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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered Shower More data of Page 1a Ned year a no. 178 the High Point Enterprise Cau us orral Atomi mr-1719 clarified and my zi77 other dept ,., in Elf i High Point. N. C., thursday afternoon. June 24. 1976 .16 pages daily lie. Sunday 35e sends Bill to Congress president seeks restricted busing Washington apr president Ford sent Congress a proposal today to limit busing programs to five years and narrowing the cases in which courts could order busing to desegregate Public schools Quot i believe that busing As a remedy ought to be the last resort and that it ought to be limited in scope to correcting the effects of previous constitutional the president said in a message accompanying the proposed legislation White House officials said the measure stresses the difference Between segregation caused by acts of government officials and segregation caused by other reasons such As neighbourhood housing patterns. Ford said some Federal courts have gone too far in busing orders. His Bill would authorize judges to order busing Only to Correct segregation caused by official government actions such As actions by a school Board. It also would create an dependent National Community and education committee to help any school Community requesting civilian assistance in voluntarily resolving its school segregation problems the president said he personally believes every Community should effectively desegregate on a voluntary basis but he added Quot i recognize that some court action is inevitable Quot the goal of the judicial remedy in a school s�3@�ll desegregation Case ought to be to put the school system and its students where they would have been if the acts which violate the Constitution had never Ford said. Under guidelines in his Bill. Ford said. Courts would be required Quot to determine the extent to which acts of unlawful discrimination by governmental officials have caused a greater degree of racial concentration in a school or school system Titan would have existed in the absence of such acts he said the Bill would further require the courts to limit Relief to what is necessary to Correct the racial imbalance actually caused by those unlawful acts this would prohibit a court from ordering busing throughout an entire school system simply for the purpose of achieving racial balance the president said court strikes Down overtime provision Washington a. A a divided supreme court today struck Down a two year Federal Law extending overtime and other provisions of the pair labor standards Art to an estimated 3 4 million state and local government employees in a 5 to 4 decision the court Aid the Power of Congress to regulate interstate Commerce does not authorize it Quot to Force directly upon the states its choices As to How essential decisions regarding the conduct of integral governmental functions Are to be made Hie and states had argued that the act would Cost them 9275 5 million a year in overtime for police and firemen alone increased costs of All kinds for state and local government employees were estimated at More than 91 billion the government disputed the estimates saving Over All wage costs would be increased by less than two per cent i Sis and regulations extending the act to non supervisory state and local government employees those covered by today s ruling have been held in abeyance pending the court Challenge dissenting justices William j Brennanjr. Byron r White and Thurmond Marshall said their colleagues reason my was Quot a transparent Rover for invalidating a congressional judgement with which they disagree Quot Justice John Paul Stevens dissented in a separate opinion in the majority opinion by Justice William h. Rehnquist. The court also overruled its own 1968 decision upholding a 1966 Extension of the act to an estimated 2 9 million employees of state owned hospitals and non teaching employees of state owned schools in the 1968 ruling the court said the institutions were sufficiently engage cd in interstate Commerce to make them subject to tile Federal act Relinquist said there were undoubtedly factual distinctions Quot Between the school and Hospital employees and the no supervisory workers covered by the 1974 Extension but he said the court did not believe the reasoning of its 1968 decision May any longer be regarded As authoritative the fair i a Bor standards act prescribes minimum wages hours and other working conditions the present minimum wage is 92 30 an hour lost Stond too years ago Custer had bad press descendant feels for answer to question or help with a problem Call or while action line in care of the Enterprise user request is considered but please understand that the volume make la impossible to answer or earn acknowledge users one fishing near Boone j. An you Tell me la there is a Mountain Stream near he a on it to the mountains thai anyone can gel Access to where you can 11sh Lor Trout i am la years old and would also like to know ii i would hate to base a License thank Sou k w a you will need a North Ca Roll no fishing License plus a Trout permit unless you Are fishing with your father and he has these permits those under la can fish without a License As Long As a Parent who has the proper License is along there Are streams with Public Access in the Boone area several of them according to Benny fillips he says it would be Best Tor Voulo ask permission in thai area marriage counselling u is there any place in High Point where there is no Lee charged or ii there is a Lee a minimum one. Lur some Type of counselling if you need help in trying to get things straightened out. Like you Are considering a divorce and you Don t know what Steps to take and you Are not quite ready logo through with ii because of financial difficulty and things like that. You really need somebody to talk to about it. Is there any place in High Point you could be referred to thank you. I. A who could help you the most depends on what kind of help you re looking for if your mind is made up and you Are seeking fair i inane Tai treatment in a divorce a Good lawyer in Domestic cases is your Best source of you still Hope to save the marriage you and your husband can get counselling at the family service Bureau <863-1706 where fees Are based pm a sliding scale according to income there is also a marital health clinic connected with the Bowman Gray school of Medicine the number is 727 4281 you can gel other names through your minister physician or the yellow pages feel tree to ask about charges As Well As the Counselor s training experience and methods it is important that the couple go together Tor marital counselling otherwise it s As useless As trying to Span a chasm with half a Bridge both must feel comfortable with a therapist As a Good Counselor is Neutral. He or she is not a judge to determine who is the Quot Good spouse and who is the Quot bad Quot one. But tries to give both a new perspective so they can live together with More Harmony or part As amicably As possible a Choice the couple must make. In Quot the mirages of marriage Quot by William Lederer and or Don Jackson the authors give an analysis of marriage Why it frequently fails and what the partners can do about it you would find the final chapters on How to choose a professional therapist and what to expect from counselling very helpful. With the state of marriage a calamity in America the authors suggest it might not be a bad idea to have a Quot save our marriage society Quot to provide group therapy to couples with sick marriages just As alcoholics and gamblers Are helped by a and gamblers Anonymous to Cope with their problems. Re action i am responding to the recent Calls about soliciting by Telephone. I manage a business that uses Telephone soliciting and to do that we use a numerical listing of Telephone numbers instead of the directory. The majority of the people we Call Purchase our special or have one and wish to be called later but those who do not wish to be called can just Call the company and ask that their name be taken off. Thank you. Brenda Weir ban Mills studio. New Orleans a you be seen the face in history books a Cleft Chin droopy moustache High forehead and shoulder length hair know the name and the resemblance is Clear Robert Lee Custer descendent of George Armstrong Custer the Man who lost hts life and Bis reputation at the Little Bighorn Friday is the 100th anniversary of Custer s last stand on the ridges of Montana he death ended the immediate family line but k l Custer first Cousin four generations removed says be ii be at the Battle site to Mark the anniversary Quot i think it s appropriate that i be there Quot he said Quot i Don t like everything he did but it s no insult to be a Custer Quot Custer. 21 admits it has i always been easy being related to an Indian lighter but it has been interesting my Liberal friends often lose their composure when they find out he said. A but i Don i he says he has come to View the Battle of Little Bighorn As an Early lesson in american vulnerability which must be looked at in the context of the times Quot i really believe he died Tor our sins a Custer says he triad to carry out the sentence passed by White America on the indians the Robert Lee Custer George Armstrong Custer settlers wanted to expand and Custer was the Best Man to move Ute indians out but he did t hate his enemy Quot historian Stephen e Ambrose a professor at the University of new Orleans where Custer is a student supports that theory in a recent Book he says it was overwhelming ambition that got the Best of Custer not a desire to wipe out the Indian race As others have said the Blond general s biggest mistake at Little Bighorn Ambrose writes May have been pushing his men too hard he speculates that could have been because Custer wanted a Quick Victory to influence an upcoming democratic convention to nominate him for president a i can believe that theory a he Custer save he was always dabbling in politics he was ambitious and egotistical enough to want the Job Custer made his profession into something of pure exhilaration which not Many men can do but he was thrown against the indians in the name of Progress and he blew it they say he laughed just before he died i believe that of d played the game and lost a and he knew it Quot but he says even in death George Armstrong Custer and his famed Luck May have had the last laugh a at the expense of a then fledgling new York life insurance co it seems a new York Lile agent based in St Paul. Minn., had insured Custer and six of his 7th cavalry officers for 940 000 shortly before they a and about 190 companions a died to or 72 on Carter veep list Washington api Jimmy Carter told democratic congressmen to Day he would be aggressive and very determined As president but added that he would try to cooperate with Congress As much As possible Carter made the statements in a meeting with House democrats after a private session with House speaker Carl Albert. Majority Leader Thomas p o Neill and other member of the democratic steering and policy committee the meetings came one Day after Carter told reporters his vice presided a Choice is Likely to have a Washington background and could be woman or a Black but the former Georgia governor Wasny to ready to name names he told the reporters he has not yet whittled Down a list of to or 12 persons he said he is considering As his running mate . Advisers leaving nationalist China islands Washington a the last military advisers on Quemoy and Matsu the two nationalist chinese islands near Mainland China Are being removed a state department official says the official said the step was part of a general reduction of military personnel overseas he also said it was tied to the Shanghai communique issued at the end of president Richard m Nixon s 1972 visit to Mainland China that Mutual declaration included a statement that the United states would Cut its military activity in the far East As part of the Effort to improve relations with the Mainland the decision to remove the last military advisers could add fuel to Ronald Reagan s claim that the Ford administration is giving up Taiwan for improved relations with peking there Are a total of five or six american advisers on the islands according to . Officials the two islands lie about 20 Miles from the Mainland and approximately too Miles from Taiwan since 1949 when the chinese communists won the civil War and the losing forces of Chang Kai Shek fled to Taiwan and Quemoy and Matsu the two heavily fortified islands have been a Symbol of nationalist chinese resistance to the Mainland the official who asked that his name not be used said the removal of the advisers was in the works As part of a Quot worldwide routine reduction in military activity he did not specify any timetable the official noted that the 1972 Shanghai communique dealt with the eventual decrease of military activity in tie far fast he said the Force on Taiwan had been reduced from 10,000 in 19?2 to about 2.000 troops now there a ranking House member reported a month ago that he was told Quot there is a movement afoot Quot in the state department to end . Relations with Taiwan after the november election and establish full diplomatic relations with peking. Hep Clement j Zablock Oisin line to become chairman of the House International relations committee next year said he Learned of the move from taiwanese diplomats the state department sidestepped the Issue at the time and said Only that president Ford has reaffirmed determination to normalize relations with peking the . Position has been that any attack against the two islands would be viewed As an attack on Taiwan itself. Carter is expected to win first ballot nomination As the democratic presidential candidate when the party convenes its National convention in new York next month he commented in a Brief news conference wednesday night after flying from new York where he delivered a foreign policy speech and took part in five fund raising events to help cover Campaign debts the Republican presidential Battle resumes today when president Ford and Ronald Reagan step up their Delegate Hunt top delegates will be selected at four state conventions this coming weekend Carter planned separate meetings today with House and Senate democrats. House speaker Carl Albert and majority Leader Thomas o Neill. Sens Hubert Byrd of West Virginia Edmund Muskie of Maine and Henry Jackson of Washington he also was to meet with democratic party chairman Robert Strauss Carter also said he has decided to decline president Fords offer of an Fri background Check of prospective running mates Quot the More i think about it the More i think it would be inappropriate Quot said Carter. Jimmy Arter Carter leads Ford Reagan by Louis Harris with hts first ballot nomination now assured former Cie Orgia gov Jimmy Carter a moved out to a sweeping 53-4� per cent Lead Over president Ford and a much wider 56-si per cent margin Over former Calif gov Ronald Reagan according to the latest hams Survey held in mid june the base of Carter s strength is his apparent ability to carry his Home area of the South he Lead Gerald Ford in the Border slates by 68-29 per cent and in the deep South by 57-38 per cent he is ahead it Ronald Reagan in the Region by almost the same margin 68 28 per cent in the Border states and 55-37 per cent in the deep South he is the first Democrat in 12 years to demonstrate a capacity to w in a solid South the reason for Carter s current wide Lead in this 1 latest poll of i 480 registered and Likely voters is that traditional democratic groups have rallied behind his candidacy now that the primary season is Over a among labor Union members. Carter leads the president by 6133 per cent and Reagan by 64 30 per cent a among Blacks he holds a 71-17 per cent Edge Over or Ford and a 75-11 or cent spread Over the former California governor among people who View themselves As liberals. Carter is ahead against president Ford by 6727 per cent and against Ronald Reagan by 76-18 per cent a among catholics he runs Well ahead of the president by 53 40 per cent and he beats Reagan by a More sizable 58-36 per cent among jewish voters a problem for Hun in the primaries. Carter leads president Ford by 61-26 per cent and Reagan by 70-18 per cent a among democrats Carter s massive 72 21 per cent Lead Over Gerald Ford and his 73-20 per cent Edge Over Ronald Reagan Are impressive by the standards of the last two presidential elections when the Republican candidate was Able to Garner Between 31 to 40 per cent of the democratic vote significantly. Carter wins the vote of those who cast their ballots for George Mcgovern four years ago by 73-19 per cent against president Ford and by a higher 80 12 per cent against former governor Reagan apart from the traditional democratic groups who appear to be coming Back to the fold under Carter s Banner there Are two other groups with whom he makes a particularly impressive showing a among Young people under 30. Who have not notably it Carter on 7a what s inside i amusements. 6-7c Bridge. 3d classified ads .3-9d comics. .8c crossword .3d editorials. La financial. 2a obituaries 2d sports. Television 2d women s news 1-5b weather. 3a

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