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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina A Zenith hearing Aid insures Quality after Purchase Protection satisfaction. When your old Range leaves you hot under the Collareta time Ora replacement terrorists raced through building shooting at doors High Point Enterprise tuesday Jan 2s. 1074 a mistrust dims detente hard to convince foreign communists that yet another International meeting is needed to coordinate efforts at this time when a a intensification of political and economic instability of capitalism opens unprecedented the implication detente is the Road to Victory of world revolution under the communist Banner communist parties from around the world. It was then reaffirmed at the 24th soviet party Congress in 1971. Why detente soviet statements strongly suggest that detente is part of tactics and strategy for expanding communist authority around the world. Right now Moscow is campaigning Day in Moscow added to his Triumph in the Middle East a Moscow Success for the president would be a Welcome antidote to pressures from watergate woe. For Brezhnev it could Promise something tangible to show his critics from the policy for which he assumes full responsibility. A to live in peace a declared Brezhnev during the wave of euphoria emanating from Summit la in Washington last year a we must Trust each other and to Trust each other we must know each other better. But Moscow angrily denounces As intended subversion the West s proposal for Freer Exchange of people and information and the 35-nation european Security conference became snagged on that Point. The very genesis of Moscow a peaceful coexistence policy gives the West Good reason for nagging misgivings about soviet motives. The official Kremlin line is that the detente policy was approved by a meeting in Moscow in june 1969 of leaders of 75 a a Newt analysis by William l. Ryan a special correspondent in this time of detente the murky Mist of mistrust that persists in soviet american relations seems to have deepened since last year. It dims the Outlook for a result from this week s new Summit in Moscow that might mean a genuine sense of Security for both sides. The mistrust has Many sources not the least of which is the constant repetition by soviet propaganda that real peace is impossible because ideological warfare must go on until Quot imperialism Quot meaning the Camp led by the United states has been wholly vanquished. Other sources include sovet suspicion of american intentions the recent jolts delivered by the Middle East War and its consequences the continuing reality of the strategic arms race the clash of National interests president Nixon and general Secretary Leonid i. Brezhnev alike have stakes in a look of Success for their Summit in starting thurs however there Are practical. No ideological gains for the Kremlin to consider from the detente policy just As there Are practical benefits in Prospect for the West from lessened tensions. By Marcus Eliason associated press writer. Nahar Yea. Israel apr Quot the terrorists ran up our stairs shooting at every door Quot said Hanna Halevi. Quot i turned off All the lights and we pushed the piano against the door to keep them out Quot the 25-year-old housewife was one of 17 survivors in the three Story apartment House that three Arab terrorists invaded just before Midnight monday in this coastal town seven Miles South of the lebanese Border. The terrorists killed two children their Mother and a Soldier before israeli troops killed them. We had just turned off a Mannix. The american television thriller and a real thriller began right at said mrs. Halevi whose husband is on a tour of army duty Quot my brother heard a noise. He went to the window and shouted terrorists a there were two big men climbing Over the Fence in the Yard. Quot the terrorists ran up our stairs shooting at every door. I telephoned the police and told them to come to 19 Balfour Street. I was scared to say anything More for fear the arabs would hear me. My Mother and my brother and i pushed the piano against the door and we Lay Down on the floor. It seemed Uke an eternity until the army arrived. Quot then the army rushed in. There was shooting and there were terrible explosions. Glass was breaking All . Senate pondering tax Reform around us and the plaster fell from the ceiling. Two residents of the building lawyer Jacob dual and his wife said they saw nothing Quot when we heard the shooting. We hid in the clothes he said. The outside of the building was pitted with Bullet holes and a Streak of blood dribble de Down from the riddled shutters on one window. Two cars in the Yard were shot up their windows shattered tires Flat broken Glass All around them. Quot we were ready for an attack like this after i Ryan Shonah and maalox Quot said mrs. Halevi referring to the two towns in which palestinian suicide squads killed 46 persons last month Quot but you can t stay in a continual panic with weapons by your Side. We also have to live our Bonanza introduces Chicken Fried Steak. All for Mclaughlin attacks priest panel member Pittsburgh. A. Apr a priest who serves As a presidential assistant wants another priest who sits on the House judiciary committee to swear under oath he is not leaking committee material to the press the Rev. John Mclaughlin addressing his comments to fellow Jesuit the Rev. Robert f. Drinan. A mass said monday that if father Drinan is leaking secret material from the committee he should be disqualified. Quot if he did do this leaking. He should be censured by the House of representatives and brought to trial by Law enforcement authorities a father Mclaughlin said. We take a beef Patty dip it in a special Battel deep Fry it till its a Crisp Golden Brown then smother it in our own seasoned Cream Gravy and its delicious. But there a More. You also get a thick hunk of Texas Toast a Crisp Green salad and Golden French Fries. Jowe Start wit a Complete evaluation to determine your need then we help a select the a gtd that s right tor you. I Mil choose from a Complete Tine of Zenith instruments priced from t 385 of to 5390 of a the Price in eludes ail the consultation and after Purchase adjustments necessary to your Complete satisfaction. Batteries 1 for All makes of hear my aids. The que stir get in to Hyim str Lott on. Aik about of s Vlf Premit i p in. A % Sugg Menf ret Price the family restaurant even a father coaids Low. 2929 n. Main St. Hours Sun. Thru thurs. 11 00 9 00 Fri. Amp sat. 11 00 10 00 Quot available at participating restaurants Quot Washington apr As the Senate considers a Seal Eddon package of tax cuts and tax Reform administration economists Are saying a tax increase May be necessary in the years ahead presidential economic adviser Kenneth Rush said monday Quot we be excluded nothing in terms of How to balance the and Herbert Stein chairman of the president s Council of economic advisers. Termed a tax increase an a arithmetical possibility Quot but not a close or immediate one. Their comments came after president Nixon announced he will try to balance the 1976 budget to restrain inf Lauon. In the Senate sponsors of the tax Cut tax Reform package lost 33-64. They had expected the defeat and readied a smaller proposal for an income tax reduction combined with one Reform measure. This new plan offered by sen. Hubert h. Humphrey. D-minn., is to be debated today. Sponsors expect the new provision to be filibustered since its Reform provision would repeal the 22 per cent Oil de Leuon allowance. Oil state senators have pledged to fight it. The tax Cut in the Humphrey amendment would be achieved by raising the personal exemption for the taxpayer and each dependent from $750 to $800. As an alternative a $175 tax credit could be used. Fur storage. We cold we Vlf Conr to qty reopen Patron Survey High Point families often Osk us to arrange a perfect final tribute for a loved one in other cities states or countries. Since we Ore the Only member of preferred funeral directors International in High Point we con make All arrangements from Here with other Ppd members. Since caring for our friends and neighbors in High Point is what our better funeral service is All about please remember that we Are recommended by Jujj. Families serviced. A vacation coming up vacation clothes made care free by sorting pros. Fresh wearing. Wrinkle free. 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