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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather file and warm More data on Page 3a with year no. 162 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation min High Point. N. C., wednesday afternoon. June 12. 1674 64 pages classified ads ms-2177 other depts. Ms-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c motorcade into City Nixon gets frenzied Welcome in Cairo Nixon and Sadat in motorcade from Cairo Airport to the City a 0�0� Kissinger role in taps disputed by lawmakers by Jeffrey Mills associated press writer Washington a a member of the House judiciary committee says he has seen proof that Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger ordered National Security wiretaps despite Kissinger s sworn denial. For answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Tennis. Sisters q. Please Tell me what a nun wears when she plays Tennis. A Baptist. A. Quot a Tennis said a sister at Mayfield with a Grin a but More than that she confess. We could t find one with a Tennis habit but they probably Wear what baptists do in need of help q. I live in a neighbourhood where nobody likes me and my husband cusses me and my Mother just hates me and i want a divorce and want to know How i can get one fast and want to get away from these people and will you Tell me where to go to get a divorce fast and get my Little girl. Thank you. A. The woman who transcribes the action line messages said she could not understand your name because you were crying so much. Please Call either the Contact ministry number 882-8121 or the family service Bureau 883-1709 for some help. For game results q. There Are 92 teams of softball in High Point and about half the people in High Point Are interested in softball but there Are never anything in the High Point Enterprise and wondered Why or. P. S. A. The City Parks and recreation dept serves As a Clearing House for All game scores and information concerning local softball leagues. This is necessary because As you Point out there Are 92 softball teams and we can to handle each one separately. Team managers or scorekeepers should thus be sure to Contact the Par department with their game results and the necessary information will be forwarded to us. The Serpent s bite q. What do you do if a Snake bites you . A. If you done to know whether it was a poisonous Snake or not. The bite Marks give a clue. A non venomous snakes leaves two a shaped rows of Fine Teeth Marks but Little pain or swelling results. This kind you clean with Plain soap and water cover with a sterile dressing and see a doctor As an added precaution. A venomous bite usually leaves two Small puncture Marks or sometimes one if it struck at an Angle. Their smaller Teeth behind the fangs May leave rows of scratches too. The pain from this venom is immediate and intense. Only the rare Coral Snake is an exception. Its bite resembles that of a no venomous Snake and results in very Little pain. The Only specific measure for a poisonous bite is the injection of a Tivenin the sooner the better. It is better to have a doctor do it but a first aider can do it by using the equipment in Snake bite kits. If no a Tivenin is on hand the victim should be immobilized. Lie Down be quiet no walking or muscular activity no stimulant. If possible the victim should be carried on a Stretcher or else on someone a Back with the bitten part hanging lower than the rest of the body to the nearest doctor or source of help. If medical help is hours away the age old incision suction method should be used. A constricting band loosened every Quarter hour is placed Between the wound and body. Its purpose is to slow the flow of blood not Stop it so it be too tight. At the site of the bite cuts no deeper than Are made to ind6ce bleeding. The cuts should be shallower on the hands to avoid cutting nerves. Then suction is applied by Mouth or suction cup. If there Are any Breaks in the tissue of. The Mouth the venom May be absorbed of an artery is Cut by Accident apply a pressure Bandage. But another member of the committee said today the panel has a document that shows Kissinger did not originate the wiretaps. Rep. Joshua Eilberg d-pa., said tuesday a materials have been supplied to us which constitute positive proof that Kissinger did Institute those taps Quot but rep Charles Wiggins r-calif., disagreed. A the s not naive he knew what was going Wiggins said in an interview today. A but Kissinger is technically Correct that he did not direct if a what the Fri does when it is told there is a problem is its decision Quot he said. A it was the of big a decision to tap the phones Quot Wiggins said the committee has a document signed by Kissinger that shows Kissinger did not originate the wiretaps. He refused to elaborate. The Senate foreign relations committee acting at Kissinger s request decided tuesday to take another look at Kissinger a testimony concerning wiretaps last september during his confirmation hearings. Kissinger had threatened earlier in the Day during a news conference at Salzburg Austria to resign if the controversy Over his role in the wiretapping is not cleared up. He denied that he had lied to the foreign relations committee during the confirmation hearings. At Issue is the extent of Kissinger a involvement in the wiretapping of 13 government officials and four newsmen Between May 1969 and february 1971. Last september Kissinger testified that he never recommended the wiretapping. But supplied names of persons who had Access to sensitive documents leaked to the news Media. However recent press re see Kissinger on 2a crisis atmosphere prevails on trip by Frances Lewine associated press writer Salzburg Austria apr Henry a. Kissinger a threat to resign injected something of a crisis atmosphere into president Nixon s quiet rest Stop amid the towering Snow capped austrian Alps. Grim faced and emotional the Secretary of state summoned the travelling White House press corps and defended his personal Honor from assaults stemming from the Nixon administration s wiretaps. President Nixon did not know in Advance his Secretary of state would threaten resignation. Two hours passed before his press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler distributed a statement declaring the president would be reluctant to accept Kissinger a resignation on such grounds. A those in the world who seek peace and Are familiar with Secretary Kissinger a contributions to International Trust and understanding share his View that the Secretary s Honor needs no defense Quot Ziegler read. He added a i am confident the matter will work itself Kissinger a startling statement was triggered by press reports that he lied to the Senate foreign relations committee last september about his part in wiretaps the White House had put on some government officials and newsmen. Visibly outraged and Hurt he said he could not delay defending himself a while there were daily editorials asking for an explanation of a Shady affair not while editorials say his fitness for Public office is at Issue not while headlines say a blot on or. a i do not apologize for it Quot Kissinger said of attempts to plug what he described As National Security leaks. A it is not a Shady affair As has been alleged it followed see crisis on 2a by Kenneth j. Freed associated press writer Cairo apr hundreds of thousands of egyptians gave president Nixon a wildly enthusiastic Welcome on his arrival Here today to Start a tour of the Middle East. He is the first american president to visit the country since Franklin d. Roosevelt came in 1943 for wartime conferences Nixon arrived from Austria in 90-degree heat at the Cairo Airport and was greeted warmly there by president Anwar Sadat his Host for the Nett two Days. The two presidents then went by motorcade to the City standing Side by Side in Sadat s open limousine. The motorcade passed Large crowds lining the roads chanting. A Nixon Nixon Sadat Sadat Quot White House press Secretary Ronald l. Ziegler told newsmen later that egyptian Security officials estimated the crowd at at least two million. However. Us. Officials said the figure was in the hundreds of thousands in their estimation. After a drive for nearly an hour Nixon and Sadat arrived at the Kobbah Palace where the . Chief executive will stay. In a Brief ceremony the two presidents exchanged remarks. Sadat called Nixon one of the great men and praised his leadership in the egyptians excited by visit Cairo Egypt a busloads of workers shouting a Nixon Nixon Quot and waving a Nixon for peace Quot banners roared through Cairo today. On their Way to the Airport four hours before the am Val of the first american president to pay a state visit to Egypt. The route to be taken by president Nixon and his Host president Anwar Sadat was marked by triumphal Arches american flags and billboards displaying Large portraits of the two presidents. The Arab socialist Union. Egypt a Only Legal political party was reported teaching villagers along the railway line from Cairo to Alexandria to chant a we Welcome president Nixon Quot in English As Nixon travels to the Mediterranean port thursday. Egypt a two Best known belly dancers Nagwa Fouad and Soheir Zaky headed the floor show for the state dinner Sadat is giving tonight for president Nixon and his wife. Press reports said Sadat would bestow the order of the Nile Egypt a highest ranking decoration on Nixon and the order of perfection on mrs. Nixon. Asked about the Cost of the Welcome an egyptian assured one american a a done to worry Nixon will pay for it before he world As if to give Nixon support in the face of his Domestic troubles. Sadat spoke of the necessity for the american president to continue in a leadership role. Nixon responded by pledging support for Egypt s economic programs. Nixon left the plane that brought him from Salzburg Austria with his wife. Pat. And Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger. They were met by Sadat and his wife. Although Nixon a arrival carries great symbolic importance. It was overshadowed by Kissinger s earlier threat to resign if the controversy in t ended Over his role in wiretapping practices. Military and plainclothes forces were evident everywhere. Sadat and Nixon scheduled their first private talks about 2�?~i hours after the american Leader s arrival at the Elyj it Tian residence Tahra Palace. Their meetings throughout the 48-hour stay Are expected to Deal generally with the Middle East situation Ami particularly with the new and growing . Role in the area. There was a possibility Sadat and Nixon would for i so Nixon on 2 a judge plans to order Access to documents by Mike Shanahan associated press writer Washington a -. Distinct judge John j. Sirica today suggested to h. R. Haldeman and John d. Ehrlichman they make a personal Appeal to president Nixon for Access to White House files so that a constitutional confrontation Over the Issue can be avoided in the watergate cover up trial Sinca attempting to avoid the Legal tangle which arose in the plumbers Case urged the former top presidential assistants to seek Nixon a help in preparing their defense. Steel prices up by 8 per cent Pittsburgh a. Apr . Steel corp. Has raised prices an average of 8 per cent on a variety of products used in the Auto and heavy construction Industry. The nation s largest steelmaker announced the increases on tuesday. The company said the boosts would result in an increase of less than 3 per cent in Over All Revenue. A company spokesman said the increases move prices a toward the higher Levels being charged by other he said the new prices arc no More than those of competitors. Although the size of the increases was not announced the company said the boosts would result in an increase of less than 3 per cent in Overall Revenue. Last year the company reported total sales of More than $7 billion. The products affected by the Price hikes account for about 25 per cent of the giant steelmaker s product line. . Steel had joined other producers in raising prices after Federal wage Price controls were ended in april. The Cost of living Council had allowed the Industry Price increases totalling 9.2 per cent during the last phase of controls. The company spokesman said those increases a were Cost justified under phase four. He said that even with the latest increases . Steel has not fully recovered Cost increases incurred while wage Price controls were in effect. Not requested Congress adds warplane fund by Fred s. Hoffman a military writer Washington a for the second straight year. Congress has voted to build additional multimillion Dollar War planes the Pentagon did not request. Ironically the plane is the fill which was the target for nearly to years of some of the most severe congressional attacks Ever made against a military aircraft. Opponents used to say it was too costly and technically unsound. In both the House and Senate the armed service land use planning Bill Dies by Peggy Simpson associated press writer Washington a amid charges that the White House was playing impeachment politics the House has refused to take up land use planning legislation tuesdays All Day vote apparently kills the legislation for the session. Rep. Morris k. Udall d-ariz., sponsor of one land use Bill said the vote a shows the shabby hypocrisy of the White House. They said they were for land use legislation but they did not Send a word. No House majority Leader Thomas p. Of Neill d-mass., said a they pulled the Rug from under us. They helped construct the legislation a and then 136 republicans voted against the Udall said president Nixon played impeachment politics on the Bill deliberately withdrawing support for the measure his Interior Secretary helped write to court conservatives to stay with him on impeachment. The Sierra club agreed and said that by tuesdays vote Congress a has mortgaged americans future to haphazard and chaotic . The sponsors of a weaker Bill House minority Leader John Rhodes and rep. Sam Steiger both r-ariz., voted against allowing the House to debate any land use Bill. Steiger denied Udall a charge of impeachment politics saying he had made no Trade offs with the White House on the Issue. He said he had been advised by a w Hite House lobbyist not to oppose a full House debate on the land use Bill but he did anyway telling the House that to consider it would mean wrangling through dozens of amendments. The Bill would have provided $800 million to help states and local governments devise Means for planning the Wisest use of their land and other resources. President Nixon had called land use legislation his top environmental priority four years ago in a message to Congress. His Interior Secretary Rogers c. B. Morton worked closely with the Interior committees in shaping the legislation most of last year. Steiger took credit for Nixon a reversal in february made known Only when the House rules committee blocked the Bill from coming to the House floor. Steiger said then Morton had misled the president into thinking the Bill would be Good for the country. By last week Morton had switched positions himself supporting Only the Steiger Rhodes Bill rather than the one he helped draft. Committees gave authority to build another 12 fills at about $17 million each in the coming fiscal year in a defense procurement Bill. The the Bills reached House and Senate floors no move to drop the fill provision was made by sen. William Proxmire d-wis., rep. Les Aspin d-wis., or any other defense spending critics. Asked Why Proxmire who called the swing Wing fill a a Deathtrap Quot about 19 months ago did not make such a move an aide said the Wisconsin senator had four amendments on other issues and that it was a a matter of an Aspin aide said amendments aimed at cutting specific programs have had a limited he said Aspin preferred to try to reduce the Bill s Over All size. The Senate Bill passed tuesday earmarks $220.5 million for additional fills. The House Bill passed earlier would authorize $205.5 million for additional fills. Differences Between the two versions will be adjusted in a Senate House conference with actual Money to be voted later. Last year after the Pentagon had said it needed no More than the 543 fill fighters and bombers already built or authorized the Congress decided to add 12 planes costing $167.8 million. The cover up trial is scheduled to begin sept. 9. . District judge Gerhard Gesell has said he plans to Issue an order designed to Force Nixon to permit Ehrlichman full Access to Handwritten notes left behind when he resigned As chief White House Domestic affairs adviser Gesell on tuesday delayed Ehrlich Many a trial in the Case while going ahead with the prosecution of three others still accused in the 1971 break in at the office of Daniel us bergs a psychiatrist. The judge ordered a separate trial for Ehrlichman but said he will continue to press an intensifying struggle today Over refusal by the president to allow the former White House aide and his lawyers Access to the files. Ehrlichman says his lawyers must be permitted to see 28 months Worth of Handwritten notes now locked in a w Hue House vault. Nixon has agreed to allow Ehrlichman s attorneys to wait in an adjacent room of the vault a proposal Gesell has rejected. The president also maintains that Only he can decide what is evidence in the Case a position Gesell says he finds offensive. Gesell said he plans to sign a specific orders to enforce the subpoenas in order that appropriate pretrial release of the pertinent documents among or. Ehrlichmann a White House papers now in the custody of the president can be accomplished thus permitting this trial to go Forward As to him at a subsequent one lawyer said Gesell might Call a hearing at which White House lawyers would have to demonstrate Why Nixon should not be held in contempt of Geselle a court. Ehrlichman faces other Federal charges along with six others in a courtroom just Down the Hall from Geselle a. Andrew Hall one of Ehrlichmann a lawyers indicated tuesday the same strategy used in the plumber Case would be tried before . District judge John j. Sirica hearing the cover up Case. Hall said at a pretrial hearing that unless Ehrlichman gets full Access to a number of documents left behind in the White House there is a a denial of due Sirica indicated however he May not be As convinced As judge Gesell that Access to the White House files is so vital to a fair trial. A what Are you going to do about it if Nixon refuses defense subpoenas Quot Sirica asked Hall. Suggesting that Hall Send a. Subpoena to the White House be judge on 2a what s inside amusements �?T., 16c bridge22a classified ads. 17-21c comics. 14 a crossword22a editorials4a financial2 a obituaries21a Sportsi-5c television .5c women a news 6-12a weather.3a

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