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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 12, 1972, High Point, North Carolina Weather partly Cloudy warm Tua Aday Mara data on pig 1-a i8�h year a no. 164 the High Point Enterprise High Point n. C., monday afternoon june 12, 1972 20 pages Call us circulation. M2-1719 classified ads. Ms-2177 All other departments 145-2141 daily 10c, sunday 25� 3� 5oh right to lawyer expanded higher taxes for benefits expected by Joe Hall associated press writer Washington a the Washington apr Tho for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of Tho Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. The sock in suds q. I have a question and it has been causing a controversy All through my life about the alcohol Content of Beer. I have heard that Beer sold in North Carolina has Only 3.2 per cent alcohol whereas in Virginia it might go As High As 4 to i per cent. Why is there a difference in the alcohol Content also Why is it that Beer sold at military installations has for military use Only Quot stamped in the cans and what is the Content of alcohol in this Type. What is the difference in draft and regular Beer and the difference in malt lager and regular Beer of you would answer these questions it would be a let of help to me. Anon. A. The alcohol Content varies in different states in North Carolina malt beverages Beer lager Beer malt liquor ale Porter and other brewed or fermented beverages cannot contain More than 5 per cent of alcohol by weight. Normally it contains 42 per cent. According to the state Abc Law enforcement officer Beer sold on military installation contains 3.2 per cent. There Are regulations to relieve resident manufacturers wholesale distributors and importers from the liability of paying the excise by levied and imposed on malt beverages that Are intended to be sold and Are thereafter sold to military personnel. Such beverages Are identified by placing a a for military use Only on the Label Crown can end or kegs. A a lager Beer is a class designation Given to a proximately 90 per cent of the Beer produced in this country according to information received from d. Newman of the Joseph Schlitz brewing company of Milwaukee. It is usually produced by Means of Quot Bottom fermentation a that is the yeast settles to the Bottom during fermentation at a relatively Low temperature. Lager comes from the German a a lager no meaning to store. The monks of the seventh Century found that their Beer kept better if stored in Mountain caves during the summer. It mellowed after standing for a time so the practice of aging Beer grew from their discovery. Many changes in brewing packaging and marketing technology have occurred and methods other than pasteurization Are used to assure adequate shelf life. Flash pasteurization in bulk permits Brewers to pasteurized Keg Beer As Well As bottled or canned Beer so now pasteurization is no longer a distinguishing characteristic Between Beer served on draft and that available in a bottle or can. Because of these changes the alcohol and tobacco tax division has set these guidelines pertaining to Labelling and advertising Beer packaged in a Container of a capacity of one gallon or More the contents of which Are to be drawn off through a tap or similar device May be described As a a draft Beer whether the Beer has Deer pasteurized sterile filtered and aseptically filled or unpasteurized and requiring refrigeration for preservation. Beer packaged in the customary bottles and cans May also be described As Quot draft Beer if the Beer is unpasteurized and requires refrigeration or if the Beer has been sterile filtered and aseptically filled but not pasteurized. Beer packaged in the usual bottles and cans May not be described As Quot draft Beer if the Beer has been pasteurized although no objection is made to the use of descriptive wording such As Quot draft brewed a etc., provided the fact it is pasteurized is conspicuously printed on the Label close to the comparative expression. Supreme court today granted All defendants who face a possible jail term the right to be represented by a lawyer. The 7 to 2 decision delivered by Justice William 0. Douglas guarantees a lawyers help to millions of poor people who Are prosecuted for Petty offences and misdemeanours. Less than half the states now Supply free lawyers to defendants in All trials that could Lead to a jail term. The historic ruling an expansion of past sixth amendment decisions will necessarily change trial practices in those states. Chief Justice Warren e. Burger who agreed with Douglas said he was confident the Legal profession would meet the Quot Large new burdens placed upon it. Justices Lewis f. Powell and William h. Rehnquist the courts freshman members of Sion although they did not dissected to the sweep of the Deci sent in a technical sense. They said the court should have ruled there is a right to a lawyer Only when a a necessary to assure a fair Back in 1963 a Case known As Gideon v. Wainwright first Laid the principle that a Man on trial for Quot serious offence so has the right to a lawyer and that if he cannot afford one the state must Supply counsel. Until then the sixth amendment had been interpreted As necessitating lawyers Only in capital offence so when there was a Chance of a death sentence. Subsequently the court granted the right to a free lawyer when the jail term could be six months or More. Today a decision wipes out the distinction Between felonies and misdemeanours for Petty offences so far As this right is concerned. Unless a defendant knowingly and intelligently waives a lawyers help he cannot be sent to prison Quot for any offence whether classified As Petty Misdemeanour or felony unless he was represented by counsel at his trial a Douglas wrote. Senate finance committee meets today to decide How to raise the Money to for social Security increases it approved for 27 million persons. Chairman Russell b. Long a la., said the decisions on the higher taxes needed to finance the benefits would wrap up the committee s work on the massive social Security welfare Reform Bill. However the committee s staff is expected to take an estimated two weeks to draft the legislation before it is ready for floor debate. The panel last week voted to include a to per cent across the Board boost in social Security in the Bill after rejecting a 20 per cent boost on a 7-7 tie vote. But Long who favored 20 per cent said that 44 senators now support the higher percentage and it is almost certain to be raised when the Bill reaches the floor. Chances appear Good that a 20 per cent hike in benefits will be in the final Bill sent to president Nixon since rep. Wilbur d. Mills d-ark., who will head the House conferees has urged that figure. Nixon has recommended that Congress limit the hike to s per cent. The Senate committee s version of the legislation Calls for annual Cost of living raises in payments if the Price Index advances 3 per cent a year. Under present Law the maximum social Security tax for a worker is $440.00, obtained by multiplying the s.2 per cent rate times the $9jnk wage base. This is scheduled to go up to $500.50 next year when the base will remain at $9,000 but the rate will Advance to 5.45 per cent. The amount paid by the worker is matched by his employer. The pending Bill As it passed the House last year would boost the top tax in 1973 to $550.00. It would do this by raising to $10,-200 the amount of annual earnings subject to tax although the rate would be increased Only to 5.4 per cent instead of the 5.45 per cent provided by the present Law. Supreme court rules clubs can bar negro guests Washington a the supreme court today upheld the right of private clubs to exclude negroes As guests. The 6 to 3 decision was delivered by freshman Justice William h. Rehnquist. It went against a Black brought As a guest to the Moose Lodge in Harrisburg a. The Black Leroy Irvis the majority Leader of the Pennsylvania House contended that since the club held a liquor License from the state it could not exclude Blacks As members or As guests. Today a decision dealt directly with the exclusion of Blacks As guests and not with their exclusion As members. Map shows course of rapid Creek through flood stricken City a wire photo Rehnquist said Irvis could not Challenge the lodges All White membership policy since he had never applied for membership but had Only been brought to the club As a guest. Rehnquist said the clubs refusal to serve negroes does not violate the 14th amendment even though the Moose Lodge gets its liquor License through the state. Quot since state furnished services include such necessities of life As electricity water and police and fire Protection such a holding would utterly emasculate the distinction Between private As distinguished from state conduct a he said. Chief Justice Warren e. Burger and justices Harry a Blackmun and Lewis f. Powell the three other Nixon administration appointees lined up with Rehnquist a former assistant attorney general. Justices Potter Stewart and Byron r. White also were in the majority. Dissenting were justices William o. Douglas William j. Brennan jr., and thur Gnavi Marshall the courts Only negro member. Brennan said Pennsylvania a liquor regulations plainly intertwined the state with the operation of the lodges bar in a Sig so clubs on Page 2a flood death toll reaches 208 rail lines hit two migs bagged High Cost of Tennis q. I have lived in High Point for ton Yoors now end at no time during that period Hove Tho Tennis court at Blair Park Boon playable. Tho not Are not Tho right height courts Are not painted Tho Lino have pooled off Tho Woods hide Tho Tennis balls courts Haven t Boon swept that i can remember nor has Tho debris Boon removed. Despite those factors Tho courts get heavy play at night and on weekends. Tho Tennis players of High Point deserve a bettor break than this. Tennis Buff. A. Parks and recreation director Marvin Keith said that last year he asked for $10,000 to renovate the courts and it was not approved by the City Council. This year he a asked for a thousand More than that and Hopes it will be approved so they can be improved. In the meantime the nets have been repaired or replaced and the patches will be painted. What denomination is a q. I understand that pros Mont Nixon member of Tho Quaker Church. Gov. Wallace is a member of Tho methodist Church a has taught sunday school in Tho Church for Many years. Ara san. George Mcgovern and san. Hubert Humphrey Church members protestant or Catholic i think it is important that Tho voting Public know their religious affiliation. I am an american and of voting Aga. Anan. A. Mcgovern is a methodist Humphrey a member of the United Church of Christ. Saigon api . Jets left a 10-mile stretch of North Vietnam a Northeast rail line to China and about 60 stranded freight cars in flames sunday and shot Down two More Mig jets the . Command announced today. Large Orange fireballs lit up the skies 25 Miles South of the chinese Border after about 20 air Force f4 phantoms attacked the rail line and a string of freight cars 50 to 60 Miles Northeast of Hanoi pilots reported. Two Navy phantoms from the Carrier Coral sea engaged a pair of mig17 interceptors 26 Miles South of Hanoi and brought them Down with missiles the . Command said there was no damage to the two phantoms the command said but a Navy a6 was lost on sunday 45 Miles South of Hanoi and the two crewmen were reported missing. The command said 37 migs have been downed this year and 148 have been brought Down since june 17. 1965. Military spokesmen said the action was the Start of a concerted Effort to destroy an estimated 600 Railroad cars stranded on North Vietnam a two rail lines to China by cuts in the line due to american bombing. Many of the cars Are reported loaded with War materials from China and the explosions and fires sunday indicated they contained ammunition and fuel. The . Command also reported that air Force phantoms made the first attack of the War on a hydroelectric Power and North Vietnam a largest Power Plant on saturday. Pilots said their 2,000-Pound laser bombs did heavy damage to the Lang Chi Plant 63 Miles Northwest of Hanoi. Hundreds of other raids were carried out across North Vietnam during the weekend and before Dawn today . B52 bombers attacked Supply dumps North of the demilitarized zone for the fifth successive Day. What s inside amusement. Bbridge. 12b classified ads .b-11b carnies 4b crossword. 12b editorials .4a financial .2a obituaries 2b sports. 3-5b television so women s nows. 4-7a weather .3a rapid City so. A the death toll in the nations worst flood disaster in 44 years has reached 208, and officials fear Many More bodies will be found outside rapid City in the streams that filter from the nearby Black Hills. Civil defense officials estimated the missing at 500, and said today that it was impossible to estimate the number of injured. At least 3,000 persons were left homeless and damage was estimated at More than $100 million. Maj. Gen. Duane l. A a Duke Corning commanding 2.500 National guardsmen in rapid City said about 1.000 men worked into the night Quot turning Over any debris that might hide a mayor Donald Barnett imposed a to . To Dawn curfew on the City of 43.000. He halted night search operations by the More than 3,000 civilian volunteers. And said the Rescue teams accomplished As much during Daylight hours As they did working around the clock. The volunteers and guardsmen have been at work since Daylight saturday hours after a wave crashed through an earthen dam at rain swollen Canyon Lake on the Western Edge of rapid City. The water smashed through the City flipping cars crushing Trees and lifting Homes off their foundations and slamming them into a Heap of splinter blocks away. Sen. George Mcgovern and gov. Richard Kneip visited the devastated area sunday. Mcgovern called it Quot incredible destruction a and said he would ask Congress to provide extraordinary Relief for his Home state if deemed necessary. Hundreds of persons were in inoculated for typhoid and tetanus at the rapid City High school and the Pennington county health department. The department of health education and welfare stockpiled 10,-000 doses of the inoculations. Rapid City has been without water since the floods struck and officials said it will be late tonight before drinkable water is available through City facilities. Drinking water was delivered by nearby Ellsworth air Force base and passed out in pots cans and kettles at designated locations. The water cutoff made plumbing facilities inoperable. The natural Gas Supply also was Cut off but Telephone service was restored. The office of emergency preparedness Small business administration department of health education and welfare office of economic Opportunity and Federal housing agencies sent disaster teams to rapid City on sunday to begin assisting the victims. The disaster was the worst Ever in South Dakota. A Winter blizzard in 1888 killed More than Joo persons. The worst flood in . History was in Johnstown pa., in 1889 when 2,200 were killed. In 1938, floods spawned by hurricanes claimed 1,836 lives in Southern Florida. David Heraty 17, said a brother and a Friend came Home Friday night and warned a flood was coming. He gave this account of what happened a we thought he was kidding. We just sat there and pretty soon this big Bunch of water came Down the Creek. We ran next door and the next thing i knew it was up to my neck. A pretty soon the top of a House came float Vig by and we grabbed onto that. A Little ways downstream we got off and climbed on to the roof of a neighbors House where we stayed All the Rescue operations concentrated on areas stretching two blocks from both sides of rapid Creek. Along Jackson Boulevard a Section of comfortable ranch Homes the Wall of water literally crushed houses. On Omaha Street hundreds of cars were caught in the deadly wave and remained embedded in Silt. Privately owned construction equipment including giant cranes was used to pry vehicles and rubble out of the muck to search for bodies. Search parties planned to scour the Foothills for campers who May have been trapped. Roland Stephenson civil defense coordinator said a your big question Mark at this Point is the number of injured we have no Way to estimate How Many injured there Are toe hospitals Are jammed just jammed there a no Way to officials said there was Little problem in finding shelter for the homeless Many persons be flood on Page 2-a at amp to seeks phone rate hikes new York a Telephone rates Are going up in most of the country and american Telephone so Telegraph co., last year the world top Money maker is seeking another $12 billion in 18 separate cases. Critics claim the communications giant does no to need or deserve the Money. And depending on where they live they May also have a harsh word to say about service. A the reason at amp to needs so much Money is because of poor management a says Asher ende a Federal communications commission attorney appointed to defend the Public interest in one rate Case. A if regulation merely covers up these mistakes efficiency does no to american Telephone says Telephone charges have not kept Pace with increases in other consumer prices while inflation has bitten deeply into earnings. This reduces the attractiveness of Bell system Stock and Bonds the company says making it increasingly difficult to raise Money to meet service demands. A the increases Are necessary so we earn enough Money to provide first class service a says f. Mark Garlinghouse an at amp to vice president. Since 1970, at amp to has boosted its rates some $1.7 billion a year or to per cent. It is now seeking another $12 billion a year in 18 separate rate cases around the country. American Telephone is a giant holding company which owns or participates in 24 separate Bell companies and a Long distance division. It operates about too million telephones in 48 states to times the number of phones of its nearest competitor general Telephone so electronics and handles about 80 per cent of the nations Telephone Calls. With profits from its manufacturing and research subsist Aht on Pogo 2-a Mcgovern almost pulled out says huh by Lee Byrd associated pros writer Waverly Minn. A sen. Hubert h. Humphrey says sen. George Mcgovern was close to pulling out of the White House race in Advance of the Wisconsin presidential primary april 4. A a i know a lot about the background on this a Humphrey said in an interview. A Kwa keep pretty Good tabs on each other. He was almost ready to drop out in Humphrey taking his fist weekend off since Early january made the comment in connection with statements tint he would continue his drive for the democratic pies dental nomination despite some setbacks. He begins an intensive stretch run for convention delegates today wih a trip to san Antonio for a meeting with Texas democrats on the eve of their statewide party meeting. Mcgovern won in Wisconsin boosted by a a Good Republican crossover a and got a a new life a Humphrey said. And that compounded with the fact that sen. Edmund a Muskie was dropping out the Media attention and Public attention dwelt on this so called new face even though George has been around a Long mayor John v. Lindsay of new York who had been considered Mcgovern s chief rival for More Liberal support Abo left the race after the Wisconsin presidential primary Mcgovern has s i n c e moved into position As the front runner. For the democratic nomination. However Humphrey insisted he had a Chance to pull out the nomination in Miami Beach fla., next month on a late ballot. Humphrey said he advised Mcgovern last weekend that a if i got out now it would destroy any effectiveness he might have in convincing governors and other democratic leaders to support Mcgovern a candidacy later on. Even if he fails to win the nomination Humphrey said a a in la still be a senator and have a Good Deal of Freedom. Its not like 1968.�?� Humphrey said Many democrats including some senators a rightly or wrongly feel that he would Cost them local seats Cost them legislative seats Cost them seats in that concern now enhances sea Mcgovern on 2-a Hubert Humphrey Golf

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