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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 21, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly dowdy mild Mort data on Pago 3-a 88th year a no. 173 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A wednesday afternoon june 21, 1972 72 pages Call us circulation. Sim7i classified ads .85-2177 All other departments 885-2h1 daily 10c, sunday 25c 0 i whar a Darby q. I am starting a fan club of Darby Hinton and i would like to know his address please. Thank you. Girl. A. You May find this hard to believe but we just did no to know who on Earth Darby Hinton was or is linebacker outfielder. Olympic runner soothsayer. Soul Singer. This appalling Blank in our mind was filled in by a youth who said he played Daniel Boones son on the to show. Channel two he said. That Means lbs. So you write any show or entertainer on that network at this address lbs television 51 West 52nd Street new York. . 10019 dog bite problem 0. I would like to remain Anonymous please but i live just a Little below Archdale and there s this big German Shepherd dog that has bitten two or three of Tho children Down Here and i would just like to know what kind of Laws Randolph county has concerning this and what would Laws to if a fellow was to shoot this dog and if you possibly can i would like to have an answer right away. Anon. A. Done to shoot but do get in touch with George Elliott of the Randolph county health department in Asheboro. Any Case of dog bites should be reported to him or the sheriffs department so the animal can be impounded and observed. This is a state Law. About abortions q. Hurry. Is it Legal in High Point for girls to have abortions please help. And where can you have it taken place and How much a. An abortion requires the approval of two doctors they take place in the Hospital and your obstetrician can Tell you How much. Don t Collar yourself 0. I was wondering since i work outside in the Woods and All that if i put a Flea Collar like you get for dogs and cats around my ankle or somewhere like that would it keep the ticks off of me because i can t stand ticks. I wondered if a Flea Collar would irritate my skin or something like that. Thank you. . A. We believe the directions on those collars caution people especially children to avoid prolonged Contact and to w Ash hands Well after touching them. So we deduce it would irritate your skin even if you have very hairy Ankles. There Are insect repellents for humans like off 6-12, and Bug Barrier that would offer some Protection. Sound off q. As a concerned citizen i think that Many of your readers would be interested to know that the Haley House is available for visiting and is open 9 to 4 30 on tuesday through sunday with a Small charge of 75 cents for adults. Children Are free. This is restored from 1786. It is very worthwhile and an enjoyable time can be had viewing it there no Lexington Avenue. . Gains Wel yer 00 delegates Mcgovern registers major win in new York primary for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Spraying a cat q. I hive a tip for pet lovers. In spraying my cat for fleas and ticks with chemicals i have discovered if you let them get around their head too much that the animals Start to slobber and you May think they have hydrophobia but that is not the Case of you get ony of that stuff close to their nose or Mouth it will make them sick and slobber and sneeze. Anon. A. If we took anything that made us sick and slobber and sneeze that would be the last time wed take it. Fleas and ticks Are a terrible annoyance to pets but a vet has told us that animals especially cats can be highly sensitive to these chemical sprays which sometime cause permanent liver damage. We think your cats reaction is proof you a better Stop or at least get a vets advice before continuing Given a Choice we believe the cat would rather itch than get sick and foam at the Mouth. A Light would t help q. Why Don t they put a stoplight at Tho intersection of Cleveland and High Point Greensboro Road As it is very dangerous when you come out with so much traffic Thoro and wondered Why they Don t put one up . A. Any five Point intersection is difficult to control with a traffic signal so the traffic engineers usually take the minor Street and install a Stop sign. Motorists on the minor Street can then enter the intersection at any time there is no traffic. A signal phase on the Cleveland approach would increase the waiting time delay All traffic and cause a considerable increase in the already congested intersection says r. V. Moss. New York a sen. George s. Mcgovern hailed his overwhelmingly Victory in the new York democratic primary As a better than even we expected today with the unofficial count giving him 225 out of a possible 248 elected delegates. The Victory brought the front running South Dakotan within 200 votes of a first ballot Victory at the democratic National convention next month. Tuesday night Long before most of the votes were counted Mcgovern told his supporters a a in a convinced now that we will win the nomination in Miami Overall living costs increase Washington a food prices dropped last month but substantial increases for clothing and transportation contributed to the largest Rise in Overall living costs in three months the government reported today. The Bureau of labor statistics said its consumer Price Index measuring typical family spending Rose three tenths of one per cent in May to 124.7. This Means it Cost $12.47 in May on the average for every $10 Worth of goods and services in the base period five years ago. The report said however that Price increases in the past six months of president Nixon s phase 2 economic controls climbed at an annual rate of 3.5 per cent Down from 4 per cent in the six months prior to the beginning of Federal controls. Tile Bureau also reported that average wages of some 50 million rank and file workers Rose two cents per hour and 74 cents per week to $133.21 and continued to outpace inflation. At a morning news conference at his Headquarters Here before departing for Washington the question of sen. Edward m. Kennedy of Massachusetts As a possible running mate came up again. Mcgovern said his organization had been told that Queens county democratic Leader Matthew Troy planned to announce his recommendation of Kennedy for second place on a Mcgovern ticket. Troy was among the first political leaders Here to support Mcgovern and also has close ties to the Kennedy family. A a in a not going to make any judgments about a vice presidential candidate until the convention Mcgovern said. He added however that Kennedy was certainly a a leading Kennedy maintained repeatedly in interviews this week that he is interested in neither the presidential nor vice presidential nominations. He said last week he would consider the vice presidency if that was the Only Way to defeat president Nixon but added he could not conceive of such a set of circumstances. Mcgovern a staff put the senators Delegate victories at 226, but the associated press count showed him with 225 delegates 17 uncommitted 4 for rep. Shirley Chisholm of Brooklyn i Celler consoled by daughter mrs. Sydney Wertheimer a wire photo Ceiler and Abzug lose in primary new York a democratic rep. Emanuel Ceiler Dean of the House with nearly a half Century of service has been Defeated for renomination from his Brooklyn District b y Elizabeth Holtzman. The District Leader making her first bid in big time politics. The 84-year-old chairman of the House judiciary committee and 30-year-old miss Holtzman waged a see saw Battle through tuesday night before she tallied her upset with 15,557 votes to 14.995 for Ceiler in the final unofficial returns from new York s democratic primary. In other contests flamboyant rep. Bella Abzug failed in her bid to wrest the nomination from rep. William Ryan in the latter s District after being re apportioned out of her own Bali Wick. Rep. Jonathan Bingham turned Back a similar Challenge from rep. James h. Scheuer in the Bronx. There were also scattered Republican congressional primary races but none featuring the head to head encounters Between name candidates that marked the democratic slate. Ceiler went to bed without Nal unofficial returns showed making a statement but his daughter declared a i can Tell you father Hasni to conceded Ceiler is still eligible for the november ballot As the Liberal party candidate. In her Campaign miss Holtzman accused Ceiler of failing to support key consumer legislation of consistently supporting the Vietnam War and of a High handed opposition to the women a equal rights amendment. Ryan ran up a better than 2-1 margin in his West Side Man Hattan Bronx District in defeating the colourful mrs. Abzug. I Ryan with 33.817 votes to 15,300 for mrs. Abzug. Her familiar hat flopping and her voice booming mrs. Abzug pledged to her supporters to a continue in and out of the Congress to work for the defeat of president Nixon and his policies of militarism recession and both Ryan 49, and mrs. Abzug 51, Are insurgent democrats with similar ideologies. She said the major Issue which Defeated her was her entry into the race against Ryan on his Home grounds. For sen. Edmund s. Muskie of Maine and one race undecided. I n addition Mcgovern a forces believed that at least five of the uncommitted favor their Man and they expect a substantial bloc of 30 at Large delegates to be picked next weekend by party leaders. The expectation is that they will finally surpass 250 delegates Here. The smashing Mcgovern Victory overshadowed a series of hotly fought democratic congressional races highlighted by the Brooklyn contest in which 30-year-old Elizabeth Holtzman upset 84-year-old rep. Emanuel Ceiler the Dean of the House and Long time chairman of its judiciary committee. Ceiler will be on the november ballot As a Liberal party candidate. Another woman the flamboyant rep. Bella Abzug lost her House seat to rep. William f. Ryan in a District combined by reapportionment. Rep. Jonathan Bingham Defeated rep. James Scheuer in a similarly merged District. Most of the 78 Republican delegates picked tuesday support president Nixon. The democratic presidential primary results a contest in which voters chose delegates without any ballot listing of presidential candidates were a setback to Sens. Hubert h. Humphrey will stay in race Atlanta a. A sen. Hubert Humphrey said today sen. George Mcgovern probably will fall Short of a first ballot Victory at the democratic National convention despite winning More than 200 delegates in tuesdays new York primary. But Humphrey conceded that Mcgovern had won a a very Fine Humphrey who trails far behind Mcgovern in Delegate strength in the race for the democratic nomination e s t i mated his own chances of winning the nomination at one in four and Mcgovern sat three in four. A the is far out in front but far out in front does no to mean he has it wrapped up a Humphrey said in an interview. Humphrey said hell stay in the race until beaten. A a in a a candidate. I am staying in As a candidate a Humphrey said. He conceded that it a might have been a tactical mistake a by Humphrey forces in not opposing Mcgovern in new York. See Humphrey on 2-a Democrat committee wins clash with Daley forces sen. George Mcgovern claims Victory Humphrey and Edmund s. Muskie who Are trying to Block Mcgovern a nomination. Humphrey had hoped for election of Many uncommitted delegates Muskie for some of his own supporters. But Mcgovern ended up winning practically All of the 237 spots for which his delegates ran. Mcgovern a total assured him of at least 25 of the 30 new York delegates to be named saturday by the state demo Ste Mcgovern on 2-a Kennedy strengthens statement Washington a sen. Edward m. Kennedy d-mass., said today a there Are no circumstances under which i would accept a nomination for any National office this Kennedy a statement appeared to go beyond any he has made to quash continuing speculation that he might accept the democratic presidential or vice presidential nomination at the party a Miami Beach convention next month. An aide said his statement was prompted by a Story in the new York times today that Matt Troy a Queens democratic Leader would undertake a move to draft Kennedy for the vice presidential nomination. Here is Kennedy a statement a because of a Story which appeared in the new York times this morning and in order to prevent any further speculation on the part of the press or any doubt in the minds of the delegates to the democratic National convention or the Public i wish to repeat and state As finally As i can that there Are no circumstances under which i would accept a nomination for any National office this in new York Troy one of the original Mcgovern backers Here called today for a Quot legitimate full blown nationwide draft of Kennedy for the Vic presidential nomination. Troy a City councilman with a Long standing Friendship with Kennedy family members said he submitted a formal statement calling for the draft movement to the Massachusetts senator for his approval or disapproval. At a news conference earlier sen. George Mcgovern said his staff had been told of troyes intention but added he would make no decision about a running mate before the convention. Washington a the democratic National committee has won a crucial constitutional clash against forces Loyal to Chicago mayor Richard Daley Over rules aimed at sending More youths Blacks and women to the party a convention in Miami Beach next month. The . Court of appeals in Washington tuesday night reversed at least temporarily a Day old ruling by District court judge George l. Hart that the party has no right to require a minority balance on convention delegations. The surprisingly Quick reversal came As a major Victory to party reformers and reopened the possibility that some or All of the 59 uncommitted Chicago delegates headed by Daley could be unseated by the conventions credentials committee. The committee begins deliberations sunday. Although challenges have been filed against hundreds of other delegates the Daley Case could prove the most explosive. The National committees chief attorney Joseph a. Califano jr., told the appeals court that a next to the nomination of a presidential candidate the seating of the Daley 59 is the hottest political Issue facing the democratic one Daley aligned strategist commented later that a with Califano making statements like that we certainly can to be very optimistic about what the credentials committee might along with the Reform Rule requiring proportional representation by race age and sex judge Hart had declared invalid a provision under which delegates could be barred from the convention if they were part of a slate formed or endorsed by local party officials who were in office prior to Jan. I. That Rule aimed at diminishing the Delegate control of old line party Bosses was also restored by the appeals court. Had Harts decision been upheld. The committee would have had Little Choice but to dismiss about 40 of the 50 pending separate challenges including the Chicago Case. Some 1,100 delegates about one third of the convention total Are affected. Half the challenges Are based on complaints of too few women and another 30 per cent involve claims of inadequate representation of racial minorities and Young people. Although the three judge appeals panel lifted Hart s de Cree. It did not Rule out further consideration of the Issue once what s inside the credentials committee has made its recommendations prior to the convention. That prompted a limited expression of Hope by Chicago attorney Jerome h. Torshen who sought to have the Reform rules requiring Delegate balance struck Down on behalf of Daley Delegate Thomas e. Keane. A at least the suit s still alive a he said. A it now becomes a question of staying amusements. 5d Bridge. 4d classified ads. 71 id comics. 3d crossword 9c editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 2d sports. 1-4c television. In women s news. Sec. B weather 3a n. C. Wallace forces shut out Raleigh apr shouting hissing delegates to North Carolinas democratic convention tuesday shut out followers of Alabama gov. George Wallace in their attempt to nominate National delegates favouring his presidential bid. A vote of delegates in the closing minutes of the seven hour convention shut off nominations for the party a 14 at Large delegates to the Miami Beach convention leaving Wallace supporter Joe r. Brown of Greensboro with his proposed slate still in hand. The action brought an angry outburst from Brown who shouted to convention chairman Charles Winberry a you lied to me. The democratic party is going to Browne a try came seconds after the delegates voted to suspend rules adopted earlier and declare nominated the slate of 14 persons recommended by a committee headed by party chairman John Church. The suspended Rule would have allowed Brown to submit his own slate of nominees. A scattering of Boos came up from the convention floor when Brown who had been waiting for several minutes to get Winberry a recognition shouted into the microphone set for the 6th District delegation. His was the last of a series of loud outcries during the Day As delegates fought repeatedly Over parliamentary procedures amendments to the party platform and finally the National convention delegates. Added to their confusion was a prior commitment by officials of Dorton Arena to turn Over the state Fairgrounds building to professional wrestlers tuesday night. Workmen entered the convention floor while the last Roll Call vote was being counted chasing delegates from the 9th, 10th and Lith districts to the sidelines so they could begin removing More than 2,500 folding chairs from the floor. A record number of Blacks and Young people attended the convention which adopted amendments from the floor to a proposed platform that greatly extended provisions dealing with labor and human relations. The amendments include a to extend minimum wage Laws to cover household and farm labourers including migrants. A to create a state fair employment practices commission with Strong officers. A to condemn All persecution so . On Page 2-a

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