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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Page four i j Jar to j Tyr in the american legion to Cooper whether such improvement of a la i Vij ii i a it 11 i i ate to the utmost in the unearth Yearance generally might not Plutt in to t i c fling of in american activities and serve to help High Point get Iii in i to 11 i 111 o to of the sort of dangerous prop away from the reputation it has Ganda that will inevitably gain momentum during times such As these but it would be far finer still were every american citizen to cooperate in the same manner in the Protection of his nation. Tite High Point enter prise Piedmont Center High Point North Carolina monday Juno 3, 1940 published it noon and sunday mornings j. P Rawley publisher 1915�?1937 r. B. Terr president d. A. Rawley. Sec or Ani treas. Hammett a. Cecil Gen. Met. Capus m. Waynick editor subscription rates Dally and sunday of Carrier in High Point and nearby town twelve months. Tlo.4t Pix mom the .i., c 5 20 three months. $ 2 so one month .90 one week a. To carriers in nearby towns ars not permitted to collect for mors than on week in Advance Carrier in City ars not permitted to collect for a period of More than five weeks la a subscription for a looser period is desired payment should be made direct to office. The associated pres is exclusively entitled to the us for republication of All news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper and also the ocal news published therein member of audit Bureau of earned of being a a one Street City insofar As retail business is concerned circulation entered a second Claes matter St the Post office m Hll a Point n c. A Inder the act of co Greet of March 8. Him. National adv representative Tiik John Bidu co. 42 Lexington ave. Lev Yota City monday. June 3. 1940. Work should go on in this program in the Rush to prepare for National self defense or should we say War important items on the regular program of the government can be overlooked. The Federal Aid to Road building in the states was in danger during the past week. Prompt action by an Able North Carolina congressman Lindsay Warren is credited with saving it from defeat. The House committee on roads had prepared an enlarged program of Federal Aid but developments made it improbable that the recommendations would pass. Road builders in this state were among those who were fearful with _ Dole. Carnegie author of a How to win friends and influence people recently a number of life insurance salesmen gave a luncheon in the Pittsburgh District. After luncheon the men began to talk about the Quot toughest customer they had Ever gone up against. They agreed the hardest boiled egg of All was a or. Brownee the most contrary human that had Ever irritated people on this planet. If they said Quot its Black a he would say a a it a one of the salesmen sat listening quietly. His name Ross f. Roberts. 3336 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh. A. Well or. Roberts is a psychologist As Well As a seller of life insurance. An Dea popped into his head As to the communist platform Blanks in the newly announce de platform of the communist that the net result would he the a us it it it Oppey nil is near party arc not Likely to make Intel temporary abandonment of All Quot Roclor Wigent citizens boil with Indiana Federal Aid for Highway construction. And they Are not simply Tion. Or. Warren s motion to because those planks Are so ridiculous As to make one rather prone to howl in amusement. The communist party a platform in past years has been amusing in much this same sort of fashion but rarely do we recall when it has been More amusing than it is this year. Let us examine briefly by All Means a bit of the Content of this amazing document. Says a part of the platform a not a cent not a gun not a Man for War stand by the usual proposals influenced the committee and it seems Likely now that the program is Safe. In addition to tile better prospects for the general program the news comes that the Blue Ridge Parkway construction will not be stopped. Funds for carrying on this important Road through Virginia and North Carolina Are to be replenished. Despite the pressure on the government that the extraordinary Mil preparations and the imperialist itary spending occasions we be War resist the militarization and armaments program of the administration and Congress a and then a couple of sentences later a make the Rich carry the Burden of the economic crisis and War preparations fight against War profiteering a the exclamation Points Are those of the platform not ours the platform in one breath As it were demands that not a cent be spent for a War preparations and the imperialist War and adds the further demand that the Rich be made to carry the Burden of War preparations. There seems to be a Little inconsistency there. Chairman John Williamson is quoted in news dispatches As saying that a a change will be made in the final editing a and we Aie inclined to suggest several changes made in the final editing would not injure the platform to any great extent. Lieve Congress to be Well advised in going ahead with the Road program at least As vigorously As usual. We expect the Day to come when the government will recognize a truly major appropriation for a heavy duty Road system to be a vital part of the National defense. Hitler today is charged or credited with picking up our a pm Day plans and using them to get ready for War. We might do worse than to adopt his effectuated Road building plans for increasing the efficiency of mechanized soldiery. A was about them May lie the men just have a Way about them or maybe ifs sheer Force of habit but whatever it is when it comes to vote getting it seems that the male of the species still has the Edge. In a recent election of a stir All the information possible. He Learned that the doctor was Young married had two daughters and was devoted to his family. That was ammunition. The next Day he called up the girl in the doctor s office and said he wished to see the doctor when he was least Busy. The girl said the Best time would be just before the doctor would be leaving the office for the afternoon. When or. Roberts arrived he reminded the girl he was the one she had talked to Over the Telephone. The girl without asking his business went in to see the doctor and in a moment or. Roberts was ushered into the doctors private office. Now it was sink or swim. He told the doctor that he was an insurance broker. Instantly the doctor bristled. Now or. Roberts began on the plan he had Laid he would take advantage of the doctors trait of opposing people he asked a few questions about the doctor and then began trying to convince the physician that he should not take any life insurance. Quot or. Roberts a he said. Quot if you have no one to leave Money to at your death there is no reason w by you should carry any insurance. As you know it will Only be an added the doctor looked at him somewhat curiously but made no reply. His most potent weapon was gone opposition. Finally he said Quot i Haven t a cent of insurance of i died today my estate would not last my family three or. Roberts said the chances Are you will live to accumulate $20,000 to $30,000. Then you will have Quot suppose i done to asked the doctor. Or. Roberts said a if in your opinion you do need insurance. Ill be pleased to take care of it for Well right then and there or. Robert wrote the doctor a policy for $15,000. He had accomplished something where All the other insurance men had failed because he had capitalized on the doctor s extreme love of opposing an interviewer. He had made Walter winched on Broadway of try a Mark a film re. Orr Fht. 1940. Pally Miarmi the Winchell column is. The fifth column congressman Patman of Texas held the floor of the House for an hour on May 27th, spellbinding his colleagues with his revelations on Quot fifth column Quot and Quot Trojan horse activities he named certain americans alleging they Are in the pay of Adolf Hitler to be leaders in hitlers brain Trust in the u she asked Congress to investigate Carl Byoir a prominent propagandist alleging Byoir received As much As $6,000 per month from the nazi approved German interests to assist in spreading German propaganda in the u. S Quot i Call your said Patman Quot to Walter win Chell s column. He exposes a moist significant Here Patman quoted the daily mirrors column of May 27th, which reported that the address of an accused nazi propaganda group a to East 40th et., n. Y. A. A that i Tell you a added or. Patman Quot is the same address of Carl Byoir St associates offices a or. Byoir replied to the accusations by Emilia sizing this that he is employed by a Chan store group which or. Patman Hopes to outlaw with a Bill against Chain stores Byoir claims Pat Many a charges Are a a personal. The congressman however offers Many startling allegations As for instance a sworn testimony before a congressional committee discloses that soon after Hitler came into Power in Germany. Carl Byoir a associates became greatly interested in helping to sell Hitler and the nazi party to the people in America. I charge now and do not think for a moment that it cannot be backed up with sufficient proof that Carl Byoir St associates commenced to represent nazi Germany soon after Hitler came into about people Albert Hart. Jr., returned last night from Charleston s. C., where he was a Citadel student. Mrs. T. J. Gold and son Thomas Gold jr., will leave tomorrow for the Wood Berry Forest school commencement in Virginia. Mrs. Katherine Raymond has returned from a visit to Points in the Middle eat. A a 10 i11 Quot . It Quot Tho doctor convince him that he needed new Brief a Chicago is making a Roundup of her gangsters. Rhe thin Grey Lone of confederates today visited the Home of Jefferson Davis Quot Beauvoir in Mississippi. Red River flood Waters Are King George v celebrated his 65th birthday today. Note the demand for a refraining from any Prepa rat ions for Quot the imperialist War when one recollects that soviet Russia itself not Only made a few preparations for this a imperialist War but unless our memory deceives us went a triple further than that the exclamation Point is ours in american activities governor Hoey has suggested the appointment in each american legion Post in North Carolina of a committee to cooperate with government agencies in unearthing in american activities Aud discovering possible plans for spreading subversive propaganda. The governor went so far As to write j. H. Rose commander of tile North Carolina department of the legion calling upon him to secure the Active assistance of legion posts and individual legionnaires throughout North Carolina a in our National defense program and in sustaining the efforts being made to make our own country Safe in the principles of real americanism a and commander Rose accepted the invitation. The governor to use the vulgar parlance has something there. Certainly at no time during the past two decades has there been As much need As there is today of throttling subversive propaganda in its infancy. The undermining of morale through the spreading of dangerous propaganda is a powerful weapon in the hands of enemies and unfortunately it is a comparatively simple weapon to use. It would be a Fine thing Wert William Penn negro High school Here a solitary girl opposed four males for the office. The males did no to make a great Deal of ado during the Campaign hut the Young woman who by the Way is one of the Mort popular and admired girls in the school campaigned militantly so we Are informed for a change of Rule Down with the male for a change and give the female a Chance. It so happens that the majority of students at this institution Are girls. But when the ballots were cast we Are informed that the sole female candidate received 34 votes a nowhere near a fifth of the total ballot cast yes the men just seem to have a Way about them Tho insurance. If you have a Quot Tough customer Why done to you try the same method on him make him sell himself. Sprucing up the City Lias just completed widening the sidewalk paving on the West Side of Wrenn Street Between Commerce and High a project which serves to improve greatly the appearance of the Street. Yet this Street still has a shabby appearance primarily it seems because of the general unattractive Ness at the rear of several stores which front on main Street. One store which recently was remodeler and added to has not Only improved its own appearance but has added to the attractiveness of Wrenn Street in the immediate environs of its own location. We wonder whether the entire Block could not be considerably improved by a Little a sprucing up undertaken at the rear of other stores in this same Block and we wonder also Fate of neutrals in present War editor. The Enterprise i have hold for Many years that the next great conflict following the world War would eliminate All neutrals. Present events have justified that View for with the War hardly started the territory of one Neutral after another has been violated and with each violation the area of the conflict is enlarged when the second phase of Thia struggle is finally reached the prophecy of Joel will be fulfilled Quot i will gather All nations and will bring them Down into the Valley of there is no room Here for neutrality on the part of the nations in opposition to him and his Rule. These nations certainly will see to it that there will be no Neutral nations in the Camp of their opponents for those who would like to remain out of the conflict will be forced against their will to become participants. It will be impossible for the United states to remain aloof for there Are forces already working in our midst and along our Southern Border with the object of involving us in the struggle. In making this statement it is not my wish or desire but rather conclusions i have drawn based upon sound logic backed by the knowledge of coming events As seen by the prophets. I wish it were possible to be More optimistic. Rut All nations Are destined to be drawn into the vortex As we approach the Climax in the judgment of the nations. None will be absent in the final settlement of the controversy of Zion As the Groat Roundup takes place and aggressors Are punished for having made the Earth a shambles. Peace will come with the restoration of the commandments statutes and judgments of the lord As the Law and not As the result of treaties leagues or through physical disarmament. The very fact that men continued on Page 11 Twenty years ago local news building permits total $638,000 Here. A local committee will meet tonight to discuss ways and Means for getting Back Southern trains nos. 21 and 22. A representative of the North state Telephone company today said that the work of installing the automatic dial Telephone system in High Point was Well underway. Congressman Patman alleged too that Newspaperman George Sylvester Viereck Quot was a partner in Carl Byoir a firm and received a part of the profits. Therefore the real name at that time should have been Viereck. Byoir and other Hitler associates. Patman also declared that Viereck had always been very sympathetic to Germany. Quot he and ail Byoir a Patman added Quot Are the real brain Trust of nazi propaganda in America. It is Viereck who had always sent an indignant letter of protest to the editor whenever an american publication criticized Hitler or the nazis. Viereck is the Man who has censored All the nazi publicity material in this country along with Carl Byoir. Patman also charged that Byoir established an office in Berlin and had Bales of propaganda literature prepared and sent to this country to be distributed Here some of which was seized upon arrival. A i do not believe there is any doubt a Patman stated Quot that Carl Byoir a hired to establish Here in the United states the greatest espionage and spy system Ever organized on the face of the Earth. In other words. Carl Byoir Rode into this country Hitler Trojan the congressman named several big business interests represented by Byoir. A i wonder to what extent he has used that Power a asked Patman a and to what extent that Power has been abused. I believe that since he pioneered the Hitler movement in this country that an investigation should be made immediately to determine the interests he represents and whether or not he a used his position to place stooges spies and sympathizers of nazi Germany in different sections of our country for the purpose of being used As a fifth column when Hitler believes the time is Ripe. Now is no time to Trust aliens or alien influences in a National defense program. Look at Norway Denmark Poland and other countries where German troops were greatly aided by just such stooges As have been brought into this country since Carl Byoir commenced representing or. Patman also told his colleagues in the House that the Trojan horse policy was adopted by the communist internationale held in Moscow and How Dimitrov in an address to the soviet Congress on August 20, 1935, used the following language Quot comrades you remember the ancient tale of the capture of Troy. Troy was inaccessible to the armies attacking her thanks to her impregnable Walls and the attacking army after suffering Many sacrifices was unable to achieve Victory until with the Aid of the famous Trojan horse it managed to penetrate to the very heart of the enemies Camp. We revolutionary workers it appears to me should not be shy about using the same tactics Quot. Or. Patman then asked Congress to Ponder hitlers own words to wit Quot when i wage War troops will suddenly appear. They will March through the streets in Broad Daylight. No one will Stop them. Everything has been thought out to the last detail. They will March to the Headquarters of the general staff. The confusion will be beyond belief. But i shall Long have had relations with the men who will form a new government a government to suit me. We will find such men we shall find them in every country we shall not need to bribe them. They will come of their own Accord. Ambition and delusion party squabbles and self seeking arrogance will drive them. Our strategy is to destroy the enemy from within to conquer him through when the Franco forces were approaching Madrid Spain in the War in 1936. A general said Quot we have four columns of soldiers approaching Madrid and the a fifth column will Rise up from within Madrid to help us that is where the phrase Quot fifth column came froma report from one who resides in Holland revealed this that for months preceding the time that Germany invaded Holland and Belgium Large posters advertising a Brand of Coffee were placed All Over these two countries on billboards houses barns and other places where such advertising is usually placed. When the parachutists arrived and landed the first thing they did was go to the nearest Coffee sign. When the advertisement was tak a Down by them on the Back of it was a diagram and map which showed exactly the location of the nearest German sympathizers names and addresses. From tile Homes of these sympathizers they were Able to organize themselves along with others and destroy the Telephone Telegraph radio and other Means of communication shoot the local policemen in the backs and do other things calculated to cause consternation and disorganization. That explains How the invaders took Over some countries so easily in sum As or. Patman said the experiences in Many nations demonstrated that the enemies within a country constitute serve As a i-, the country greatest menace. Treason from within rather than invasion of All departments army intelligence paging father time ten yearn ago local new a hundreds of people Are expected to attend the mass meeting of High Point citizens tonight in interest of the proposed Airport. Seniors will stage the annual class night program at the local High school tonight. Community Chest leaders Are seeking unpaid pledges. Bruce Cotton in Washington change in Johnson act to make Loans to allies expected Washington june 3.�?you Cai write it Down in your Book thai some change in the Johnson act to permit War Loans to the allies Wil almost certainly be made within Sal a six months. It won t be done right away ant this session of Conj Gress if it adjourn in mid june As pet schedule a is to o Likely to touch it 4m by i of f lie a or a continues Bey one june or if there is Ai extra session later ii the summer Ai amendment is extremely probable. A pc my great shift of senti ment in Congress six months ago and move to lift the ban on Loans would have lost overwhelmingly. Today som of the men who were most outspoken against the idea last fall Are privately talking in favor of it. The shift is due to two things grow ing concern Over the plight of the allies and a feeling that to make Loans would be Good for business especially the agricultural business. General belief is that the allies hav All the Money they need right nov for planes and munitions but they Are conserving their funds As Fias possible by cutting Down on chases of farm products. Let the fat Belt statesmen once get convinced tha Loans would Boom farm exports Ani you re Likely to see action. Best Way to put it is that As today a majority in Congress is i ready to vote for Loans but is rear to sit Down and let somebody try sell the idea. Squalls disaster caused no submarine changes the sinking of the submarine Sam i us off Portsmouth n. In just Ove a year ago was almost unique among u. S. Navy submarine disasters u that it did not Lead to far reaching changes in the design or operation submarines or their equipment. Reason for that is that most Peao. Time submarine disasters Are due to some fundamental defect and Tea the Navy something important Abc. The use of these Tricky boats. The squalls sinking Wasny to in that Clas the boat Sank simply because of mechanical failure in an inducts valve and that failure proved fan because of a simultaneous failure an indicator which should have give sufficient warning of the mishap. Changes in the gear in question to keep such accidents from happening again have been made and that a a there is to it. The squalls raised an reconditioned is Back in service again under the name of Sailfish. Navy considering anti aircraft Cruiser if battleships have to be rearm or to make them Bombproof there is Chance that some cruisers also will h re designed in order to fit them of More aggressive action against ail planes. All warships carry anti air i. Guns of course. But an idea which beginning to take hold among some s. Navy officers is that it would a to have a new kind of Cruiser definitely classed As an anti aircraft Shi general idea is to make the yes. Fairly bristle with anti aircraft Gui Range and height finder. And so. So that it would protect the fit against planes the Way a destroy protects it against submarines. Likely that a few experimental ship of this Type will be built before Lorn about people mrs. J. S. Welborn has returned from South Carolina where she visited friends. Lawrence Little of Chattanooga Tennessee addressed local Christian endeavours Here yesterday. As Field Secretary he told of the general work. Or. And mrs. H. E. Montsinger will leave tonight for Pittsfield. Mass., where they will visit the former a brother. New briefs president Wilson will not Call an extra session of Congress. Women sympathizers of the Irish cause burned a United states Flag in front of the Treasury building in Washington yesterday. Louis Liggett president of the United drug company says that a America stands in the position today of having lost everything we went to War any business Boom Likely to Resus from the War abroad will Pearcel touch jobless youth because Moat the new jobs if any. Will not be of to inexperienced Young people. Fio it w. Reeves chairman american you commission. Too Many of us in these recent Gor a rations have grown fat fat physically and fat Welle under secret a by of state. Whether we like to admit it or be. The Monroe doctrine for a Long Tiraj has been maintained behind the sure of the British Navy. Or. Frank Tai Renbaum Columbia University. From Belgrade and Buenos Aires come reports of student riots against one belligerent or another. Anything will do it seems to keep the mind off studies at final exam time. From without has been the cause of the collapse of Many democratic governments. We thank congressman Patman for his courage to name names. The w. W. Column named Byoir As far Back As 1933�?As being a nazi propagandist. We also thank or. Patman for his closing remarks to Congress Quot yes bit by bit with the help of americans like Walter Winchell the True Story begins to unfold. And now it is hooked that the gentle Nan from Texas will Contact the War department at once to Check this tip that this very same Carl Byoir allegedly holds commission in the u. S. Army re lieutenant colonel. In the land of the free hit seems like w the Dies committee it on in american activities Aims to do its part a investigating Trojan horses and Sich like. Chairman Dies said his1 committee would. By Gin hearings 4 re monday on Quot fifth column activities in the South Quot Ai in Texas along the mexican horde after Congress adjourns. Some Sou in think they n found out that comm lists have got jobs with the . And in Birmingham steel Industry and that t Leys got air bases on to Southern Border. Hit would t Surprise me none they n got lobs in Washington. I Mij what Uncle Dot said that time went to the inauguration they so Many furriers there i did no thi by know where is

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