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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Mar 3 1939, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - March 3, 1939, High Point, North Carolina Friday March 3, 1930the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page Fin the Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family present Day explorer horizontal i pictured explorer Lincoln. It he explores regions. 12 coupled. 13 venerable. 15 Bone. 16 belonging to the arum family 17 Robin. Into crush. 20 encountered. 21 climbing Plant. 23 eccentric wheel. 24 you and me 25 Blockhead. 26 Burden. 27 Railroad. 126 Throat. 130 evil. 31 a beverage. 33 upon. 134 being. 35 seasoning. 36 Blackbird. 37 Type measure. 38 valuable property. Answer to previous Puzzle it 40 note in scale. 41 to halt. 42 Point. 43 to labor. 44 festive. 47 sea Eagle. 48 fodder vat. 49 his chief interest now is in. 52 he uses in exploring. 53 Crappie. 3 Booty. 4 Snow glider. 5 marriage. 6 alleged Force. 7 lean. 8 hourly. 9 pair. 10 earthy matter. 11 Onsager. 14 paid publicity. 16 he once explored with vertical 17 flying 2 stringed mammal instruments. 18 crazy. 19 he has suffered Manj s in his work. 22 kind. 23 Calcium. 25 tooth like projection. 27 hurried. 28 nothing. 29 to common 30 Wager. 32 battering machine. 33 unit. 36 venomous Snake. 39 Sun. 40 to walk wit Short Steps. 41 Plant. 42 journey. 43 sesame. 44 Guinea. 45 note in Seal 46 portion of a curved line 47 greek Lett i 48 Spain. 49 like. 50 credit. 51 preposition. Womb want Beatty serial Story by Louise Holmes Harrison in Hollywood a a a Here rapid fire set of minute talks with Hollywood people censorship marriage v actions. Spaghetti acting and practical jokes on menu Vii Oil la tit at twin mum she served w of leis mid dreamed of being Beautiful. Ii k Tremain a Ile liked Susie a waffles inn he could t see Susie. J Kep Howmann his chief concern was to make Susie As Beautiful As she wanted to la. Yesterday Hick shows increasing interest in Susie hut site wonders if her financial Success May have something to do with this. Meantime Susie approaches her first broadcast. Chapter xxiv i k escort of suede to the broadcasting studio. He was attentive encouraging vastly excited. Brown orchids trembled on Susie s breast As she faced the microphone. Panic Shook be. She could t say a word sing a note she . Suddenly her frantic eyes were drawn to the hark Iowa of chairs in lie studio. Jeff his Chin went up As he smiled. At once Susie a panic took wings. At once everything was right with the world. And. At once she forgot Jeff. Her song of love was for Dick her nicely worded Patter on the subject of Beauty was for him. She knew her and had been successful before they crowded around her in the studio before or. Jasper ailed from new York before Edna and John Harker wired from Mia my. In a Way. As the january Days passed Susie was Content in another Way she frantically fought against time Dick loved her his every glance every gesture told her so. What then was the Reserve against which she was powerless beyond a certain Point he did not go and. Totally unversed in Siren Wiles. Susie knew not How to break through his silence in his presence she was confident Felt him trembling on the verge of an avowal. Away from him he is aped her. With every parting she had Hie frenzied feeling that she might never Cee him again. It was a hectic interval not conducive to happiness although Susie would have said she was the happiest girl in the world. Her stomach which already seemed shrunken to Walnut proportions. Suddenly refused food. She lost five Pound was forced to use More Rouge Felt stringy and burned out late hours Days of soaring Hopes and Black depression began to take their toll. #�?�41 it was toward the last of january that Susie took a cold a miserable feverish cold. She managed to broadcast on Friday night and knew that something drastic must to done Iii preparation for monday. Ender Dick s sympathy she Felt irritation and this added to her wretchedness. In Swift pique she broke All engagements for the week end and went to bed. Emma came with her gentle Massage which could he so murderous on occasion. She advised a strengthening diet ordered Susie not to leave the bed until monday and left her to fret and worry and cough. Dick did not Call on saturday nor or sunday. By sunday evening Susie was a moist depressed Lump in the big bed. In desperation she called his Home to learn that he had gone away for the week end. Slowly her distracted thoughts shifted to Jeff and she wondered about him. What was he doing since Edna and or. Harker had gone to Florida was he alone in the Flat she remembered How unhappy he had been Over the separation from Edna. Comforted by the thought of Jeff she arose bathed brushed her tumbled hair dabbed on a Little powder and called him he answered at once. Quot what Are you doing. Jeff a vile asked her mood lightening Vith the sound of his voice a a hating myself to death a he answered promptly Quot what Are you doing a Quot in a being sick Iii Quot Susie a the Quick concern was a Halm to her Hurt teens Hilt ties. Quot what s the matter Why did t you Call me a Quot what do you Call this a radio Gram he laughed his Nice heartening laugh. Quot what can i do to help Quot you can cover Over and diag me out of the sunday evening he hesitated. Quot what about a Dirk Tremaine a Quot out of town a she said lightly. Somehow Dirks depression seemed less important. A do you really want me to come. Susie a Quot worse than Quot in 15 minutes she replaced the Ivory instrument. The frenzy had gone out of Lier peace flooded her heart she. Put on a trailing Green velvet House coat made her lied and turned on the lights. A # Jeff came in leaving the door decorous by open. Susie greeted him looking tall and extremely slender in her Long gown he lace was White dark smudges not from the make up Box Lay under her eyes. Jeff looked satisfactorily concerned and anxious. A a say you have been sick a he said. Quot just a mean she sat Down Curling a foot under her. And motioned him to a chair. Quot you Don t look to festive Quot in a Fine Quot he answered heartily. Too heartily. Quot been missing Edna a lot it seems queer at the store without you i be listened to All your broadcasts you re All Quot thank you. In a gelling Heap of fan mail have been approached by several other sponsors hut a i done to know maybe in a not Cut out to be a career woman. It All seems so Quot the Domestic Type. I suppose a Jeff said. Looking up from under his brows As he asked a cig Aret from a package and i gated it. Quot i guess so Quot she went on dreamily Quot any prospects a Quot i m not sure a she told him honestly. After a hesitation she Barat out How does a girl go about it to win a Man Jeff a a a you be got he was examining 1 he lighted end of his cigarette. Quot just done to try id say a it you re his weakness he described a self explanatory arc with the cig Aret Quot look Are you freeing about Dick Tremaine i a Uncle rays Corner a India of the present Day that what made you sick Quot Quot gracious no. He Sas attentive As can be. Flowers Telephone Calls dates he seven postponed his return to California because of she said this to reassure herself More than Jeff. Quot i suppose you re in love with Jeff was not looking at her now. Quot yes if i can to have Dick All this will have been in she gestured to take in the room and Dpi self Quot i done to want to live if i can to have Quot Well does no the feel the same Way Quot Quot i think so hut a i want him to say if Quot Susie went on. Drawing a design on the chair Arm with Lier pointed Fingernail. Quot give him time Jeff said. Quot from All the floating rumours i gather that he a gone off the deep he sighed crushing out his cig Aret and lighting another. Changing the subject. Susie asked Quot what do you hear from the honeymooners Quot a very Little hut everything Good. They re in Havana Jeff voice had lost its Ling. Quot How grand. When they come Hack you la live with them. I Quot nope him staying in the Flat. Markers my Boss. In a too grown up to have a leaning Tot Ward elbows on Knees Jeff stared Between at his shoes. He Wasny to himself uneasy Moody. He must miss Edna a lot Susie thought. Quot any change in the status quo of your department at the store a he asked Quot no it sounds cheap and sour a ii pts h for me to say this hut Kane pulls some terrible boners. He gets four tunes the salary they pay me and i m telling you the truth i earn my pay keeping markers out of difficulty instead of doing constructive work hate myself done to i a he concluded with a shame faced Grin. Quot you make sense to me a Susie countered loyally. They talked on the City hummed a below. Surie forgot die k. It was restful to forget him after the weeks of turmoil. Toll cont lenient about 338,000,000 people lived in India when a census was taken in 1931. Of we allowed for the usual growth in population there we May estimate that the number is now above 350.000,000. These figures do not include Burma which has been separated from India. Twenty three languages of importance Are spoken in India. Each of these is the Quot Mother Tongue Quot of More than 100,000 pet sons. A hindi Quot is the main language being spoken by about 110,000, a too persons. Quot Bengali Quot comes next with half As Many speaking it. Quot Gandhi Day Quot in Delhi. Note the big spinning wheel. Besides the 23 leading Ian gauges. India has about 175 special dialects these Are spoken by certain groups in different parts of the country. Calcutta with a population of a million and a half is the largest City in India of ranks second in the British Empire Only London having More inhabitants. Bombay with close to 1.200.-Oon people is the second City Iii India the third is mad As. A Coin of Little value in India i is known As a Quot pie a twelve pie make one Anna and 16 Annas a Worth a Rupee. A in pee is a ver Coin which is Worth at till time about 33 cents. About 25, acres Northern India Are used for grow ing wheat hut Rice is the Ureal est crop. In an average year. acres Are plan a i n i the people like Rice As a foot they eat it in several forms i chiefly in lushly Spires Currie which Are very Quot hot Quot to of taste. During the present Century great Britain has had to won Quot about people it India who did new Ike British Rule. There he a been is likes riots and Otho t roil Hies. The chief Leader of those we have a bed Freedom or of let1 Home Rule for India has Heel Mahatma Gandhi happily he by been a Man of , and i asked b s followers not to Iii deadly weapons to win the ends. More than anyone else India. Ii Quot is beloved by the Phi people. This is the year of 70th birthday. Men Iii charge of the Brill gov no lit did la of a. I vie p the India was ready to carry on nov rum. It of he of ii Law Lea eel rive clashes Tai place Between people of Mal languages Areg and religion 1935 however the British parliament passed Law granting Constitution to India. The const Union was into into actual Coffet two years ago. For history or travel sad of your scrapbook. It the leaflet l lied Quot seven writ leis of the world May he i by sending a 3c stamped Etui envelope to me in care of til paper. Uncle Ray i Omen i of a lie i Quot sa1 ii Rel talk my it Kiev on a trip let a a a 0 n. W big results from limited honors won with end play Trump suit of we. K. Mckenney Secretary american contract Bridge league by pm la la Harbison Nea or Vire staff correspondent Hollywood March 3. One minute interview Quot nobody hate censorship Mora than i said Carson Kanin director. Quot hut i believe the twisting of facts and sentiment in to called historical Plentie is downright dangerous and a lot More Censo Rable than other things considered unobjectionable. Quot remember that Long speech Henry Hull had to make at the Monument or Tombstone or whatever it was of Jesse James the script said that America was t ashamed of James and it said that. America admires a Man who la Good in i line Quot great grief did America Admire Gerald Chapman did it and Mike John Dillinger Well they were pretty Good in their line Quot # a a Judith Barrett Quot in a tired of parties and dates and stories about imaginary romances id marry the first Young Man that came along if he measured up to my specifications and they re not very strict he he handsome or have a lot of Money but he must have a Good Pedigree a pleasing personality a of humor and some love of a Home i suppose Iii have to go outside of Hollywood to find such a Man. Of. Yes he d have to let me keep on with my acting a a a Richard Dix Quot a e pc really Ween working hard at this Man of i got up at a of clock the other morning and started to work at 9 As Sam Houston at Tho age of 65. At noon i was playing Houlton when he was 35 and the governor of Tennessee. Then i got a Call to come Back that evening and do Rome scenes As Houston in his Early 2<>s, Quot i was pretty tired by that time so i went and hired to an ambulance and had it deliver me at the lot. I think the studio got the idea anyway we Haven t worked any evenings sinew then Quot a a a James Ellison Quot when i Fin ish this picture my Wile and i Are going to Rush Down to our boat and go on a month s cruise and in a not saying where. We be been married two year. And Haven had a Chance to go on a honeymoon yet we were about to go once and just As i was casting off i got a Call to report for work in a vivacious so we spent a week end on the boat tied to the Dock. And in be been working steadily Ever since a a a Henry Annetta that was a terrible thine that Magazine said about me about me not liking Spaghetti i love Spaghetti i have it three times a week i even put it in my soup what More i Cook it myself personally a a a a Seymour Felix dance director Quot in Man awful sucker for Pratti How con i by Anne Ashley q How can i Stop the bleeding of a Cut a. It is claimed that the. Bleeding of a Cut can often he stopped by applying quantities of sail and flour spreading out thickly. Of course Salt is rather painful to an open wound q How can i make a subs Lute for crackers that can he served with soup a toasted cubes of in Ead or Croton of afford an excellent Van Alloo from the customary crackers served with soup q How can i remove soot from a till a. Sprinkle the Rug with sail and then sweep tile soot Wii sweep up with the Salt. Modern etiquette by Roberta Lee the family doctor a stories in Stamps Side glances. A when sending a gift to a i Friend is it necessary to include la note with the gift a. It is not required that you j do so hut a Friendly note accompanying the gift is never out of place. J. Is it permissible for a hostess to arrange for a Man to take a certain woman ill to dinner. When he is not to be sealed next to her a. Be a tin less sometime a finds this necessary q should one Wear Diamond in the mottling or with sports in office clothes a. No. \ Man in Cincinnati. Ohio. Recently utilized the roof of his four car garage and made it into a swimming Pool tile Pool has a depth of six feet editors note this is the second of three articles in which or. Fish Bein discusses the possibility of Quot spare parts a for the human body. A a a by or. Moskis Fishbein editor journal of the a Mer Ira ii my d i c a i \ &Quot.octalion, mild of la Gila. The health Magazine there Are occasional reports in medical literature of instance in which a portion of tile nose or cd tile ear has been lost in a motor c a Accident and has been immediately replaced and sewn in proper position with the result that Healing occurred and the damage was thus taken care of. This does not mean that ii would he possible in the Case of. A person who had lot a consid Merable portion of the nose the Jear or any other pm it of the body to take such a portion from i another human being and trans-1 Plant it successfully. This would he Ideal if it could he accomplished hut the human body is so Complex the blood and tissue of each human being Cliff it r it to greatly from those of oth Jer human being that apparently i it is impossible for Large masses i of tissues taken from one human being to live in the body of another. A a a however it is possible to re pair a defect t of the tissues of one human being with material i taken from i own body. For example in certain cases in i which a portion of the nose a i been destroyed a portion of skin May he taken from the thigh or i from the Ned or from the breast or some portion of the body where there May he excessive skin and tissues and trans planted in such a Way a to repair the defect. A instance is reported of a Man who a bitten to the left ear in a Street fight. A regular elongated piece was missing from the Tipper part of the left ear after this wound healed so that there was Freedom from any possibility of infection the excessive scar tissue was removed and he ragged edges of the skin were Cut evenly then excess tissue was taken from the ear itself Anil Tratia a planted into the outer margin of the ear in such a Way As to co in i Petely occupy the area As that la a cd been lost this resulted in successful Healing a a the modern plastic sue aeon avails himself of the procedure that is called the travelling skin j graft. Thus the tissue maintains j its life a Long As it is kept in Contact with the nerve Supply and the blood Supply. I by this Means a portion of the Kin May he elevated from the breast or the Nock or any other portion of the body in which j Loose tissue is available and transplanted upwards a few inc he. After la has healed into position it May lie transplanted another few inches and this procedure continued until the final defect where the skin is needed is reached. Mete it can Fili ally j he put into place. By this Means i Manv a person who has lost portions of the ear the Chin the nose or the tissues under the Eye. Has been Able to secure an eventually Normal appearance next the sensational Quot Eye Tran Plantation Quot operations. M in in 9 in i ass Jess who Quot Frederick Peyton Randolph enjoys by right of bit the tile Dis Junction of membership in the i Virginia family which h has written lits name deeply on the pages of j american history. He has Long i left the ancestral acres Aud has i been for Manv Yea a lawyer la Coes 19j9 by Nea its Vicc. Inc. T m be. U s it off a Why Are you so particular about my friends when most of yours and dad s Friend Arr Sinh awful dopes a Cal jokes especially Bill Maguire s practical jokes. He can pull the same gag on me time after time like when lie said lie was giving a birthday party and did i have any novel ideas for a party. Quot so i said sure to give a blackface party and would come As Little Eva. He said Okay. So Oil the night of the party i was sure id win the prize because i was All Blae keel up and in ragged dress and a Pigtail wig. And even carrying a cake of ice with a pair of tongs. I prances into Tho party and not a person there was in costume or in rut Cork. Well they see my blushes a a William Wyler director Quot acting is everything in a picture anti no director can make a Good picture without it. The actor must if lie any Good create the atmosphere. Sets costumes nothing else is important of an audience can believe the actor it will believe the clothes he swearing the room he a in and the situation. Tile old stage director who told his hero to a walk in trailing the Green Fields of Ireland was no chump. Critics praised me for the convincing Southern atmosphere in a Jezebel. I had very Little to do with it Fay Painter and retie Davis were the ones to to made it seem look and learn lessons English by a c gordo1 i what is the entomological name of Quot White ants 2. What City makes the most men clothing in the la. S ? 3 what Queen was first called Empress of India. 4 what is a a a Calumet a 5, which is the highest capital City in the world answers 1. Termites 2. New York City. 3. Queen Victoria of England. 4 ii indians Quot pipe of peace Quot 5. La Paz Bolivia. By w l Gordon san Hills Steeple Hase pm Neh Post. March 3.a the i Atli annual moot of the Sand Hills steeplechase and Rac ing association will he held March is at the Barber estate Between Pine a Hurst Aud Southern Pines wolds often misused do not say �?�1 feel very Good today thank say �?�1 feel Vety often mispronounced Bezan pronounces re Gat a e is in me. First a As in of second second a As in ask unstressed accent ser cond syllable. Oft Quot a misspelled tempera ment. Obe Sreve the a synonyms decent clean mod est. Virtuous. Word study a tse a word three times and it is Lei us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Dav today word Illus Ory deceiving by false show. Quot the appearance was illusory but Only for s few fill time work new Bern. March 3.�? cd a w. R. Blackley master Mechanic said today shop employees of the state controlled Atlantic and North Carolina Railroad had resumed full time work after working every other Day for the last ten Days. Scott to address Grange Burlington March 3.�? up w. Kerr Scott state commissioner of agriculture will speak at a Grange meeting Here tonight. A Mun or Quot coppers Kinston. March 3.-- a Connie Stansell identification officer said today the Kinston police Force planned to organize a a Junior Force Quot with members from 12 to la years old. Stamps the germans did t approve l vents moved swiftly during the last Days of the world War. With the crash of their operations on the Eastern front the germans evacuated to strengthen defences on the West. Thus were abandoned their Headquarters in Many strategic cities some of which were in the territory now known As Latvia Latvia was created a Sovereign state immediately after the War. A government must have postage but when Latvia turned to find paper Stock on which to print its first Stamps there was none. War had drained the country of supplies on every hand there was one surplus Stock however German War maps which had been seized in the final campaigns. Promptly the government gathered these maps and prepared them for its first postage. At the same time postage was printed on unfinished russian Ruble notes on cheap ruled tablets on Ordinary school scratch paper. The stomps weren to the Ideal of a collector s heart but they filled the Bill which after All was the primary consideration so Latvia gave me world a set of Stamps which Germany certainly would not have approved. One of them is shown Here. At the left above is a front View of the official stamp. At the right is the same stamp reversed showing a Section of a once highly confidential German military map. Latvia in recent years has issued Many Beautiful Stamps. Copyright. 193. Nea service ins i ran Iii Iii Rackers Gail you tie in the following dates with their proper events also listed 1926 Kellogg Briand treaty goes into effect. 19 27 Lindbergh s new York paid flight. 1928 moratorium on intergovernmental debts. 1929 shooting of Arnold rot Stein. 1930 a Germany admitted to league of nations 1931�?athletics beat Cardinali in world series. Roray a Levian question what ancestor of Christ had a name which when spelled backward is the same As the name of s great american in Venter answer on want and Page a 42 1 t 3 i it a k j 3 a k q j 3 2 a a 10 8 6 Al a j a a k 2 is Vav r v q 9 7 6 a to 7 6 5 w t 5 4 a 5 4 s a 8 4 2 Daay or a to 9 8 a k la 7 5 3 a j 10 8 a q9 a a 76 duplicate both Vul. South it est North East pass a i a pass i a 2 a pass 2 a 3 a pass 4 a is past i pass opener a k 3 practice St the new York bar j he is an enthusiastic Lover of j duplicate playing recently a the club i rooms of the Ohio society of i new Yek he experienced the thrill of a lifetime when he made j i game contract by Means of an end play in the Trump suit j less careful play of the hand j brought disaster to other player. When West saw the Dummy. Lie continued with a second heart i and forced Dummy to Ruff ran Niph Rea it lied i hand with to club a it e and puffed Ai last neat then Laid Down the Spade que the drop of the Jack from to East hand disclosed a Robab Imu i1 pm k West won and i turned his last huh this a won in Dummy and the Queen diamonds cashed in the close ii my. A o ii. I Wal by the Are Ai King n Dummy. Next the Diamond Salt k was in and Randolph ruffed. West flt Lowed and Randolph now led iou Trump. West was forced win Anc Lead up to the King at unit if to umps of a oui his ten Ai eight. Contract problem solution in next Issue f opened bidding with Al Diamond South bid one h it West doubled. Bidi a i Spade and West again doubled. By refusing to Ruff on the opener. South won. How a 7 5 4 2 v 04 2 4 none aka 8 7 5 4 a j

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