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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm More data on Page 3a 92nd year a no. 177 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm71i classified ads ms-2177 other depth. 885-2161 High Point n. C., Friday afternoon june 25, 1976 24 pages daily Iso sunday 35c Whites protected in jobs court Rule private schools must admit Black pupils Washington apr the supreme court ruled today that private schools May not refuse Black children because of their race and said Whites As Well As Blacks Are protected under the Law against discrimination in private employment the court made the rulings in separate opinions it was split 7 to 2 in deciding the private schools Case. It ruled unanimously but for two partial dissents in the employment Case involving so called reverse discrimination in its opinion on private schools by Justice Potter Stewart the court said such racial exclusionary policies Are a a classic violation Quot of Federal civil rights Law the court also rejected the argument that the application of civil rights Law to school admissions is an unconstitutional invasion of the privacy of families. In the private employment ruling the court said the 1964 civil rights act is Quot not limited to discrimination against members of any particular the court said the act Quot prohibits racial discrimination against the White petitioners in this Case upon the same standards As would be applicable were they justices Byron r White and William h. Rehn quist dissented in the private schools opinion saying that the decision was a Quot political task which the court should not undertake the Case involved Fairfa Brewster school in Bailey s Crossroads a and bobbed a private school in Arlington va., both in the Washington suburbs. Fairfax Brewster was established in 1954. The year the supreme court outlawed official segregation of Public schools. Bobbed a was established four years later the Justice department filed a Brief in the Case supporting the proposition that racial discrimination by private schools should be outlawed. President Ford however said recently that while he personally disapproves of the practice. He believed private schools have a right to reject students because of their race. Today s decision upheld a 4 to 3 ruling by the . Circuit court in Richmond va., that the schools had discriminated illegally on the basis of race. The Case revolved around an act passed after the civil War guaranteeing All persons the right to Quot make and enforce contracts a among other things on an equal basis. Bobbe s school and Fairfa Brewster argued that sending a child to school is not the kind of contract which the act was intended to cover the court however said the Law was just As applicable to the school situation As to real estate transactions which it ruled in 1968 were covered by the Post civil War Law chief Justice Warren e. Burger and justices William j Brennanjr Thurgood Marshall. Harry a. Blackmun Lewis of Powell or and John Paul Stevens joined Stewart in the majority opinion. The dissenters said the 1866 act was not designed to cover private contracts such As those made Between parents and private schools. The Case stemmed from suits filed by or and mrs Raymond Gonzales and mrs Curtis l Mccrary. Carter collects enough delegates for nomination Washington apr Jimmy Carter has now collected enough committed convention delegates to give him the democratic presidential nomination an associated press Survey shows Carter who never trailed any other contender in his bid for the necessary 1.505 delegates pushed Over the majority Barrier thursday exactly four months after he won the opening primary in new Hampshire with the convention still 17 Days away. Carter s sub for to Kern to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered hut please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge Eten one. Car counting a some Boss were sitting oui on the Corner of Sherman Road and West Green drive counting the cars May 201. Could you put in action line about How Many come Down West Green drive thank you. Anon. Woman a the personnel count 12 hours per Day <6 a m to 6 . I on that Day during that period 8.092 vehicles were counted food Stamps q would you please put in action line How much Money Sou can have in the Bank and receive food Stamps what does your monthly income have to be. No Money in Bank to receive loud Stamps please explain Why you can receive food Stamps and spend Down on medical Stamps and receive a monthly income of $238. Thank you. Mrs. . A run Money at the in Eparaim it of social services says in answer to question one it depends on How Many household Ria Libers there Are a one rember household can Only have $1,500 Iron All resources including savings for households with two or More members when at least one such member is go years old or older the resource limit is $3 too households with More than $3,000 in resources will be denied what the monthly income has to be can to be answered without knowing the number in the household and the deductions to be made from monthly income there is a formula to determine the net adjusted income based on certain deductions and exemptions he suggests you Contact the department for a personal explanation wheelchair available q. Is there any place in High Point where you can borrow a wheelchair or any equipment for anyone who needs ii and is not Able to walk i would like to know As soon As possible. Mrs. O m. A the High Point Council of jewish women Loans some equipment like this and a wheelchair is available now if you will Call 885 4697 before sunday you could get it right away otherwise you d have to Wail until after july 8 As the women in charge of the equipment will be out of town until then another group that Loans convalescent equipment is the High Point Exchange club City Transfer amp storage stores it for them and said right now no wheelchair is available. Glovinia Flower q. I got a Glovinia Flower while i was in the Hospital and i would like to know How to take care of it and when to transplant it. . A an article on their care says to give them a Short rest after they Bloom starting in september or october before storing for the rest period report after the Plant Dies Down a Good potting mixture is one third each of Sand peat Moss and Garden Loam. They like a Rich fibrous soil you can also Start new plants from Leaf cuttings in the Spring or summer while the Plant is Blooming rooting them in Sand or peat or vermiculite. Potted tubers should be kept in the basement or a dark closet until new growth starts keeping them Only slightly moist. At the sign of new growth move the plants to warmth and Sunshine during tile Winter give them As much Light As possible a an Eastern or Southern exposure. In summer give them some Shade water them until it runs from the Bottom of the pot then not again until the surface shows signs of drying. Total edged up to 1.510. The a Delegate Survey found the Survey counts Only delegates who Are legally committed or who have publicly declared their preference for one candidate it does not include any Delegate who is leaning toward a candidate nor does it count Delegate votes simply on the statement of a party Leader Carters nomination became virtually certain when the primaries ended june 8 and his Victory in the Ohio primary boosted his Delegate total to 1.125 democratic leaders and former opponents rushed to endorse him George Wallace endorsed Carter june 9, and Many of Wallace s delegates followed the Alabama governors Lead providing nearly a third of the 380 votes Carter needed to go Over the majority Mark another third came from the ranks of the uncommitted delegates the 380 delegates were scattered All Over the country. Carter also picked up some support from those who backed rep Morris Udall and Sens. Henry Jackson and Frank Church. Carter who met thursday with democratic congressional leaders in Washington said he welcomed be carte on 7 a Carter faces newsmen in Washington map soviet bloc countries Independent Kissinger London apr a Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger served notice today on the soviet Union that the United states intends to Deal with the nations of Eastern Europe on an Independent basis we recognize no spheres of influence and no pretensions to Kissinger said in a major foreign policy address he also acknowledged that european Unity cannot be built Quot to an american prescription and said american leaders have a special responsibility to Quot overcome the traumas of the recent period Quot Kissinger s assertion of a renewed commitment to the Independence of soviet bloc countries and Yugoslavia countered allegations that the United states yielded to Moscow by signing the Helsinki agreement last year Quot there should be no room for misconceptions about . Kissinger said Quot we Are determined to Deal with Eastern Europe on the basis of the sovereignty and Independence of each of its countries a a a controversy arose after one of Kissinger s chief advisers said it was in american interests to encourage Eastern Europe to develop a More natural and organic relationship with the soviet Union Helmut a Sonnenfeldt a remarks last december Belore i s ambassadors to Europe were revealed earlier this year in a leaked summary he later affirmed support to Eastern Europe s Independence but noted Quot the soviet Union is a great Power nearby and that cannot be Kissinger s speech was prepared As a tribute to Alastair Buchan the late founder of the International Institute Lor strategic studies lawyer ads legalizing is sought Washington ap1 a the government filed an antitrust suit against the american bar association today asking that its restrictions against Public advertising by lawyers be declared illegal the Justice department said Aba advertising prohibitions restrain Price Competition among lawyers and deprive persons needing Legal services the Opportunity to obtain information about the costs and availability of Legal services. The suit filed in District court also said the Aba restrictions have restrained lawyers from making Legal services readily available such As through the development and advertising of Legal clinics and prepaid Tea Ai plans. The Aba. With Headquarters in Chicago. Is the country a largest professional association of lawyers with a membership of about 200.000 delegates to its february convention in Philadelphia voted to permit limited advertising of fees and specialists by lawyers in Aba directories or Aba Telephone books but not in consumer publications the policy subject to approval by state bar associations allows lawyers to include some information such As their specialities in the yellow pages of Telephone books Consumers Union said after the Philadelphia convention it would continue with a lawsuit it has filed against bar officials in Virginia for the right to obtain fee information from lawyers and publish it in a directory for Consumers. Similar suits Are pending in California. Wisconsin. New York and Hawaii photos reveal puzzling Martian landscape Pasadena Calif. Al a far from solving Martian mysteries fresh photos from Viking i Are instead challenging scientists to explain a landscape that grows More puzzling Day by Day on one count however pictures received at Jet propulsion Laboratory Early thursday were reassuring they seemed to show there will be enough Hazard free terrain for a Safe Landing july 4 Quot there is an enormous variety of terrain some looks catastrophic but some looks just Fine a said or Harold Masursky. Landing site team Leader another scientist de Scab l and i Quot my to file Oil the newest pictures taken by the orbiting Viking spacecraft As comforting Quot and expressed increasing optimism that the Landing site chosen Long before the Mission started would prove feasible the photos the second Batch received since photography from orbit spa Coati i a Jaimot Peri Iso kilo Toni too too Ltd a deploy fair Skult 6.400 a tit i too Levi i by me ignition Mot of t 4 too Lee i Anding began on tuesday again showed channels and numerous other features carved on the surface by natural forces a peppering of Large and Small craters was seen again some of them now being viewed As the Mouths of Young volcanoes some cratered areas Are much like regions at the Moon it was reported the photos also showed several thin. Bright lines which scientists were at a loss to explain Quot we Don t have the vaguest clue of what this feature is Quot said Masursky As he pointed out one of the lines that led to the base of a volcanic Crater continued on the other Side and went on to touch two Distant craters. Because of so much past speculation about intelligent life on Mars. Masursky in jest referred to the feature As a Road and even got a Small Rise out of a colleague a or b Gentry Lee a by calling it a a Gentry a freeway it was a joke precisely because the idea of artificial structures on Mars was discarded Long ago the Landing area called in Hryse lies on a Low Plain etched by a number of winding channels the area is thought to have been shaped by water in the Distant past but Masursky and other scientists Are i see photos on 2a a wire photo what s inside Amusementsio-11a Bridge Iga classified ads .6-1 in crossword 12a editorials4a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-58 television .2b women a news6-8a weather.3a Mars Crater from 1,165 Miles out it is near spacecrafts potential Landing site a Vwe Floto

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