your Home town has a population of 5,000 or Over he can Tell you what it is right off the Bat. I tested him out. I asked him the population of Maryville to. I tried him on others. He came through every time. I saw him stand before an audience glance at 30 one Dollar Bills and recall their serial numbers backward and Forward. Tell him the year and the Date of the month you were bom and hell rattle off the Day of the week As Quick As a Flash. He can memorize a newspaper in an hour. Photographic memory he Calls it. The surprising thing he told me is that he used to have a floor memory. He thought that one was born either with a poor memory or a Good one and that nothing could be done about it. Then he happened to read in a newspaper just As you Are doing that a persons memory can be improved by training. He decided to try he bought a Book on memory and now he is credited with having one of the Best memories in Captivity. I asked him How much he studied. He said. Quot fifteen minutes a i asked him How Many principles of memory there were and he said Quot Only three Quot adding Quot i do All my memory feats on these three he further surprised me by saying that nothing new had been Learned about memory since 1648. Anything written on memory today is a rehash of a Book published that year. Here Are or. Zufall s three memory secrets 1. Attention. Give close attention to anything you wish to remember. Think about details. If you wish to remember a Many a face study it. Has he a mole what kind of eyebrows ? 2. Repetition. Go Over what you wish to remember. For instance when a Salesman gets Home at night he should go Over the names of All the people he has met during the Day. He should study his address books review the names and faces. He will soon have both etched on his mind. 3. Association. Associate one thing we Ith another. Done to try to remember one thing by itself remember two linked together. As an example he said take the Capitol of Oregon. To remember it associate it with something. Start this Way. Use the first syllable Ore. Salem is the Capitol so take the first syllable Sale. Then say to yourself Quot Ore for do that and you will never forget the name of Oregon s capital. I then asked or. Zufall How to remember these three rules and he said by combining the first letters of the three words attention repetition association into one word Ara. Next week this column will run some of the splendid mottoes which were sent at my request by interested readers. Watch for them and see if one will fit into your scheme of things. They have been coming in so steadily that delay in running them has necessarily resulted he said it the orators who have the most effect at the moment Are those who have the fewest arguments when you put them on Bertrand Russell British author philosopher and moralist. All human beings belong to the same species. The resemblances of All men australian bushmen or philosophers Are greater than their differences. Or. By Dwin Grant Conklin professor emeritus of Princeton University. The modern newspaper is being edited for the Public because without Reader acceptance and support it would be bankrupt. Wilbur s. Forrest assistant editor of the new York Herald Tribune. He was in wonderful pitch at that time but he a very much off Kev today. Helen Jepson american opera Singer commenting on italian Tenor Beniamino Gigli a verbal attack on the United states. They were Good sports american audiences Are like that. Cornelia Otis Skinner actress now appearing in Candida. This month s Prospect in Europe Conte Ltd 9a Walter win Elnell on blood Way Trade Mark r i Terry copyright. 1931, oui v Mirror. In. Paging father time new York heartbeat face about town Vera Zorina giving her Groom George Balanchine last moment instructions in Sardis before leaving to tour with Quot i married an Angel Quot Quot no Telephone Calls done to answer the door and no friends in the House Quot. Sally Rand coming out of a dark doorway fifty Steps East of 49th Street and 7th Avenue her new York hideout one flight Over a Cash and carry beanery. Mary Martin whose heart May belong to Poppa but whose appetite belongs to Leo restaurant every Midnight. Milton boric the gag Honiff in stitches at Willie Howard s description of. A limousine at the Casa Manana. George Jean Nathan with Julie Hayden the leading lady on his right Wing strolling through the West 47th Street Mist Kitty Carlisle the Thrush who gets prettier As she matures. Max Schmeling looking at the Rivoli sign Quot you can t cheat an honest Man Quot and asking a companion Quot what does that mean Quot. Peggy Conklin who played in the stage Quot yes my Darling daughter Quot going to see if the censors spoiled it any More than Hollywood did. Sable in our Alley a drunk staggered into a 52nd Street night club which is starving to death. There was t one Patron in the joint. Quot hey Quot yelled the Stew a wha Tlell s playing Here a one Star picture Quot. Of a new technicolor Yawn one of the wags says Quot it s the first coloured egg that s been Laid since easter Quot Midtown Vignette Back in the Early 1900s she was the Toast of the town when she portrayed the glamorous title role in Quot the merry widow Quot every play goer was enchanted by her. And they returned again and again to enjoy Hor charms today she is Content to play a bit role in shows. This time in Quot i must love someone Quot. Her Beauty naturally has faded a Little and though her name still has some publicity value she refuses to pose for pictures for newspaper use shed much rather she says have people remember her As she was yesteryear As the merry widow.,she is Ethel Jackson. Memo of h Midnight they say the proposed new afternoon tabloid has struck a Snag. Can to get the news services and photos it night Ethel Shutta opened at the Versailles she wore orchids sent by George Olsen whom she is suing for divorce. Mikhail Mordkin jr., son of the famous dancer became betrothed to Martha Valdez Amable after a 2-Day courtship on one of those cruises. The Swanky St. Regis will use a George Hale girl revue in the Spring and quit being so ritzy. Tommy Lyman now at the Hedges says All that childish chatter you hear in the smart spots is Beebe talk. Why was the huge fish electric sign Wrigley a dark for three Days last week Wall Street gossip says Nelson Rockefeller will inherit a Dep t. Of Commerce two hotels in the Midtown sector housing All those wicked Timmin Learned of tile wires being tapped by the cops and drove the girls . V. Bob who used to spend $3 \000 weekly in the Speake Asies in 2 3, 29 and �?T30 is having trouble promoting $1,500 to Post As a Federal court bond.,.damon Runyon is in lied with the flu. Of course opera Singer Gigli took a rap at the United states when he arrived Home in Italy. His recent concert tour Here was such a failure. The gambling Casino at the Royal Palm club Miami xxv ears that to Date Quot the House Isnit a Quarter ahead Quot. Same Here. New Lark novelette they were dancing headliners for eight years. Continued on a age la this minute ten years ago local new a the 39th annual convention of the Baptist missionary Union will be in session Here March 5-8. Approximately 900 women will attend the meetings to be held at Green Street Baptist Church. A group of editors of the Mcgraw Hill company publishers of Trade journals will visit this City thursday. Local police made a liquor haul ? last night. A certain filling station was under suspicion. An investigation was made but no whiskey was in sight. However one of the officers noticed that the proprietor was wearing a pair of Bell Bottom trousers manipulating his fingers he located a pint bottle filled with the spirits. The bottle was neatly tied to the proprietor s leg. Two hours later another Stop was made at the same place and another pint was found. Arrests were made. How times have changed what a a pint of booze now a compiler by Howard Mir Rill the words you Arr Ahi nit to look at in the split seconds that they hit your ryes form a new kind of reporting. This will take sixty seconds to read. While you Are Reading i tie be facts the events they describe Are actually taking place. What happens in one minute on Eaith. A world is in motion. Destiny unfolds itself Start Reading the sixty seconds now going by concern everyone. Factory workers the nation s 250.000 taxing agencies collect 27.000 dollars a minute from you. Farmers soy Beans Are fastest growing crop in importance to agriculture. Yet i Aile now producing too bushels a minute businessmen and stenographers two typewriters a minute Are manufactured in America. Housewives laundry bluing is put out Here at a rate of two dollars Worth every sixty seconds. Traders every minute 3 pounds of wheat unfit for human consumption Are imported. Tax payers it costs ten dollars a minute a to keep the indians healthy All citizens America s answer to National defense is a new tested army plane that Iii one minute a travels six and a half Miles Sweet lovers wet Ltd twelve million Trees to produce two pounds of Maple sugar a minute. One minute is enough time to change history. That Sall it took to shoot Huey Long for the Hin Danburg to explode for the Lusitania to Start sinking. Stop Reading. About people or. And mrs. Capus Waynick left last night for a visit to Baltimore and new York. A a miss Jennie Brown of Concord is spending a few Days Here the guest of miss Ernestine Hayes in mrs. C. C. Muse and daughters Are spending the week end in Washington d. C. New Brief Washington is rain soaked on the eve of the inauguration. Charles Curtis will be inaugurated vice president of the United states tomorrow. The Cumnock Coal mine this state is flooded with water. Twenty years ago local news a party of local men. Members of the Southern furniture manufacturers association will leave this evening on a special Pullman car for Atlanta where they will attend a called meeting of their organization to discuss reconstruction problems. Among those having reservations Are s. H. Tomlinson Fred n. Tate. A. E. Tate James t. Ryan. P. A. Thomas Vav. B. Thomas b. F. Huntley of Winston Salem George Hackney of Lexington. And others. A Rev. J. A Hamrick of Shelby recently elected pastor of Tho Green Street Baptist Church will arrive tomorrow. He will preach tomorrow night at 7 30. About people or. And mrs. A. E. Taplin announce the birth of a daughter. George t. Wood has returned de from new York where he purchased Spring . G. Shelton is spending Hie Day in Salisbury on business. Or. J. J. Hamlin spent yesterday sunday with mrs. Hamlin at Liberty. Vav. W. Bruce of Asheville w. R. Reynolds of Louisville by. And g. M Fields of Raleigh were visitors in the City today the guests of s. C. Clark a private Walter p. Jones has returned to Camp Wadsworth after spending a 10-Days furlough with friends and relatives Here. Brace cation in Washington by Bruce Catton Washington March 3.�?if running the manifold affairs of vipa gets col. Francis p. Harrington Down it won t be the colonels fault. He believes in putting a Job in its place. Most Washington office holders Tell you la that they Are on i practically 24 hour duty a take work Home at night come Down sundays Iive for their work never in have a Chance to sex Bruce Catton excise or relax. But not the spa administrator. Col. Harrington figures that if a Man has to work overtime Day in and Day out its probably the Many a fault rather than the jobs. He recalls that when he first came to spa As assistant administrator in the fall of 1935 he had to work 14 or 15 hours a Day. At the time. Mrs. Harrington once remarked to mrs. Harry Hopkins that spa ought to be called Hwa a Home wrecking administration. But the colonel soon got his Job tamed so that it Only called for Normal office hours. Works some holidays nowadays he gets Down to work about 9 30 in the morning and goes Home around 6 or 6 30 in the evening. He steals a March on the Iob by coming Down on holidays now and then and getting in three or four hours of concentrated work. Then he explains Quot these telephones leave me he figures he will presently have things systematized so that he can move quitting time up a bit. But hell never belong to the two hours for lunch fraternity. Following graduation from the u. S. Military Academy in 1908, Harrington entered the army Engineer corps. He had charge of a construction Crew during building of the Panama canal and later oversaw maintenance there. When America entered the War he gave up a mathematics teaching Post at West Point to serve As instructor in officers training Camps. He is a graduate of several u. S. Service schools and attended the Ecol Supe Tigeure de Guerre in Paris. The colonel celebrated birthday 51 last fall. He looks As fit As a youngster fresh out of West Point. He has a Clear pinkish complexion a his nickname among his friends is Quot Pinkie a and neat greyish hair. He looks military even in civilian clothes but Isnit the Crisp Damn you my Man Type at All. When you Call on him he dolls far Back in his chair with his feet up and smokes a cig Aret. Believer in ills Job he likes his present jobs says it a More work than the assignments he had in the army Engineer corps but More fun too. He is inclined to think that w a or something like it will be with us for quite a while yet although he holies that As business picks up the spa Roll can be Cut Down to a million men or less. This he suspects May take a couple of years. He believes that spa offers a Chance to make a real contribution to the solution of one of the nations toughest problems what to do about the unemployed and Points out that since population growth adds half a million men to the ranks of the workers each year the problem May be a Long time getting solved. As an army Engineer col. Harrington has had plenty of experience with civilian workers on construction jobs in private Industry. He says it Isnit quite fair to ask him to compare those workers with the spa Crews. The private contractors pick the Best men they can get and the age level in their Crew s is substantially lower than in spa. Those allowance made he adds the vipa Crews can stand the comparison very Well. Speedy on decisions of the army and spa Ever throw the colonel out he can always get a Job As copy Reader on a newspaper. When his staff brings documents of one sort and another for revision and editorial correction he takes a Pencil and goes through the copy with lightning Speed. An sex Newspaperman on his staff Calls him the Best copy Reader he Ever saw which May come under the heading of damning with faint Praise. The colonel knows How to Delegate authority and refuses to let paper work pile up on his desk Ile does no to make snap judgments but once he has passed on a problem or a Job he does no to go Hack and worry about it. He May take his time about saying son thing but when he says it it goes. Col. Harrington lives in a House in Georgetown with his Mother and daughter. He is a widower. Mrs. Harrington having died a Little More than a it ear ago. He has one son a student at Yale. Pardon or. Gigli but that anti american piece you be been warbling is decidedly out of tune. Simile As regular As Quot big Bill Quot Thompson s portrait on a Chicago mayoralty Campaign poster. Copyright 193. By Esqui # features inc new Brief a the Federal government will help the states with their reconstruction problems. President Wilson has a mass of accumulated business Mattery to attend to before leaving for Paris tomorrow. It is estimated that the Central Powers will have to pay 24 billion j hounds Sterling in reparations to the victorious allies. Fashion decrees wider brims for male headgear. Those hats will do a Flop in March. A movie director tells us that Napoleon was not striking a pose bul scratching his Chest when he put his hand inside his coat. But he does no to Tell us How Tho general kit such 8 straight face while doing it r

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