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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina High Point Enterprise tuesday june 20, 1972 so television log it was a Noble try at least not fast enough san Francisco giants outfielder Jimmy Rosario 43 slides across Home plate while Chicago cubs Pitcher Tom Phoebus 36 applies the tag in mondays game in Chicago. Rosario tried to score from third on a wild pitch but Rosario covered the plate too quickly and tagged Rosario out. The cubs went on to win in la innings 7-6. A Wir photo Ali on Quarry i will be ready los Angeles a Muhammad Ali termed his foe of next week Jerry Quarry As a the last of the great White Hopes yet the former Cham a Pion appeared a Little fat when he worked out in los Angeles. A like those men in the rocket ships they count out to 9, 8 until they get to Zero a Ali commented in explaining his condition. A they really be ready at the count of four. A a in be got eight Days left and ill be ready. Ali meets Jerry in a 12-Rounder at Las vegas on june 27 on the same card when brother Mike Quarry challenges Light heavyweight Champion Bob Foster for his 175-Pound Crown. Muhammad Alii heavyweight Eddie Jones both Ziers people Are negotiating sex heavyweight King Ali a a a Quarry next 0f los Angeles. The sex Champ and then added a while he a looking Forward to a return crowned intermit edly during a resting somewhere in North match against the Only Man to Frazier says a Quarry is a serious workout. Both sparring Carolina or South Carolina in a beat him heavyweight King Joe counter puncher can hit and is partners hit him. A i was Deli taking on All the fast. I won our first fight when brately taking punches a he he suffered a Cut where he said. A i might have to take a Wasny to Cut before and that might not happen again. When a fan hollered a do it a so in a risking everything in like Joe Frazier a in a shout to fighting a sparring mate Ali climbed yet Ali trained Down to 217 out of the ring to feign an Ang pounds for his winning 12-round by attack. And he took the i Effort last month against crop one to introduce a Joe George Cuvalo of Canada at Frazier Only to quickly add Vancouver and was about 224 a lady in a sorry you look just for the los Angeles workout. Like Joe Trainer Angelo Dundee said and in the Post workout inter a i think he should come Iii be View session he started a the tween 217 and 220 and that Sermon today will be the de should be a throng of about 6,000 turned out at the forum to watch Ali spar with heavyweight Charles James and Light Striction of Joe Frazier. A Follower corrected him and he added a i mean Jerry Ali said a my people and Fra Washington a sports commentator Howard Cosell rained verbal blows on some of his favorite athletic Vil Lains monday and urged Congress to create a commission to regulate what he said Are the excesses of professional sports a there is a curious legend that every athlete is a shining manhood that every contest is inherently pure and that every owner a dedicated and selfless Man concerned Only with the Good of the sport a said Cosell reporter and commentator for the Abc network. And he told a Senate subcommittee sports writers have added to the legend and have helped make professional sports a a privileged Sanctuary from life a a looking Glass world a its no Camelot said Cosell As he proceeded to complain about sports monopolies football games which Only a privileged few can attend to blackouts of major local games and switches of baseball and football franchises motivated Only by pro it. He put much of the blame on the owners and declared a i do not buy their plea that they should be allowed to clean their own houses. A a they be evidenced a massive Lack of desire to do so in All the years in be been on the sports he generally supported creating a National sports commis Sion and told sen. Marlow Cook r-ky., the subcommittee chairman that it should have the Power to suspend or cancel team franchises for serious violations of regulations. Another witness Jack Dolph commissioner of the american basketball association testified the current bidding War is destroying professional basketball and disrupting College Basket Ball. He said the Bill creating the sports commission is a Long Range proposition that will not lend itself to stemming the bid Ding War of easing the financial problems it has caused. By Cynthia Lowry a Tel vision radio writer new York apr a the perpetual people Puzzle a abcs monday night special was a grab bag of entertainment some songs a dance number a Little satire some comedy monologues a sportscaster trying to be a comedian at his own expense and right in the Middle of All the action a very moving dramatic Vignette. The hour program had All the earmarks of a Pilot for a series. In Structure it was a Cross Between Public broadcasting so great american dream machine and no cd a Singer dancer Gwen Verdon opened the show with a a Chicago Sung and danced in an airline terminal at Kennedy Airport in new York As some passengers stared wide eyed. Miss Verdon and her fellow dancers wound up Riding slowly around the big Metal wheel from which passengers grab their Luggage. There was Richie Haven and his musical group with a couple of sad songs and Jack Cassidy camping through a Broad satire on tvs situation comedies. Cutting in from Start to finish was abcs Man about sports. Howard Cosell reporting on a a commuter 500�?� race. This was three working people a girl on a motorcycle a Man on a train and a Man in a car supposedly racing to get to the office first. Cosello a play by play and the race Wert supposed to be funny and maybe they were for viewers who Are Cosell fans. And the drama James Earl Jones played a freshly released sex convict Riding a bus Back Home and worrying about whether his wife wants him Back. Three sympathetic fellow passengers bring him to the Point of telling How if she wants him Back there will be a yellow handkerchief tied to a tree near the bus Stop. It built nicely to a Climax a tree festooned with yellow banners. A lot of the show did no to work at All other portions seemed forced and self conscious but All through it were rewarding moments. Best of All it was an Effort to do something in the variety form that has not been copied All Over the place. Dan blockers recent death has left a big Hole in the Basic Structure of no cd a David Canary was brought Back to the series almost immediately and Tim Matheson once in a the virginian cast will be introduced As a regular in the fourth or fifth episode of the fall season. He will play Griff King an sex convict brought to the ranch by Ben Cartwright. Young Mitch Vogel will continue As a regular for a third season. But the Cartwright clan that began with four is Down to two lome Greene and Michael Landon. 8 30 movie a two for the Money ugh pts Robert Hooks Stephen Brooks 10 00 Marcus Welby . No More football Goola Gong is. Evert London apr Vonnel a i am anxious to see them in would reach her Peak in 1974. A Goola Gong the reigning win opposition and evonne Desper j0t 0f people were surprised Bench tops no balloting new York a Johnny 80 Bench the major league Home pre run Leader has taken the Lead bled on Tennis Queen w ants one lately wants it too. I when she won Wimbledon thing above All else when she a match Between the two defends her title next week a girls the most exciting Dis swot a a a a in front at Ion with americans coteries in Tennis in recent diction about Wimbledon this for the Catcher s spot in the a Unnur for Cirl Chris Evert. Years would certainly produce year. But i stick to my pre in dial league voting for Bascule 20-Vear-old australian All night queues outside the All diction about 1974." a is All Star game at Atlanta and the a slim Little 17-year-old England club. Billie Jean King hoping to july 25. From fort Lauderdale Fla Chris is fresh from leading recapture the Wimbledon title the Star of the Cincinnati have never met across the net the United states to Victory which she won in 1966. 1967 and reds took Over the no. I spot a Chris is a Fine Young Laver Over Britain in the Wightman i is also missing the trom Pittsburgh a Catcher but i think evonne would beat cup. She won All her three Queens club tournament. Manny san Guillen in last Here said the Wimbledon matches two singles and a Queens club the last big week s balloting announced champions coach. Vie de doubles without dropping a warm up event before Wimble monday by commissioner Bow Provo Utah a Brig Ham Young University a Star Junior split end Golden Richards will not be playing football next year because he failed to meet the necessary academic standards. Richards a Junior led the nation in punt returns last season and tied an Mcaa record for touchdowns by punt returns in one season with four. 2 a my Gratis bar 2 a Btu Charlotte a Wung University station a Wols Roanoke of a Gap High Point q Wujs Winston Solom Fri soc Charlotte today 8 00 . 3d news weather sports a scene tonight a what a new a Abc news a eyewitness news 55 6 of clock news a truth or consequences 55 Ponderosa 52 news 7 30 . 2x3 Jerry Reed hour a Hodgepodge Lodge a squad �55 12 Ponderosa 4 30 . 3d lbs news a history 579 a to Tell the truth �55 52 Abc news 7 00 . A a Andy Griffith show a news a evening edition i . A girls and women 1 30 p. M. A a Hawaii five-0 a advocates a movie of week a movie 55 52 Abc playhouse 9 30 . 2x3 Cannon a Black journal 55 Nichols 52 Leonardo to . A net playhouse a Marcus Welby . 10 30 . 2 Primus a Carolina camera 55 pollution 52 close up 11 00 . A news sports weather a the scene tonight a news �5d news sports weather 53 news 11 30 . A movie a movie 5 55 52 Johnny Carson a Dick Cavett �55 Johnny Carson Hind Hank Aaron of Atlanta and Roberto Clemente of Pittsburgh. Aaron leads with 153,400 votes. Clemente has 128,309 and Mays 107,178. Wujs leg action playhouse-8 30 pm Quot a time to love Maximillian Schell Claire Bloom wednesday wards. Set. Don a got under Way monday in Kuhn. Bench had a total of 130,823 evonne goes to Wimbledon to without Stan Smith and Tom defend her title after a year of Gorman who had helped the votes to 88.868 for san Guillen Patchy form. But Edwards said United states to a 5-0 Victory the Only other change came he Isnit worried. Over Mexico in the Davis cup with Willie Mays of the new a Yevonne is gaining in sex the it a were expected to play York mets climbing to third Prience All the he said Here among the outfielders be a i done to worry when she loses it is very i melons. Tell never change the in. Ute. Ohio Mir Spaghetti save evonne Goola Gong in lesser tournaments sometimes. In a after the big one Little miss Evert is scheduled to play in the London grass court championships at Queens club this week. Miss Goola Gong is there too but Only on the practice courts. A we have lost possibly 12.600 in prize Money by not competing Here a Edwards said. A but i Felt it would do evonne More Good to spend the week a i said All along that evonne second mortgage Loans restaurant 11 the floor Green drive Wing Southern furniture exposition building fresh seafood Buffet wednesday night 5 30 pm-10 oops live entertainment fresh flounder fillet French Fried shrimp seafood Newburg with Rice Turkey and dressing assorted salads Coffee or Tea children under 12 1.75 adults 2.50 get up to 7,500 or a boat or camper. 4 00 . 2 summer semester 4 30 am 3d Good morning 55 on the f 7 00 . A us morning news a u. Of Michigan �5512 today show 7 30 . A lbs news a the morning scene a romper room 8 00 am a Good morning a Captain Kangaroo a Southern exposure 8 30 . Cd old rebel show 9 00 am a capt. Kangaroo a Green acres 55 Virginia Graham a Mike Douglas a dealing for dollars movie 52 today at Home 9 30 . A guide to love 52 Mchaley a Navy 10 00 a what every woman. A Lucy show a sesame Street 1552 Dinah a place 10 30 . 2 3 my three sons d5552 concentration 11 00 . 2 a family affair a Mist Erogers a password �55kh Sale of Century 11 30 am a a love of life a electric company a bewitched a 10/52 Hollywood squares 12 00 noon 3d where the heart is a scene at noon a what a new a news at noon a news 5552 jeopardy 12 30 . 3d� search for tomorrow a electric company a split second 55 news �52 who what where game 1 00 . 2 today a woman with Judy Walker a Betty Feezor show a All my children a jeopardy 5512 Somerset 1 30 . 2x3 As the world turns a Earth science a lets make a Deal �5532 three on a match 2 00 pm cd Many Splendore thing a newlywed Gam a 35 32 Days of our lives 2 30 pm a a guiding Light a dating game �3532 the doctor 3 08 pm a a secret storm �3532 another world a Bay City a general Hospital 3 38 pm 2 a Edge of night a one life to live �55 h return to Peyton pm 4 08 pm. A guide to love a Hazel a sesame Street a movie a Lassie 55 Merv Griffin 52 love american Styli 4 30 . A Flintstones a Daniel Boone a Gilligan a Island 52 the Munster 5 00 pm. 2 Daniel Boone a Mist Erogers a Petticoat Junction 12 Gilligan a Island 5 30 . A truth or consequence a electric company a 5 30 news a Dick Van Dyke 55 what a my line 52 wild wild West or maybe you d rather have a vacation Cabin in the mountains. Whatever major item you want or need we can help. Of you re a Homeowner a or Are now buying a Home a you May qualify for a loan of up to $7,500. You can pay it Back in easy budget tailored monthly payments. See us soon and see How easy it is to acquire that boat camper or second Home you be always wonted. Capsule views of today s evening programs 7 30 8 30 . 2 the Jerry Reed hour a a new series of the a comedy variety Mold. Guest stars Are arte Johnson and the Lennon Sisters. Mortgage company 8 the squad Julie line and Pete Are trapped in a Cave by a half crazed Man who holds them responsible for his Aono a death in the War. 2 Hawaii five-0 an eccentric billionaire suspected of killing a business associate is afraid to leave his Antiseptic yacht even to Clear himself. Is after the Money the girl is to inherit. 9 30 pm. 2 a Cannon a when the son of a prominent candidate is kidnapped Cannon is hired to investigate the situation. In a subsidiary of a cab corporation 124 lm4�n stent 919 12-051 7 he. Main St. Thoma Vtha. 919 475-1919 s14 n main St., latin fan 704 249-4757 8 movie of the week a two for the two cops quit the Force to become private detectives and Are quickly thrust into a search for a killer who had alluded authorities for 12 years. To pm. 8 Marcus Welby . Welby helps a Young instructor face the unconscious guilt he feels about his retarded sister. A of 12 Ponderosa a wealthy Community Leader s attempt to influence the court in a la a action playhouse a murder cases arouses Strong August Holland romances the opposition form her Friend daughter of a wealthy psychic Ben Cartwright. Artist who is sure the suitor 10 30 pm. 2 a Primus a Primus is asked to capture a Gigantic sea Serpent which turns out to by a missing Anaconda

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