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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy. Warm Mora data of Page a mph year a no. Iti the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation #2 1 to High Point n. Cd a thursday afternoon june 20, 1�74 44 pages classified ads #5 2177 other or pit. Ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday tic refugee Camps hit 40 reported dead in israeli raids by the associated press israeli planes bombed and rocketed five palestinian refugee Camps in South Lebanon today the lebanese defense ministry said. Unofficial reports said at least 40 persons were killed or wounded the lebanese government issued radio appeals for urgent blood donations of All types. It was the third Day of israeli air attacks in delayed retaliation for the palestinian guerrilla raid a week ago on the Shamir Kibbutz in which three women were killed. The retaliatory raids had been delayed until president Nixon left the Middle East. The israeli command claimed that the targets hit today Quot were definitely identified As military in stallions of the terrorist organization. But associated press reporter Nabih Basho reported from Sidon the ancient Mediterranean port 25 Miles South of Beirut that the israeli bombs and rockets hit one refugee Camp in Sidon Ara three in the biblical town of Tyre. 50 Miles South of the lebanese capital. The Camps have a total population of 44,000 refugees registered with the United nations Relief and works Agency Large Cloud ruins eclipse Perth. Australia i apr a Large Cloud ruined almost a year s work few solar scientists near Here today when it completely obscured the Sun during a total eclipse for the past to months members of the Commonwealth scientific and Industrial research organization had been preparing their instruments for the event at coastal Walpole 286 Miles Southeast of Perth minutes before the eclipse became total the Cloud moved across the Sun. Leaving the scientists despondent despite magnificent Golden Sunset effects lighting the Southern sky. Three Miles away a big Hill was bathed in sunlight reporting by Telephone from Sidon. Lebanon s third largest City Basho said the israeli planes came Over in pairs at 11 30 am to attack the Fin Al Hilweh Camp on the Southern Edge of the City. Telephone reports from Tyre said the town s three Camps were on fire he said during another Call 45 minutes later. Basho suddenly shouted. My god. This place is shaking. They re Back again. Hang up. I have to take shelter ten minutes later he reported the Sidon Camp had been hit again local authorities in Sidon reported at least persons were killed or wounded in the first attack on Ein Al Hilweh. And Sidon hospitals reported at least 15 More in the second strike. Lebanese antiaircraft guns in both Sidon and Tyre opened up on the raiders and there was antiaircraft fire from the Sidon refugee Camp also. But an israeli communique said All planes returned safety Farmers hold Back wheat crop for Aas Wert to questions or help with a problem rail or write action line la rare of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please under fund hut the volume mikes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Picks of the pollsters q. How do they go about getting the Public opinion poll mrs g. A. An article entitled Quot How surveys Are made Quot reprinted in the Book Quot voice of the people Quot explains the Complex procedure. The planners must first define the question the Survey is to answer and determine exactly the group to he covered. If it is important to measure trends in opinion a selected group May be interviewed several times at intervals. If the opinions of the american people on an Issue Are sought the group to be studied called the Quot universe Quot May be the entire adult population it is obviously impossible to Contact them All so a Sample is selected that would represent All people in it the smallest Sample possible that will give result of acceptable accuracy. The most reliable Way to choose individuals is to use some random method of selection an automatic method which gives each individual an equal or at least known Chance of being in the Sample. With a Survey based on a random method the probable size of sampling error can be computed mathematically. To reduce the number of communities and travel time first a Sample of counties is selected then a Sample of people within them. This is done by Quot stratifying Quot a arranging All counties in the country according to some characteristic such As percentage of Black population economic level Etc dividing these ordered counties into strata High medium Low and selecting Sample counties at random within each stratum. Then they make sure a proper proportion of each stratum will come into the Sample. The questionnaire is Given careful thought and May consist of Quot open Quot questions which done to give respondents fixed alternatives but ask them to express their own opinion or they May be a Quot closed Quot or Quot polling Quot variety Quot which statement comes closest to your feelings about Quot they must make sure the question is easily understood by even the least educated it must be Brief have a single focus and care is exercised in the use of emotionally toned words. It would make a difference in the response of people if the question was Quot do you think the people in India should pay for the food we Send them Quot or if it was phrased Quot the starving people of attention is Given to the order in which topics Are taken up. The context influences answers the order and number of alternatives can affect results. Interviewers Are often instructed to vary the order of alternatives. They Are also trained not to influence answers to avoid expressing approval or disapproval to stimulate interest or discussion without slanting it. Questions Are Given test runs on a representative group so they can detect those questions that Are misunderstood. It is the director s responsibility to present the findings so it will prevent unsophisticated readers from coming to unjustified conclusions. Those who ask Why they have never been interviewed or never knew anyone who had been can see the Odds Are against it. Of 1,500 people Are carefully selected As a Small but representative Cross Section of 130,000,000 adults the Chance of being interviewed is i in nearly 87,000. Sound off anyone who would like to have their child tutored this summer in any subject from the first through the sixth Grade May Call me at 883-9434. Mrs. Carol Wallace. Hutchinson ran apr wheat growers country elevator operators Grain dealers and economists who watch the Market agree that the Kansas Farmer is holding tightly to Bis newly harvested Grain. They also say it is too Early to Tell How Long the Farmer might hold out or for what Price. A what the Farmer is worried about right now is getting his wheat in the bin and then he will get Down to some real figuring on Price Quot said Myron Krenzin. Assistant administrator of the Kansas wheat commission. But the trend is for the grower to hold his wheat. Quot until this year the wheat Farmer has never known How much people might be willing to pay for his product Quot Krenzin said. Quot now he knows because Back last february someone offered to pay 16 a Bushel Quot about the same time an economic study from Kansas state University recited the evidence for two years particularly since the great . Grain purchases by the soviet Union and communist China the Price of wheat doubled within six months after the Harvest. By May John Junior Anderson president of the Kansas farm Bureau was preaching that Kansas wheat Farmers should reverse the tradition of Selling most of their Grain at Harvest time. Tom Ostrander who has 2,200 acres of wheat around Wellington and is president of the Kansas wheat growers association has been the most strident voice in recent weeks. Judiciary reviews Nixon taxes by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a president Nixon s tax returns Are coming before the House impeachment inquiry with investigators especially interested in a $576.-000 deduction he claimed for vice presidential papers Given to the government. The judiciary committee today begins trying to determine whether there was any fraud in the preparation of a deed for the gift. Which was not signed and delivered until after a Law authorizing such deductions had been repealed the deductions spread Over the years 1988-72. Since have been disallowed by the internal Revenue service which assessed Nixon $432.-787 in Back taxes. A Simitar conclusion was reached by the joint committee on internal Revenue taxation but neither investigation dealt with the question of fraud the judiciary committee also is examining Nixon s personal finances to see if any government or election Campaign funds were converted to his personal use chairman Peter w. Rodino or. In j., pushing to Complete the presentation of All impeachment evidence this week has allotted Only one Day for the tax and finances presentation. He Hopes to wind up the inquiry fonday with a study of the secret bombing of Cambodia in 1989-70. There were these related developments on wednesday a asst. Atty Gen Henry e. Petersen defended the original watergate investigation in testimony before the Senate judiciary committee Petersen accused sen. Sam Ervin or of being unfair in implying that political considerations influenced the original investigation. A the Senate watergate committee announced it would make no further efforts to question Nixon s two Brothers or close Friend c. G. Quot Bebe Rebozo the committee goes out of existence on june 28 a a Federal appeals court agreed to review an order that a White House tape Section dealing with political use of the internal Revenue service must be turned Over to a watergate grand jury. Nixon had appealed . District judge John Sirica s order. The House judiciary committee finished with watergate wednesday including the latest developments in special prosecutor Leon Jaworski s so judiciary on 2a Cabinet also consulted Congress leaders briefed by Nixon associated press writer Washington a president Nixon told congressional leaders today the United states will give no encouragement to any country in acquiring nuclear weapons Quot Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott reported the Pennsylvania senator also said Nixon defended the us action in supplying nuclear reactors to Egypt and Israel noting that both the soviet Union and other european countries were prepared to do so with fewer safeguards than the i ruled states is requiring Nixon reported on his Middle East Mission to a bipartisan delegation of two dozen congressional leaders besides restoring diplomatic relations with Egypt and Syria. Scott said. The president Quot hints that Well restore relations with Algeria Quot As part of the Effort powered Bike Gen. John Tolson in tests Bensen aircraft corporation s zip Power Pak engine for bicycles during today s unveiling in Raleigh. Tolson is a member of the governors Energy panel the company claims its one horsepower engine which runs on gasoline or alcohol will take a Standard Bike 200 Miles per gallon a a #000 family survives Tornado strikes Home second time what s inside amusements. 7a Bridge. Lie classified ads .4-Lld crossword. Comics. Editorials financial. Obituaries. Sports. Television. Women a news. Sec. B weather. .3a by Gordon Hanson associated Prest writer Ankeny Iowa a Herman Nagel has survived three tornadoes without a scratch. Does he believe someone is watching Over him Quot hell no Quot he said wednesday night. Quot i think somebody a got it in for me. Ifs getting closer every Nagel s three bedroom Home was hit by one of two twisters that shattered a Hundred Homes and businesses in this Des Moines suburb of 10,090 tuesday night killing two and injuring to. The Community was sealed off to sightseers wednesday As cleanup work and efforts to restore utilities continued. It was the second time Nagels $25,000 Brick Home was struck. A twister Tore off the roof in october 1966 As Nagel his wife Joy and their three children huddled in the basement. The House was left broken scattered and riddled again tuesday. Quot it s a Well built Home rather it was Well built Quot Nagel said. It Cost $8,000 to repair the 1966 damage. But now a everything from the floor up is completely gone except the cookware Quot he said tuesdays Tornado was much worse Quot and it hit almost identically to the first one a Quot this is the third one i went through the first is in Fargo n.d., about 1958, he said. Nagel said the sky Quot kind of put me on my guard. It was real Pale Green. That happened the first time too gov. Robert i Ray on wednesday toured Ankeny and other Central Iowa communities that hit by the tornadoes High winds and ram he declared three counties disaster areas and said he would ask president Nixon be Tornado on 2 a Badminton Tennis tests failed diploma refused by Richard t. Pienc1ak associated press writer South River n Apr Sharon Pinkham could miss starting College in the fall because she failed written Badminton and Tennis tests Given Only to girls in her High schools gym classes. The 18-year-old, a average student received a Blank piece of paper instead of a diploma wednesday at her school s ceremonies. Unless Sharon passes the physical education course in summer school or wins a fight to have the tests declared unconstitutional by state education authorities Middlesex county College says it will withdraw her acceptance for fall classes. Sharon who wants to be a nurse failed the physical education course because she received a 45 on the Badminton test and a Zero for not taking the Tennis exam. But Sharon her Mother Many spectators at the ceremony and the girls Legal adviser were Quick to make the Point that the tests were administered Only to girls. Boys were graded Only on participation and attitude according to Joseph Buckley a third year Law student serving As Sharon Slegal adviser. Buckley who works for the Rutgers Legal Aid clinic in Newark said a complaint on the matter has been presented to local education authorities he said the complaint alleges the tests were discriminatory since they were Given Only to female physical education students. Pearl Pinkham Sharon smother said three of her five sons already had graduated from South River High school and none had to pass the tests that kept Sharon from graduating. Sharon a 320 classmates and Many of their guests at the graduation applauded wildly when her name was called. The consensus among the male graduates was Quot if the boys done to have to take the test neither do the Sharon received a Grade of 88 in class participation a category that was counted twice. She said her other Marks were a 78 in skills the 45 in Badminton and the Zero in Tennis. According to those figures her average was just below 60. Passing was 70. Congress protects privilege Washington a it was a bit of Senate routine a minor Resolution handled without debate or dissent a but the Issue behind that formality is one of the Central controversies in the watergate Case the Issue is the privilege of one Branch of the government to withhold something sought by another Branch. President Nixon is not alone in asserting that prerogative. Congress reserves that privilege for itself and while it normally Grants requests from the courts it maintains the right to withhold material when it chooses that is the congressional equivalent of the executive privilege Nixon is invoking in his Battle to withhold White House tape recordings and documents sought by the courts and House impeachment investigators. The Resolution before the Senate the other Day authorized a Senate judiciary committee aide to give a Federal court evidence about the panels rules of procedure in doing so. It restated the see Congress on 2a for better relations with the Middle East the bipartisan group of congressional leaders gave the president a warm burst of applause As he entered the Cabinet room for their morning meeting the president joked quietly As photographers were ushered in for a few moments the president planned sessions today with the Bihar t Isan leadership of the Senate and House to fill them in on his meetings in Egypt saudis Arabia Syria Israel and Jordan and on the upcoming nato talks in Brussels and the soviet Summit he also was meeting with the Cabinet and the National Security Council about the Moscow trip before leaving for his Camp David my. Retreat for the weekend Nixon leaves tuesday for Brussels and Moscow Nixon returned from the Middle East wednesday afternoon Landing at Andrews air Force base in suburban Maryland where he was met by daughters Tricia Cox and Julie Eisenhower and mrs Eisenhower a husband David. Vice president Gerald r i Ord and several Cabinet members were among several Hundred persons greeting him As his helicopter landed on the South Lawn of the White House from Andrews in a 15-minute ceremony Nixon said Quot a profound and lasting change has taken place Quot in the Middle East. Quot where there was no Hope for peace there now is Hope where there was hostility for the United states there now is he said White House spokesmen estimated that 7 million persons turned out for Nixon on the 14.775-mile journey. Nixon on tuesday held a nearly two hour talk with Portugal s new president. Gen. Antonio de Spinola. In the azores where he spent the night before departing for Washington wednesday. Alexander m. Haig jr., Nixon s chief of staff said the president was encouraged by his personal diplomacy. He said the five Middle East leaders with whom Nixon met promised to make concerted efforts to negotiate a settlement to that Region s problems Haig said Quot we achieved All the objectives set Forth Quot and listed them As. A strengthening new relationships with Arab states establishing a new relay nonstop and assuring All parties that this would not be at the expense of Long standing relationships and a demonstrating a Quot willingness to assist in the search for a Long term solution Quot to past divisions lawyers keep slayings secret two months Sharon with empty diploma folder a wire photo by Tony Baker associated press writer Syracuse n y a a preliminary investigation indicates two lawyers for a Man charged in a murder Case acted legally in not disclosing that they had seen the bodies of two other persons their client admitted killing authorities said today. Police chief Thomas Sardino said an investigation by his staff shows there was Quot no violation of the lawyers code of ethics and no apparent violation of the but Sardino said a final decision would come after a meeting later Between dist. Atty. Jon a Holcombe of Onondaga county and other officials to determine whether the lawyers would be cited for obstruction of Justice the two attorneys said they were bound by the confidentiality of a lawyer client relationship not to reveal that they had seen the two bodies. Francis beige and Frank Armani court appointed attorneys for Robert Garrow said that last september they found the bodies of two persons whom Garrow in testimony tuesday admitted killing. The attorneys revealed at a news conference tuesday that they had seen the bodies months before they were found. They said their clients own admission had released them from their obligation to a Spain silent. Beige said the information be lawyers on 2a

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