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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 6, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page two Sec. Athe High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point. North Carolin thursday june 6. 19mi local College to give air training at summer session summer course for civilian pilots to be offered at High Point College a spacial course in civilian Pilot training will he offered at High Point College in conjunction with the summer session. Instruction will be under the authority and supervision of the civil aeronautics ant h o r i t y. Ground and flight work will run concurrently. Members of the local College faculty will give instruction in the ground work and flight training will be done at the Greensboro High Point Airport. Courses at the local College must begin not later than june 15 and close by september 13. It is expected however that ground instruction can be finished earlier than the closing Date. A minimum quota of 15 must Register prior to june 15 in order to insure the conduction of the j program in. Preference in registration for the course will be Given first to graduates of universities colleges. I Junior colleges and technological institutes second to those who received credit for one year of College work during 1939-4u t third to those who have received credit for two years of College work in institutions listed fourth it is to be noted that a j full cants May take the ground work at any College summer session designated As a training Center. Applicants must be citizens of the United states they must have reached the age of 18 prior to Jun amp i 1940 they must not have passed the age of 20 prior to such Date. And All students under 21 years of age must have the written consent of heir parents or Legal guardian. No charge will be made the student for the instruction. The government will pay All costs. However if a student fails his physical examination he must hear the Cost of same which is about in. All persons interested in the course should apply to the College for admission Situe names of All candidates must be registered before june 15. Manchukuo with the assistance or the South Manchuria railway c company has launched the great Tatung Harbor and Industrial zone construction project near the Mouth of the Yalu fiver to afford an adequate outlet for the Rich Tung Piento Mineral District. More about Raf trades continued one in troop concentrations and harassed enemy movements behind the fighting other heavy bombers the ministry added Quot struck at junctions and marshalling Yards West of the Ruhr while other attacked military objectives in the raiding forays took a toll of six German planes the ministry said while one British plane was shot Down and two Are missing. In an Early morning raid the British scored direct hits on Oil tanks captured by the germans at Ghent the ministry announced. The airmen were reported to have flown Low and machine gunned targets in Ghent we hich was illuminated by the flames from the burning Oil tanks. While their British air Force fought to help the French meet the German attack military circles Here acknowledged that the germans had made some Progress at certain Points in the Aisne Somme Battle but added that no advances could be described As penetrations of the French defense positions. It was said the germans were tapping everywhere to find a soft spot upon which to deliver a fierce blow. An Accident costing five lives j befell the Royal air Force when a bomber struck a balloon barrage Cable on the Northeast coast last night and crashed. More about Senate sends continued from Page one la Kavi St bombing Britain s air activity came in the Wake of the nazi air forces heaviest bombing attack on England since the Start of the War. Apparently in an Effort to destroy the Aird Romes from which Royal air Force bombers have gone out to Pound military objectives in the Ruhr and other Navi Industrial centers the German raiders dropped High explore proposal by senator Austin a it to create a five Man. Non partisan authority to assist the president in Indus tray mobilization for the defense program. Senator Pepper a Fla proposed legislation suggesting that the president use All existing authority to sell planes and other War material to foreign countries. The Senate foreign relations committee previously has rejected two previous proposals by Pepper to Aid the allies. Stephen Early presidential Secretary. Said that ambassadors Joseph p. Kennedy in London and William Bullitt in Paris were Quot telephoning and cabling and Are asking that we do everything we can to Speed up production of military essentials Quot for the allies. Aircraft Purchase Secretary Morgenthau revealed that the allies Are considering vast new purchases of military aircraft in this country. The Anglo French purchasing commission has completed its first $1,-000,000,000 plane buying program and has discussed with him the possibility of a new program. He said. Morgenthau also disclosed that the allies had asked permission to buy Quot surplus world War armaments Quot and he referred the purchasing agents to the War department. Attorney general Jackson it was Learned ruled that the Sale of these weapons would not be in violation of the Law. Early told reporters at his press conference that the final decision of any such transaction would be up the White House. All disclosed of the purpose of j the Days defense commission meeting was that the session was Accident victim succumbs today Harold s. Petty Dies in Albemarle Hospital Harold s. Petty 35, son of or. And mrs. O. F Petty of High Point died in Yadkin Hospital in Albemarle at i of clock this morning of injuries received in an automobile Accident sunday night shortly before 12 of clock two Miles from Biscoe. Or. Petty and a companion were travelling in a car which collided with another automobile. One of the occupants of the other car received a broken leg or. Petty�?T8 companion receiving Only minor injuries. Or. Petty a injuries consisted of a severe fracture of the Heads complications causing his death. He was born in Union s. November 12, 191>4, the son o. F. And Mary Gibson Petty came to this City four years More about belligerent continued from Page one miss Mary Farlow claimed by death c., of he ago from Roanoke va., and at the time of his death was employed by Blythe Brothers of Charlotte and was living at Crutchfield temporarily. He is survived by the father Aud step Mother or. And mrs. O. F. Petty this City. Funeral services will be conducted from the Chapel of the Koonce funeral Home Friday afternoon at 2 of clock by Rev. George liner pastor of the Southside Baptist Church. Interment will be made in Oakwood cemetery. Sive and incendiary bombs All called to perfect further plans for along a 270-mile stretch of coast i rearming the nation. Sidney Hill from Yorkshire in northeastern England to Kent South of the thames where it winds from Loudon to the sea. In Kent a woman her 13-year-, ton Avalon. Man the labor and employment member was unable to attend. He also we a prevented by illness from attending last week s Organiza a today Center Howard Spring mighty novel that t Hill d a million read Era now blare on the screen with great stars in its famous roles Madeline Carroll Brian Aherne a a my son my son Quot theatre opens 12 3 feature starts at 12.40 2 40 i is 7 �7 Sac. Broadhurst in old son and a 3-year-old baby escaped by leaping Over a naming incendiary bomb which Tore through the roof of their House missed their bed by a few inches and burned a big Hole in the floor. Other incendiary bombs which fell in Kent started two fires on the roofs of buildings which were quickly extinguished while another burned out on the front Lawn of a House damaging Only the hedge. With the nazi air attacks approaching ominously close to London. The government renewed it appeals to parents to Register their children for withdrawal to safer areas in Wales and the midlands. The ministries of air and Home Security said 4x persons suffered minor injuries and one House in Lincolnshire on the East coast South of Yorkshire was set afire. The communique said High explosive bombs were used in two of the attacks Quot without causing any serious damage rip roaring comedy Nancy Kelly Joel Mccrea in he married his wife Quot on Olk Stalf tonight 8 30 butter than Ever a stars to come returned at your request Dorothy Lamour Jon Hall Quot the Hurricane Quot in in i a by bombs incendiary bombs fell in the Rural districts of Yorkshire Lin i conspire and Norfolk also on the East coast As Well As on the tames i Side where docks wharves and warehouses line both sides of the thames most of the Way from London to the River s Mouth. One German plane was believed to have been brought Down near a East coast town where antiaircraft guns opened fire after the plane dropped its booms. At the each coast port a Searchlight beams caught one of the raiders. One anti aircraft batteries roared As other searchlights were focussed on the nazi plane. The Raider appeared to escape the beams for a time but then was picked up again and attacked by guns from land and sea. Planes could be seen nabbing across the night sky in Pursuit of the German. Explosions Shook houses on the sea front and spectators who had stood outside ran for cover. A town on another Section of the coast was shaken by terrific explosions but the bombs were said to have Ballett into the sea. J at a third coast Point the searchlights turned night into Day and flashes of gunfire Wen seen after an air raid warning sounded. But apparently there was no have variety program bombing. While announcement of French Cabinet changes came too late for editorial comment by i Rondoni morning papers some observers thought Britain might follow Frances example of dropping former Premier edouard Deladier by shelving his Munich partner funner prime minister chamber lain who was Winston Churchill a new War Cabinet As lord president of the Council. American investments in Italy at the end of 1939 totalled $143,-8u0.ooo. And italian investments in the United states were $40, 000.000. Stocks of thousands of guns apparently were placed within reach of the allies subject to War department and White House approval by Jackson a ruling on the legality of Sale. The War departments surplus list includes about 100,000 Lee Enfield rifles out of approximately 1,800.000 of this world War Model in storage and about 70,-000 machine guns mostly to Arm aircraft of Vickers Marlin and Lewis manufacture. Law included were approximately 300 British Model 75 mall meter Field guns too British six Loch guns More than 250 British eight Inch howitzers and some ammunition. Approximately 25 Large seige guns and More than 200 Stokes mortars with upwards of 100,000 rounds of ammunition. Weapon8 a useable Quot the weapons were described As a useable Quot though some Are More than two decade old proposals to turn Over obsolete military aircraft to the allies through the intermediary of dealers. Are known to have been under consideration by the administration. Some advisers were said to have opposed the idea privately on the ground that neither the army nor Navy had Plaues to spare. Craft which might be outclassed by the Best european fighters would be useful should the United states have to act to this hemisphere it was contended Early announced that two pledges of cooperation with the government on the defense program were Given the president today. Governor Prentiss Cooper of Tennessee who had a appoint mein with the chief executive has written the president Early said. That he Felt that Tennessee was particularly Well placed to Fuith Jer the defense Plau and that he desired to put its resources Al the command of the government. Edward of Neal head of farm Bureau federation who had expenses by letter the appreciation of banners at having a voice in the defense program also had an appointment with or. Roosevelt. Junior High students Eva. Governor favors third term Leesburg va., june 6�? of a former governor Westmoreland Davis urged a third term for president Roosevelt in a signed editorial in the Loudoun today. Quot this country cannot afford to surrender the leadership of Roosevelt in these critical said the former governor. Quot it cannot risk an untried Pilot at the Helm of the ship of state. There Are too Many rocks in the Stormy sea of International affairs. Not rocks alone but submarines and other . Davis governor from 1918 to 1922 and a political opponent of the late democratic organization headed by United states senator Harry f. Byrd declared the nation la facing possibly the greatest crisis in its history. Quot it is not a time for Petty partisan politics a he said. Quot it is not a time for personal considerations. It is an hour that Call for National Unity and for far seeing courageous National Alread in he said actually Quot american intervention in behalf of England and France began the very first Day of the War. It rapidly expanded from week to week. It can increase still further without changing the picture of the european Stefani official fascist news Agency reported that British authorities Are terrorizing pro ital Ian residents of the Island it Malta on the pretext of combating the Quot ghost of fifth column Quot dangers. Further arrests of pro italian maltese nationals including employees of the government were reported. Lord Strickland minister of Justice on Malta was described As spreading terror Quot with his newspapers and his hired meanwhile the italian Navy ministry announced courses for student officers would be seeded and Entrance examinations Given to 405 applicants. The italian minefields were intended to keep hostile warships outside highly effective bombard ment Range of italian ports dotting the coast of the italian Quot Boot extending into the Mediterranean. It May he that mines also have been sown in strategic stretches of sea along parts of the italian Empire where 12-mile danger zones also have been created. A authoritative source said that italian authorities Are notifying the United states among other nations of the Quot keep out Quot sign along the italian coast. The informant said that the United states liner Washington would he safely conducted through the 12-Tnile danger Belt into a i pies where it is scheduled to Dock june to. The bounding of the italian Toast and the coastline of Jairus of j and i the Empire with the danger zone j was the newest development in 1 Italy a broadening preparations for entry into the european War. Whether the Empire coastline As Well was mined was not made i known nor was it known whether the mining of italian Waters had j been disclosed to the British Aud i French governments Italy s pros i Yective enemies. Funeral services saturday morning miss Mary Grace Farlow 13, popular with a wide Circle of friends died at a local Hospital at 5 of clock this morning where she had been a silent for the past several Days. She had been in declining health for the past five weeks Aud for the past four weeks her condition had been serious. She was born in High Point september 26, 1926, the daughter of j. L. Aud Bella Ann Hearne far Low and had spent her entire life in this City being a student Iii the eighth Grade of Junior High school. She was a member of the Calvary methodist Church and a regular attendant in the sunday Hench j ii ooh surviving Are the parents three Sisters misses Dorothy Farlow Ellen Marie Farlow and Maxine fal Low and a brother Max Farley. Ail of this City the grandparents. Mrs. A a. Farlow of High Point and mrs. Ida Hearne of Montgomery county. Funeral services will be conducted saturday morning at 10 30 o clock front the Calvary methodist Church by the pastor Rev. R. V. Howell. The body will remain at the Koonce funeral Home until 4 of clock Friday afternoon. Interment will be made in the Marlboro cemetery. More a motorized continued from Page one old at 40? get Pep feel new years younger to 71 Felt old. In ii Mill. Run Down bul Osier proved i could get Pep feel Edw thaw. Council Bluff. I. Oot Rex tal it let contain tonic stimulant often needed after 40 by Bodle lacking Iron Calcium pit Nap or in iodine Vitamin by. For men and women. A 73-year old doctor or Tea Quot it did to much for patient r took it myself. Result Fine a let 35c cd i Rex today for 29e. Start your new Pep that very Day. 05trex a tor that Quot oter 40�?of#fdown for air at Mann s Cut rate Eckerdt a and All other Good drug stores. By Lee Willis anti vol Tell Kman admission adults Loc 2 for 25c except the cars. And sat it Davs a 4 # children Joe students at the local Junior High school concluded their Spring be in eater that morning with a variety program. As a prelude a group played their own orchestration of Quot Tuxedo students taking part were Faye Burrow and Katherine Daves piano Nancy see Chrest and Shirley Redding clarinet Jack Dillard Bass fiddle Bobby Martin drum. A questionnaire based on the Quot double or nothing Quot plan was held by Jennie a Anno Esther free Kila Page Harrison. Nancy Sechrest Betsy Wrenn and Mary Elizabeth Barton. A safety skit entitled Quot when Yeti play Safe a j was staged by Gilbert Gray Burton. Edna Cranford. Dallas j agile. Donald Morgan. Roy Edwards and Fred Swartzberg. The sound effects were produced by Joseph Coffield Sara Lewis win Cle Cagle Elizabeth Culler and Ralph Edwards. Broadus Leonard and Carroll Jarrell were the announcers. Principal m. T. Lambeth officially closed the school year with remarks suitable to the occasion. The program was sponsored by miss Helen Deans member of the faculty. C Heap Campaign Raleigh june 6 Pill. B. Leavitt of Asheville Republican nominee for lieutenant governor imported today that be spent $20 in the Campaign before the May 25 primary. Leavitt Defeated j. Forrest Witten of salts Bury. Germany has postponed indefinitely the requirement that motion picture film must be non infirm Marla. More about germans assert cont in lied from Page one deep and flexible designed to give but not break with attack repeating Allied air raids Dur Jing the night hours especially j Over the Western and southwestern s fringes of Germany caused increasing irritation Here. They were interpreted by germans As Quot at j tempts to sow unrest Quot on the Ger Man Domestic front. Supported by the air Force and ramming into the opposition with a great Conee Straton of tanks the German army hammered at the Northern defences of Paris along the Sondime River. The assault was being carried i out with furious Energy by Many fresh German divisions receiving their baptism of fire on the West front and the High command reported that Frances new Weygand line had broken Quot at several i it was a forked attack designed j for a Blitzkrieg Victory and employing All the Speed and Power Germany could Muster. Adolf Hitler directing operations from Headquarters on the front sent his right Wing Southwest in a sweeping thrust toward i a Havre and the Mouth of the Seine River approximately too Miles Northwest of Paris. The second attack appeared to be concentrated in the direction of Paris itself entering in the Region of the Ailette canal Between the Oise and Alsue Rivers about 65 Miles Northeast of the capital. In addition to these two main drives there was action reported i along the entire 200-mile front extending eastward from the English Channel to the Region of Moulin of y and logy at the Western extremity of the main Maginot i line. It was estimated the germans were engaging about i, frenchmen in the entire assault i Iii the drive toward be Havre Germany hoped to drive a final wedge Between a Reat Britain and i France thereafter presumably to be Able to concentrate entirely on France until she is conquered. The High command reported sue j Cess in both of the two main i thrusts and said that the Weygand line built by the French along the Somme and Alane Rivers when they it 11 after the German break i through to the Channel Quot was Caus cd to fall at several the army reported that it crossed the Somme Between the River a Mouth and Ham ancient fortress town about 70 Miles up the River and that it had crossed the Ailette canal scoring All of these gains yesterday the first Day of the new big attack on France. The fuehrer was assumed to be putting his new army a full Power into the drive hitting with All the Swift Force of his motorized and mechanized legions and pouring great masses of infantry in behind. Field marshal Goering s prize air Force and the artillery were blasting opening wedges the nazi dive bombers sweeping swiftly to the Earth with bomb altars and machine gun lire. Then were following the tanks Aud other land forces which had such Quick Success in the lowlands and Flanders. A a a a fish friers of Britain want a $4,000,000 subsidy. Service suspended regular steamship service Between Malta British med iter ran i Ean base and certain parts of the italian Island of Sicily was Atis Pended. At the same time it was re a ported that a Large number of italians residing in Turkey had returned to Italy. In another sector of italian War preparations the German minister of agriculture. Walter Dane. Who has charge of the Reich s wartime food Supply came to Confer with 11 a i in to authorities who seek to insure adequate supplies for Italy. The government declared a 12-Tnile zone around the coast of Italy and off the shores of her possessions including Albania dangerous to navigation and required Advance authorization for approach of any ship. Some observers believed Italy had Mit Iest at least part of her sea Frontier although the announcement did not specify what dangers foreign ships would face ill the zone if they approached without approval. Ships now in route to italian ports w Ere warned to give port authorities immediate notice of the Day and hour in which they would enter the danger zone indicating their approximate positions. Two american boats which arrived at Genoa yesterday must continue their schedule under the danger zone surveillance. They Are the passenger and freighter Quot hip ext Atibur booked to Capa City by americans leaving Europe. Aud the freighter Exmouth. Thousands of fascist soldiers departed today to join 2,000,000 comrades assembled in Italy and along the roads of her Empire expecting a signal from Premier Mussolini which would launch a Campaign for the nations territorial aspirations new blackout preparations to a Gether with prohibition of the use of fire sirens and factory whistles except for bombing alarms were ordered amp italians expected to learn atty i morning that their armies already ii a cd marched across one or More frontiers. Newspaper dispatches from i Athens declared that Greece sandwiched Between Italy and Turkey was nervous Over a War threat in that Corner of Hie Balkans foreign minister count Galeazzo Ciano Ettore Mutt Secretary of the fascist party and ales Sandro Pavolini minister of popular culture All of whom have been recalled to arms Are expected to assume posts of com Mand Iii the air Force soon. Canada to offer Haven to european refugees i Ottawa june 6to can j ads is ready to provide havens for j British and Refuge children from j the european War zones if the British and French governments Aglet to their exodus. In London undersecretary for dominions g. H. Shakespeare said yesterday he hoped to say shortly whether children and other civilians withdrawn from War threatened areas would be sent to cauda and other British possessions on a voluntary basis a refugee conference Here has drawn up a Broad immigration plan to provide Homes in the Dominion for children from the War zones. T. A. Crerar mines and resources minister who called the conference announced that the plan visualizes distribution of the children throughout Canada As quickly As possible after their arrival to restore them to Lornial Litt in private Homes. The real refugee problem is Iii France Crerar said and there Are difficulties in reaching children there. Because of heavy losses suffered in the Battle of French positions along the Battlefront stretching 200 Miles in from the Somme Mouth were declared by a military spokesman to be holding in the face of nazi tank plane artillery and infantry assaults. Generalissimo Maxim Wey valid s arrangements for meeting i tank and motorized thrusts by support Points arrayed in depth were said to be working Well two million men were locked i in the a Battle for sources close to the government said information from lilt was that German leaders had expressed Hopes of reaching Paris within 15 Day through the valleys of the Cise and Aisne. The German so strongest smashes on the front North of Paris apparently aimed at opening up these highways to the capital. Fighting in the great Battle opened by Adolf Hiller s great offensive yesterday was resumed at Dawn today along the lower Somme Niver. Soon the French High command reported a slight withdrawal of advanced French units. Ciu numb Vul fighting the principal fighting was in i Der Way Over a Ido tile Lector of the big Northern front that is. Between the Mouth of the Somme to the Vicinity of Anzyle Cha teau in the Pinon Forest German artillery blasted at French outposts and defense lines. The German gunners particularly in the Bethel Region of the Eastern sector of the front touched off Large numbers of smoke Sheila i the same three regions As yesterday Amiens Peronne and the Pinon Forest a bore the Brunt j of today a attacks. German tanks j pointed their Blunt snouts into French defences and filtered through but were reported Dent roved by Point Blak fire from French 75-Uiiulmeter Field pieces. French outposts in the Region the spokesman said were holding Well and military leaders consider the situation Quot fairly heavy German artillery bom-1 Bard meals were reported by he High command East of the Cise j and along the Ailette River where nazi batteries sent Over a Large number of smoke shells. The spokesman said this might indicate a new attack there was being planned German warplanes he reported bombed certain Points around parts the Northwestern Region of France and the Center of the country late yesterday and during the night. No alarms were sounded in parts. A heavy German raid in the Saar Region was repulsed the spokesman said when the French counterattacked. The germans had surrounded a French outpost but were forced to retire he explained. The new Buttle along the lower s my me followed Quot strategical Quot withdrawals of certain French units which the High command considered Quot too far out in German tanks which filtered Between the French positions exposed the out poets to flanking i tire the spokesman said French i guns were proving destructive against the steel monsters he reported with an unspecified number wrecked some distance behind the actual front. Ile reported that the main fighting areas remained us hanged with the heaviest fighting entering around Amiens Peronne Jim Kif court summons City of High Point in the juvenile court lit the Mallei of the state of North Carolina summons to Parent of foundling left on Doorstep of prank and Arabella Miller on Lith Day of March. Iwo you Ark hereby commanded to appear in the juvenile court of the City of High Point on the 10th Day of july 1940, at 2 00 o clock p. Into answer to testify. In a certain proceeding it is alleged that you abandoned your child represented to this court a being a dependent child and there to abide such order As May in mad touching the welfare of said child herein fall run liven under my hand Tim 4th Day of june huh w f Bailey. Judge of tile juvenile court. The Bove summons wan published in the High Point Enterprise beginning thursday june s. Iwo a prescribed by Law 0-6-13-20-27. Blackboards for Barrymore Holly Wood june 0.�? pm they have dug out the Dusty old blackboards and stocked tip Oil headache powder at twentieth gent ii by Fox studio. John Barrymore i Back in tile movies. Tile blackboards saw immediate use. A patient looking Man carries them around out of camera Range to that Harry More can read off Iii lines without bothering to memorize them. The headache hinder remained intact on tin first Day of work however. Barry More was Iii a serious Frame of mind quiet and agreeable. His wife Elaine Barrie remained in the background. She is not in the pictures not yet anyway. Brown to pay s750 to Wilson trustee judge Hayes orders local Man to pay sum to trustee of bankrupt company special to the Enterprise Greensboro june 6.�?judge Johnson j. Hayes in Federal District court this morning ordered a. Pat Brown of High Point to pay $750 to j. Keith Harrison trustee in bankruptcy for the Wilson upholstery company after he had entered a plea of nolo contend to charges of concealing $2,500 in assets of the bankrupt company. Charges of perjury in connection with the bankruptcy hearing were not pressed. Brown chief owner and officer in the company was indicted by the Federal grand jury yesterday on charges of concealing $2,500 in assets of the company which was adjudged bankrupt last March. The $750 judgment will be used for the Benefit of the creditors of the bankrupt firm. And along the Ailette River and canal. French supporting positions which held throughout yesterday engaged in new fighting when the fresh nazi assault was launched at 4 a. In. To p. In. Wednesday night est. The new Type of deep defences in the consolidated Weygand line Ber j spokesman said has decreased the Quot Blitz Quot in the German Blitzkrieg with the result that the nazis have been slowed up. The Sondime Aisne line was traced by French military exas following approx through these towns and pert mately regions Saint Beville Hie South South of Valery sur Sondime a Pic Quigney Amiens Cor of Peronne Nesle Ham Chauny Pinon Neuchatel. Asfeld Rethel Attig by the Region of Vou Ziers. The Region of i Rand pre and Montmeny City government is Knox s topic City manager Speaks at rotary luncheon today City manager it. M Knox Gal those attending today a meet it of the rotary club a Brief by very Elun r insight into the mating in which i the affairs of the City Highfi Point Are administered. A list of questions relative Hie organization and operation the City government was give each person present with the ii it answer to in a j questions he written Iii the spat provided for that purpose i Knox. After allowing time for til writing of answers himself Ani were each question in detail. Beginning with the organize lion of the municipality the Speal or stated that this occurred 1859, and explained the reason which prompted the step in to Case of High Point and oth it j now in operation and the Fin tons of the City a officials we then decided and several inter Mer items of information regard ing the area population operatic costs banded indebtedness Ai sources of income of the Muniz Pality were Given by or. Knox. It was pointed out that the cd has operated on a pay As you to basis since 1932 that the tot funded debt has been reduced $ 285,000 during the past five Yeai my i a i. A f a a Pas months approximately 40 per of the total debt has been refund on terms that Are highly adv. Ageous to local taxpayers. The speaker closed hi9 Remar with an explanation of the Reserl tons which govern the increase the City a debt and tax rate. Plans for the Celebration june 27 of the opening of the he Point Winston Salem Road Psi outlined by Frank j. Size Oil president Noble t. Praigg i flounced that since this celeb Hon Falls on thursday and is to participated in by the local Rota i meeting of the club on that i members Are expected to Atte the Highway Celebration. Howes and will receive credit for i Tendance accordingly. Visiting rotarians present Todd were John Taylor Asheboro. I Belt Smith. Liberty. Nee Enghild Thomasville Garrett Robey Lanta and Bob Bracken is Ford. Other visitors were i. L. Tills Whitman. Mass Frank j. Sis More Henry Foscue Aud t. V. Helle jr., All of thin City. Tomlinson employee is injured on Job l. B. Bell of 1203 Shelton Ste a it a a Ken to tis Mem i Hospital this morning for or the revised French tactics of i ment of a badly mangled i shifting from solid fortified positions to a War of movement lowing the enemy o filter through and then attacking its duty at Plant advanced elements has eliminated fear of the Swift German drives French commentators while he was on of i South Hamilton Street Tomlinson of High Point. Or. Belles hand a caught la shaper. The Accident occurred 10 33 of clock. Yow Adbulai carried him to the Hospital. Vacation dollars n As you Roll across America by or Shoum to the world fair or anywhere yet i get in r distinct tor your Dollar a and race air Tondi pinned Comfort too when you Lri re Gray hound. Sac More of America this to on i Sample go trip Farai ii a 11 i of Vava. Silts Richmond. A. S Columbus. I. Six Washington $ Cincinnati. I. In so Baltimore s Indian Polis ind silos Philadelphia s Chicago 111. Sis is new York $1 i Mon bus terminal 224 North Wrenn Street phone 3049 Grey Dun Vlf no i miraculous feature at Ruby s to Vivi the Low Price of pc this $24.tx actually include a 3-Diamond engagement ring a 3-Diamond wedding ring and the Beautiful wrist watch. The bridal pair is perfectly matched a the watch is fully guaranteed. Use your credit tomorrows none but / in i Ruby s offer such values Quot your credit jeweler Quot 131 South main Street phone 46.�?Ti

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