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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 11, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather cooler tonight More data on Page 3a Lith year no. 161 the High Point Enterprise Cau us Cirri Union in nit High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon june la. 1974 48 pages classified ads ms-ll77 other dept. Ms-711 daily 19c. Is a Dayoc Over wiretap Kissinger threatens to resign Salzburg. Austria apr Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger said today a a will resign unless the controversy in Washington Over his role in National Security wiretapping is cleared up Quot i do not believe it is possible to conduct the foreign policy of the United states under these circumstances. He told a special news conference Here if it is not cleared up i will resign a his voice quavered at times and his eyes glistened with tears he called on the Senate foreign relations committee to reopen its Case on the alleged wiretaps and said if necessary he would break off his trip to the Middle East with president Nixon to return to Washington to testify. Kissinger was referring to charges stemming from various reports that he had ordered wiretaps on administration officials who had Access to National Security documents that were leaked to the press in the United states in Washington the foreign relations committee promptly voted unanimously to review Kissinger s previous testimony on the wiretaps sen Edmund s. Muskie. A mame. Made that announcement and said he fully supports the Secretary and does not believe he should resign asked if he considered himself an innocent bystander in the controversy Kissinger replied that on a number of occasions he had called president Nixon s attention to Quot very significant Security leaks m he added this then led the president. To Institute a program of wiretaps. I did not myself propose the program undoubtedly see kissing a on 2a a a for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every stiff upper up q As a sworn member of the High Point police dept. I would like to know Why officers Are not allowed to grow a moustache and Black officers Are i am referring to Black officers that have joined the department since the memorandum restricting moustaches was adopted. I have brought this to the attention of both the major and the chief and each assured me that the situation would be changed. I have also taken this up with attorney Luke Wright and he advised me that this was a highly discriminatory situation. Anon. A. As you know the chief officially changed the policy earlier last week so this is More to advise the Public to expect some fuzz on the fuzz. All May now have moustaches As Long As they re neatly trimmed and not too Bushy or unruly. A slightly longer hair length is also permitted one Check q. Would you please find an answer to this question so we can agree or disagree. During world War la if a widowed Mother had two or More sons in service could each one of them Send her an allotment or Only one son thank you. Anon. A Only one allotment is allowed says army Recruiter Bill Gilbert because it operates on the same basis As claiming a dependent for income taxes in providing More than 50 per cent of the persons income or support. The allotment May be split with half of it going to a Mother and the other half to a . Doll q. Where can one buy a souvenir or collector s doll with Quot North Carolina Quot on it a live one in Michigan badly desires one a she has 20 from other states. We done to know where to look. , a. We wrote the state s travel and promotion division to see if there was an official doll and asked if a Corn shuck doll might serve As our ambassador. Apparently the promotion people figured that was As Good As any. They forwarded the letter to the Southern Highland handicraft Guild whose director Robert Gray replied that some of the Best Quality Corn shuck dolls he a Ever seen Are made by an elderly woman. They Are available for $10 from the Guild s shops one of which is Aua stand 16 College St., Asheville . 28801. Your Michigan Friend May be thinking in terms of a plastic Scarlett of Hara Belle or a tobacco Farmer with a North Carolinas stencilled across their brows or bonnets but for a collection a Corn shuck doll handcrafted by a native would be a unique addition. Those people interested in seeing the craftsman a fairs of the Southern Highlands might like to know the dates july 8-12 at Asheville and oct. 15-19 at Gatlinburg them out q. What chemicals will kill fish worm mites and not harm or kill the Worms and where can you buy it . A. Try a Blowtorch. No fooling a fellow at Casey a bait and tackle shop said a worm rancher he knows uses this method swishing the Torch Back and Forth around the sides and top of the worm bed for Short periods maybe two or three Days in a Row. We asked if this Fry the Worms and he said the mites usually gang up around the edges and top while the Worms Are safely insulated below. The Torch is one of those propane Gas cylinders in Case you re visualizing lugging around one of those huge tanks welders use witness decision is pressed Washington api the House judiciary committee. Driving to Complete its impeachment inquiry by july 15, is resisting Republican members demands that it decide now whether to Call key watergate witnesses. It also is refusing to get into an argument with president Nixon Over its right to subpoena White House tapes ignoring his latest Rebuff and making plans to Issue a new subpoena chairman Peter w. Rodino jr., in a. Said after a meeting of committee democrats on monday that it was Quot important and urgent Quot that the committee meet its july 15 deadline for recommending to the House whether Nixon should be impeached if necessary the House leadership wants an impeachment vote by the full House in late july or Early August the democratic caucus followed a similar meeting of the Republican members who agreed unanimously to Send Rodino a letter demanding the question about witnesses be settled this week Rodino has insisted that the presentation of All documentary evidence gathered in the inquiry be completed first. The presentation which continues in closed session today is due to end june 19 or 20. As for witnesses Rodino has indicated the number the committee is Likely to Call will be limited Charles w. Colson former White House counsel who has agreed to testify in pending watergate trials is the Only potential witness in which the democrats seem interested. The committee staff has been instructed to question him privately to determine what he has to say. In their letter the 17 republicans say other former White House aides such As John w. Dean Iii h r. Haldeman and John 6. Ehrlichman also should be called. The republicans said Nixon a refusal to comply with the subpoenas for tapes and other evidence makes it All the More important to Call witnesses who might be Able to Supply the same information. Most of the committee s 21 democrats believe that except for Colson the testimony of All the other witnesses the republicans want to Call already has been Given in other court and committee proceedings. In rejecting the committee s fourth subpoena Nixon also rejected it Contention that the Power of impeachment overrode any claim he could make to executive privilege. Quot i cannot accept such a doctrine a Nixon said in a letter to Rodino. Quot no president could accept such a doctrine which has never before been seriously asserted a Nixon also said the committee would not be Able to conclude from his refusal to comply with the subpoenas that he was withholding incriminating evidence an inference the committee has said it is prepared to draw. Quot a claim of privilege which is valid under the doctrine of separation of Powers and is designed to protect the principle of separation of Powers must be accepted without Adverse inference or else the privilege itself is undermined and the separation of Powers nullified a Nixon said. The committee which sent Nixon a letter after each pre Saa witness on 2a Nixon refusal is cited trial of Ehrlichman severed from others Washington api a a Federal judge today postponed John d Terhi Ichman a trial on break in. Conspiracy and perjury charges because president Nixon has refused full Access to Ehrlichman s White House files. . District judge Gerhard a. Gesell said he would Issue an order probably wednesday to enforce the subpoena Ehrlichman served pm the White House for the files. The trial of Ehrlichman s three co defendants will begin monday As scheduled. Gesell said Quot the president flatly refuses to make documents available to the court in camera and thus makes it impossible for the court to properly perform its duty a Gesell said. Quot in View of this resistance to a lawful trial subpoena the court feels it necessary to sever or. Ehrlichman from the remaining defendants and continue his trial at a later Date a William s. Merrill an assistant special prosecutor said it was possible that the former Domestic counsels trial might not take place until next year Kreisky Points out places of interest to Nixon in Garden tour map a �?�000 Nixon austrian Leader Confer Salzburg Austria api a president Nixon met More than it hours today with Aust Nan Chancellor Bruno Kreisky to discuss the american chief executives trips to the Middle East and Moscow. Nixon leaves this medieval City wednesday for Egypt on the first Stop of a five nation Middle East tour. The talks also touched on european matters presidential spokesman Ronald Ziegler said particularly the european Security conference that includes Russia and other Eastern european nations. Ziegler raised the possibility that Nixon will hold a Summit meeting with Western european leaders before he gets to Moscow. A final determination probably will depend on whether a new declaration of principles for the North Atlantic treaty organization is initiated by nato foreign ministers in Canada later this month Ziegler also defended Nixon against criticism by sen. Henry m Jackson a was who said that the president Quot is screwing ii up Quot in reference to the Middle East achievements by Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger. Quot that View is not shared by the majority of the Senate Quot Ziegler said and not Quot by the majority of the american people in my Jackson told a labor convention monday in Atlantic City n j., that he thought Kissinger had brought some stability to the Middle East and he fears the president s trip might bungle the ceasefire agreements. Nixon appeared to be counting on medieval Salzburg to be something of a Good Luck Talisman for his trip to the Middle East. Standing bareheaded in a steady ram Nixon on his arrival monday night recalled his Stopover in the City in what s inside amusements. 5b Bridge. .3c classified ads. 3-7c comics. 4b crossword. .3c editorials financial. 2a obituaries .2c sports. I-3b television 6b women a news. 6-7a weather. Route to Moscow in 1972 and said that journey Quot not Only created a new. Direction As far As the soviet Union and the United states were concerned. But contributed to peace for All nations of the expressing a Hope for similar Success on his trip to four Arab nations and Israel the president added Quot every nation in the world has a stake in this Nixon had told a Farewell crowd at the White House Quot we realize that one trip is not going to solve differences that Are very deep which go Back Many years and in some cases centuries but we also realize that a beginning has to be made. Nixon was stopping for 36 hours in Salzburg to adjust to the change in time before flying on to Cairo wednesday morning the Only item on his schedule today was a two hour meeting with austrian Chancellor Bruno Kreisky but his aides insisted that the president was not vacationing a a no relaxation at All a said chief of staff Alexander m. Heig jr., Quot it will be a period of very intensive work a jewels Given officials wives a Post Washington a the Washington Post reported today that the wives of former vice president Spiro t. Agnew and former Secretary of state William p. Rogers received costly gifts of jewels from Arab Royalty but Only recently turned them in for official processing required by Law. In a Story by columnist Maxine Cheshire the newspaper also said an expensive jewelry set crafted out of emeralds and diamonds had been presented by an Arab Oil minister to the wife of William full night chairman of the Senate foreign relations committee. Under the 1966 Law All foreign gifts to Federal officials and their families valued at More than $50 Are legally the property of the u s. Government and must be turned Over to the state department protocol office for cataloguing and disposition. The Story said the jewelry sets including diamonds and pearls to Judy Agnew rubies and diamonds to Adele Rogers and the Emerald Diamond set to Elizabeth Ehrlichman in court during the Brief proceeding was asked by reporters if his insistence on seeing All hts White House notes for a 2 year period was a tactic to get him off. Ehrlichman replied. Quot i Don t consider it a tactic. This is a matter for a fair trial. A there had been Public speculation that president Nixon s imposition of conditions under which the material would be yielded was a Legal Man Euver to allow Ehrlichman to go free hut Ehrlichman said a there is no substance to he said he had not talked with president Nixon since last december James d St Clair. President Nixon a chief watergate lawyer told Gesell on monday hat the president still reserved the Mal say Over what materials from Ehrlichman s own files the former Domestic aide could use Quot the proposal is Gesell said. Quot it denies him the right of counsel a Gesell has said that he. Not Nixon would be the final judge of what material could be admitted As evidence at Ehrlichman s trial Gesell had threatened to dismiss the Case against Ehrlichman entirely unless Nixon agreed to release the material sought by Ehrlichman for his defense the three who will be tend monday Are g. Gordon Biddy Bernard l Barker and Euge Ruo Martinez who were convicted previously in connection with the watergate break in. Ehrlichman Liddy Barker and Martinez Are charged with conspiracy to violate the nights of Daniel Ellsberg s psychiatrist. Or. Lewis Fielding by sending White House agents into Fieldings office Ehrlichman is also charged with three counts of lying to a grand jury and one of lying to the Fri there was no indication when Ehrlichman will go to trial. Also pending before Gesell was a motion to find in contempt Quot those persons in Possession or control of the judge Genet walks to work Al documents called for in the filed by Ehrlichman s lawyer. Of granted that motion could Lead to another hearing ordering the president and others to show cause Why they should not be Beld in contempt when White House lawyer James d St. Clair told Gesell last week that the president would retain final say Over what White House material could be used for trial. Gesell said angrily Quot it seems to me that it is dismissal which the president s action would seem to be pointing towards but he added Quot it is a course i should not follow until i have exhausted All other possible opportunities a in a letter monday St Clair told the judge that Ehrlichman alone could see All hts files could discuss them in another room with his lawyer Quot but initially his counsel May not examine the heat causes Power cutbacks Fulbright consisted of a necklace Bracelet earrings and ring. Last month miss Cheshire disclosed that a Diamond Bracelet and two jewelled brooches Given to first lady Pat Nixon and her daughters by a saurian arabian Prince on july i 1972, were not received in the White House gifts unit for processing until last March 28, 1974 by the associated press residents of the East coast Are expected to get a break today from the muggy 90-degree heat that prompted 5 per cent electrical Power cutbacks by utilities from Massachusetts to Virginia. The utilities wound up borrowing Power from each other during the hot spell monday when they could not keep Pace with the unexpected Power demand of air conditioners fans and other Cooling equipment. The demand forced the Virginia electric amp Power co. To Cut voltage and borrow electricity when five Power generators were shut Down. Industrial and commercial customers were asked to Cut Back consumption several plants were out of service in the new Jersey Pennsylvania Maryland Power Grid which serves Delaware Maryland the District of Columbia and parts of Pennsylvania new Jersey and Virginia. As a result Philadelphia electric reduced voltage 5 per cent and borrowed Power from utilities to the North including from Public service Gas and electric in Northern new Jersey which Cut voltage 5 per cent in a Quot purely precautionary move. Also sending Power southward was consolidated Edison co. In new York City which had record 95-degree heat. Failure of a coned nuclear Generator and two transmission lines resulted in a statewide Extension of the Utility s 5 per cent voltage reduction. The new England Power Pool Cut Back voltage and borrowed 300,000 kilowatt hours of Power from the new Brunswick Power Pool. Duke Power not planning any cutbacks Charlotte a Duke Power co., the nation s sixth largest electric company says it does not anticipate a voltage cutback similar to the one instituted monday by Virginia Power and electric co. Because of a critical Power Supply situation Duke serves customers in both Carolinas. A spokesman for the Cha riot in based Utility said Duke s Marshall no. 3 unit is out because of a boiler tube malfunction sunday but it is expected to be Back in operation by wednesday Repco which serves customers in Virginia West Virginia and North Carolina reported a 5 per cent Cut monday because of a Power Drain caused by High temperatures and outages of several Power units. The company said it hoped to have unit no. I at Surry Back in operation As quickly As possible. In the meantime Repco said it was purchasing All available Power from utilities in neighbouring states

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