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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1972, Page 5

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Falsely accused Man tells How life can be ruined Charlotte apr a Man who was jailed several times on charges of passing forged checks and whom police later discovered was the wrong Man says his ordeal Cost him his wife his Good credit rating his car and Legal fees. William Phillips 29, said in an interview that he also is having difficulty getting his record cleared. The Charlotte police department and a District court judge say they have no authority to remove the charges from his police record. He was working at a furniture Plant in the Catawba county town of Claremont when he was arrested three times in april and May of 1971 on charges of passing forged checks. Phillips spent a total of about three weeks in jail even though no trial or preliminary hearing was held. He told police he was innocent that his Wallet had been stolen and that someone apparently had used the identification cards in the Wallet to Cash the checks. A it really does no to make any difference if you re guilty or not a Phillips said in the recent interview. A most people listen to the fact that you be been arrested and they form a conclusion from there that you Are its hell All the he said just about everyone Bell takes presbyterian leadership Montreat . A High Point Enterprise monday june 12, 1972 5a in Claremont a town of 800, knew of the charges. He said some people teased him while ism a pledge to work to bring others just looked at him a the various factions within his suspiciously. Denomination together or. L. Phillips said he quit his Job Nelson Bel has taken o fice As at the furniture factory and in. Moved to Charlotte where he Hje a rate re or Hurt St a was turned Down three times eco of cer of too presbyterian Mcgovern in District gains support conventions in Pursuit of a Job. He finally got a Job As a truck Driver making $2.15 an hour 40 cents an hour less than he made in Claremont. Phillips says there is now a Chance that he and his wife will be reconciled. Anda Charlotte Mecklenburg Community relations committee staff member has asked Superior court judge John r. Friday to see if Phillips record can to be wiped clean. In rapid City . By James Wilson Astoria pros writer rapid City so. A Joy Medley and her husband Bill were salvation army a Church in the or. Bell a 77-year-old former surgeon and missionary who now lives in Montreat was elected at the 112th general Assembly a opening session sunday. He Defeated another physician or. Joseph a. Morton of Little Rock Ark. He assumes leadership at a i time when the million member Southern Branch of american presbyterianism is divided Over the question of a merger with its Northern counterpart the United presbyterian Church. Conservatives have threatened to split away if the Souther Church concedes Many doctrinal Points in seeking the merger. Bell often has sided with the conservatives Espe Dally in the publications christianity today and presbyterian Story Book Island is a Park said she was sticking with the Putnal he it he a a font he it a Reijer work until the emergency t0/ former and cd founder is Over then continue their a no it Church and Charity work when this time comes next a m year god willing we re going salvation army maj. William to be Doser log her in a a salvation army major victim of flood wife keeps toiling hit by 5-foot-deep flood water. A the was doing what the lord called him to do when he died a she said. A the was going to Bill Medley 50, had re adj told the 450 commissioners and he 200 who died when Waters swept through the town. A the last i heard from him was about 8 of clock Friday right when he yelled a Honey i am going out to Story Book Island to see if i can help a mrs. Medley said sunday. Jors at rapid City when the where he was needed. In a sure g. Flood hit. Now she is staying Many people in the Community moved the camper from the. a a Busy helping the living victims Grieve h i in. He was needed family pickup to help assist at unday s meet no a is one of the More Rescue efforts after a warning it mrs. Medley who said she was sounded of the impending or it pm had slept Little and eaten Noth flood Friday night. I t ,.? i ing since Friday night was us. 1 Mcdougald a journalism perv Ising the salvation army 1 know pc was a a a Quot ,0 we professor at the University of clothing and food distribution someone Sheji the Waters Georgia. And or David ant a Center sunday the same Job a urho a a a. Has old Quot was a m later a Ashe held when informed Satur a a Kays to that a a Ruc Bem succeeds or Ben Lacy Day night of his death. And she j is in the a never found Rose of the Union theological the Seminary in Richmond a. Bill Medley had been an offi the Moderator serves a one cer in the salvation army 24 year term. Years this month Bell was born in Virginia and a i grew up in a salvation attended Washington and Lee army family a mrs. Medley and the medical College of Vir said. A my parents started the Ginia. He was chief surgeon at salvation army Church in co a missionary Hospital in China Lumbia City. Ind., and when we until 1941. Were kids Bill started coming then he practice Medicine to our sunday school classes j in Asheville. One of his Adueh United states does not expect we went together and when he ters married evangelist Japan to become involved in rot a a he army we were a Quot Aham t j married. Bell said sunday he does no by the associated press some additional support for sen. George Mcgovern in his bid for the democratic nomination for president was picked up in la congressional District conventions held in North Carolina saturday. Most of the 48 democratic National convention delegates chosen in the District meetings were listed As uncommitted but those who would say who they support included four for Mcgovern four leaning toward Mcgovern and two for former gov. Terry Sanford. Five others were described As sympathetic toward Alabama gov. George Wallace. Gov. Bob Scott led the group of delegates chosen. Others included state democratic chairman John Church of Henderson Wilmington Developer Hugh Morton who dropped out of the race for the democratic nomination for governor and mrs. Jeanette David of Fayetteville democratic National committee woman. Because of new democratic party rules for Delegate selection the list of delegates included More women More Blacks and More Young people than Ever before represented North Carolina at a convention. The Black delegates included Chapel Hill mayor Howard Lee state rep. Henry Frye of Greensboro and John Winters a former member of the Raleigh City Council. Most of the meetings were strictly routine but the 5th District meeting at Winston Salem and the 9th District meeting at Charlotte saw disgruntled delegates walk out. At Charlotte the Iredell and Lincoln county delegates walked out after they saw they were out manned by the big Mecklenburg delegation on the adoption of some strongly worded resolutions. The walkout at Winston Salem included a group of Blacks and White Mcgovern supporters who cried a a foul after the convention failed to choose any negro delegates. One of the resolutions adopted by the convention at Charlotte condemned what it called a persecution of Black leaders such As the Rev. In Chavis or. James t. Grant t. J. Reddy and t h e Wilmington la. Other resolutions adopted by the group included one calling for an immediate withdrawal of american fighting men from Vietnam and one calling for ratification of the a omens rights amendment to the . Constitution. Scott who has been a supporter of sen. Edmund Muskie for the presidency told the Greensboro meeting he would support whoever is nominated at the democratic National convention for the presidency. Parachute jump fatal to coed Roanoke rapids . Apr Canda sue Reaugh 18, of Raleigh was killed saturday when her Parachute malfunctioned As she was making a sport jump at Roanoke rapids Airport. Miss Reaugh a rising Sophomore at the University of North Carolina was a member of the unc sport Parachute club. She and five other members of the club had planned to make a jump from a Cessna plane to a strip at the Airport according to police chief d. N. Beale. He said she was the first out of the plane and fell 7,500 feet to her death. Hirohito invited to visit America six orig Cor Houghton Heads list accidents six democrats support Helms prove fatal by the associated press six one car wrecks three pedestrian deaths and a Speed Ben Sumner former democratic state senator from Rutherford county. A Wallace Wade of Durham former head football coach at Duke University. By John Roderick associated press writer us u h t i Bleigh apr a this is Charlotte attorney Active in contest pushed the her a a no the said Tom Mecklenburg county political tasty toll for North Carolina to r. Her inc in for the weekend and to 763 lulls Campaign manager for for the year. Republican senatorial nominee there had been 728 killed Jesse Helms As he made pub through june la last year. Lie a list of six democrats a who two of the pedestrians killed have pledged their support to this past weekend were Young sters. Heading the list was j. Mel Jeffrey Glenn Callahan 6, of a Joje Broughton or. Of Raleigh i. 3 Raleigh a kilted when democratic struck by a car on a Rural Road seven Miles South of Garner. Chair Ryan Ana unsuccessful can Christopher Thad Brooks 3. Dilate for the democratic Nom of it. 5, Asheboro was killed nation for governor four years Mikii when struck by a c3i on a re ago whose father was governor vioral Road eight Miles South of and us. Senator. Athe third pedestrian was saying that democrats by your favorite Flowers artistically or ranged Nelson Florist Iii mom m3-1 in a Bia 4901 truck line Salvage a plastic pipe a building supplies a clothing a groceries o carpet o furniture o cloth o hardware hundreds of items Many below wholesale open Mon. Thru sat. Confederate Salvage sales 3015 North main St. High Point n. C. In open 9 to it daily Friday night til 9 president the defense of the rest of t. Commissioned at sex Tod Al who Samuel Williams. 20 of the hundreds Are pledging their but it can play an important in the same time in the salvation at this years Assembly. The is j1 new Bern. He was As support to Helms Ellis said ter National economic role. Army she said. They served in Sembly is expected to decide he walked along u. S. 70 Roe a Well af1cen the japanese de Ense role is Indiana for i years and then whether to accept a East of new Kern. Tokyo a Nixon has invited emperor Hirohito to visit the United to presidential adviser be japanese de Ense role is Indiana for la years and then whether to accept a con-j1� cast f a a Nientsu steadily from Here on Henry a. Kissinger announced. ,. At Fergus Falls and Fairmont. Prove rial committee recon i the raring .falal1 a Quot a 1 concerning prominent today As his weekend visit to for Japan a a determine and i and at Winston md., Mendel inn that it replace twi id nine Miles East o democrats who Are willing to mend relations Between the Quot depend on any Preb fore moving ,0 a j Cliv Board and agencies that run its be aunt the Highway i Atrol stand up and be counted for Nixon administration and a scrip Lons handed Down from two Ware non programs with a single general Salt of 0 cars sideswiped. Caus Jesse Helms. Ing one to hit a tree. The vie other democrats listed by a. A a. Two years ago. Pan Drew to a close. I Washington Kissinger an avid out executive committee. A a Kissinger told a news Corder a 0ur Basic View is that a Doorman and he knew this the Assembly also will dealt Aas i Arne a Nof As ,n8 reims in ence he delivered the invitation pan shot Ulvi be Able to take care area like a Book a she recalled with a Resolution sending a Del Json i of m a Bea a a r d u to prime minister Eisaku sate of its conventional defense of a if there were any Way to is elation to petition Pope Paul one car wrecks took the oth a William b. Roman or. Of saturday Sato said a an approx the conventional defense of its Cape that flood he would have i to recognize the worlds pop or six lives. Three of the vie Washington ., longtime a time would be worked Horre known a lotion problems Tim War and one democratic Prim out through Normal diplomatic channels for the visit. No japanese emperor has Ever paid an official visit to the United states. However Hirohito made a Brief Stop in Alaska last october when he visited Europe and president Nixon flew to Anchorage to Greet him. Foreign minister Takeo Kukuda reported Kissinger admitted that Washington made mistakes in its dealings with Japan prominent and Little known people die in flood Waters last year and promised to spare the japanese any More a Nixon Bank clerk and housewife All. The a Nixon As the killed by the flood which struck in. That went out of control on a by David m. Goldberg cause they were sent there. No. 52 a Joyce Christensen curve of a Rural paved Road a associated press writer Marvin Pepper and William child a mile South of Erwin and struck rapid City . Apr rough were both staff ser and there was the Rev. A tree. The victim was Larry they were doctor lawyer in feats at Ellsworth air Force Francis Collins whose death Roland tart 18, of Dunn. Dian. They were wer ,swe, , sunday rapid Hank Riv air and All the Early moments of the flood City s Indian Community. Father Collins died Early sat. A a a 179 near the rapid City dog urday at the Mother Butler japanese Call Fem were. E p 7 track. Center where he had worked to presidents failure to Consul the list of the Tead included some were prominent such help the Sioux. I Sato before reversing his Ima the prominent and Little known As Raymond Fox a former City father Collins had remained policy and announcing he would people. Judge or. Lowell Dieter a at the Center after a Bingo visit communist Luna am e by w e r e doctor layer in professor at the South Dakota game broke up about la p m. Imposition without warning o Dier it 204 n. and a Long sol school of mines and tech Friday night about an hour be the to per cent surcharge on Der it 204 n. St., age 5.�?� and ology or maj. Medley head fore the Waters came. Imports a measure designs they were father Francis col 0f the local salvation army or a the went Down with the primarily to reduce imports Juns Anco maj. William Medley William Magner a Salesman ship a said Basil Hart head of from Japan. _ _ no. 27 is a a. G. Bishop 2718 for a television station. The centers menus club. Tims were teen agers and one democratic legislate Leader was to. Former attorney general and one teen Ager was killed former associate Justice of the when his car ran off a curve on state supreme court n. C. 24 a mile East of Autry a Joseph m. Hunt or. Of i Ville. The Highway patrol said Greensboro former speaker of the victim i Aston Earl spell the state House of represent or. Of Roseboro was thrown Tives and former chairman of from the car. The state Highway commission. Another teen Ager who was a Richard e. Thigpen or. Of killed was a passenger in a car Fukuda said Kissinger after Lynnwood Quot no. 28 is a Nellie a j there wer those like no. Found him under some boards receives honors Winston Salem Ann Christy Thomas of High Point has been awarded Gass honors at Salem College. 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Only we St Cuil of 9001 a mtg com 98 we wow i second mortgage Loans admitting his government should have worked More close Bishop 2718 i8 Billie Dane Smith i a a i new mrs Bishop a a dress unknown female a by with the japanese promised Rapij by businessman said that Washington would consult sunday looked at a col Tokyo in Advance on future league Anco asked a was no to she moves toward China and on the one that worked As a Teller economic measures affecting Over at the Bank a a son of the dead were in Kissinger was said to have r cd it b Chat. Shown keen interest in a pro v 33 postal for a bilateral agreement to anticipate future sources of friction in .-japanese economic relations. In three Days of meetings with opposition As Well As government politicians industrialists and editors. Kissinger called the .-Japan Security treaty the Keystone to peace in Asia and said the United states would like to see it maintained without revision. 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