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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 5, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Wednesday june 3. 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page seventh Enterprise Page of entertainment for the family Uncle Ray s Corner portuguese traded with african natives the North Star could not he keen by Vasco a Gama and his men when they landed at the Hay of St. Helena. They were far South of the Equator and could see the Southern Cross hut not the big dipper. If it had not been for the Compass Vasco a Gama would hardly have dared the open Ocean. As it was he had the help of this invention which sailors of Europe had been using for some time Wood and water were taken aboard and then came the order a set sail to go around the Cape a going around the Cape was no simple matter. Heavy winds blew them Hack again and again but they kept up the struggle and at list met sneers. Now they sailed northward along the Eastern coast of Africa. They were going through Waters where Bien from Europe never had been before. Now and then. A Gama ordered a tops to obtain food As Well a a Rood and water the dark skinned Alives traded with them at certain Ces hut elsewhere ran away rom they or hid in ambush and of arrows at the White skinned grangers. Y at one spot the portuguese were treated so Well that the named it Quot the land of Good people a the Stives crowded around them As hey came ashore in Small boats. Martin Alfonso a Sailor was in Barge of the Landing party. He ave the chief of the natives a a a jacket and a pair of red pantaloons the thief Lott Little line in putting on the clothing and marched proudly through his Village. The chief invited Alfonso to stay vol night in the Village. His White Kin seemed even More of a won a is v v Riel v is. 0 a 0 so . A gifts a Arft a a ski Assa a Salas a a a sprit a a of a of. Plat a a Vasco a Gama gone presents to natives who came aboard. Der to tile negroes than the red pantaloons of their chief. For three months the ships were piloted toward the North with further stops along the Way. At one place the negro natives were told they could come aboard the flagship. And there they were Given presents by Vasco a Gama. At length the Fleet reached a Lindi. About half Way up the Eastern coast of Africa. The next problems was to Cut across the Indian Ocean from Malinda. That seemed a hard problem hut at this Point came a piece of Good Fortune. T for history Section of your scrapbook if you want a free copy of the illustrated leaflet on the a seven wonders of the world Send me a 3c stamped self addressed envelope in care of this newspaper. Uncle Ray. Tomorrow the King of Calicut. A serial Story an Eye for a Gal by Harry Harrison Kroll a Quot a Harrison in Hollywood a hits movies with actor demanding news flashes Between Akes. Films whacking nazis by Pai l la \ Rimson Ota service staff t Holli Wood. June 5.�? behind he screen Edward Robinson and Dan Best were rehearsing a men for the Man from Fleet Treer a Story of Julius Reuter under of the first big news Gath ing service. A my pigeons will car messages from Brussels and then hour ahead of the coach be Quot said the actor. A they May la me la a Pigeon hut my pigeons will bind the nations of Europe closer Quot put More Confidence in that said William Leterle. Dieting. Quot now lets try it Robinson hesitated asked the me a Teretie assured him that it mild he ave minutes before the ext broadcast of War bulletins d that an assistant director mild Call him said old Inson. A shut Don t let us forget at Julius renter has to keep up Ith the the Pioneer new Galtere had tier link with i pigeons than ugly and Dave twofold. Holly nodes leading animal men. Had Ith the Birds they trained for the to re. After a week of patient work Ith ave carriers. Gurity got Mem Francis Lederer have the leading roles in a i married a nazi a but the different irony and some of the most gripping drama a in scenes played by Small Johnny Russell. A the son of miss Binett Ami i Horrer he a comp flies them when they go from America to Germany to try to get Ohio Money from am ancestral estate instead of playing baseball lie learns at school to throw wooden hand grenade a a and likes it. When he Hist reaches Gentian he gallops around playing Cowboy. Hut one Day he marches in. Poses Iii the nazi Salute and Deel alms Quot tint people one nation one Leffier Quot. Tout bes of anti Granit bitterness Are being written into movies which have nothing to do with current affairs. In Quot Little for example Vou d never expect to find a veiled suggestion of War guilt. Yet there a a schoolroom scene in which professor Baor is pointing to a map of Europe and quizzing the kids on each country s products. A what does France make Quot he asks and a lilt of girl answer a Belgium Quot he continues and a boy replies another says cast of characters Rossy Mcafee went to College to play baseball get an education Ami Settle a feud. Jidy Tollivar a daughter of Lincoln College s president. Hannah Shrider a hillbilly girl who followed Rosay to College. 8f$ ifs l s yesterday a warned by coach him to in careful of what lie says Hunt the Tolli Vars Rossy moves in finds his new Home is unusually comfortable. Judy is delightful and openly amused by the Hill boy. Rossy awakes one Day to hear a shrill voice downstairs. It is his sweetheart Hannah thriller. Come from the Hills to go to school. Chapter 111 Bossy Mcafee listening to his sweetheart from the Vantage of the dark head of the stairs wanted to laugh and swear at the game time. He was shocked at sight of Hannah shudder he had never before thought of her As uncouth. Or. Tollivar and Judy listened politely. Quot Well of course Quot or. Tollivar was saying in his quiet Way Quot you no doubt can do As Well As Rossy. But a Quot i know father a Judy cried. Quot mrs. Patterson said just this afternoon that the Kingsley girl who waited table in the dining Hall had not come yet and she heard indirectly she was married and come Back to Judy turned to Hannah. A you could Walt table you you could then have the other girls room and place. Otherwise in a afraid we re filled Quot a Don t Rossy slay hers Quot Hannah demanded. Quot a yes but Quot a then How come i stay Here too Quot Quot but this is not a hoarding House father is president of the Hannah turned to look or. Tollivar Over. Quot your names Tolliver. Ain t it a a a that a right Quot Quot up in our parts we shoot to livers on to go there and see or. Tollivar laughed heartily j a land Sakes Quot Rossy said. Quot Well this happens not to be up feigning Surprise the Hest he where you came from and i bus could. A what do you know about Ped i am not the kind of Tolliver i that Quot you Are thinking about. Bul as1 a Judy wag telling you. We Are filled 1 Tollivar. Returning in a but for the Kingsley girl and if Quarter of an hour said Hannah you want to enter school you had was a Ltd up and Rhen Aat Down better take thai vacancy of you 11� supper. A soon after Ward Assi is is illustrated by Carol Johnson Hannah threw her Amis around his neck almost choked him with Kiuse it. Quot i had to come to College Rossy if you can get educated i can too found that oui talking with the seniors. You be got to fix yourself up. To if you aim to stay Quot Quot How Corne l ainu to fixed up All right in a fixed up As Good As you. You ainu to much else than a pop up foul Ball at that Quot Quot a is that so Quot Quot Steve Hogg Lold me you was uppity and bigoted and he was right to Quot a so it was Steve Hogg that told you All this How come Steve knows so much Quot Quot he a been Here if you be got to know a Quot Steve Hogg been Here and did t see me How come what a the idea is is that hillbilly trying to spy on me coming Down Here and looking things Over and going right Back and stuffing your ear full the Low Down Quot Hannah began to Pant with rage. A you can Call your blood Kin Low Down if you want. But you Shore ainu to paying a High compliment to your own self Ross Mcafee Quot Quot done to nay Shore and done to Sav a ainu to Quot ass Hannah gulped. Her face took on beet color. A a Well of All things of All the bigoted Way listen Here. Rossy Mcafee pm on to you. Its a Good thing somebody a looking after you even of ifs Cousin Steve and you done to like him Quot yes he was Down Here. He come the next Day after you got Here he looked around and seen a a awl and then he Burnt the wind Back up in hello a damnation and told me and your maw Cross word Puzzle map Puzzle horizontal i map of bedouin country in Asia. 7 to change. 12 right to an invention. 13 a portion of this country a a a Arabia. 14 stepped upon. 15 fearful. 16 measure of Type. Answer to previous Turtle mat is soffit re a Bhaji a a Sci Crohl Efa a a sold a had mum 34 pert Cirl. Asia. 17 musical term. 35 electric term. 51 hurry. 18 natural Power 36 Genus of bees 19 Railroad. 37 to harass. 20 Mongrel. 38 credit 21 turf. Abbr. 23 general store 39 makes on wheels. 24 household chairs and tables. 28 Yellowish Cray. 30 desert fruit. 31 native of Switzerland. 32 Small tuber. 33 mentally sound. Amends. 4 accomplishes 42 building site. 43 greedy. 44 to bother. 45 Feudal Benefice. 46 stalk. 47 applies of plaster. 50 it occupies a in southwestern vertical 1 ready 2 less thoroughly cooked. 3 Whit. 4 sleepers Couch. 5 within. 6 perfume. 7 amazes. 8 deposited. 9 to card Wool. 47 postscript to Magazine abbr. Writers. 48 exclamation Leto Clear. 49 Southeast 17 merriment. Abbr. 19 it Border body cd water pm the West. 20 taxi. 21 to fit 22 nearly half of it is dry a land. 23 tanning pot 24 blowers. 25 Indian. 26 musical note. 27 to ridicule. 29 to state again 30 platform. 33 dispatched 34 Cocks comb. 36 tempers. 37 depression. 38 chamber cd Taw 40 Kiln. 41 double. 42 Dregs. 44 influenza. 45 brother. 46 Spain abbr. Folk the spare body. The tempered Muscles of those who work. J what head seen Quot her air of humorous Defiance gave a new Are to her hard Blue than plenty Quot eyes she was waiting for him Quot ill say it to say something uncomplimentary about her coming and was ready for it. A and that was plenty More was More than plenty How you was Rooming in the big House with this Here or. Tollivar. Good Sod Well you Quot you ought not to of come Here know he was the Man that killed Hannah. I mean without first your Paw Good and Well you looking after a room and Board know this ainu to Isno to nothing and things Why they might Sot but a put up Job on you. Give even let you in College after you you a scholarship Here make you i sweep up like a girls put you a a who a to keep me out Rossy through College to play Ball re to set noises and lights so that Olive Oil come from Italy at they a Perch on Robinson s Milder. The pigeons then red one Day. And every Capa too. Next morning at the fold ranch. Curly went to get e Birds and found. Instead a Nten i de look my Wildcat snooze on a pile of feathers. Dave twofold it turned out. Had me Home late from a Job at Antler studio and had shoved his awned wildest into the wrong re. Minny i Snell Mym n in then the Leacher feints to Germany. A and what about Germany a there a pause. A Little girl a Iii x her hand snit answers j Quot toy Quot Bette smooth Bette snakes a shot shattered the stillness of stage a at Warners. David Newell lurched through the door of a i House stumbled Down the step j sprawled on the Lawn. Behind him came Bette Davis with a revolver j moving As if dazed site poured vacancy it you Quot Lait me c All Mig Battel j Judy said and went to the phone she talked a moment and came balk Quot it s All right. Father will go with you across the Campus to the girls cottage where the head housekeeper lives and your room will a can t i see Rossy Mcafee a Quot i Don t think he a come in yet. I la Tell him you re Here and Send him Over to see a you when be ear Bossy still shot k re. And ashamed because he Felt this Way slipped Back along the Hall. Instead of going info his room he crept Down the Back stairs and out into the Yard. He saw or. Tollivar and Hannah two dark figures going through the dusk of the Campus. Then As if coming in from the gym. He entered the front door. Judy Reading under the lamp. Smiled at him. A you had a Quot who a Quot you d never guess. Rome one very dear to Quot maw Quot Quot guess Quot Cousin Steve Hogg Quot Quot cold cold As Rossy Shook his head. A could no to guess then. Tell Quot your own sweetheart. Hannah Shrider and she a pretty too i got Here Quot and Iii bet she a smart As anything. Shes coming to College. Mcafee Quot i "8h-hhhh&Quot Rossy cautioned. Dads just taken her to the girls a Pwwell. There rules and Reg a emr. Patterson will hear you cottage. Right after supper you re j elation so Quot i Stop your turned Yelling a Quot Quot of they did no to keep you out Quot Iii yell All i want to fool Quot they me. I know what a Hannah cried. A Cousin Steve ailing you. You done to want me Hogg has got sense even if you Here. You re ashamed of me a1-1 Haven to and a saw through it j in half a minute. This Here or. Quot now. Hannah Quot Tollivar la the same Breed of she sneered. Quot i done dogs. He left out right after that heard about you i got it straight j Ball game. Nobody never seen i you came on ahead of time. Put saw him again he left the up at the big gun s place. With j country. Stayed gone that Tolliver Yea. I Heerd all1 Quot now Here be is Runn about it. They set you up among school come Back to t t she is they said you a be took i or and he knows it and you in by their mealy mouthed Way atty in his House est at his table. And Here ifs less than a week and make eyes St his Gale Quot Quot Rossy i just had to come 11 they were Light a a a a hah to that it a you re had to. I sold my calves and i already warm with anger ro-1 jealous a Quot shotes and heifers and taken my a demanded whoa they How a a re. A dirty lit. I ainu to Canning club prize Money and rom it Here palaver is 1 jealous. I in mad. I come Down Here i am. If you can come to Ira of being toted Back up t0 her to save yet that a what. Iel a dal nation Quot he was Ray you swore when you was a Little tidied. Wondering How news of Poy that Day would have an Eye this sort could travel so far and for an Eye. And a tooth for a so quickly. Tooth and All the Eye you have Quot Yah Quot i sweetheart sneered now is for that Judy Tollivar and a a would t you like to know a tooth you have is for her Quot i think Jour be been in he re cooking Roasy Mcafee i hate and into a Nice dress and she snooping and telling lies to your you i despise you Quot looked comely enough. Her hair self. All right you re Here. You re ism. And suddenly was Honey like Taffy made with a graduate of the same High Cabool the Bapp a h m sprawling Honey and thick Maple syrup she j As me. And they la take you in had the gaunt fashion of All Hill but you be got to study Here. In be to be continued Mckenney on Bridge of Ible Roasy walked through the dark to the cottage w his h housed the maids and waitresses. Hannah was waiting anxiously in the Little parlor and when Rossy entered she Flung her arms around i neck and almost choked him with kisses a College i can come too. All right say something Nasty and ill smack your ear Hack Quot Quot my heavens. Hannah Quot Rossy said helplessly and dropped on the Couch. He examined Hannah she had got out of her Haxby coat quoth Quot it it Memphis player avoids mistake he High and mightier. They said of the Hill but not in the Hill i of cps o Dot Lent to i pm to him hat girl was Good looking and because it s a Coward and a kill a i v Usu by we. R. Mckenney americans lard authority Jean Bennett. Lloyd Nolan and four More shots into Newell s flapper Fanny by Sylvia Cor Imo St of Sii t it so to St Lindy. A Cut Quot yelled William Wyler. A that s swell. Ifs a take a Quot then take this thing Quot said my Davit. A i hate gun. The la line i shot anyone a in a Broadway rat % til Lead. The gun made me so nervous that i killed the Man to minutes too soon Iii the my unil act and ii had in play dead while we stood around Aud ail ribbed All Over look and learn by v v. Gordon 1. How Many sheets of paper and How Many quires make one Rea in ? 2. What u. B. President said a i wish to preach not the doctrine of ignoble ease. Hut the doctrine of strenuous life 3. Which is the most completely domesticated of the grain4 4. Who was Queen of England for Only nine Days 5. Whit h is the most Brilliant planet ? \ new ers 1. 4s0 sheets or 20 quires 2, Theodore Roosevelt 3, Maize or Indian Corn. 4. Lady Jane Grey. 6. Venus. A love courtship and marriage Best treatment for dream mate outgrowing her by Ernest ii. Ind Gladys h. Groves noted authorities on marriage relation a of course i am fond of Nina Quot confided Ted. Just a few Days before the wedding a but i tan never love anybody like i did Ann. Quot of Only she had said a yes a everything would have been wonderful. As it is i am not anxious to marry except thai i done to want to disappoint advised to go to see his modern etiquette by Roberta Lee you can outgrow dreams. Ted began to appreciate Nina for what she was instead of inwardly blaming her for not being a second Ann. Sprucing up Aud living his life in the present he found his whole life attitude change As lessons in English by a. L. Gordon words open misused do not say. Quot it is a Good sort of say Quot it is a Nice kind of often mispronounced discovery. Pronounce Dis Kuver i four syllables not Dis Kukri. Often mias Peled Flimsy by though pronounced by. Synonyms delude deceive mislead. Beguile trick. Word study Quot use a word three Tim and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word neurologist one versed in the upon or arrival at Memphis i was met by a delegation there and we found we had time enough to Stop at the local Bridge club before going to the Cotton Relt tournament. I saw Ned Turner. President of the Memphis Bridge association play today a interesting hand in his own Bridge club at the Parkview hotel. The four no Trump was the Blackwood old. And the response of five diamonds showed one Ace. When West opened the King of diamonds some players would have made the mistake of allow the trick to ride around to the South hand for a Ruff then taking the Spade finesse but not Turner. He won with the Ace in Dummy and discarded a Spade ruffed a Small Diamond entered Dummy with the heart Ace an ruffed an a aq4 v a 3 a a 1094 j a k 7 6 a 862 n fit k 1qis a 76 w a a 9 say a a j 8 w we e a 754 3 As a j 8 a 9 i i dealer a j75 v Kyj 1084 a none a 1053 duplicate both Vul. Sooth West North Taal i a pass 3 a Pas 3 a pass 4 n. T pass 5 a a 6 v pass opening a k. I j break but now Turner cashed the Ace of clubs and led a Small club hoping that East would be forced to win Anc he was. Thera was nothing he could do hut Lead a i Spade into Dummy s Cebu in. Of heart was cashed a carded a Small club i Dummy a King and Ann mond ruffed. Of course the diamonds did not and thus six Odd was made. Side glances science dealing with the nervous he tot into the he by or one skilled in the treat-1 i j ment of nervous diseases. Pronounce no Rol Joist first syllable is new first o is in obey accent second syllable. Things As they Are and doing something about them. Nina could not understand the difference in Ted. But she was to grateful for it that she asked no questions. Having her husband come alive and enjoy her company old As he never had since their wed flare so As folding Day she blossomed out and get her out Oil became twice the person she had his mind. Ted been. Of asked her secret for married happiness she would probably say Quot get your husband to Stop but Ted would say a Stop dreaming of has was obstinate. Or. And mrs. E. R. Groves lifeless honeymoon a year of married life. he said a that would not he fair to the girl i am marrying i have kept away from Ann for years and i must not go near her r e i Octant by he married and eased through a drab first Nina was cranium crackers next getting wind of Romance. He or Nisi a i in writing the Story of my life hut Imi hats fret the family to collaborate with me on the Early chapter Quot q. In t it poor form for a person. In the company of others to display impatience at every Little delay or inconvenience bitterly disappointed to find that a. Yea. Patience is a virtue that marriage had turned her Moody we All should cultivate. It has suitor into a husband of but one been said. A impatience dries the mood gloom. Blood sooner than age or then suddenly he changed. Ann q. What is a Good reply to give had come to see him on business when accepting an invitation Over and he was amazed to find that the phone a. A thank you very much. I shall he delighted to q when it i necessary for a Man to leave the dinner table should the other men Rise a. No. He no longer meant anything to him except in his dreams. Seeing her in flesh and blood he had to admit thai he had outgrown her without knowing it. With his excuse for being halfhearted in his married lift toot. How can i by Anne Ashley q How can i remove alight scorch stains from Linen a. When the Linen is not a Orch de too badly a Cut onion rubbed on the Marks followed by a Good soaking in cold water will remove the stains q. How ran i treat soup or Gravy that is too Salty a. Put a few pieces of toasted Biad in to the soup or Gravy for a few minutes then remove and a. Set around the room several the bread will have absorbed much j dishes containing a mixture of of the Salt. I Cream ground Black Peper and q How ran i rid t room of Filiti sugar. Mem did i. H. Grow ? of you know your United stat history you should he Able to answer All of the following questions which have to do with territorial acquisitions. Fill in the Blanks. 1. The total area gained by annexation of Texas included parts of -1 Oklahoma Kansas new Mexico and Colorado. 2. Alaska was ceded to the United states by for $7,200, 000. 3. The Florida Purchase was made from -. 4. The Louisiana Purchase was completed in for 5. The Republic of Hawaii was formally annexed in -. Answers on want and Page Coes two a a to Cav act be t a Ste u i to or Quot in be pol thai pain in my Tiai again. George shall we m Ite or Broun oui for dinner some night Ilo week i i

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