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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 21, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather More data on Page 3a a a year a no. 171 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm7ii High Point n. A. Friday afternoon june 21. 1974 36 pages nazi fied Ada ms-2177 other let eau. Ms-2111 daily Ioc sunday 25c Nixon not indictable Brief claims Washington it apr president Nixon s lawyers told the supreme c ourt today a u a president a is not subject to the criminal process whether that process is invoked directly or indirectly a a but special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski responded that the framers of the Constitution Quot were very careful to provide for a presidency with defined and limited constitutional Powers and not the prerogatives and immunities of a Sovereign a the statements were in briefs filed with the court in connection with arguments scheduled for july on the president s claim of executive privilege to withhold White House tapes and documents which Are wanted for the watergate coverup trial in a in Page Legal Brief the White House argued that the High court should overturn a us District court ruling which would require the president to turn Over tape recordings of 64 conversations the watergate special prosecutor says this material is essential for the trial in the watergate cover up Case. Oral arguments in the evidence dispute Are scheduled in the supreme court for july 8 in a rare and histone summer session. White House watergate lawyer James d. Is. Clair said that few cases in the nation s history Quot have Cut so close to the heart of the Basic constitutional system in which our liberties Are rooted. At its Core this is a Case that turns on these Para lion of Powers a fall other considerations Are secondary because preserving the integrity of the separation of Powers is vital to the preservation of our Constitution As a living body of fundamental Law St Clair contended Jaworski argued that 4 under our Constitution the people Are Sovereign and the president though chief executive and chief of state remains subject to the Law a although there have been a few notorious instances in our history in which presidents have refused to t a Nixon on 2a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one seek professional help q. I have found out in Mother has been having an affair with a older married Man with a lot of children. She has made me so ashamed Hurt and disgusted i Don t think i can Ever Trust a girl to marry now. There is no reason for her to treat my father and me like this. She has even taken gifts from him which makes it like being paid for her time. Should i go to her and Tell her i know or should i Tell my father i have thought of going to the Man. Or even going to his wife and asking her to talk to him. She is a Fine person. How can two people pretend to be Christian and be so deceitful my whole life is changed. Please answer right away before they Are seen by someone else. Thank you. Anonymous. A w e can to Tell you what to do or predict what would do the most Good or harm i. A Counselor might help you consider the alternatives but the decision should be yours after careful thought on what it is you Hope to accomplish and what the consequences might be if you did speak to any or All of the parties something you can Only guess at. Mulling Over the futility of giving advice we asked our minister if he Ever knew whether anybody Ever followed advice he gave he replied that usually happened Only when the person indicated what he planned to do before his advice was asked and he would Tell them to go ahead and do it. Getting approval of what we re planning to do sometimes takes the relish out of doing it and gives us second thoughts. But when we re told a Don t do it a that is just Likely to goad or entice us into doing it. We Are perverse creatures the whole Bunch of us. You could talk these matters Over with Tom Watson of youth unlimited or if you want to keep it All in the family it would seem that going to your Mother in private is preferable to telling the others. Kissin cousins q i would like this information As quickly As possible. In North Carolina is it Legal for first cousins to marry and both have the same name the last name anon. A North Carolina Law allows first cousins to marry provided they Arentt double first cousins of two Brothers marry two Sisters in another family their children Are double first cousins. Oldie goodies q. I would like to know who i could get in touch with to order and buy old Marx Brothers movies s h. A the High Point Public Library has a Catalon also Linc race plan gets hew Okay Chapel Hill map a the University of North Carolina system was notified today that its desegregation plan for state supported universities and communities colleges has been approved by the department of health. Education and welfare William c. Friday president of the University system said he was notified at the approval today by the office of civil rights. The approval frees the University system of a threatened cutoff of Federal funding a your responsibility now is to begin a careful implementation of the schedule of commitments we have made Ami we intend to do so Friday said North Carolina was one of 17 Southern and Border states involved in a u. S. District court order last year that directed the Nixon administration to enforce desegregation guidelines North Carolina s plan is designed to equalize funding for the 16 institutions in the state University system and to move toward a More equitable racial enrolment and faculty makeup at each institution under the plan Black enrolment at the la predominantly White schools would increase from 3 7 per cent now to 5.1 per cent by 1877. During the same period White enrolment at the predominantly Black schools would go from 5 9 per cent to 11.1 per cent inflation rate rises once More Washington it apr the annual rate of inflation in consumer prices returned to double digit Levels in May following the april slowdown. The labor department reported today consumer prices in May were 10 7 per cent above a year earlier and. If the May inflation rate continued for the next 12 months would be More than 13 2 per cent higher than now at the end of the next 12 months the department said the May increase in the consumer Price Index was la per cent. This compared with a six tenths of one per cent increase in april. The Nixon administration Hopes to bring inflation Down to a seven per cent annual rate by year s end there were sharply higher prices last month for a wide Range of goods and services including food health services clothing and used cars. Sex aide gets one year followed Nixon s orders Colson Washington a former White House aide Charles w Colson sentenced today to one to three years in prison said he sought to damage the reputation of Pentagon papers figure Daniel Ellsberg at president Nixon a request Colson once one of president Nixon a highest ranking advisers was sentenced for obstructing Justice by attempting to influence the outcome of Ellsberg s trial on charges stemming from publication of the Pentagon papers in 1871. In addition to the prison sentence he was fined 15.000 by u. S. District judge Gerhard , maximum penalty on the charge would have been five cars in prison and a 55.000 Fine a a the president on numerous occasions urged me to disseminate damaging information about Daniel Ellsberg. Including information about Ellsberg s attorney and others with whom Ellsberg had been in Colson said a i Don t mean to shift the responsibility to the president Quot Colson said in a statement before his sentencing Quot i believed what i was doing was right and the president believed he was acting in the National interest a a a i had one Rule to do what the president wanted done Colson said he said he never thought that anything he might do would violate anyone s constitutional rights a in fairness to the president a Colson added Quot it should be realized the government at that time was in the most sensitive negotiation. Maintaining secrecy of these negotiations was absolutely vital Quot District judge Gerhard a Gesell also imposed a is too Fine maximum penalty on the charge would have been five years in prison and a 55.000 Fine Quot for 3 t years i worked Day and night i believed i was making a great personal sacrifice for my country Colson said before sentencing he said he had been an arrogant self assured Man in the ruthless exercise Ai Power a Colson said he now knows How easy it is even for a Strong Man Quot to lose perspex live under pressure a a this experience has brought a Complete reexamination of myself and i will spend the rest of my life regretting what i have Dune he said after Colson s 12-minute statement to the judge his lawyer spent a full half hour asking that Colson be placed in probation rather than be sent to prison attorney David i Shapiro told Gesell that Colson should not be sent to prison because of Public expectations Farmer Clay Allen gives tire on russian tractor the kick test a a i in former anticommunism hotbeds russian tractors breaking into Rural . Markets Poplarville miss. Apr tractors made in ked Russia Are up for Sale in places where most Farmers equate communism with the Devil a but the hangups have been fewer than expected a i thought there might be a backlash but so far we Haven to heard the first said t j Mcbride a Bessemer. Al tractor dealer. Mcbride a showroom in Bessemer near Birmingham. Recently added Belarus tractors made in Minsk and shipped from Leningrad to new Orleans. The first Load hit port last month he was Here to attend an Allday russian tractor demonstration it was held of All places. On a Tarn once owned by the late sen Theodore Bilbo a a fiery racist who never had much use tor communists. Either. Amid building slump House overwhelmingly passes housing Bill Washington Apas the nation experiences its worst housing slump in decades the House has overwhelmingly passed an $11.3 billion housing and Community development Bill. Thursdays 351-25 vote the largest for any housing Bill in recent history showed a near unanimous desire to funnel new monies into hard strapped cities and to get housing programs for the poor moving again. Magazines such As Quot photo dealer list companies which sell ver to Obs Khz a or distribute Home movies. Fried to q. Is it dangerous to watch television when it is thundering and lightning miss . A. Lightning can damage a set even when it s turned off and even though it s grounded. A to Serviceman said it is better to unplug the set from the Wall receptacle during a severe storm. He said they had just repaired a set at a Home where the residents had been away when lightning struck the Antenna cracking the Rotor Box melting wires and tearing things up House speaker Carl inside the set. If it had been unplugged the set might have Albert after the vote. A i escaped damage and if it had been turned on no telling what think its As Good As we could fireworks could have resulted from the Bolt. Get through that would be construction programs the Nixon administration froze 18 months ago and would Transfer the emphasis to leased housing for the poor other sections in it were designed to stimulate the Home financing Industry and thus help the Over All housing Industry. A it s a Good modest Bill signed. In a series of Surprise votes on amendments offered by republicans the House attached two significant amendments to help the elderly and order the government to Start spinning off its huge backlog of repossessed houses for a Urban homesteaders for rehabilitation. One amendment by rep. Robert h. Steele a con would revive a popular direct loan program for construction of housing for the elderly. The Nixon administration stopped the program in 1969 Steele said the $1.5 billion revolving loan fund would provide for construction of 72,000 units specially designed for needs of the elderly. When previously operated the Loans were offered to builders at 3 per cent interest. The Steele amendment Calls for the interest to be adjusted to whatever the actual Cost of the Money to the government which is at least double that another amendment easily approved offered by rep. William m Ketchum. A Calil would give the elderly a rent break by allowing them to deduct future increases in social Security payments from the Gross income. The Bill had provided for a minimum rent of to per cent of the Gross income of elderly tenants in leased housing programs the homesteading amendment by rep. Marjorie Holt r-md., was similar to one that rep. Henry b Gonzalez d-tex., had tried unsuccessfully to attach on the Bill in committee it requires the housing and Urban development department to resell repossessed Homes for a Token fee to Urban homesteaders. A it probably gave him a spin. Said Mel Bailey of new Orleans National sales manager or Satra Belarus. Inc., importer of the tractors in a push to win a in s foothold tor russian made tractors Bailey has thus tar signed on dealerships at Bessemer Picayune miss. Bowling Green by. And Poplarville. Nine ire red tractors trucked in by Bailey and hitched to discs and harrows and cultivators and mowers were put through their Dusty paces during the demonstration the Day Man Bright and hot a trickle of Farmers came watched inspected parked tractors and stood in the Shade of Cluster of Oaks tor a Sott drink and a soft sell before moving on a they re built rugged said Clay Allen who has a 320-ac re farm near Here Quot an american tractor like this one would Cost you about $7,000 their Price is $5,600 Charles Colson he said sending Colson to prison would be. In my View a most popular decision it would also be a terribly shortsighted one. The judge interrupted him saying a you re Barking up the wrong three. You Are beating a dead horse a a Gesell said Public opinion would not Sway him one Way or the other As he sentenced the defendant. Gesell said Quot the court does recognize that a four woo 2 a the Holt amendment would require the homesteaders to occupy the single dwelling houses for a minimum of five years and to bring them up to building code standards. Rep Barren j. Mitchell. D-md., said homesteading has brought a racial my for the amet jowl Ractor Vou on or i i Baltimore s a , Waltg list. I blighted areas. Bought one last Vear Quot the build of the Bill s was Art a tractor Money about w3 a Ilion. Will go to big cities Urban who has counties and Rural areas tor Belarus models and Community development vowed 0 buy red has a a Etui tilt a i argument a i simple what s inside 1 ust How much German or japanese stuff he amusements6-7c owned a a said Stewart. Quot then Bridge a Atter a while he remembered classified ads2-1ud that we fought Germany and comics 8b Japan in world War la but crossword 7c the russians were our editorials4a allies financial2a Stewart added russian obituaries1ub, 2d tractors to his line because sports1-4c he can to operate without television 5c tractors to sell. He also women a news1-4b offers japanese and British weather.3a makes we #. Vit f ill Vit a it my Korfi los Angeles jittery police Flash guns los Angeles map driving Down us 101 South of Santa Barbara. Linda la sett her husband Don and a female Friend were trying to figure out Why a Highway patrol car had tailed them for 20 Miles suddenly another patrol car appeared behind them and then a sheriff s car shot off a ramp followed by another patrol car mrs. It sell remarked a boy they re really after she was right officers thought the Lipsetts and their Friend were Patricia it Arst and her two sym ionese liberation army captors tuned comrades moments later terrified and bewildered the three were lying face Down on the pavement seven officers holding pistols and rifles on them mrs. Lipsett said they pleaded with the officers to explain what was happening but were told. Be quiet the explanation came minutes later. A we thought you might have been Patty Hearst and Emily and William Harris Quot an officer said their identities established the Lipsetts and their Friend. Katie Howland stood up and brushed off their clothes. Quot we were absolutely panicked mrs Lipsett said. A we thought they were going to shoot us other californians have had similar experiences during the police search for the harrises and miss Hearst the newspaper heiress who was kidnapped feb 4 and is now sought As an Sla terrorist. The Fri says it has no clues to the Trio s present whereabouts. The last confirmed sighting was at an Inglewood Cali sporting goods store on May 16, the Day before six other Sla members died in a fiery shootout with authorities in los Angeles. Police say they done to know How Many people they have slopped since. Some persons Are merely questioned briefly and released others Are held at gunpoint until police establish their identities. Steve Thorp. 25, who owns a Van and lives in los Angeles Topanga Canyon said he was stopped twice and the second time police a store apart the Van looking for evidence a Pasadena Star news reporter was stopped by officers from three squad cars and four motorcycles after he and his wife while in a Coffee shop showed interest in a newspaper headline about the three fugitives. Whether a police officer draws a weapon on a Patricia Hearst look a like a depends How strongly he feels she looks like Patty a said a los Angeles police spokesman la. Dan Cooke a once it s been established they re not who we re looking for we try to explain the necessity for the guns. Some understand. Others Are out so a los Angeles on 2 a 4 .4

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