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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 26, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page a 0th year a no. 176 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation is 1711 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon june 26, 1174 76 pages classified ads a a 2177 other depts. Iis-2161 daily 10c. Sinday 2scshowing Cia watergate role j committee ready to release secret report by l. L. Knutson associated press writer Washington i aim the Senate watergate committee is reported ready to release its vice chairman s secret report on possible Cia involvement on the watergate break in and coverup the move came after Cia director William e. Colby asked sen Howard h Bakerjr. A Tenn to make Only minor deletions in Baker s 35-Page investigative report Baker has hinted for months that the report contains significant new information. But he has maintained science on its contents while trying to persuade the Cia to declassify the documents on which it is based. There have been unconfirmed reports from sources close to the Baker investigation that the report May show that presidential adviser John d. Ehrlichman told Cia officials he was acting on president Nixon orders when he requested Cia officials to provide technical Aid to e. Howard Hunt or. Hunt is a former Cia agent at the time of the break in he was a member of the White House plumbers and later was convicted in the watergate break in. Hunt asked for disguises a camera Ami false id papers a All of which later wer used in the break in of the office of Daniel Ellsberg psychiatrist. Watergate committee chairman Sam j. Ervin jr., . Told reporters tuesday that one part of the Baker report relevant to the watergate investigation is the Section on the Telephone Call from Ehrlichman to Gen. Robert Cushman then the Cia s Deputy director. He did not elaborate but Baker said he Wilt feel free to talk about it after the committee has acted Ervin said however that nothing he has seen leads him to believe the Cia was involved in the break in or the cover up that followed although the committee plans to file its full my final report thursday Ervin said it will not of made Public until the jury in the anal of Ehrlichman and others is empanelled and sequestered that is not Ukhiv to occur until sometime neat month. Ervin said special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski requested the delay in issuing the report the committee completed tuesday approving most of the recommendations it will make to Congress for new Laws to Reform campaigns for Federal office. Aimed at cooperation Nixon signs pact with Europe allies by Barry Schweid associated press writer Brussels api president Nixon signed a declaration of transatlantic Unity today on his Way to a Moscow Summit meeting and promised he would not sacrifice the interests of the european allies to Advance detente. world in which we live with the nuclear Power that overhangs us there is no alternative to negotiations. He said later at a luncheon Given by Belgium a King a of oui n there is no alternative to but Nixon also reportedly told leaders of 14 Alliance states at a closed session that he would maintain . Troop strength in Western Europe and would guard against a euphoria when he meets with soviet Leader Leonid i. Brezhnev tor talks beginning thursday in the Kremlin. The president also declared that defence and detente Are inseparable. White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler reported him As saying Western cohesion provides the basis for conducting detente in the common the new nato declaration was signed in a 15-minute ceremony preceding the lunch at the Royal Palace. Nato Secretary general Joseph m a h Luns. The Only speaker for the Short Public ceremony declared that with the declaration a fall our countries Are stronger and More secure a the nato declaration was the one agreed upon and published in Ottawa last week. It reaffirmed that the Alliance is indispensable for these purity and defense of America and Western Europe. Prances new president Vaier Giscard d Estamo was absent and sent new Premier Jacques Chirac. It was the first appearance of a French Premier at nato Headquarters since president Charles de Gaulle expelled the Aba net s military Headquarters from France a without the Alliance it is doubtful that detente with the soviet Union would have begun and without a continuing Strong Alliance it is doubtful if the detente would continue. Nixon said on his arrival tuesday night in the belgian capital. The declaration approved last week at the Spring meeting of the North Atlantic treaty organization formalizes a pledge that the Nixon at nato signing flanked by Kissinger and Luss a United states will consult nato s 14 other members before staking out new policies after the signing by Nixon and Heads of the other Allied governments the american president was to Brief his allies about his Moscow trip at a closed session and then hold individual conferences with w est German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt British prime minister Harold Wilson and italian Premier Mariano humor Nixon in his arrival remarks said his presence at nato Headquarters Between his visits to the Middle East and Moscow a symbolizes the Central role that the Atlantic Alliance plays in pursuing our goal of a lasting peace in the the president and mrs Nixon remain in Brussels until thursday when they Fly to the soviet capital for the third annual meeting Between Nixon and soviet communist Para chief Leonid i. Brezhnev the soviet amen can Summit is expected to produce a partial ban on underground nuclear weapon tests and an agreement in principle to further restrain fast moving nuclear arms technology but a senior official in the president s party told newsmen during the trip across the Atlantic it was a a impossible for a pact limiting offensive nuclear weapons to emerge from this of Nixon Bre Zehv round talks the official said Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger May have to make a later Tnp to Moscow to keep the momentum going but he also left open the possibly that Nixon and Brezhnev would narrow their differences sufficiently to enable them to draw up treaty guidelines for their delegations at the strategic arms la nutation talks in Geneva. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand thai the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Blue or Pink q. If you put a Hydrangea out and it is Blue at the time and next year it comes up Pink what can you do to turn it Blue a gain thank Yon. . A. Pink Flowers result from alkaline soil. In acid soil hydrangeas colors Are various shades of Blue from Light to dark depending on the acidity. Fresh organic matter corrects excess alkalinity. You can work in a mulch of Pine Needles and composted leaves. Campers of car winds q. Is there a camping ground close to car winds of so what is the name because my family wants to go camping at car winds. Thank you. Mrs. R. G. A they have camping facilities on the grounds with trams to shuttle campers to and from the amusement area for reservations Call car winds 704 588-2600. The petition is gone q. I am calling about Mendenhall Road As i live on it and it is almost impassable by these heavy dump trucks plus people flying up and Down on it. It is so Dusty and rough that it knocks the front end of your car out of alignment each time you go up it. I was wondering Why instead of washing All the City streets so much when it is raining they done to repair this Road As it keeps our cars torn up. Thank you. H. A a petition was sent May la 1972, to a resident of Mendenhall Road and As of this Date u has not been returned of it is returned with a sufficient number of signers to majority of the property owners it. The City engineers could present it to the City Council for approval. If you can to find out who the resident is who first got the petition or if it has been misplaced you can get another one from the engineers office. Getting rid of Moss q. What will remove Moss from grave markers without ruining the Marble these Are very old markers. Mrs. H. A. Howard Forrest of Central Monument co. Says Many old markers Are made of Vermont Marble. After Many years exposure to freezing rain which Breaks the crystals the markers become delicate. He suggests nothing More than a detergent and water to which a Small amount of bleach May be added then rinsing it Well. No bleach should Ever be used on Granite he says or it will ruin it. There Are commercial cleaners for Granite. Like the Patina on Bronze from oxidation Moss adds an aesthetic and mellowing touch to old markers. You May scrub it clean but time and nature will restore the Green Mantle. Sound off i want to express my deep appreciation to de Henry and Jack Summey it the High Point Rescue squad for their kindness to me following the wreck i was in on March 7 in Greensboro. My husband Paul and our two year old daughter were killed and my Small son and i were badly injured. When they heard that i had a broken Back and did no to think i would be Able to attend the funeral they came Over to Moses Cone Hospital where i was a patient and took me to the funeral in High Point. I will never forget their concern for me in my time of sorrow. Mary Ann Coon Thomasville. Rights violation charged Ehrlichman trial jury pick begins Washington a a Federal judge today began the criminal anal of former White House Domestic affairs chief John d. Ehrlichman and three other men accused of illegally attempting to gather pay do Tanc information about Daniel Ellsberg after the Pentagon papers leak. The Case stems from the sept. 3, 1971, break in at the office of Ellsberg s psychiatrist by the so called White House plumbers. Ellsberg had leaked the Pentagon papers to the Media . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell has said the question before the jury in the trial will be simple did the defendants plot to violate the fourth amendment rights of the psychiatrist or. Lewis Fielding of Beverly Hills Calif ? the fourth amendment of the Constitution prohibits searches by government agents without a properly issued warrant. Answering pretrial arguments that the break in was justified As a special Case to preserve National Security Gesell said a whatever accommodation is required Between the guarantees of the fourth amendment and the conduct of foreign affairs it cannot justify a casual ill defined assignment to White House aides and part time employees granting them an uncontrolled discretion to select enter and search the Homes and offices of innocent american citizens without a thus Gesell has ruled out a defense based on the origins and motives of the plumbers a special White House investigative unit established to plug news leaks. Nonetheless the principal defendant still is Ehrlichman who in August 1971, approved a Covert operation against Fielding a if it is not the second defendant is g. Gordon Liddy 43, the silent Man of the watergate scandals who is under multiyear jail sentences for the original watergate break in and contempt charges for refusal to testify before a grand jury. The others Are Bernard l. Barker. 57, and Eugenio r. Martinez 51. Members of the anti Castro cuban Community of Miami according to or. Fielding they were spotted by Spanish speaking cleaning people in his modern office building in downtown Beverly Hills during the Early morning hours the Day of the break in the burglars found nothing useful. The four plumbers defendants Are charged specifically with plotting the break in a without Legal process probable cause search warrant or other lawful the maximum penalty for the single conspiracy indictment is to years in prison and a $10,000 Fine. In addition the 49-year-old be Ehrlichman on 2a Cia seeking anti leaking legislation Washington api the Central intelligence Agency is seeking legislation authorizing criminal penalties against government employees who make intelligence secrets Public official sources say. William e Colby director of the spy Agency has proposed amendments to the National Security act of 1947, which also would clarify the government s ability to enjoin news Media from disclosing maternal that might Compromise the sources and methods of intelligence gathering the sources said the criminal penalties however would not apply to the newsmen the sources said. A this is not aimed at the Media but at people who decide on their own to disclose classified information this would not allow the director to go after recipients of the information a one source said but the criminal provisions would apply to employees of see Cia on 2a judiciary panel votes to publicize evidence by John Beckler associated Prest writer Washington a the House judiciary committee has voted to make Public most of the evidence it has received in secret impeachment hearings during the past seven weeks w Hen the maternal will be released remains unclear but some members say All celebrities victimized in $100 million swindle new York a top show business personalities business magnates and big name lawyers were among victims of a 1100-million Oil drilling swindle the Wall Street journal said today the newspaper said it May be the biggest swindle of its kind in history. Investors Sank about $130 million in it and All but $30 million went astray the newspaper said. The securities and Exchange commission called it a a ponzi in which the swindlers pay off Early investors with Money from More re cent investors show business investors identified by the newspaper and the amounts they invested included Andy Williams $538,000. Jack Benny $300 too Rock Singer David Cassidy $300,000. Walter Matthau $200,000 and Liza Minnelli $231,000 businessmen who had a major stake included Fred j Borch former chairman of general electric co. $440,920 Walter b Winston. Chairman of the first National City Bank $211,000, Russell w. My a i see celebrities on 2a nearly broke Donald Nixon claims watergate has damaged health finances Newport Beach. Calif. A f. Donald Nixon brother of the president says the watergate affair and a a harassment by Senate investigators have damaged his health and left him nearly broke. Breaking a Long self imposed silence he said the family was standing firm against those who were trying a to Bury the president Nixon 59, made his remarks in an interview with the los Angeles times published wednesday. He spoke critically of leaks from congressional committees and said the leaks had made watergate reporting a fall on sided a Nixon attributed the watergate break in to a political amateurism and said it might not have occurred bul for a a protective Wall set up around the president by top White House aides. He also said he had asked the secret service to undertake surveillance of his family but had not been told when the Agency began a tap of his phone. Nixon said the president could not Telephone him without creating problems he revealed a Handwritten letter from the president on White House stationery which said that a Call during current investigations a would raise unfounded but inevitable questions and implications. A i want you to know that i am enormously proud the Way All of the Nixon family have stood up with such dignity through a vicious ordeal a the president wrote in the june 8 letter a you have our respect and our the presidents younger brother said Adverse publicity about the Nixon family had affected his work which involved sales. He said he had been forced to quit a consulting Job with a food processing firm last january and had taken Early retirement As vice president of a worldwide hotel and restaurant concern a real frankly for the last full year i could not be very effective Quot he said he said his income which was $140 too in 1973, had dipped to a projected $36,000 this year. He said his Home is heavily mortgaged and he has accrued thousands of dollars of debts including Legal fees to defend himself. Senate investigators last april tried to link the $100,000 Campaign contribution entrusted to c g. Quot Bebel Rebozo to a Purchase of 10,000 shares of Stock by Nixon in a firm that builds modular Homes evidence relating to the watergate cover up including the committee s versions of White House tapes could be made Public in a Lew Days. Chairman Peter w. Rod to or in j who will have the right to edit the material before it is released said tuesday in hoped the ensure record of More than 7,000 pages would be available for Public scrutiny when the committee starts debating proposed articles of impeachment now scheduled for july 15 this is information on which one can make an evaluation a said Rod to. A it should come to the attention of the Ronald l Ziegler president Nixon a press Secretary said in Brussels today that Nixon welcomes the committee s decision a us about time after weeks of leaks a Ziegler said the 22-16 vote came on a motion by rep. Wayne Owens Ems Tab. Most of the evidence to be released consists of factual statements bearing on the conduct of president Nixon and his aides without any interpretation or conclusions however it also includes the evidence that led the watergate grand jury to vote 19 to 0 to name Nixon As an urn due ted co conspirator in the watergate cover up and it includes transcripts of presidential conversations far More Complete than the edited versions released by the White House the committee went Back into closed session today to consider which witnesses to hear for its impeachment in see judiciary on 2 a what s inside i amusements. So Bridge. Classified ads. Comics. Id crossword. It editorials. 4a financial. The obituaries. Sports. Television ,.,. Women a news weather. <�?�����?���?�3a

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