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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 20, 1972, High Point, North Carolina With by Paul Shinn too Many tar heels just a coincidence in Jeen Sboro a when Jim Gardner bought out the Houston Mavericks and moved them to North Carolina four years ago Little was known about the american basketball association Ball club except that it had a losing record and a group of players nobody knew. In an Effort to change the image and make the team More acceptable to people used to getting their kicks from College basketball the cougars made a successful Effort to Stock the club with players whose names and talents were identifiable with the area. Names such As Gene Littles Bob Verga Larry Miller Doug Moe Randy Mahaffey and even former Wake Forest coach Bones Mckinney helped fill the roster to draw fans while the team was struggling to prove itself on the court. After the first season the Only one in which the cougars made the playoffs the local flavor began to disappear in favor of what then became an Effort to get the Best players available a period. For the next two years cougars fizzled on the floor and at the Gate. Coaching changes were made almost As frequently As player changes. Much to the cougars disappointment or Lack of Active Effort some local players who could have helped Pete Maravich and Charlie Scott to name a couple did get away. Now there Are rumours that the cougars Are going Back to the original formula of getting College stars from the state to help fill the huge Greensboro and Charlotte coliseum. The signing monday of Uncas Dennis Wuycik added further to that Rumor. Already the cougars have enough former tar heels on the team to change the uniform colors from Green and purple to baby Blue and White. With the possibility that tar Heel bin Chamberlain and South Carolinas Tom Riker May be added to the list and a Chance that Moe May return to the cougars in some capacity even a name change May appear in order. Not so says Cougar general manager Carl Scheer who is Well aware of what was done in the Early Days and is Quick to deny any charges of taking locally known players for that reason alone. A this is a sensitive area with me a a Scheer said yesterday Between interviews about the recent signings. A a we re being careful of not bringing in mediocre players just because they have local flavor. We Are dedicated to bringing in Quality Ball players and that a what we think we have done in the situation of signing Wuycik. It is important to us not to let these players get away from North Carolina. It would be silly of us not to sign them because they happen to play for an area school. A there Are some players in the area i could name but wont to save embarrassment who will not have the ability to play pro Ball. We think the players we Are getting do have that the cougars Are still in Active negotiations with Chamberlain and Riker but a couple of other names mentioned As possible candidates Henry Bibby of Urcla and a native North carolinian and Steve Bracy of Tulsa Are now in the a broken off stage of talks. With the Talent that the cougars have assembled it probably wont make much difference whether Bibby is Ever signed. Baseball beats. Antitrust again by the associated press for the third time in 50 years the . Supreme court has refused to overturn baseball a unique status As the Only sport exempt from antitrust Laws. The highest court in the land thus threw the matter Back at a seemingly disinterested Congress which has adopted none of the More than 50 Bills introduced in the last two decades to change baseball a Reserve system which binds a player to one team indefinitely. In a 5-3 ruling monday against a suit brought by former outfielder Curt flood the courts refusal to redefine the Reserve clause raised the Possi ability of another and More massive general strike next Spring than the one which delayed the Start of the 1972 baseball season for More than a week. A technically it is a subject for collective bargaining a said Richard Moss counsel for the major league baseball players association. A but practically it is the subject for a strike a Long strike. You either forget it or strike Over it and both Are unfortunate the so called Basic agreement Between players and owners expires dec. 31, along with pension and health insurance agreements reached after the recent strike in april. The Basic agreement covers minimum High Point Enterprise Page 3-b tues., june 20, 1972 salary expenses and Many other rules. One baseball executive asking to remain unidentified said a i Hope we re intelligent enough players and management alike to negotiate this before we re forced to do that Power rests with Congress. But Justice Harry a. Blackmun delivering the supreme courts majority opinion noted that Congress has had a Long time to do something about it and said the fact that it did nothing indicates More than a Mere congressional silence and in fact he said the supreme court a has concluded that Congress has had no intention to subject baseball a Reserve system to the reach of the antitrust baseball commissioner Bow negotiating. After a certain in Kulm said the decision time with a club say five years a opens the Way for renewed or eight years a player should collective bargaining on the re be Able to sit Down and Nego serve system following the 1972 Tate on whether he can get More m0tiey if he a Worth it or exactly what the players be free to bargain with another want was explained by Milt Pappas player representative in its decision the court of the Chicago cubs agreed that baseball is a Busi a the ruling does no to make a Ness engaged in interstate com lot of difference and the play Merce and Justice Blackmun ers were not looking to make called its antitrust exemption utter chaos which Complete Eli a an aberrations and a an examination of the Reserve clause caption and an he would do. However some own continued ers now have an idea How the a if there is any inconsistency players feel. Or illogic in All of this it is an a what we Are going to seek inconsistency Abd illogic of Long at the meeting table is an standing that is to be remedied agreement that will give Veter by the Congress and not by this an players some Freedom in a in expose Pitcher Bill Stoneman tries sacrifice it backfires when runner gets thrown out at second a wire photo Lee Trevino to sponsor women s pro tournament bugs remove rut astros get Groove by the associated press added three More runs in the and Hon Woods drove in the the Pittsburgh pirates fifth one in the sixth three in expose runs with sacrifice flies. Blasted their Way out of a rut the seventh and four in the monday night but the Houston eighth. Within Ivy games of the Lead in astros have found a Groove a it really did no to matter who the no East when Glenn Beck they a like to stay in was pitching out there tonight a Ert doubled Home Don Kessl the pirates shut out by san declared Oliver. Quot this team is in the Lith inning. Jim. A in a Taw Onisi Honor Hickman and Ron Santo had Diego 4-0 and 1-0 in their last loaded with Talent Confidence Homm of the cubs two starts and scoreless for 23 and Pride and it just wanted to we Joe Larrv Maddox hit a innings erupted for 16 hits in show the a three run blast for the giants. Ceding Home runs by Roberto meanwhile at the Astrodome Reggie Smith clouded two ring Onop up he a Iipp and Al Dierker showed the Houston Home runs and drove in five Clemente Gene Alley and Al m1nvl a runs and Sonny Siebert hurled Oliver and pasted the los an fans something too duplicating a , As whip. Geles dodgers 13-3. Jerry Reuss one jut Effort Ped Texas. Siebert. 7-3, had a the astros meanwhile got against he chillies sunday. It Chitter until ted Kubiak hit a me Asirosh me Anomie Gui was Only the eighth to me Back. Their second consecutive one hit track one hitters have been sixth inn no a a Jan Petroceli pitching performance when pitched. And Danny Cater also homered Larry Dierker limited new the Lone safety off Dierker for Boston York to a Lone single As hous a third inning sinkle by the Angels overtook the on Ion Defeated the mets 3-0 for Houston scored twice in the yes with three runs in the sixth a u a a jobs it Raight i score Lam e m be inning on a two run triple by the astros fifth straight Victo seventh on run scoring singles be Stanton and an rib single by by Lee May and Tommy by to Cardenas. Bobby Grich As a result Pittsburgh Helms then added another run but a two run Homer for Balli moved Back into first place in a. Ni1 on Ano Quoter a Chi More while Ken Mcmullen the National league East by by yay. Homered for California one half game Over the mets. 8 a. Quot Toneman Mike Epstein hit a pair of Northbrook Iii. A notes from the pro Golf tournament Trail Lee Trevino is planning on sponsoring a women a pro tournament in the Elpaso area next fall. A a in a involved in this development project you Trevino said. A a we re building a Golf course. And we want to open it up with a tournament. Quot what i want to do is get a f Good women a tournament. You know $30,000 or $35,000 or i something like that. It would i Cost too much to put on a i menus tournament but we could swing one for the ladies without too much trouble. While the astros pulled within a shut out the Cincinnati reds on Bome runs then Drew a walk half game of first place Cincin Jfe a wn8es, while Tim Eoli web be loaded in the eighth inning to Force across the tie breaking run for Oakland. Norm Cash hit bks 15th Lee Trevino a your roster is rather Complete a Scheer said sneaking of the 18 players now under contract. A a we re slowly reaching the saturation Point in number of players but we will continue to do whatever is necessary to two of the things necessary will be pruning the present roster of some veterans by trades or releases and finding a first class Center which is still the Hub of the basketball team wheel. Some of the veterans have already voiced their anxious feelings about the current additions to the club. That includes Gene Littles the Only remaining original Cougar and that takes in front office personnel As Well As players. With the depth at Forward and guard it Isnit of hard to figure that somebody is going to go one Way or another. The cougars Are committed to ted Mcclain because of the Money invested and even though he did no to perform Well As a Rookie last year he will stay. Larry Miller had a Good year. Joe Caldwell and even Billy Cunningham can play backcourt if necessary so there Are some expendable guards. As for Center the cougars Are banking on Dukes Mike Lewis. Lewis Hasni to actually signed a contract yet but Scheer was on the phone to him yesterday with an invitation to come Down and talk. Scheer said he did no to think there would be any problems in getting Lewis to sign. Lewis played for Pittsburgh before the club folded recently. And the cougars Are looking once More at Randy Denton who was traded last year to Memphis. The Only problem right now with getting Denton in a Trade is the fact that Memphis does no to have a general manager or a coach because of the change in management with Charlie Finley taking control. When the pros front office situation is clarified a Trade should be in the making for Denton As a backup Center. There Are All sorts of possibilities available Between now and the opening of fall Camp in september. Within a week or two Scheer and coach Larry Brown should be sitting Down to evaluate the Cougar position id then the Wheeling will begin. A a we re not close to trading anybody yet a Scheer said a but we feel fortunate that six clubs have contacted us in the past 48 hours. That Means we have players that other people want. But we Arentt going to jump into anything yet. I do think that we Are slowly preparing ourselves for what professional basketball has to offer in the next few so they get the first class treat. J i dozen Mentz a Good rate on hotel rooms transportation All that sort of thing. A i done to know what its going Nati in the no West. The reds were blanked by Montreal 2-0. A this course is built around in the Only other National my game. A Way around it. They league baseball action the Don ouch a a any Point Quot pint i klans ha7 Anno,.cod a he will not play again until the were rained out. British open. Should he win in the american league bos there. The chances Are Good ton bombed Texas 12-0, califor that he wont play again until �3.edfed Baltimore 4-3 and the National Champion Dak land boat Detroit 7-3. Cleve ship three weeks later. And game to Minnesota was that would put Arnold Palm inf 0uld de Ork uni unit or who has paired with Jack to Yankees Waukee kans Champion 1>ancv Smith went win the National team Cham and Hiaam a whte to Scotland for the recent cur Pion shop the last two years wj�11 a a tis cup matches and has re looking for a new partner Broo Nins noon for the i Maine in Britai Quot for the worn the team championship is a be St tiny Amateur tournament there scheduled on palmers Home rates Quot hos 284 team Batt no to. Contenders on the 5 course in i Enmor a Tho average is tops in the majors. week the three rib moved Clemente Ard country club of no rth week before the Iga town. Pace on Carolina course include mrs pirate list with 1,275, two More a Lee Jve Delray Beach you be seen a a he television Quot an Hall of Kames pie trem Quot daughter team of mrs. H. S. And women begin Eastern Golf Competition Pinehurst no. A eighty players from a dozen states tee off in the 66th women a Eastern Golf association Amateur championships today. However the defending Homer of the season for the tigers. This Wiik. A a. A u.�. Open was a noon to the a. Nor in going to try to set it up. A. Commercial where Lee Trevino in l a Rimes bus Ness. Ai lest two Waks under multicoloured up Quot Burgh ended its Scottie sports writers who Pught and perches on the Edge Streak with two runs a the first 01 a cd a a. A. Hadnot planned to go pre of a Pool table while he makes w�11? off Dan Stilton 8-2�?. H piously a started scurrying for his sped. Kith losses coming at the 8 it a reservations to Edinburgh. The commercial was taped in ands a i l a rates. The bucs to he railed whether my names and when Nicolaus made his Home. Will be on it or not but we re the British 0pen the lord Erot the i�1 Tab a in just o inn to to it a a on Hopes of a professional so friends could enjoy it when a 8 _ grand slam this season. They come by a he said. A i done to play much myself. Mason Rudolph a comment most of the time my son uses save up to 50% finest doubt Elm spor Coats s55�. Of. 39�?� j65 s49,s 580 a a a . S59,s Jack Nicklaus Victory in the boxing matches set Friday the Jack Smith boxing Center will hold an . Match on june 23 at 7 30 m. Other clubs participating will be the Charlotte police boxing club. Winston Salem Patterson Street Myca boxing team and the Gastonia police boxing club. Some High Point fighters that will be boxing Are Willie Davis. Odell Davis James White William White Lynwood Little James Miller Mike Little and Bill Summey. We Are fortunate to have some of the Best boxers in North and South Carolina right Here in High Point. All proceeds from this match go into a travelling fund so that the team can go to other cities and provide a meal for each of the boxers after the matches. After taking a wind blown 80 in it. He uses it As a place to put the . Open at Pebble Beach up his electric train builders Marsh kitchens helps sell free estimates a phone 882-0722 the 54-Hole tournament con tunes through Thui a at last we found a sauce. A. Just right. Att or Hor i Oil cd x i out Iii Milf. Nil i or. Mrs. L b. We tit sauce to up philc0� no Frost 5.8 cd. It. 2-door refrigerator Freezer no defrosting Ever $ 299 95 it a Only 30 id a 131 la Freezer White Avocado or shaded Copper Cabinet Briley from first to last Louisville a jockey Gustav Avila who won the 1971 Kentucky Derby with canonero ii finished 16th and last in Hie 1972 renewal with Macalia a 54 to i shot owned by the Walnut Hill farm. Easy to adjust shelves specials on i Cem Plata Lins of Risco refrigerators. Furniture co. 2510 s. Main phone 886-4455 Uco factory service plenty of parking in Back a Quot terms arranged Quot Philco Power Saver control separate editable cold control m refrigerator and in Freezer a twin moist cold vegetable crisper a deep shelf storage door Model rd16m6 Philco the better idea people in refrigerators. Unis double knit Slacks next j doubt knit i j ski 51795 a / doubled nil i / s35o, s24,s or. I Ila i i i. \. It. clothing to. H t Down a n or can Vico 5 my to. A Winston so it a p., or i % i. R. T 1 i t

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