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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Monday. June 3, 1910the High Point Enterprise Piedmont renter Al Industry High Point. North Carolina Page three the columnists by thousands Oison our nation Johnson propagandists alien agents revealed already at work saboteurs prepare to strike first of Thrim Arf Kips in Bidi Thomas in. Johnson an Torii y on activities in military affairs reveal i a lift ii lot ii Millet already re spreading their Poison toss this Tledni Deraey. 9f� but Thomas m. Johnson a service military writer Washington june 3�?is Ira a fifth column in America to that question government Diligence agencies answer hey know the undiluted Poison dissension against which the rident warned is boing hied into the nations veins right by thousands of foreign hits and propagandists. These fifth columnists Are fill our free air with every sort of ordain cry anti British anti Rish anti democratic anti Dee. It All meshes in with the a Ial totalitarian propaganda it cum be a Ising volume in Germany and Russia. File Poison threatens the health four body politic not Only by sing dissension but by Arous hysterical reactions o one wants a nationwide a a Hunt. J. Edgar Hoover of Fri has warned against this he seriously acknowledges Quot recently there have been in examples of growing Distant for the american Flag and in Lam toward the Freedom for a hit Here is Good authority for say that the president before his int speech had been warned trial times that the totalitarians ,Boi,h7,,s pictured on arrival in Paris. Led states. In the last few a a George Poole held on three charges warrants issued after wreck in Thomasville Early sunday morning Retreat from hell on Earth special to the Enterprise Thomasville. June 3. George Poole. 39, who gave his address a 1806 King Street in High Point was arrested by Thomasville officers Fred Kanoy and Garland Good sunday morning at one of clock and charged with Drunken driving reckless driving and driving without proper brakes. Poole it was charged in the warrant was driving his automobile North on Fisher ferry Street to the Southern railway crossing and instead of keeping to the tight at Tho signal which was placed at the railway crossing he decided to drive to the left and struck an automobile which was occupied by mrs. Dorothy Wall High Point route one. Ii. M. Wall Dewey Heath and miss Clara Beal All of High Point no one in the car was seriously injured with the exception of miss Beal. She was carried to the City memorial Hospital where it was found she had several broken ribs. Damage to the two cars totalled less than $30. Poole will be Given a hearing in Thomasville court this week. Thomasville negro under Bond after Accident special to the Enterprise Thomasville. June s. J c from cabled description aka artist hairy Granger sketches ears aided by too to 1imm� planes Cut off part of the British and ,. 1 a 1 and diagrams Here the Allied withdrawal from Dunkirk across the French in three pockets within the major pocket extending from . Quot la English channels a a Hallie which remnants of the British sex Ped i j below Lille to the coast. Bombers turned Dunkirk s docks into a j Noma Vine jail of or Quot tonary Force describe As a Quot hell on jammed into an area Volcano us allies hurriedly hoarded transports for England. Crust Eon and aaa later released Lino i f a Boll 200 Square Miles More than 000,000 German troops and ing the Channel the allies were bombed raked again and several a Bond of $500, As Hie result it estimated .100,000 allies locked in terrific final struggle Mill-1 British destroyers and transitory were sunk. Meantime British and an Accident on Brown Street Lei re experts say there has never in history been a Battle in which French warships in the Channel lobbed shells Sill Miles Inland to which tune an automobile driven Manv Man anti machines were righting in such Small area. The cover the Retreat while British planes fought a furious Battle Xith by . Struck a Small negro j Gorman Rushing in from three sides with tanks infantry armoured . British claimed half the troops trapped were lie Inu rescued his toy warplanes ironical play boy i Quot Quot a Ray Dav Quot i wars plaything a. o h thing a is battered but this Little Luxembourg Clung to it i that no a iia driving in Quot he through All his frightening flight from the German invaders left Ide of the meet at the time of the Accident. Government agencies have Insi Fieri precautions. The humid tiny n assigned to count Ion age Baa been increased Ive the 150 on duty before the a Nae program a voted Long i Ess i considering Laws Foi sprinting All aliens and paling them from work on Dele order. It that will not fully Neu be the Poison. 1 m a .5 a la i n s Lauy fifth column members Are aliens. A not member of j bund or communist biding to government into lion some workers May be id in the estimated 500 Organ ions that Are fellow travellers Bazis communists or both. These of Ganzin t iou a have varied patriotic or religious such me Christian to a Der various Guise they gel from Many sources in All too Many Plain Traer to work for totalitarian the five year old negro boy was taken to the City memorial Hospital where it was discovered he had received a broken leg severely lacerated face and possible internal injuries. Douglas will be Given a hearing this week on charges of reckless driving and driving without Drivers License. The War today Hitler is preparing for another assault however time still plays in favor of allies As Paris seems to be next objective funeral services held for High Point Han sunday special to the Enterprise Thomasville. June 3 a the funeral service for w. T Moser Well known resident of Hedrick i Street in his Point who died Friday night was held at the popular Spring Church in Stokes j county. Sunday afternoon at 2 30, a Short service was also held at j the the Home in High Point St one j a i of clock the service was Iii charge a of Rev r. Edward suit and Rev. S. E. Taylor. No pallbearers included Glenn to Rush. Roy Rome. Charlie Miuo-1 a j Way. Clayton Fogleman Clarence night. T Michael music Mork Fink by Dewitt Mackenzie this comparative Lull in the War is nothing More than a respite and a very Brief one from the bloody business which we have been witnessing. Hitler is bound to strike again quickly in order to take advantage of his Victory in Flanders and net allow How can i s. C. Choice by in Nevi Ley q How can i eliminate the squeaks from my porch swing a. Try wrapping the Hooks where the chains come into Contact with them with pieces of thin leather pigskin or other suitable material that will not Wear through readily. Q what can i do with table cloths that have begun to Wear along the creases where they Are i folded a. Cut about an Inch from one i Side and one end. This w ill cause. Il4 a the creases to appear in different the allies time to recoup. And there is every indication places and the Tablecloth win in that he is getting set for another phase of his Blitzkrieg. Much longer from the general Tenor of Al. 1 a j q. How can i tool a dih of any lied pronouncements it is Clear j a flip of re cml her Mintlo hot food quickly have no delusion tin the task before them. The is have suffered great losses men and material but we it remember that a military Hine such a heir Hitler collided Doest crack up Over doomed armies from the nazi trap in Flanders. I dare sax that history will say the Allied rear guard fight to cover their Retreat to Dunke que was j the greatest Victory won by either i tide of the War. It is a Victory of a. Set it in a pan of cold water which has been liberally salted. Modern etiquette by by Ibur \ Lek a such organization has lists Iii several Large rides Pik i fights xxii ii jew ish store keep drag Giyik them Ohio the Side am delivering orations to crowds about How the want to get us into wat liter pays men two Dollar to stir up race hatred by Ima Iory remarks in Public Poto from British Sou pc a. A in Black shirt organization. A Long quietly was furnished by the Hayworth j memorial Church quartet and a Trio from the Colon Tabernacle. Their songs included a Quot Good morning up there a and the allies know that they Are in for More trial by fire and a lot of it. When the nazi machine starts to Roll again it will be Bur Iti t k Figi bks it a rems to me that my vol int i governor Loch a. Max Bank of q should a hostess Ever fell South it a col i of he named mias attitude May have considerable to her guests that she is a giving this Anne Walker i minion Alloy do xxx till Hitler s plans. That is. If j party to pay Back her indebted of Greenville s. A. A student at prising if it does no to achieve still ii Duce is ready to get into the i Ness t0 a Uji 0f them Flowers were further Victor like hinted animals like hunted animals an Eldor ars by belgian civilian and a Soldier fling themselves into a ditch i Rouse. It it in cowering from orman airmen raiding the Road it Borders Church still time works for the Aillet carried by relatives and neighbors and were in charge of mrs. Roy interment followed in thei on conflict and cemetery. Vent ii to a a i Olarge to represent the War with both feet the nazi chief a. No. This would be very Pelmet to state at tin Klio Dodo a lain might undertake More Rainbi crude and take away All nature of i Leon festival in Asheville x. A Clive Here among would Page the Way for an our 2.000,000 italian Horn is now the totalitarians i openly agitating for Italy entry into the War. All these people Are prepared to claim civil litter lies that would be denied them in Germany Russia Lor Italy. An ominous Mountain j i of evidence piles up in washing j to that the communists anti j nazis Here Are prepared to Point i their propaganda Effort against american Democrat. In Mexico red and brow is Are get make. A j. Edgar Hoover c a the a newly Allied de True Isis stand for Complete overt of ail american italians visit Western front Herlin. June i. A Cli a % group of italian officer some of them members of the italian War Academy left Berlin tonight at the invitation of Adolf Hitler to study the action on the Western front. Urges for a Titus things. However i Don t he hospitality by parsing j Lex Hitler will Vait on Mono a q. When a dinner guest find Day depletes its supplies. So if mini if the latter int ready for upon the dessert being served Duke University awards the Anglo French Combine ran action. That he has already eaten too a. Tic hold its own Iii the face of advert a of Germany proceeds on it own much should he apologize and dts Nlle Iolj amen Kluun try for a hit longer it Xxiii begin j it Isnit Likely that Hitler will try say to to gain rapidly in strength that i to smash both allies a once but a. Never. No doubt he tan cat explains the nazi urged for Speed j will figure on handling them a Little of the dessert and there can be Little doubt that tingly All things considered and nothing. Closing commencement a raises were held at Duke i Niver a Getty this afternoon and Anions the graduates receiving degree. Wore a new spirit of determination is despite the fuehrer s great Amin q. Should a High school Grade the following surging through England audition to invade England the most ate write note to All friends who c hat ingrain of High Point Frame As a result of the heroism j feasible operation for him would have sent gifts and Odell brow n. B d als of of that almost unbelievable rear seem to be an All out assault on a yes by All Means and j High Point and Ralph Maca guard fight which the allies have be French. Promptly. Lambeth of Thomasville look and learn Hgt a. A. Gordon americans or happiness Espenas on my Job Goa health run Down condition imperils my pay ens Elope. Some Lucr Guy May Lake my place. Depend on . To a Ole a in a grand tonic appetizer Ionia inc. For improving Difex. To build blood health and main weight. The Reward in More to the from the food ice Cal. Exen Era. Belter health and a natural Glov from within. Or feel . I in due great credit for much of happiness Ami keeping us just Al can promote greater happiness cretan my a rundown condition o weak blood and poor stomach Ion by taking a course of . L. You owe it to yourself to enjoy Linchis of should note a decided to Omen i in a Short time. In fair my accuracy if you suspect t an or trouble consult your physician. You xviii enthusiastically say to . Made me feel look like myself again liable in m a p is. Lite a Bow r repro a a a a a a saving. Psf Kalb planning disorders after the elec i non july 7, hoping to set up a Tut a i Ira Ria ii slate or at least distract our attention and draw troops to the Borders. Contact is made through a German organization in new York City. Various organizations frankly anti democratic get their propaganda introduced into the congressional record. They Are trying to increase their represent a lion in Congress and in the army. I especially the National guard and the reserves. The Navy has Aken special pre-1 cautious to prevent another such outbreak of sabotage As damaged several cruisers just before Stalin became a a Friend of his a i with Hitler has hampered reds and nazis Here but also it i has helped for with the Peilow a travellers gone the remainder Are a Tough Crew Well trained tor the next phase and Well plated. 1. How Many years a a decade 2. What is toxicology 3. For whom a named 4. Why a jewels watches 5. What country to most extensive fishing grounds of any other in the world Ansu frs 1. Ten year. 2. The science that treats of poisons. 3. Amerigo Vespucci an italian navigator who lived from 14 52 to to 1512. 4. Because of their hardness and resistance to Wear. 5. Canada. Lessons in English by a. L. Gordon sabotage Mav come soon is lne Sterfield with its Milder cooler better taste Many communists and a nudists Are skilled workers in important industries. Forty were found in a single aircraft Plain on the Caci Fie coast where 5,0oo Are estimated to be ensconced. The first wrecking will take place on the West coast Aud in new England there will be slow up. Strikes various disorders. This activity has been held Back because the comte nazis considered Allied War orders Here not sufficiently important to risk angering americans by blowing up plants. But now Allied orders Are increasing Aud so is american sentiment for aiding the allies and our whole defense program is for Protection from totalitarianism. Any time now the fifth column May get word to sabotage that program. If sabotage and propaganda Tail to weaken our will and ability to defend ourselves and if a Tali tarian attack on us comes then we shall experience total outbreaks attempt to sabotage not. Only factories but Railroad terminals reservoirs co in in use lion that words often misused. Do not confuse Carton a pasteboard Box with cartoon to pictorial caricature. Often mispronounced fiasco a Complete failure. Pronounce Feas to e As in me unstressed a As in at o As in no accent second syllable. Often misspelled psychology. Observe the psych. Synonyms nonchalant Cool composed unconcerned indifferent. Word study Quot use a word three times and it is let us increase our vocabulary by mastering one word each Day. Today s word morose of a sour or gloomy temper. Pronounce both o s As in no s As in so. Accent last syllable. A a poet that fails in writing becomes often a morose , the flagship Chesterfield named for tile popular Chesterfield cigarette leads american airlines great Fleet of planes across the . And right across the country millions of smokers Are getting More pleasure from Chesterfield s Milder better tasting cooler smoking combination of the Xiv Orlds a finest cigarette tobaccos. I he Chesterfield combination is the Only combination of its kind. That s Why Chester Fields really do Al l Tisi y. Mrs. Mary of Gorman 72 year old. Of Bally even. Ireland was awarded $80 0 by the Cork circuit court because she Xmas hit by a trailer while she was sitting outside her cottage in a whales skin varies from two Hes to two feet in thickness. Us v Lopini amp i Tyg Lim. Or a or Buu it

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