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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather Plash flood watch Moro data on Page 3.a 88th year a no. 172 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A tuesday afternoon june 20, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation. 112171 i classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments ms-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25c i positions on issues disputed Mcgovern Humphrey rivalry grows for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or oven acknowledge every one. Hospital complaint q. It would be to one s advantage considering my experience with High Point memorial Hospital s emergency room when finding oneself in need of emergency medical care to travel to some other Hospital if possible. My injury was not extreme so no one took the time to even look at it. I was advised to wait until morning to see a doctor. At that time it was with considerable pain that i paid $5.00 for what was called an Entrance fee into the emergency room. This fee did not include any service whatever. I would appreciate any comment on any facet of what i have said. Thank you. . A. This is similar to a complaint of another person who met his doctor there for the purpose of having him take a look at his stitches and objected to the charge when no treatment or use of supplies was considered necessary. The hospitals director Ned Clark comments on the emergency room minimum charge Quot you must take into account that there is a great Deal of expense involved in providing 24-hour emergency service. Unfortunately we Are unable to a schedule emergencies and at times there Are no patients in the e r. However it obviously is necessary to have space personnel equipment supplies drugs etc., readily available and in sufficient Quantity to handle or refer not Only the no urgent minor aches and complaints but also to have the capability to take care of multiple critical emergency patients of numerous variety. We think it is proper for those who use the e r. A How be it to what extent a should be the ones who help support or Jeane s address. O. I would like for you to print in your questions Tho address of Joe no Dixon famous psychic. And Many thanks. Mrs. G. W. G. A. You can write her in care of the Chicago Tribune . News Syndicate 220 East 42nd St., new York . 10017. Hrs Roadside tables q. Coming from Carolina Beach to High Point Thoro Are vary few Roadside Tablas and restrooms. From Clinton ., to High Point i Only saw one Roadside table. I would like to know Why there Aren t More and it seems to me they Are badly needed. D d. A. Gibson Prather who is the Public information officer for the state Highway commission did some counting. If he said you took the most direct route by travelling us 421 to Siler City then us 64 to Asheboro and us 311 to High Point you passed six Roadside tables of you took us 701 to Smithfield and us 70 to 1-85, you passed Only one table but two rest areas. Prather says there Are 400 Roadside tables on Highways. There Are none on the interstate system but there Are rest areas which serve the same general purpose plus other conveniences w a a by Gregg Herrington associated pros writer new York a the political rivalry Between demo cratic hopefuls George Mcgovern and Hubert h. Humphrey has taken on Feu like proportions with a new Exchange of words Over Mcgovern a position on several issues. The latest step was taken by South Dakota sen. Mcgovern Early today when he issued a statement charging Humphrey with Quot undermining his Humphrey s reputation and jeopardizing his party by the kind of misleading statements he has been making about my Quot he knows that i am a reasonable Man a democratic presidential front runner Mcgovern said in a statement released at 1 15 . Quot yet he persists in twisting my positions to serve his own desperate purposes. Quot a few years ago i watched sen. Humphrey undercut his credibility by exuberant efforts to sell the american people on the Vietnam War. He condemned those of us who warned against the Vietnam tragedy. Now he seems Bent upon further political self destruction in a frantic Effort to mislead the voters about the Domestic issues of 1972.�?� Humphrey in a news conference monday in Washington had said Quot in masking Here today that those voters in to Days new York presidential primary who have doubts about the Mcgovern position cast their votes for the uncommitted delegates or the Independent Humphrey also noted efforts in some state democratic party organizations to move for a liberalized 1972 party platform that would include legalization of marijuana and abortion. Humphrey was not specifically speaking about Mcgovern at the time. He said Quot i do not intend to stand by and watch the democratic convention destroy the prospects for democratic Victory by endorsing legalized marijuana unconditional amnesty for draft evaders unilateral disarmament or by adopting a program which proposes that Middle income taxpayers foot the Bill for a fantastic scheme of income Mcgovern an opponent of the legalization of marijuana is associated with support of the eventual amnesty for deserters and a controversial income redistribution plan aimed at providing All americans with a guaranteed annual allowance of perhaps $1,000 before taxes. According to Mcgovern a press Secretary Kirby Jones the senator saw film of Humphreys appearance on television monday evening and believed Humphreys remarks were meant to deliberately and wrongly identify Mcgovern with support of legalized marijuana. A we feel Humphrey is deliberately distorting the issues Quot Jones said. Quot this is deliberate distortion. On the last night of the new York Campaign to come out with that stuff is rather carrying arms for Hanoi China closes ports to russian vessels his double Honor Chicago mayor Richard Daley left huddles with san Leandro Calif mayor Jack a i tester at the . Conference of mayors meeting in new or leans this week. The 40th annual meeting heard the democratic candidates for president today. A wire photo three democratic aspirants give us. Mayors solutions by Michael j. Sniffen associated press writer Hamster husbandry q. I am raising hamsters and i would Liko very much if you could Tell to whore i could got a Book on How to to cart of Thorn. My Cousin is raising Thorn too and i wish that you would Rush tvs in Tho paper. K. M. A we recently saw a rack of paperback books in the Bookstore published by Doubleday on How to take care of Many kinds of animals from horses to hamsters. You can also get information from the Library and advice from the pet shops. Keep it Clear q. I have several fish aquariums and we d like to tint Tho water to match the rooms that Thoy to in. Would it be possible to use cake colouring in Tho water d. K. A. Quot i done to recommend was the advice from the four dolphins aquarium. It is possible it would not affect the fish. But they suggest keeping All Quot foreign matter out of the tank better play it Safe and use coloured lights to achieve the effect you want. Or or a 14-year-old worker o. Could you find out if anyone in High Point would hire a 14-year-old girl or girls for summer work. They would babysit or do any Odd jobs to help buy their clothes and material for school next year thank you. Mrs. H. A. When Calls like this come in we put the name and address on a card with the Date age what the teenager can do a and Hope somebody might Call in asking for a Babysitter or Yard worker or Odd jobber. Trouble is. We get plenty of the first kind and hardly any of the second. But just in Case somebody Ever does need Youthful workers we do have a list you can try. Sound off q. The women a Guild of the High Point museum will be sponsoring a country fair at the museum on july 8. We need donations of White elephant items or even Antiques to be auctioned at the fair. Anyone having such items which they would donate to be auctioned for the Benefit of the museum can Call 885-8953. New Orleans a Hubert h. Humphrey proposed today that mayors get a role in the Federal budget process. George Mcgovern promised to restore Faith in government. Edmund s. Muskie said president Nixon s foreign policy postpones Relief for the cities. The three senators All seeking the democratic presidential nomination addressed the mayors and representatives of 350 cities at the . Conference of mayors annual meeting. The candidates outlined their remedies for City problems to an audience that contained a number of mayors critical of them for not addressing Urban problems More frequently. On his first Campaign swing since he dropped out of the primaries. Muskie of Maine led off with criticism of Nixon s foreign policy. In his prepared remarks. Muskie said Quot it is ironic that our National government which insists on winning or creating the illusion of winning a War 10,000 Miles away seems willing to surrender our nation s cities without a he said that despite Nixon a strategic arms limitation agreements with the soviet Union the Pentagon budget requests Are Quot already up $13 billion from what was appropriated last these developments. Muskie said Quot put the Hopes for Relief of our cities just that much farther in his prepared text. Humphrey of Minnesota proposed that local state and county officials be included in the Federal gov a r n in e n t a s budget process through a system of budget hearings around the country by the Federal office of management and budget and major departments of the Federal government. Quot right now mayors and City officials supervisors City managers. County officials governors and the people Are closed out of the Federal government s budget processes a Humphrey said. Quot decisions Are made every Day about your City by faceless bureaucrats in Washington. You Are Seldom consulted. Your True needs Are often ignored. You and the people end up living with decisions you had no part in making a Humphrey said. Mcgovern of South Dakota said in his prepared remarks Quot tens of millions of americans have lost Faith in government. We need leadership in Washington that will convince the average citizen of our cities that his government is being run for his Benefit and is working to make his life he said he based his Urban program on five principles that cities should be free from dependence on Washington for Money and from cumbersome Federal regulations that Federal policy should not encourage the Middle class to move to suburbs and the poor to move to cities that neighbourhoods within the cities should have More control Over municipal services and Federal programs that affect them that housing construction should not be an economic Boon to speculators and that the president should show suburbanites their stake in the Fate of cities. By Arthur l. Gashon associated press writer London a China has closed its Southern ports to soviet ships loaded with War supplies for North Vietnam but is still allowing ships from other communist countries to land supplies for Hanoi authorities in touch with both peking and Moscow reported today. Peking a reason according to informants putting out the chinese line is that the soviets Are unwilling to risk their new relationship with the United states by challenging president Nixon a mining of North Vietnam sports. Moscow a version As told by diplomats from soviet bloc countries is that the chinese Are easing up on their support for the North vietnamese in favor of a More flexible International policy. The . Mining of North v Vietnam a sports has been condemned by both peking and Moscow As illegal interference with navigation on the High seas. Informants in touch with the chinese say peking considers that Moscow has the obligation to Challenge the mining and that failure to do so implies tacit acceptance. The chinese reportedly argue that the soviet Union Quot has the Means and the equipment with which to foil the american min ing while China does not. In peking a View therefore Moscow a failure to accept the Challenge fan Only mean that its relationship with Washington is deemed to transcend its responsibility to Hanoi. The informants say that As peking sees it the smaller East european countries Lack the Power to Challenge the americans therefore their car goes for Hanoi Are being accepted in chinese ports. For their part the russians reportedly contend that peking s attitude is consistent with other signs suggesting China is moving away from its obligation to help Hanoi. This is cited As one of the factors that has led Moscow to help in the search for a political settlement of the Vietnam War. Platform draft against amendment on school busing what s inside amusements. 7b Bridge. 7c classified ads 1-1 in comics. 6b crossword. 7b editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries 2b sports 3 so television. So women s nows 4-7 a weather. 3a rocket gets colonel and dog Raleigh a a proposed platform to be presented to the state democratic convention today would put North Carolina democrats on record As opposing a constitutional amendment to prohibit forced busing the platform selection of 14 at Large delegates to the National democratic convention and talks by rep. Richardson Preyer d-. Gov. Bob Scott gubernatorial nominee Hargrove Quot skipper Bowles and la gov. Pat Taylor loomed As the highlights of the convention. A slate of 14 at Large National convention delegates chosen last week by a statewide nominating committee faced at least one Challenge before reaching the convention floor Joe Brown of Greensboro who ran unsuccessfully for nomination to the . Senate proposed his own slate of delegates All supporters of Alabama gov. George Wallace. Wallace won 37 of North Carolinas 64 National convention votes on the first ballot by winning the states presidential preference primary. Former gov. Terry Sanford won the other 27 votes Brown contended that Wal lace supporters have been ignored in the process of Delegate selection. As a result he said Wallace support could disappear if the National convention goes beyond the first ballot. The proposed platform makes no mention on busing in the Section dealing with education but the Section on constitutional amendments said democrats feel the . Constitution should be amended Only in extreme circumstances so the democratic party Quot does not support efforts to enact a constitutional amendment dealing with the issues of forced busing of school other platform planks would a object to inequities in the states tax Structure and urge changes to equalize the tax Burden. A advocate legislation to Quot provide medically Safe abortions to All women seeking them regardless of economic a propose an equal rights amendment at the state level to end discrimination against women and Quot Laws discriminating against women such As those relating to inherit platform on 2-a Willey and Moose a Wir Phot by Peter Arnett and Horst Faas associated press writers on route 13. Vietnam apr he ran straight into an exploding rocket. At his heels was a Gray Mongrel dog his constant companion in Many Battles. It died with him. A Quot he was right up front to get the attack going a said the officer who replaced him on the spot. Quot he didst have to be right up Here but that a the kind of Man col. Willey was. His courage and sheer presence made All the difference la col. Burr m. Willey 44, from Ayer Mas was one of a handful of americans still seeing front line action in Vietnam. He was part of the Small team of advisers to the South vietnamese 21st infantry division which has been fighting for two months to raise the siege of an Loc. About noon monday it seemed that the final push was near. Willey and other advisers persuaded the vietnamese to use their tanks and rangers in an attempt to end the month Long deadlock As the heavy vehicles lumbered northwards past his command Bunker at Chon Thanh Willey shouted gleefully Quot at last they re he jammed on his steel helmet tugged on his flak Vest climbed into his jeep and said. A Titi be Back in half an two hours later a helicopter was to Fly him to Saigon for a weeks respite from the Battlefront. As his jeep began to move off he called out Quot come on Moose Quot out of the Bunker dashed a Streak of dirty Gray fur. It jumped Between the radios in the Back seat and the jeep raced off. Quot i inherited Moose in the Delta a Willey had said half an hour earlier. Quot and he has never gone from my Side. He insists on Riding the helicopters with me we even made the newspapers together a he laughed showing a clipping. It was an associated press wire photo showing Willey shooting his Rifle his Barking dog behind him. The picture was taken on May 13, a few Yards from where they were to die together. Willey bypassed the tanks Strung along route 13 and swung off the Road near a Forward position called the Anthill. Bending Low to avoid snipers by ran Forward to join a Battal see rocket on Page 2-a Agnes strikes Florida Panhandle heavy blow Apalachicola Fla. A. A Hurricane Agnes has gasped her last Over Backwoods Georgia after a collision with the Florida Panhandle that left Homes uprooted roads awash and millions of dollars in damage. Agnes the first of the seasons hurricanes lulled 18 persons injured More than too and forced thousands of families from their Homes As she rampaged North from Cuba although an 80-mile-per-hour Parent of ravaging tornadoes Early monday the storm was reduced to a disorganized mass by Midnight and was sweeping across South Georgia with 45 m p h. Winds once the storm had passed residents along Florida a Northwestern coast began picking their Way through the soggy debris they had called Home. One 15-mile stretch bordering the Gulf of Mexico from Cara Belle to Eastpoint Fla., was lined with demolished Homes. Parts of u. S. 9&�? including much of the causeway Between Eastpoint and Apalachicola were eaten away. Quot i gave up counting How Many houses were destroyed and just put a most of them on my report a said red Cross Volunteer Beth Henson. Many beachfront houses were reduced to Little More than rubble. Herbert Chipman whose House was ruined said Quot the Waters just came up and came in. I done to know How much of my House is while Agnes was churning across the Gulf toward the Panhandle a backlash slammed into the Tampa Bay area inflicting $12 million damage on St. Petersburg and neighbouring towns. Flood Waters More than 3 feet deep were reported in several neighbourhoods in Pinellas county. Electrical Power and Telephone service were interrupted during the Day for More than 1,000 Homes

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