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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 13, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly loud. Mild Mora data on Reg a with year a no. 13 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation m2 my High Point n. thursday afternoon june 13. 1974 44 pages classified ads ms-1177 other dept. Ms-2141 daily in a sunday lie leaks increase panel considers Public evidence by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a plagued by leaks the House judiciary committee is considering making Public most at the evidence it has received in its impeachment in Quiry meanwhile the Niton administration is renewing Calls for the committee to open up its proceedings the committee s staff is screening the evidence packed in 2 thick Loose Leaf notebooks to determine what should still be kept secret but a committee majority appears ready to release the rest quickly. The proposal to do so came wednesday at a meeting of committee democrats hastily called by chairman Peter w. Rodino ., in j., after news stones based on committee leaks appeared the leaks dealt with Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger a role in the wiretapping of government officials and newsmen meanwhile. Vice president Gerald r. Ford and presidential Counselor Dean Burch committee of Kissinger a accused the damaging reputation. Ford said a eth of leak process in the House judiciary committee is a very Strong argument for. The committee to open up its hearings and let the Public see first hand not through the leak process the information they re getting Burch said Rodino Quot seemed to have lost control Over the committee and accused him of failing to carry out a pledge to work expeditiously and fairly at the democrats meeting. Rodino said he regretted the leaks and thought they were coming from Only a few of the 38 members. Republican members were harsh in denouncing those responsible for the leaks. Rep. Charles Sandman. R n j., said any member found to have leaked the evidence against Kissinger should be suspended from the committee rep. Joseph Maraziti. In sought a Call for a special meeting to take a so 52��d for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Upward and outward q. We would like to know where we could find out More about the Quot outward bound program a or students. Do you know where their headquarter Are located in n. C.? Ervin Nancy Sara Paul George Steve. Ellen. Sal. Link. A. The address of the North Carolina outward bound school is p. O. Box 817, Morganton. N. C 28855 their illustrated brochures describe the purpose challenges an outline of a typical 26 Day program and comments of former students on what the experience meant for them. An application form is included. River rafting Mountain climbing Rescue training expeditions a Solo wilderness experience physical conditioning a All test and enhance the students resourcefulness endurance responsibility imagination initiative leadership and Confidence. Quot and at the end of the course a a says the brochure Quot your mind and body will know each other Well a and Money too q. I noticed in the Enterprise on june 3, the article concerning Kenneth Kays and it says in the article in winning the medal of Honor that the medal has no value in itself. It is my understanding that the medal of Honor does pay a monetary Reward for having won it and i understand that this is the Only medal that does pay that makes a payment for having won it and i am not sure if this is Correct or not and would appreciate finding out if this is the Case. Thank you very much. A. The information officer at fort Bragg says army regulations specify that each person whose name is on the medal of Honor Roll is entitled to a special pension of Hoo a month for life payable by the veterans administration. Enlisted recipients of the medal Are also entitled to a supplemental uniform allowance while on Active duty and a to per cent increase in retired pay subject to a 75 per cent limit on total retired pay after 20 or More years of Active Federal service. For Legal Aid q. Would you please see a lawyer and let me know what to do about a husband who lays out All the time at Beer joints and plays music All night he wont half work and keep up his children. And he wont leave. And i wonder Why i would have to leave and take All my things. I pay All Bills rent and ail i can but they say if he won t leave ill have to. Its just about impossible to live with him. We be not got much left. I can t afford to go to a lawyer but i do want Legal advice. T. A. High Point Legal services inc., was set up to Heip give Legal advice to those with not enough Money to go to a private lawyer. First go to the dept of social services at 258 s. Main St. To see if you qualify for free Legal assistance. You Don t necessarily have to be receiving Public welfare to get certification and if you done to quite qualify because of your income you will be referred to an attorney who can help you for a fee within your Means. If you want to make a last ditch Effort to Salvage the marriage the Counselor at family service Bureau will try to help you and your husband. Sound off the Nat Greene boy s Home is in need of Many tools to go in the boys workshop in the Home. Anyone having wrenches hammers pliers saws drills Power tools etc., please Call Aubrey Strother juvenile court 882-2591, ext. 54. Vote of Confidence in Kissinger but Rodino ruled him out of order. The democrats also want to release the impeachment evidence so it will be known to the Public before White House lawyer James d. St Clair presents president Nixon s defense St Clair already has prepared a Brief answering charges raised during the presentation of watergate evidence but Rodino will not let him provide it to members. He said tuesday individual members could get it but changed his mind wednesday and ruled it would violate committee rules for St. Clair to release anything before being invited to by the committee. At the democratic caucus the question of calling witnesses was discussed and members reported there definitely would be some. They would not be called until after next week when presentation of documentary evidence is to be completed Rodino said the staff still has not interviewed Charles w. Colson former White House aide who has pleaded guilty to a felony charge of obstructing Justice and who has said he is willing to Tell ail he knows the committee wants to know what Colson plans to say before determining whether to Call him As a witness Gesell postpones decision Washington a a Federal judge today postponed his decision on whether former White House aide John d. Ehrlichman will be tried along with three other defendants scheduled to go on Mal next week in the plumbers Case a i1-hour closed meeting with the judge and defense and prosecution lawyers ended without formal agreement to an apparent tentative Compromise on wednesday Over the Issue of executive privilege. . District judge Gerhard Gesell scheduled still another closed meeting for Friday morning and said in a statement Quot some sort of an order will be issued on Friday. Further complicating matters was the illness of Fred Buzhardt. The principal White House lawyer in the Case. Buzhardt was hospitalized Early today and a Hospital spokeswoman said it was thought he was suffering from Quot a clot in the heart Ehrlichman and the three other defendants in the Case Are accused of conspiring to break into the office of or. Ellsberg s psychiatrist 1971. At various times Gesell has said he might dismiss the charges against Ehrlichman or consider action against president Nixon under a a Gesell on 2a wholesale prices up sharply Washington map despite falling farm and food prices widespread increases on a Broad Range of Industrial products pushed wholesale prices up sharply again in May the government said today higher prices for metals fuels machinery and chemicals accounted for nearly three fourths of the Rise in Industrial products last month the government said the decline in farm products was led by lower prices for livestock eggs milk. Fibres and grains last month s increase in prices pushed the wholesale Price Index up to 155 0. Trip to Alexandria huge crowds cheer Nixon on train ride by Gaylord Shaw associated press writer Alexandria Egypt apr president Nixon Rode with president Anwar Sadat in an open Railroad car from Cairo to this Mediterranean resort today receiving cheers from huge throngs gathered at track Side and from Farmers in their Fields. A White House spokesman quoted egyptian Security officials As saying they estimated the crowd along the rail route at More than three million. Here in Alexandria hundreds of thousands More greeted the Taro leaders with shouts cheers and whistle banners were Strung up emblazoned Quot remember the Quot we Trust Nixon. A and Quot god bless Nixon a in Israel. Palestinian guerrillas slipped into a Kibbutz near the lebanese to Der and killed three women hostages in what the popular front for the liberation of Palestine in Lebanon claimed was Quot our reaction to the Nixon visit to the Arab that is How every Arab should receive Nixon the chief imperialist in the world a said front spokesman Abdul Abbas in Beirut. Lebanon the guerrillas were killed by Kibbutz defenders the israelis said Nixon goes to Israel on saturday after visiting saudi egyptian villagers on station platform As Nixon Sadat train passes through the engine is decorated with United states and egyptian flags a Vav. Chest pains hospitalize Buzhardt Washington a White House counsel Fred Buzhardt one of president Nixon s closest advisers in the watergate Case was hospitalized Early today with a suspected heart attack a wiretaps reportedly sent direct to Nixon Fred Buzhardt spokesman at Fairfax Hospital in suburban Virginia said Buzhardt 50, was admitted to the Hospital with Chest pains at 12 23 a m. Hospital spokeswoman Peggy Pond said Buzhardt was thought to be suffering from myocardial infarction which she defined As Quot a clot in the heart Buzhardt was described As in stable but serious condition. Quot he had a Good night a a Friend of Buzhardt said Quot his vital signs Are a White House spokesman said president Nixon who is in Egypt on a tour of the Middle East had been notified of Buzhardt a hospitalization. By Donald Rothberg associated Prest writer Washington map reports on wiretaps placed on government officials Ami newsmen went directly to president Nixon according to a source familiar with the surveillance program the source told the associated press that Fri summaries of the material overheard on the taps were hand earned to the White House and delivered to the president and to Henry a. Kissinger. The taps were begun in May 1969, and in june 1970 the Fri was ordered to deliver the summaries to h r. Haldeman then White House staff chief rather than to Nixon and Kissinger then the president s National Security adviser. What s inside i amusements. Bridge. .7c classified ads. 3-11d comics. Do crossword 121 editorials. 4a financial. 2a obituaries. Sports. 14c television. Women a news. 1-7b weather the wiretaps placed on 13 Admi stration officials and four newsmen in an Effort to discover the source of leaks of classified information were an Issue at confirmation hearings on Kissinger s nomination to be Secretary of state. They cropped up again when the House judiciary committee s impeachment staff began presenting evidence in closed session on Domestic surveillance activities of the Nixon administration. Some committee members said they were Given documents that showed Kissinger initiated wiretaps Kissinger responded at a news conference in Salzburg Austria tuesday that Quot innuendoes which now imply that new evidence contradicting my testimony before the Senate foreign relations committee has come to Light Are without foundation a he urged that committee to reopen hearings on the matter and threatened to resign if the Issue is not resolved. Within hours the Washington Post published an Fri memorandum dated May 13, 1973, which said Quot it appears that the project of placing electronic surveillance at the request of the White House had its beginning in a Telephone Call to or. J. Edgar Hoover on so wiretaps on 2a Arabia a White House spokesman declined comment on the attack and reports from Lebanon that the israelis subsequently opened artillery fire on a lebanese Village in apparent retaliation but one source said Nixon s plans would remain unchanged. It was the first marring incident of Nixon s Middle East journey which began with a tumultuous Welcome to Egypt on wednesday crowds Here have been consistently warm and Friendly speaking of the crowds that turned out for the train trip through the egyptian heartland and Here in Alexandria. Sadat said Quot these crowds show very deep feel ing of affection and Friendship for America. Despite 25 years of misunderstanding and seven years of very bitter misunderstanding a in the last part of that statement Sadat was referring to the break off in diplomatic relations Between the two countries in 1987 they were restored last feb 28. Nixon and Sadat sat on the open end of a Century old coach once used by Khedive Ismail. Who opened the Suez canal. An american helicopter circled Over the train and some 10.000 egyptian troops were deployed along the route primarily to keep the surging throngs off the tracks egyptian Security agents predicted As Many Asio million persons would turn out to see the Flag decked. 13-car train As it moved through the Fertile Nile Delta to the ancient port the greeks founded on the Mediterranean Nixon and Sadat were relaxed and obviously enjoying the Clear weather enthusiastic crowds and Happy children running alongside the train. Terrorist raid into Israel ends in seven deaths impeachment process drags by Walter r. Mears associated press writer Washington a neither Congress nor the White House appears to be in any Rush for judgment on the impeachment of president Nixon and each blames the other for delaying the process. So while a congressional committee investigates the issues there is cloakroom discussion and speculation about the politics of the Case and the timetable for action. In an election year politics and timing Are intertwined. It is evident that a Senate impeachment trial if it comes to that will coincide with the tall congressional election Campaign one White House official contended that is what Nixon s critics have wanted All along to have the watergate Issue Peak while voters Are deciding Between Republican and democratic candidates in the nov. 5 elections. The counter argument in Congress is that the White House is stalling the impeachment proceedings by withholding evidence and by pressing the House judiciary committee to summon witnesses for Public testimony. There is congressional speculation that Nixon strategists might seek to delay any Senate vote until Atter the elections on the theory that freed of election pressures some republicans might More easily be won to the president s defense. A White House official denied there is any such plan saying the president simply wants to make his Case and put it to a House such a vote is unlikely before August and if a House majority then favored impeachment the Case would go to the Senate for a trial that might Start shortly after labor Day. A Senate source said that on such a timetable a verdict could be rendered during the current session of Congress although probably not before the elections. It would take a two thirds vote in the Senate to convict and thus oust him. Of a Post election vote might work to the presidents advantage a delay into 1975 Likely would Hurt his cause since democrats Are expected to increase their Senate majority. But at this Point politicians Are in uncharted territory. Impeachment is not an Issue they have encountered before. The judiciary committee is aiming for a july 15 Windup of its inquiry although some members see impeachment on 2a by David Lancashire associated Prest writer tel Aviv map three Arab guerrillas wearing Long hair and Gaudy headbands to look Uke hippie style foreign Volunteer workers slipped across the lebanese Border today and killed three women and wounded three men in an israeli farming settlement officials said. They said an off duty paratrooper killed two of the terrorists and the third blew himself up with his own explosives. In Beirut the popular front for the liberation of Palestine general command claimed responsibility for the attack and said the raid was Quot our reaction to the Nixon visit to the Arab world a Nixon travelled to Alexandria Egypt today and the Arab commando assault came three Days before his visit to Israel. It brought the number of terrorist victims in Israel to 49, including 31 children in the past two months. Sem official lebanese sources in Beirut said israeli Border artillery pounded the South lebanese Village of rebles Sake near the israeli Northern an apparent reprisal for the raid. The israeli state radio put the number of terrorists at four but the Northern commander maj. Gen. Raphael Eytan said the remains of the terrorists bodies were so badly blasted that the exact number could not definitely be confirmed. Eytan said two of the terrorists were gunned Down by armed civilian members of the Kibbutz and the others a wire photo a apparently blew themselves up with grenades or explosives before israeli troops stormed a Honey processing factory seized by the terrorists. The terrorists who apparently slipped across the Border from Lebanon attacked the Little israeli farming settlement of Shamir below the Foothills of the Golan Heights the israeli command said. One of the women killed in today a raid was a Volunteer from new zealand said residents of Shamir who kept her identity secret until her family was notified. The two other victims were from the settlement. The guerrillas who claimed responsibility for today a raid had demanded the release of too palestinians from israeli prisons within six hours but shortly after the demand was delivered to newsmen the guerrilla squad was reported wiped out

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