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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Rill. Him ii Poi i pm Fri Kisk Washington merry go round an Independent eur paper Randii b Terry prudent. Co Poblo re d a Rawley co pubic her Davida Rawley or vice pre mrs c h Lockwood vice pre wheels turning Over migrants plight Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr 4 a Joe Brown editor Thurida june 24. Hit hard hearts in the gop North Carolina Republican gathered in Greensboro Over the weekend past or Ihetu ele it Hon be i convention in the process they Well what they did was act like democrats or at least like democrats usually act instead of producing at least a veneer of Unity As has come to be expected of a party which is constantly in a numerical minority condition Thev widened the chasm which divides the warring elements within the party the most con sumo us of their deeds was the total rejection of the reigning head of the party gov James Holshouser he not Only will not be chairman of the slate delegation to the Kansas City convention he won t even sit As a Delegate the conservative forces championing the cause of Ronald Reagan steamroll ered the governor while his wife wept bitter tears one convention observer wrote that a this was another Case in which the Gor s right Wing seemed More intent upon vanquishing its foes within the party than upon winning elections Quot As the National Delegate countdown goes on forces supporting president Ford and Reagan Are assiduously counting every vote in the instant Case however that seems a bit superfluous when the state primary has already die lated precisely How Many of the state s first ballot votes will go to which contender and in a two Man race How does a second ballot figure except in the most unlikely event of a dead heat the convention most decidedly cemented sen Jesse Helms position As the party Leader when Holshouser leaves office. Helms will still have two years of his six year term to serve in the v s Senate and the people in his faction demonstrated both in the primary and in other party affairs that they Are better organized and More ideologically cemented together than Are the More moderate republicans the party convention was not without its usual pleas for Unity rut from various spokesmen and from the governor himself the end result proved that it was just so much party function rhetoric even before the convention. Frank Rouse who had earlier been ousted As party chairman and replaced with a Holshouser backed candidate had said the governor ought to be a part of the delegation a abuse of Power is wrong no matter if it s Dene Anderson or Tom fills doing it a House said Anderson is a Holshouser aide. Fills the Reagan Campaign manager in the state i ruefully contemplating what had been done one Republican was heard to say after the convention that the party appeared to be expressing a a death wish. That May be something of an overstatement hut for a party that must hold onto All its numbers Ami lure some of the opposition in order to be a Winner the Greensboro experience was anything but encouraging a few voters say no on tuesday morning of this week the Hoard of county commissioners of Forsyth county voted to increase the county tax rate by five and a half cents that fact was reported in the newspapers that began hitting the Street at noon and by the electronic Media by the end of the Day. Winston Salem City voters had turned Down propositions to Issue Bonds to finance a new City Hail and the total renovation and size doubling of the City s coliseum amt passed by the narrowest of margins a Small Bond item for new fire stations it is Only conjecture that the two items Are inter related especially since the mayor and Hoard of aldermen had insisted that approval of the Bonds would bring no need for a tax increase to twin City authorities the worst aspect of the vote must have been the amazing apathy Only 9.237 voters out of a total registration of More than 71.000 just about 13 per cent bothered to participate in the balloting such abysmally Low figures might be predictable of All the voting were on such mundane matters is Public utilities and the like hut coliseum that hold Promise of big time sports events and big name entertainers can normally tie deported to stir the blood of the populace of Only 9.237 people were interested enough to vote on a proposed 12.000-seat coliseum the City is probably Well advised to save its Money rather than Trade its admitted a White elephant Quot for an even whiter tyrannosaurus hex Good news and in a switch of torts there s Good news and there s fascinating news the Good news is that state tax revenues have finally started doing what they so badly needed to do they a shul through the roof in May to use the projecting the news words of Revenue Secretary j. Howard Coble thus sharply reducing the projected shortfall the fascinating news is that no state politician we be heard of has taken credit for it summer tourism Outlook Quot freedoms Way Quot May be paved with Good intentions but it looks As though it s going to be bumper r to bumper All summer this year is million Bicentennial travellers most of them in cars campers caravans and the like a Are expected to hit the Road to rediscover their american heritage despite the Energy crisis America s birth Day candles will bum brightly fuelled by the gasoline vacationers will bum the u s travel data Center reports that 55 per cent of All Vara toners this year intend to use private automobiles and thai 77 per cent of the Bicentennial bound travellers will the amount cd tourism is not expected to Rise substantially. But Normal travel patterns will c Hange As visitors flock to the historic cities of the Eastern Seaboard cities such As Boston Philadelphia and Washington Are expected to be jammed with visitors this summer and tourism in Plymouth mass. And Valley forge a is expected to double that of last year an awful lot of people figure they take a trip by car Only once every four or live years says Kent branded of the Federal Highway administration and they figure this is the year to do it. The Agency reports that fuel consumption was 6 7 per cent greater in the first three months of this year than m die first Quarter of 1975 a spokesman for the Federal Energy administration s office of regulatory programs said motor Gas Oline is the Only Clear area where Petroleum demand is up Quot this year More cars on the nation s highways May Lead to an increase in the Highway death toll the National safety Council which has not yet released projected fatality figures for the entire year says the death toll was higher in the first four months of 1976 than it was in the comparable period last year More problems arise after travellers reach their destinations these include prices that Are 6 to to per cent higher than last year clogged hotels motels and restaurants Long lines at tourist attractions and the Madden ing combination so arc e parking of congested streets and travellers seeking a return to Pioneer rather than colonial dais will encounter plenty of conic univ in s news and world report quoted a National Park service official As saying. Quot were absolutely swamped where Well put All the visitors this summer i shudder to guess Small staffs and reduced budgets have aggravated the summer crunch in National Park areas resort bound vacationers will not escape the crowds either Orlando. La. Is expecting 15 6 million tourists most of them destined Tor nearby Disney world Miami expects la 7 million visitors As against 6 u million in 1975. According to the u 8 travel data Center visitors from overseas will swell the Bicentennial tourist tide the u s travel service in Washington. D c estimates that 16 i foreigners a 15 per cent More than in 1975 a will travel to the United states this year All in All. It promises to be an Energy profligate Celebration of the nation s 200th birthday anniversary economic recovery and Bicentennial boosterism seem to make a mockery of plans for nationwide fuel conservation More than Ever before perhaps motoring vacationers wit have to put up with traffic jams and air pollution As they venture Forth in Pursuit of patriotic happiness my Jack and Fuson mini feature vol file Washington the cumbersome Federal machinery is beginning to move at last against a Dada and suns whose vast agriculture Empire a mistreated its lowly stoop labourers last March we sent our roving reporter Mal Bern Loo to Southern Florida to investigate the plight of the migrant farm workers posing As a Young drifter he was picked up off the streets of Immokalee Fla and put to work in the Fields of a Dada and sons he found the workers Liv ing in virtual bondage they put in Long hot hours harvesting the farm s massive crop of ripening tomatoes but nearly every Dollar they earned went to pay for the overpriced food and illegal booze which Duda s Stra Boss provided Hermon s eyewitness accounts created a storm of controversy when we published them Florida newspapers railed for reforms which were introduced in the Florida legislature but in Washington the bureaucrats at the to Bor dept merely squirmed uncomfortably and worried about How to Stop the unpleasant publicity Little was done to help the Field hands whom the department was supposed to protect now the situation is slowly reversing the legislation to Aid the migrant workers has been suppressed in Florida and the Federal authorities Are preparing to crack Down on a Duda and sons a a Federal investigation of Duda s farming operations has largely confirmed our allegations Ronald j James who is in charge of Federal employment standards. Has reported Quot substantial violations of both the fair labor standards act and the farm labor contractor act the Federal investigators. Good afternoon for instance uncovered Quot excessive charges for food and beverages of these charges hold up in court the Duda farm could be forced to close Down its labor ramps and Pav Back wages tolls workers but the Reform Campaign has bogged Down in Florida at the request of state sen Jack Gordon we sent Bendon to Tallahassee to testify about his exponent is among the stoop labourers he found he Plush red carpeted hearing room parked with migrant farm workers men women and children had taken off a precious Day from their Field work and had driven All night to attend the hearings they Don t get paid. Of course when they Don t work the growers and their lawyers were also in attendance they huddled together in Small knot they wore expensive suits and jewelled wristwatches most of the Field hands never owned a suit and can t afford a Wristwatch House agriculture chairman Wayne Mixon rapped for order one by one. The growers told How Rosy life was Down on the corporate farms there was no need they declared for any additional legislation indeed the Bill could kill the Goose that Laid Florida Golden eggs a they warned gravely one committee member was so impressed that without waiting to hear the opposing testimony he declared his fealty to the growers he would vote against the Refon Bill. He announced some of the witnesses attacked our column we had published a Over sensation Allied accounts they charged of t Onditi uns on the Duda acres Hermon responded with an eyewitness report on the oppression he had found he produced additional testimony that Duda had previously employed two vicious Stra Bosses to oversee the labor Camp one now convicted of manslaughter the other himself murdered by a migrant worker in North Carolina Hermon also revealed that the Florida Rural Legal services had discovered nine illegally employed haitians at another Duda Camp living in a minuscule 10-by-20-foot Cabin Kach haitian was being charged m2 a week for meager meals of oxtail Cornbread Rice and bean the Stra Boss had threatened to Send the police to arrest workers who tried to leave the Camp before they had paid off their debts Quot some workers who had escaped the Camp were tracked Down and coerced Back into Camp by the Straw bos after Bendon sat Down the farm hands themselves stepped up to the Rostrum to Tell about the condition they worked under the committee responded by voting unanimously to kill the reforms the migrant workers dido t seem surprised they slowly shuffled out of the hearing room and made their Way to a nearby Church where they dined upon bean and soup the plight of the migrant workers has never attracted much attention in the Honda legislature the agriculture committee members have been too Busy with the problems of the Large planters in Horne cases the members Are Large planters Pentagon Security the new Security sign on the door of the defense intelligence Agency s office at the Pentagon shows the Little rascals gang gathered around the clubhouse Able the Black and White caption cautions Pentagon employees any discussion of classified information at lunch and our Security officer will shoot a Hole through your Peanut butter Sandwich a precepts of Faith vital in leadership they said it Quot in a not wealthy in a a Little teeny fellow it anything in a custodian of these funds to do Good with of i just have that Dune to Call a funeral Home and Tell them to come and get me 1 11 be Happy Quot a Oil millionaire John i tar Lim ofter u inning a Texas tumult to Iii my his nuptial contract promising to put a Singer $5110,Dov to marry him. But lit ii. R Mcpherson loin prise editor emeritus Jimmy Carter s bid to men of Faith Quot to take a greater Public role it hts address to a Lav mens convention tile past weekend is Lur i her indication that religion is More evident in this year s presidential Campaign than at any tune since i Taal president Ford sounded a similar note at the Southern Baptist convention in Norfolk last week when he stressed that separation of Church and state should not dictate separation it Public and private morality it does t mean we ought to have different standards of ethics. Carter asset Ted without mentioning his presidential candidacy. Diere s no reason Why we should he less honest on monday morning than we Are on sunday a furthermore he said us Many christians Are afraid to show love and compassion because of fear they will apm a weak some people for one reason or another seem to be wondering if Carter s born again Quot evangelical Aith and its tendency to simplistic solutions might affect his conduct of govern ment should lie win election in november there were similar thoughts about John f Kennedy from those who feared his roman catholicism and allegiance to the Pope might influence him in governmental operations the tears about Kennedy proved unfounded just As it seems altogether Likely Carter would recognize the complexities of government and Deal personally with practicalities Ronald Reagan has joined the ser i non i St in Parade by telling about his Bible i Reading while Jerry Brown reminds in his talks that he is a Catholic sex seminarian the problem is that too Many politicians regard religion As a Way to Corral Voles their references to god and Faith and decency have become a part of senator soaper should a Job applicant be aggressive yes. Tell your Uncle if he does t give you the Job you la Tell your aunt parting is never such Sweet sorrow As when the owner Speaks so glowingly of the coach he is about to fire political jargon but the Nixon Trahant relationship with those White House worship services to carefully selected audience. Turned out to be More of a coverup it unethical practices than True religion Edgar r Trexler. Editor of the lutheran Magazine sums it up Well in an editorial suggesting that in the aftermath it Vietnam. Watergate. And the t i \ and i Hirn Vestiga ions. The Issue to which voters May Well attach the most significance is whether the next president reflects a Strong and True Strain of Ute Basic precepts of our major faiths that is Good for this country cannot afford any More moral mis Steps civitan International president elect Carlie sessions is coming Here As guest speaker for ladies night of High print Vitans in july Bob Amos or Joe Brown Bob Gruenberg and Arthur i lev or arc the newly elected directors of the executive club Frank j trip Sizemore in is cutting quite a Swath in Washington where his Law firm Howard and Sizemore specializing in environmental matters has won All its several cases against the environmental Protection Agency from which the firm s three attorneys resigned because of Epa s failure to take vigorous action against chemicals they contend feed cancer development trip was featured on National to when he appeared recently before the Kennedy committee in Pursuit of More vigorous Protection against cancer Ginny Martin grand daughter of or and mrs Goley Marlette did such a Job with the Bicentennial Issue of the Little Rock High school newspaper that while Only a Sophomore she a been named editor of that paper the Tiger she s aspiring to a journalistic career. Hie Gene Homes who recently observed their Golden wedding anniversary have a chunk of Concrete brought by architect Bob Conner from the 0 Henry hotel where they spent their wedding night after being knotted at the then american theater before a packed House there to View the movie Quot let s get the Walter f Hesters combined father s Day and their 50th wedding anniversary beautifully As their Lute set of seven children came Home from Distant areas of accomplishment to Honor them with one of the most remarkable of Bolden anniversary celebrations As one devoted Friend wrote them Quot you have achieved that rare combination of combining successful careers win in maintaining a High position of achievement in the social and religious life of your City and a above All a in keeping the proper perspective and relative importance of training each of your gilled children in the Way he should go this last mentioned was your greatest investment in life. And now you Are reaping the dividend of that investment in your grandchildren a and who could ask Tor More enjoyable returns Quot Hie remarkable record of those seven children gathered for the parents Golden wedding anniversary acclaim their Success a Walter f Hester Ora graduate with honors of West Point after la years in the u s air Force overseas resigned and went with Shell Oil company now located at Chicago As District manager for la states Robert b Hester graduated with honors from High Point High school in 1947 and from Wake Forest College in three years is now associated in the John Hopkins applied physics Laboratory at Silver Springs l Hester graduated from ephs in 1949 with honors served in the air Force As navigator and now operates his own International Trade operations firm at Alexandria a he was most helpful in a rang my the visit Here of the mayor of Guildford. England last month Joseph p Hester graduated from ephs with honors in i9fft and n. C. State in 1955 was for Many years with Union Carbide As sales manager at Houston. Texas until he decided to enter the ministry he is pastor of first Baptist chuch Al Thomasville and vice president of the North Carolina Baptist convention Margaret Susan Hester graduated with honors at ephs in 1958 and married George e wiggles Worth also a graduate of High Point College who is now in charge of lilt u s air Force base at Bercht Emgarten West Germany following two wars in Thailand with the air fort e command Rebecca Anne Hester graduated with honors at Hiis in 1954 and Wake Forest in 1958, is married to Frank b Wyatt local attorney who also is a graduate of Wake Forest she u past president of the High Point Junior league Ami her Hus bawl is a trustee of Wake Forest University and on the executive Board of the n c bar association James Scott Hester graduated i rom ephs in 1963 with honors who won his degree in architecture at the University of Michigan and won also a or no Tai ship at die University of Pennsylvania to receive his masters degree is now a member of the firm of Smith Hinchman and Grylls at Detroit Mich i hey live at Grosse Point farms with their two children a five of the letter to the editor Hester boys were Eagle scouts which won for their Mother second place As Mother of the year for holding the National record in Eagle St outs the Walter Hesters came to High Point in 1927 shortly alter their marriage at Asheville where her parents lived at the time she was a school teacher and he was associate editor and advertising manager of the Hendersonville news she is now retired Iron teaching in High Point High school mow Central i and Ferndale Junior High Over 17 years or Hester was advertising manager of the Enterprise for several years he set up and directed for four years radio station w me until it was sold. And then returned to advertising until his retirement in 1970 after 43 years with the paper those Hesters have written their name High in so Litany Fields that Hie whole Community takes Pride in their achievements judging miscreants to the editor much of the news today from Washington. Dc., has to do with cheating in some a Harmer while Many of our representatives Are considered Quot above reproach Quot it appears that some Are found to have Quot feet of this is distressing and it is feared that competent Young men and women May choose not to be connected with the government in any Way if this trend continues according to newscasters. Washington do our Capitol seems to be flooded with prostitutes always available when desired the trap to catch one senator was set up using policewomen who had their signs out As prostitutes i wonder How Many men you know who might have been caught in that net i when the woman was dragged before Jesus having been caught a in the act of adultery he saw the hearts of the men and the stones each had picked up on the Way a expecting to Stone her to death Jesus looked at each of the men then said let him who is without sin cast the first Stone a As he stooped Down and wrote on the ground he heard the stones dropping Fine by one a As each Man quickly hurried away. Jesus then asked the woman Quot where Are thine accusers doth no Man accuse you Quot she answered Quot none. Lord a Jesus replied Quot neither do i accuse you go and sin no Paul admonished his leaders in the churches he established that if a Quot brother in Christ Quot should stumble and fall the Brethren should help him and bring him Back i do not condone infidelity but the Devil and All his imps Are turned Loose in our world and most people today do not have the strength and stamina to withstand him has compassion gone out the window replaced with harmful criticism it is Well said that Seldom can a Man judge another without putting his thumb on the scale a mrs Pearl William son Astor dowdy towers

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