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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 22, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm Mort data on Pogo 3a 88th year a no. 174 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. A thursday afternoon june 22, 1972 44 pages Call us circulation .12-171 classified ads. 15-2177 All other departments 15-21 to daily 10c, sunday 25� o i for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Pollution Battle q. This is a very Beautiful morning. The Blue sky is around everyplace and it is a shame when we look out our windows that we have to see big Black smoke rolling out of a factory near Here. I live in the neighbourhood of High Point woodworking on Giles Street and since i have been up this morning there has been terrible thick Black smoke boiling out of their factory Over there. I Hope that there is something you can do about that the air pollution. I Don t think there has been anything done on this particular factory. I would like to know when and if something is going to to done about it. Mrs. B. B. A. Environmental supervisor Jack Perdue reports that according to or. Gene Kirby of High Point woodworking ., the equipment to Correct this condition has arrived As of june 9, and this situation should be corrected within 60 Days. Wow adoption agencies q. I would like to find out what Steps to take and who to Contact if you Are really interested in adopting. Anon. A. You can Contact the adoption unit of the Guilford county department of social services in Greensboro phone 882-0431 or the children a Home society of North Carolina p o. Box 6587, Greensboro Tel. 274-1538. A papers for Sale u. I have been saving papers for a few weeks and i would like to make some Money off of a hem and do you know if anybody would buy them boy. A. Jiffy manufacturing will buy newspapers Only. The rate May vary according to Supply and demand. A a Why no coliseum q. I would like to know Why we can t have a coliseum in High Point when All the singing stars and movie stars have to go to Greensboro or to Winston. We have to go other there to either place to see them so Why can t we have one in High Point a. Right offhand there Are a few hurdles to be leaped first a stadium parking garage water to Archdale coliseum require tremendous patronage to stay out of debt and adding a third to the triad area would have them All foundering. Let s get the stadium built first and that might be used to draw outside fair weather entertainers and events to help for it. A a or the Scooter at Short q. Did Phil Rizzuto play shortstop or right Field for Tho now York Yankoos this is important because i bet a Dollar on it. M. D. A. Rizzuto was one Heck of a shortstop for the Yankees. Now he a a broadcaster. A or phantom dogs o. One of our neighbors has a dog and there is noise All Over the place and it Smalls. Can anything be done about it and it is at e. Commerce. They Don t try to clean it up just let it stay there. F. A this is the address of an apartment Complex and while there were several dogs running free in the area no dogs Are presently being kept at the mentioned address according to the health department sanitarian who investigated. No problem from dirty dog pens was found. Hie noise problem was reported by him to the City dog Warden who he understands discussed this problem with several tenants some of whom got rid of their dogs. Angela s address q. I have to got in touch with Angola Davis Bafaro Tho 22nd of Juno. Could you Plaa so give to Tho address of Angola Davis and if it s possible could you please give to Hor Telephone number anon. A. A recent news Story reported that she would be travelling for the next few weeks on speaking engagements winding up at Madison Square Garden on june 29 you May be Able to convey a message through her father b. Frank Davis of Birmingham Ala. He owns a service station there directory assistance in Birmingham could help you. The Story said she will be returning to her Home town before taking off on a vacation to Bulgaria or the user. A too Many barnacles 0. I d like to complain about Tho condition of Tho boats at City Lake. It s at if everything hat gone to pot. Everything it dirty the boats Are filthy and most of the boats have water standing in them that could be cleaned out and used. I think something should be done about it. Anon. A. The situation will be and is being corrected says Marvin Keith. All the boats have been cleaned out and the oar locks and oars taken out from the Park Supply area ready for use. Revenue sharing passage Likely by Edmond Lebreton associated press writer Washington a a $5.3-billion-a-year program of Federal Aid to states and cities appears poised for easy passage in the House. The opposition broke wednesday when it was unable to Force the Bill open for amendments. The vote was 223 to 185 and the margin for passage later today is expected to be greater. One of the opposition leaders rep. John w. Byrnes r-wis., said the procedural voted pretty Well decided the in a not going to kid myself that anything i say is going to change t h e situation a Byrnes told the House later. Although it is Uncertain when the Senate will take up the measure chairman Russell b. Long d-la., of the finance committee said he will try to begin hearings before the july to democratic convention. Long predicted the Bill will easily win Senate approval though probably with some changes. It would distribute initially $1.8 billion a year to the states $3.5 billion to cities and other local governments. The state share would be increased Over the five year life of the program. Tax Effort especially state income tax would be the key element in dividing the states share. The local governments would get their apportionment under a More complicated formula taking into account population Urban concentration and poverty. The Bill would provide also. On an optional basis for joint collection of state and Federal income taxes. By Clifford War ending plan offered new York a former Secretary of defense Clark Clifford offered democratic platform writers today what he called a a a Short and simple four Point plan to end the Indochina War and to replace a Republican policy he termed Clifford told a panel of the democratic National platform committee program a the United states would agree to two actions a first withdraw All . Military personnel from South Vietnam. Laos and Cambodia on a Date certain a second end All ground air and naval activity by . Forces in South Vietnam North Vietnam Laos and Cambodia by the same Date. A North Vietnam and the National liberation front would also agree to two actions a first return All . Prisoners held by North Vietnam and the National liberation front As . Troops withdraw a second refrain from attacks that would threaten the safety of . Military personnel during the period of Clifford said he was convinced that if the plan were agreed to political forces would emerge in South Vietnam to open negotiations Between North and South vietnamese leading to an Overall settlement and added a i further believe that by the time of our final withdrawal the War in Vietnam would have ended a Clifford. Washington lawyer and adviser to the past three democratic presidents assured the platform panel that he did nine tanks knocked out . Planes Stop main enemy drive above Hue by George Esper associated press writer Saigon a North vietnamese Armor and infantrymen broke through South Vietnam a northernmost defense line but Field reports said the main thrust of the attack was stopped with help from . Jets. Military sources said 16 North vietnamese armoured vehicles were knocked out including at least nine tanks on both sides of the my Chanh River which forms the Northern defense line 20 to 25 Miles North of Hue. Initial reports from the Saigon command said one South vietnamese Soldier was killed and eight were wounded. Military sources in the Field said at least six tanks crossed the River and fighting was reported Northwest and Southwest of a roman Catholic Church that is now a South vietnamese command Post at my Chanh. The area was heavily shelled during the night. . Jets knocked out three North vietnamese 130mm guns which have a Range of 17 Miles West of my Chanh with laser guided bombs military sources said. But North vietnamese shells hit an ammunition dump at Camp Evans a big South not believe that such a settlement would be followed by a any so called blood it would be the disposition of both sides he said to try to heal the wounds of 20 years of warfare. President Nixon s program will not work Clifford said and his proposals for settlement will not bring peace a because they offer the other Side nothing but mayor John v. Lindsay earlier called on the platform writers for a commitment in Vietnam saying that the a Long and immoral War was the overriding Issue before the country. Lindsay greeted a panel of the democratic National platform committee with a Call for an end to what he termed a global economic brinkmanship a and the loss of american prestige around the world. A we Are All victims of this War a Lindsay said. A the lives of All americans have been diminished by it. A it has caused us to lose the respect of nations around the world and caused us to lose our own respect for the government of this each escalation of the War has alienated More Young americans. Lindsay said and the claims of the Pentagon on the National Treasury have rendered the government unable to respond to needs at Home. A we have to learn the limits to our the mayor said. A we cannot afford secret promises or government deception. We cannot tolerate generals who undertake their own private air wars in Defiance of american policy. Fighting Man on mercy Mission a South vietnamese Ranger helps feed an old wounded woman found in an abandoned Village near Dat do District town 45 Miles Southeast of Saigon. The woman was trapped in the Village and unable to get out As fighting swirled Between government and Viet Cong troops. A wire photo i vietnamese base Camp six Miles Southeast of my Chanh and the ammunition was still exploding at mid morning. Another 14 tanks were claimed tuesday and wednesday by South vietnamese marines who Are making a sweep to the East of the paratroopers in the coastal Region of Quang Tri province known As the Street without Joy. Two . Planes were shot Down on the Western Side of Quang Tri province on the laotian Border but both pilots were rescued. The . Command said . Jets flew More than 270 strikes against North Vietnam wednesday and air Force f4 phantoms shot Down a mig21 interceptor in a dogfight 50 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. The command said american bombers gave a heavy pounding to the Haiphong Region wrecking Supply depots surface to air missile Assembly areas Sam launching Sites antiaircraft artillery batteries and Bridges. The Viet Cong announced today that it had released hundreds of South vietnamese troops captured during the fall of Quang Tri and a helped them return to their on the Southern front the . Command reported that six americans have been killed since monday in the stalled drive to reopen Highway 13 to an Loc the provincial capital 60 Miles North of Saigon that the North vietnamese tried in vain to capture. The dead americans included two advisers to the South vietnamese Force that has been unable to break through to an Loc and four helicopter crewmen. Two . Helicopter gunships were shot Down on tuesday and one on wednesday. Scotland neck Halifax split splintering of school districts for segregation ruled out by court by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a the supreme court today barred the splintering of school districts into smaller ones when the result is to perpetuate racial segregation. The 5 to 4 ruling in a Case from Rural Virginia gives Federal judges Broad supervisory Powers Over the drawing of school District boundaries. Although Justice Potter stewarts majority opinion did not Deal directly with cases other than the two before the court he gave out Broad hints that Strong actions by judges to no motive found for shooting rampage in which six killed by Tom Cannon associated press writer Cherry Hill. N A police say they Are baffled As they search for a motive for the shooting rampage by a gunman who entered an office building armed with two sawed off rifles and methodically pumped bullets into any Man he encountered. Six men died six were wounded. Officials identified the gunman As Edwin Grace 33, a uniformed off duty guard for a Security Agency. He was hospitalized with what police said were self inflicted gunshot wounds in the neck and head. Doctors said he had a Good Chance of pulling through. A witness said the gunman kept reloading the 22-caliber rifles and that nearly too bullets were fired As he ordered women to get out of his Way. A worker in an employment office in the building heritage House James Ashen 24, of Blackwood said a this Guy walked in. He was a Complete stranger. I never saw him before and he shot my Boss in the head and he hit the floor. He shot the Guy sitting n front of me a couple of times in the Back. A the other three of us grabbed chairs and crowded into the Corner of a Small room begging him not to shoot us. But he kept firing and he kept saying done to move done to he was a three of the wounded men were in critical condition and a seventh Man was injured seriously when he leaped through a window attempting to avoid the gunman victims interviewed by police said they did not know Grace and had not seen him previously. The gunfire erupted about 3 p.m., and police said the gunman terrorized the building for several minutes. About 40 policemen surrounded it after being alerted by a wounded Man who escaped. Public safety director Wal lace Lapeters said the officers fired tear Gas canisters into the building and that several policemen entered but that no shots were exchanged with the gunman. After the shooting stomped the gunman was carried from the building along with other wounded persons and it was not unt a Hospital workers found bullets in his pocket that police realized who he was. Several women who encountered the gunman told police he ordered them to get out of the Way. Six women scrambled to safety from the Goa . Office. And another seven who confronted the gunman a they cowered in a basement also were unharmed. Carried from the building on a Stretcher was Grace a Pinkerton guard from the Trenton n j., office of the detective Agency. Grace underwent surgery at Cherry Hill Hospital. Because of his condition police were unable to interrogate him. Break Down school segregation elsewhere could be upheld. In other actions today the court a held that convictions of White defendants Are invalid if negroes were systematically excluded from the jury. A ruled that a murder defendant s Jailhouse confession to a policeman posing As a prisoner was a harmless error and not enough to overturn his conviction. Particularly Stewart emphasized in the school District decision that the test of whether school boundaries Are legally drawn was a the effects a upon the dismantling of racially separate school systems. In a rare departure from virtual unanimity in school cases the court split in barring the separation of Emporia va., from the Greenville county system. The four Nixon administration appointees dissented in a bloc. Chief Justice Warren Burger speaking for them charged the majority with going a too far and said the elimination of disparities in racial ratios a is not the Mission of the desegregation a and yet in the second Case the court unanimously disallowed the split of Scotland neck off from the Halifax county n c., school system. Earlier this month the . Circuit court in Richmond overturned a Federal judges decision merging Richmond s City and suburban school districts. The judge Robert r. Mer Hige jr., was the same one who initially barred Emporia from separating its schools from its More Rural and More Black surroundings in Greenville county. Merhige was reversed by the same circuit court with the same judge Braxton Craven jr., of Asheville n c., writing the majority opinion. Atlantic Seaboard hit hard by storm what s inside amusements us Bridge in classified ads Sud comics 4d crossword to editorials. 4a financial 2a obituaries 5 Daub sports 1-7c television 4a women s Newt my weather 3a by the associated press tropical storm Agnes swept up the Atlantic Seaboard today with a wave of torrential Rains that crippled transit sent thousands from their Homes and left 19 persons reported dead. The Northeast braced for Flash floods. Pennsylvania gov. Milton Shapp declared a state of a extreme emergency after the storm dumped up to seven inches of rain on the state and caused at least five deaths. The other fatalities were reported in Virginia new York and North Carolina. In Pennsylvania highways were blocked communications disrupted and thousands evacuated from their flooded Homes. Amtrak cancelled All passenger train traffic South of Philadelphia for fear the Roland Lake dam near Baltimore might give Way. A 63-car Penn Central freight train plunged into a Creek near Danville pa., Early today when a Bridge collapsed under it. Two trainmen made their Way safely from the diesel submerged in the creeks swollen Waters. Hundreds of persons were evacuated from Sites below flood threatened dams motorists were stranded on flooded highways and Utility service was Cut in Many areas As the sex Hurricane poured up to 12 inches on rain in spots. Virginia a state civil defense Headquarters in Richmond said it had reports of la flood related deaths but there were no figures available from state police who keep the official count. Elsewhere at least two persons were reported dead in new York and one in North Carolina. A this is a terrible situation. In be never seen anything like it a said an officer in Virginia a hard hit Prince William county near Washington do. A cars have just been washed off the roads with people in Flash flood warnings remained in effect today for most of new York state and North Central and Western Pennsylvania. Virginia officials called Early today for amphibious military vehicles to an Effort to evacuate stranded motorists on interstates 95 and 66 after heavy trucks trying to reach them were washed off the roads. The Small town of Occoquan was evacuated after National guard troops called out to Aid in the county said the Occoquan dam upstream appeared to be weakening As flood Waters poured Over the top. In Southeastern new York the entire population of 700 was evacuated from the Hamlet of Almond As water built up behind a Highway construction Grade. State police said the earthen Grade was holding Back a 14-mile stretch of water 20 to 25 feet deep

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