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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1972, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David t. Rutledge Gen. Mgr. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley . David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Joe Brown editor Page 4-a monday Juno 12, 1972 Clearing up distortions the Issue of misdeeds within the High Point police department propelled along by unending spate of daily developments and coloured with emotionalism is in danger o f becoming badly distorted. The Enterprise on May 31 stated editorially its belief that the facts of the Case warranted a total investigation by experts from outside the department. As we have done before we stated our Faith in chief Laurie Pritchett and the department leadership but made the Point that the major need was a restoration of Public Confidence that could probably not be accomplished in letting the department conduct its own investigation. Since May 31 our position has been twisted and misquoted to the Point that Many people assume that we Are determined to a a get chief Pritchett. It is baffling How such an Assumption could be made. The May 31 editorial contained these words a police chief Laurie Pritchett has taken great and pardonable Pride in projecting the news his creation of a Fine efficient department. That it has Hurt him deeply to see members of that department apparently discarding the Trust placed in them is apparent. That same Hurt has inevitably affected others in to borrow the words of a leading american we want to make it perfectly Clear that our Only intent is to Speed the Day when the Public can have full Confidence in the men entrusted to guard it and uphold its Laws. That Confidence has obviously been severely damaged by the shakeup in personnel and the bringing of criminal charges against several officers. We reaffirm our belief that Many citizens will continue to question integrity until it is made fully Clear that All aspects of the problem have been recognized and handled. That such a solution demands the attention of unbiased experts with no stake in the outcome seems to us apparent on the face of it. Future of Taiwan Washington who owns Taiwan the question has agitated East Asia for More than three quarters of a Century and it does so even today. A person unacquainted with history would find it difficult to comprehend Why an Island of 15 million people the size of Southern new England could so complicate the relations Between three world Powers a China the United states and Japan. Since 1894, Taiwan has been a province of China a Colony of Japan and the seat of a nationalist chinese government in exile which claims to be the legitimate representative of the vast communist ruled Mainland. One thing Taiwan never has been is an Independent nation. After More than two decades of nationalist Rule and american assistance however the Island has developed the economic and military strength to qualify As a viable self governing state. There is agitation for Independence among the 13 million taiwanese whose Ancester came from China centuries before the arrival of Chiang Kai Shekus Defeated army and nationalist followers in 1949. But the movement is suppressed and its size is unknown to outsiders. What the communist and nationalist chinese have in common is a fervent belief that Taiwan is culturally and rightfully a province of China. But now that the nationalist dream of retaking the Mainland is fading there is reported to be talk even among the a a old soldiers on Taiwan of nationhood or some accommodation with the Mainland that would leave the Island with a degree of Independence. Chiang Kai Shek the 84-year-old nationalist Leader still Speaks in terms of recovering the Mainland. As recently As May 20, in his inaugural address upon beginning a fifth six year term As president of the Republic of China on Taiwan he called on the chinese people to a join with me this old Soldier a in waging a a struggle to the end against the traitorous Mao tse Tung a the communist Leader of China. But it was also noted that Only three Days earlier Chiang s elder son and heir apparent. Chiang Ching Kuo. Was promoted from vice Premier to Premier. The son. Regarded As More pragmatic and flexible than the father is identified with a faction of the Kuomintang. Or ruling nationalist party that sees the future of Taiwan in terms of economic Prosperity rather than Reconquest. Once regarded As dependent on american Aid for survival Taiwan is now prosperous enough to have a foreign Aid program of its own. The present value of the islands foreign Trade about $4 billion a year equals and soon is expected to surpass China a. The booming Economy has Given Taiwan a Sel Confidence formerly lacking As demonstrated by its relatively Calm reaction to the loss of United nations membership. But while Prosperity May mask political problems it does not eliminate them. Taiwan a status is More ambiguous than Ever in the aftermath of president Nixon strip to hiking last february. It was recognised Well in Advance of his visit that the Taiwan question was a major Barrier to improved relations Between the United states and China. In the famous Shanghai communique issued before Nixon a return Home the american government did not Challenge the Long standing assertion of the communist chinese that Taiwan is theirs. Instead the United states reaffirmed its a interest in a peaceful settlement. By the chinese themselves Quot on both sides of Taiwan Strait. Moreover the Shanghai document contained an american Promise of an ultimate withdrawal of u. S. Troops and installations from Taiwan. American officials have since explained however that this country will stand by the obligations of a 1954 treaty to defend the Island from attack. The changes in americans China policy especially toward Taiwan have deeply disturbed Japan. The country renounced All rights to Taiwan in 1951 when it signed a peace treaty with the United states settling the issues of world War ii. But Japan a interest in the Island has not ceased. Strong ties persist from 50 years of japanese control from 1895 to 1945. China taches East ii a sea sen Kakut Quemoy Amo i $ k 4 Pescadore South Chiba sea Pacific As so too roster of friends Washington for years. Rep. John Rooney d-n.y., has held the purse strings of four Federal departments with the tight clutch of a miser. The highest potentates of the state Justice and Commerce departments must go through Rooney a wringer before they can get any funds out of Congress. Even supreme court justices must step Down from their lofty perches and come before Rooney a House appropriations subcommittee hat in hand. But the crusty old curmudgeon miraculously is transformed into old Saint Nick himself when the special leaders seek his favors. He has been a Jolly Benefactor for example of the shipping interests. Rarely has he held Back a dime from the maritime subsidy program which keeps the shipping companies afloat. In election years the shippers pay him Back in kind with financial assistance. For instance his Washington Campaign treasurer this year is Nicholas Pasco a lobbyist for the Moore Mccormack lines which received $14 million in Federal subsidies last year. It has become an election year ritual for the shipping companies to pass the hat for Rooney. Its too Early to Trace Down All the contributions but we be located a $250 donation already from Spyros s. Skouras chairman of Prudential Grace lines. This company last year collected $40.3 million in Federal subsidies. In the past the shippers enthusiasm for Rooney has landed them in trouble. The Pacific far East lines and american president lines have been convicted of making illegal contributions to him from their corporate tills. But the fines were nothing compared of the whopping subsidies that the two companies squeezed out of the taxpayers. Pacific far East got $11 million american president made off with $33 million Rooney helpfully raised the Commerce departments requested appropriation for american president by $7 million. He said he thought the company needed it. Sea train ship building which has also received Federal assistance with Rooney a Suo port has made billboards for his current Campaign. Footnote. Rooney a subcommittee has such Power Over the government depart ments that he was Able to save Charles edger from losing his Job in the Small business administration. Krigers wife Henrietta subsequently donated $500 to Rooney a a Campaign in 1970 and another $250 in 1972. Boyle s assets Tony Boyle Boss of the United mine workers is about to he sentenced by a Federal judge for making illegal Campaign contributions. He could be fined up to $120,000. Despite his $50,000 a year salary however Boyle May claim he can to pay such a Fine. The reason he quietly transferred his assets estimated at $250,000, into his wife a name last december before his trial. Gromyko s humor a As evidence of the cordial atmosphere at the recent Moscow Summit meeting both the russians and americans lightened the negotiations with Good natured kidding. From party chief Leonid Brezhnev on Down the russians showed they could laugh at themselves. Even soviet foreign minister Andrei Gromyko. Who is one of the most celebrated sour pusses in the world exhibited a sense of humor. A one Point he offered mischievously a a we la throw Cuba in for Good another time White House foreign policy adviser Henry Kissinger was ribbing him. A did you hear Gromyko that they launched an ss9 the soviet monster missile and nothing happened a kidded Kissinger. Gromyko shrugged a in this country a he said a nothing merry go round by Jack Anderson secret quip a senator Cliff Hansen r-wyo., a tanned rancher who has contended in the past with conservationists had some caustic remarks for them at a secret meeting of the Senate Interior committee. The Only difference Between an environmentalist and a Developer trumped Hansen is that the environmentalist built his Mountain Cabin last year. Itt Security the embattled International Telephone and Telegraph corp. Has issued a special Booklet entitled a Security of proprietary Beide a picture of a Man carrying a Batch of documents into the shredding room the Booklet says a Pitt proprietary information shall not be treated As Ordinary waste. You should not dispose of it in a waste Basket. If you do unauthorized Access May Paraguay reacts a Paraguay recalled its ambassador to the United states or. Roque Avila for consultation immediately after our charges that the top ranks of his government Are filled with heroin traffickers. Avila had recommended privately to his Bosses in Asuncion that August Ricord a notorious heroin trafficker now in a paraguayan prison be extradited to the United states. Meanwhile we have Learned that rep. Peter Rodino d-n.j., who is seeking to Cut off $7.5 million in foreign Aid to Paraguay because of its drug smuggling has spoken with the . Ambassador to Paraguay Raymond Ylitalo. The ambassador assured the congressman that Ricord would soon be sent to the United states to fact narcotics charges. False charge a Bart Schwartz author of a Book called a Nixon will lose in �?T72.�?� has been reported by the better business Bureau to be a ghostwriter for the democratic National committee. Tie bbb has also charged that the democrats financed the Book. Both charges Are false. They were made in an erroneous report to the Milwaukee journals advertising department by the local bbb office. Graffiti 4/l u it. S Al greek posture by Henry j. Taylor United feature Syndicate Athens prime minister George Papadopoulos a soft spoken Man instinctively courteous conducted a two hour discussion with this writer in his office Here. The government is pro-.a., pro free world and anti communist. Prime minister Papadopoulos described the struggle to keep it that Way. There Are now 12 . Military installations in Greece some of them nuclear. The struggle begins with the propaganda abroad. Anything that can be done to discredit the government Here is a major objective in Moscow. The prize for Success is enormous. The tools for the objective Are worldwide. A we feel it everywhere a said the prime minister. He pointed to the incomparable strength of the worldwide machinery available to those who would Benefit from the greek governments collapse. The True Greece of the past Many centuries a in fact for More than 2.000 years a is not the platonic Greece the Fountain of democratic life we warmly recall. It is a Small underdeveloped Balkan near East nation with 20.000 scattered islands in a hostile sea. Its entire 700-mile Northern Frontier Borders on communist countries Albania Yugoslavia Bulgaria. Greece is the Only Balkan nation not behind the Iron curtain. It is flanked by two nato countries now showing increased instability and demoralization a Italy and Turkey. The soviet clearly threatens the free world in the Mediterranean. The alternate to to Dave a greek government could Well be a red government. We need an ally not an enemy in Greece. Defence Secretary me1, to. Laird. Joint chiefs of staff chairman adm. Thorns h. Moorer and four Star Gen. Andrew n a it it it Raster Hove Alj to in Asp and Senate committees that a stable Greece is a strategic imperative for America. This has likewise been the position of president Nixon taking the hard Way in the face of relentless propaganda. The systematized attack on the prime ministers government includes creating discouragement within the government itself. It centers on a Point on which the government appears vulnerable. At the time of this governments 1967 takeover it declared itself a a provisional few Here doubt that this was the honest intention. But the traditional Impact of greek political factionalism and the immense dimensions of the essential economic rehabilitation has battered that intention. The preparation of the new Constitution was overwhelmingly approved in a National referendum. But the timing of the termination of the provisional government a by announcing an election Date As a result of outside pressures was one of the matters which the prime minister raised. He did so on his own initiative. A admittedly the delay can be construed As self serving a he stated a but the actual situation Here encounters Large questions of foreign and internal Confidence in which the timing is not in our opinion As consequential As the realities. It is always easier to find solutions in textbooks than to apply them to real conditions. Our Tho prime minister continued a is to avoid the outside discouragements and pursue instead the internal realities based on greek aspirations a encouraging their Liberty their so re Rita thai Industry their patriotism and their honest Pride in this then the Prince Minier Salt it Keas a student of the classics. A the he said a is a Man of Many parts. He loves Liberty. We know it is ridiculous to envision that a government could survive Here for Long by authoritarian Means. A but. This same Rountry that gave the world the word democracy also gave it the word anarchy. Often in our history our people a a or ohm pm has been with their own governmental anarchy. A the greek is also by nature suspicious. He does not give his conf hence eerily. He he a suffered greatly and is no fool. We can succeed in his eyes and our own Only As we struggle in his behalf As fellow greeks whose aspirations Are what we really have Here is an a a underdog situation in the Balkans and the Eastern Mediterranean so vital to the american interest that this struggle literally becomes the struggle of the United states As Well. But the re is bravery Here and ability a and we at Home can be dead certain that this government does not intend to be controlled by the agents of a red Fate. Lindsay s legacy by Ernest Cuneo North american newspaper Alliance Washington a a fury As cold As it is helpless has a great Many ethnic groups Seething. Ethnic is the polite diminutive meaning White non Wasp Irish or european descended americans usually Catholic. Actually they Are split enough and of such diverse interests that it May be doubted that their so called ethnic voting Blacks Are vey viable. But perhaps for this very reason they feel that racial persecution and silent discrimination is a Concrete Factor in their lives. Because among other things they have virtually no presentation in the mass Media particularly the to commentators. But even this is not where the rub comes. The rub comes in the discriminatory no enforcement of the Law. Gazing out from the barred windows of the Federal Penitentiary where the verdict of a jury of their Peers sent them Are the sex mayors of new jerseys largest cities Hugh Addonizio of Newark and Thomas Whelan of Jersey City. Both Are democrats both Catholic. Across the River in new York City mayor John v. Lindsay presides Over a cesspool of corruption which makes both new Jersey cities look like Rose gardens even Saigon seems like a monastery. Unquestionably and indisputably John v. Lindsay a outfit like the a a Weed ring before him. Has been a on the take for Campaign funds. Scandal after scandal has been exposed running into the hundreds of millions. Time and time again the thieves have been revealed As Lindsay contributors. The governor of new York. Nelson Rockefeller has publicly charged that John v. Lindsay runs an administration More corrupt than any since Boss tweeds. But. Unlike his predecessors. Gov. Franklin d. Roosevelt before whose Seaburg investigation mayor Jimmy Walker fled and resigned and unlike gov. Herbert Lehman who appointed special prosecutor Thomas e. Dewey. Governor Rockefeller has not hurled the weight of the Moreland act or a grand jury against John Lindsay and his cohorts. It is an open and notorious fact that Lindsay accepted the open support financial and otherwise of the Brooklyn waterfront mafia in his last Campaign it is a matter of Public record that Lindsay publicly called upon a crazy Joe Callo the mafia Leader slain recently to assist in keeping Public order Over the protests of the new York police department no less and that the gunman did so. It is a matter of Public record that the mayor�?T3 closest aide. James Marcus confessed to taking an underworld bribe and went to jail for it. The highest paid officials in the Lindsay administration have confessed to a a moonlighting i.e., accepting outside Money. Lindsay promised to Roll Back new York City a budget when originally elected. Instead he has More than tripled it. He has added 75,000 jobs. 24.000 appointive. Many of these went As straight patronage payoffs particularly to Liberal party chief designers. Further it is an open and notorious fact that there was a heavy draft on these office holders for a kick in for Lindsay a presidential Campaign. Indeed the extent of the new York contributions were such that some cynical quarters regard the presidential Campaign As an excuse for the Money collection a device used by the of Dwyer administration before him and indeed not confined to new York City. Now if an Addonizio a Whelan or any ethnic of Catholic religion had this sort of record the ethnics insist a half dozen grand juries would be seeking indictments. So a what have Addonizio and Whelan done which John Lindsay a crowd Isnit doing i we t. A Olmis so Bice of

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