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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1939, Page 3

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday March 3, 19.v tue High Point Enterprise Piedmont Canter of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Turi few omitted in jury charges everyone in Philadelphia from mayor Down blamed l or \ ice and crime Philadelphia March 3. A up a Tho police department of the nations third largest City from the mayor Down to the most of a cure patrolman. Was charged by a special grand jury yesterday with a protecting a and permitting the a ravages of commercialised vice and crime to flourish on a widespread scale. Winding up a 17-months-Long investigation of vice conditions the jury declared in its final presentment that political domination of the department by the mayor and High City officials had resulted in the police being a derelict in their duty to their superiors and the a the most far reaching and damaging political control a the ligation began. Jury reported a has been exercised by mayor s. Davis Wilson. He actually so directed it the police department that organized vice could and did flourish unmolested in Philadelphia particularly in the summer of 1937.�?T�?T upon the jury a recommendation mayor Wilson was indicted earlier this week on charges of Misbehaviour in office and failure to suppress gambling. The mayor is vacationing in Florida and could not be reached immediately for comment. The grand jury in its presentment handed up yesterday said the indictments against Wilson a involve far More than technical violations of the civil service Law. They involve a scheme to use the police department for personal and political altogether 343 persons have Bern indicted on various charges mostly gambling since the invest Nebraska All set for fight As state and ii private interests clash on Power privileges Dies in capital child near death result of beating up Nebraska so Little a Tvan irrigation and Power project. Flung across the lower half of the state the 1000-mile Power transmission system indicated by Power lines and towers a above Man. Private companies fight for 36 years Comet has meant perfect Quality whole Groin uncoated Superb Quality Rice. Vacuum Teri lived for perfect purity. Scions of Iba ? i Comet Means perfect cooking results too a Light White and Flaky every time. Look for the red and yellow package. Insist on comit at your grocer s try Comdr Brown Rice. Too delicious by brei Tiff healthful a Fly by Mauk Howa i Nea service social Orr is Minden Lincoln. Neb., March 3 the six year fight try private Utility companies on Nebraska a Little Tvan Power and irrigation project moves into a new and crucial phase. The offensive of the companies now takes the form of pressure upon the legislature to flus ten regulatory curbs on the states three Public Power districts which were created in 1933 As self liquidating Hydro electric and irrigation projects. The Power interests ask state regulation of Hyro Eler iric rates and demand taxing of the property of the districts on the same scale the the property of the private companies alway been taxed. Senator George w. Norris. Foo it that speak values for themselves fancy in i Grain i i i i 3 pounds a a 10c matches 6 Pimen toes 4 of can Corn flakes pkg. mothers inc acc favorite Lull la l pounds a 2ic puffed wheat porch itt of package vegetables head Fanti Gali forma lettuce 2 or. ,15c Golden bananas la i Hudd oranges Doz. 10c Grapefruit 2 for. celery so California Lemons Doz. 15c Quality meats veal chops la. 17 in Nati Vuk veal Steak la. 3?.c boiled Ham la. .4 in i n fed i t pork Chc is la. I u j Bologna sliced in 12 j armours Dexter Bacon Pound. .2 a pork Bra ans. La. I cd fat Back in pure lard 81b. Carton 71c milk Carnation or pet 8 Small or 4 Large 25c cherries 2 for a a Soith hit n Iii. La Oleo 2lbs. A a a crackers 2-lb. Box syrup Hub. Can a All flavor jello 4pkgs. A a 25c 23c 14c lie 19c 47-01 \4 e fan Grapefruit juice a Chow Chow it. Jar a sour or Dili. Pickles 2 for a a ill hit is Rosedale peaches 2 Ige. Cans v a Lull s i re grape Jam 2-lb. Jar 15c 17c 25c 25c 21c Orange juice Corn 4 no. I a tomatoes cans peas a 25c Mustard quart country eggs 3 dozen . Horne s Stone Corner Ennis and Tryon phone 6496 Ideal grocery Highland grocery Corner English and Briggs phone 2338 Highland Mit t. Phonm7476 Fairmont grocery Hillcrest grocery en0li8h Street Extension phone 5432 813 Prospect Street phone 48121 Oak Hill grocery Lambeth grocery Corner English and Burton phone 4045 713 Mangum phones has father of the districts and of the unicameral legislature that holds some of the districts Fate in its hands counter attacks the a Power Trust following launching of its new drive. He 1s supported by Twa officials in Washington. A if the people of Nebraska want to kill the says Norris a they Are the ones who will suffer. The key thing in the project is the building of the 2,000,000-acre Reservoir on the Platte River fought by the Power Trust fro the beginning. If that Reservoir had been built this year there a have been Bountiful crops in the Platte Valley. The water that goes Down in the Winter and Spring to do damage farther Down the Mississippi Valley would have been held Back history or struggle inspiration for the struggle is the $ i , program announced Las fall by the three districts. Which Calls for Purchase of the 13 private companies operating in the slate and amalgamation of their facilities in a 1,000-mile statewide transmission system now nearby completed. Issue of Revenue bends was the financing. The Lowa Nebraska Light and Power co. Of Lincoln sought and obtained Federal Power commission approval for the $20,000,000 Sale of its properties. Guy. Myers new York financier helped to arrange the transaction with financing by the ban America hair corporation of new York. The Nebraska league of my j Nici parities admittedly inspired by the Nebraska Power co. Of Omaha then launched its legislative pro j Gram. It outlined regulatory leg j Slation threatened condemnation i proceedings against most of the it private companies., and several other Small organizations of the j i state prepared other court action j i again the districts. Wait America hair announced j a few Days after the state Letisia i lure convened in january that it j had derided to postpone plans for j j the financing pending the outcome i of Corr talk measures being Ronald i ored by the legislature. Lowane Hraska announced immediately j that it had broken off All Degoti i actions with the districts. The private companies want an almost Complete revision of the Law creating the districts. Under this Law which enabled the dls-1 t riots to borrow pm a Money the districts Are forced to charge rates i sufficient to meet operating expense and debt charges j they Are not allowed to make a j profit. The owe pm a $38,389., a debt which will be amortized on a 33-year basis in 1 942, and must interest on that debt until the amortization. According to the arguments of private companies this debt alone will make it impossible for the districts to set rates As Low As those of the private fuel burning plants. Districts have difficulties Tri county Sutherland and the Loup common names for the three districts have borrowed approximately $60,000,000 from Pix since i he summer of 1933. Their estimated combined capacities Are enough to Supply All the Power now consumed in Nebraska but Only the in up is in condition to operate St capacity. Sutherland has had two years the Way of the Purchase plan is of serious construction trouble and several months of testing will be required before its one huge Plant will be put in service. Tri county is not completed and will not be until the fall of 1 9 40. It will have three Power plants and is the costliest of the three projects. Sutherland and Tri county were originally organized As irrigation projects and when completed will irrigate nearly a half million acres of Western Nebraska farm land. Loup is Only a Hydro electric project started in an Effort by Columbus neb., business men to stimulate local business conditions with some Federal spending. Tri county Headquarters Are at Hastings neb., and Sutherland at North Platte neb. The biggest stumbling Block in guilt orc county realty transfers Stoat he in township surmount company to. H. Way Nick and wife tract on Homewood Avenue. Surmount company to a e Mitchell and wife. Tract on Star mount drive r f. Alexander and wife Fame g. W Mcclamroch and Lula the Edward. Baxter to George w. Lynch tract on plan Croft Road t. Edgar Sikes and wife to b f Whitlock and wife tract in Hillcrest subdivision. Gilmer township t. L. Hendricks and wife to e. D. Burnsides and wife iou in South Bessemer subdivision. J. H Boyles or. To. J Paris tract on Asheboro Street. Rock Creek township m b. Smith and wife to p. A. Green son and wife. Tract on Brightwood Road. Sumner township Lawrence t. Hoyle and wife to r h. Tickle tract adjoining lands of g. P Poe merchant offers Reward for return of daughter Pennington Gap va., mar. 3h. H. Darnell Well to do merchant yesterday offer d $500 Reward for the return of his 25-year-old daughter Kliza who has been missing ten Days. Sheriff r. P. Giles said he had Little Hope that miss Darnell would be found alive. He expressed the opinion that she had been slain and her body hidden in nearby Hills. The officer discounted Darnell a theory of kidnapping because no Ransom demand Bas been made. One prominent aircraft company during september 19 3 s. Delivered Over $1,800,000 Worth of transport and military Type aircraft to the United states foreign governments and airlines. Nebraska Power in Omaha. It produces and markets 6<> or cent of the electric Power consumed in Nebraska hut has to cover Only Throe per cent of the area of the state to do it. Without Nebraska Power in their system the districts would have to spend about 40 per cent of the states rower Over about 97 per cent of the area. They would have about 60 per cent of the Consumers of the state but none of the big Industrial users. Hydro District men in Lincoln declare they Are going ahead with their Purchase plan even though it Means at rate War with private companies. Private Utility hackers Are equally As firm about putting the districts under state regulation and say they will meet the problem of Federal financial Competition when it arrives in fact. Washington. March 3. A Joseph l. Cockerham 50, prominent North Carolina attorney a lied wednesday night in it. Alto Hospital after an operation for a ruptured appendix. The body will be taken to his Home in Surry county n. A. Where funeral services probably will be held saturday or sunday. Cockerham formerly was cinch attorney of the Atlantic joint Stock land Bank of Raleigh and an attorney for the National Park service in North Carolina and the soil conservation service Here. He came to Washington a month ago. Cockerham who served in the Navy during the world War is survived by his Mother mrs. T. N. Woodruff of i of Gap n. C. One brother j. E. Cockerham of airy and a sister mrs. C Haynes of Low Gap. It. L. Crown of thorns to be shown at salvation army Citadel sunday at to Lewistown pa., March up a a youth quoted by state lice As saying he heat a two Yea old girl a at least 50 times in the past few months and once Brant cd her with a hot stove Lirl 11 f t it was held today xxx mile flu Chil Lay near death in a Hospital Miles away. The child. Man in Wolf i been unconscious since monday state troopers jailed Paul a Ham a trick. 2 2-year-old forms Brickyard worker on a charge it assault and Battery and held to child smother Helen Wolf As material witness. The Corpora quoted Barrier i saying he a jealous because f was not the child s father. The new i i on cd Obi hot i a i Iola Ile of id la a lid is cd f Hilt to be the fastest paen r Trail port plane in Europe. The no is in a Hie if Cruz ing at Mil than 200 Miles an hour Waltl Load of 20 passengers. On sunday morning of clock a sound motion picture j a Crown of thorns a will he shown at the salvation army Citadel for i the Benefit of the sunday school j group and other who May attend 1 it was announced today by major i Robert m. Cowan in charge of the salvation army Post Here. There will he a second showing i sunday night at 8 of clock for the general Public. The picture has the reputation i of being even better than the Mons film known As a the a of Kings a according to the state ment of major Cowan. The life of j Christ is faithfully portrayed. Olp Folk Hora i amazing Rolla for conditions do to us Tut of gosh Bot if you think nil in Sci alike try us i Rig. Invigorating. Propri k head ohm. Billon Pou. Loci mod with constipation. A to Rorn Iii Throup a a table of Lief i a tired feel in a Lek hmm. Without risk of not . Return the Doz to it. A refund the Purchase Price. T h Atta fair. Ort or tablets today. Quick i f0n Aci i Digesti Squibb aspirin tablets one dozen Loc 140 South main Street Squibb a milk of magnesia t -4 full quart magnesia wafers too 26 piece set of Silver included in this set Teaspoons. Dinner Forks butter pm in. C cd dessert spoons. 4 knives. He sugar Shell. 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Us Kote f a a Box \ 66 pads Moo it noxzema a a us Woc Burys soap. In Squibbs cod liver Oil 12 of. 79c 24 of. Is .29 for that i by look a Spring Coati Altofts with fragrant dul Orry co Lumbar lotion. A Richard Bud nut gift with your Cham of the regular $2 Box of Dubarry Poca powder Thole of lit worm glowing shod. Value for 2 latest designs Congress playing cards 89c Tomi Una of Buring and Fua std trusses Rafert Fitt fus Price $149 up 4 of. Size Upjohn a Citro Carbonate

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