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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Howdy. Folks i m Rossy Best Ball Pitcher in the Hills. I just dropped in to Tell you All How i went to College to get educated and kill me a Man. And Judy and Hannah. I m Udy or. Tollivar s daughter. We were mixed up in the feud too. Of you. Want the real Story read Harry Harrison Kroll s new serial monday june 3, Tom the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina Page five japs plan no conciliation of America Yonai tells newspapermen Tokyo is not offering peace to China Tokyo june 3. A a Premier Admiral Mitsumasa Yonai told newspapermen today that a there is a Way of improving t h e aggravated relations Between Japan and the United states but added that a of course such a method is neither being considered nor being taken. A i am not in a position now to disclose the nature of this Way to better relations a the Premier added. No conciliation Many of his hearers interpreted his cryptic statement to mean i to Viton a that Japan did not intend to con Nea service staff correspondent Ciliate the United states by aban Washington june 3.�?the cloning any of her policies toward next Timp l g Marine Jand j China or other fat Eastern is i a Illarion Well in hand. They Are Likely to look a Good Egypt cleans fifth column in Roundup seven Hundred taken in weekend raids As precautionary measure Alexandria june 3.�? pay seven Hundred a fifth i column Quot suspects seized in a week end Roundup were sent j today to interment Camps in upper and lower Egypt. Approximately 600 of the suspects were seized in Cairo and the remainder in Alexandria All i were held under Strong guard to cartoonist George sea rho gives an impress Ion i St in View of How the Marine corp May hate to let Heinie military tub in Duce s deadly divers take the situation in hand in the next War u. S. Marines to be mechanized sues the Premier a former minister of the Navy replying to a question concerning the concentration of the United states Fleet in the Pacific said that to Japan feels no menace in this to another question concerning the future of the Netherlands East indies now that Holland is under German occupation. Yonai replied eight a some japanese thinks it is necessary for Japan to Reserve her rights in the East indies if their status quo is altered. The foreign minister Hachiro Arita already has said that such rights will be i the United states through Secretary of state Hull has de Deal different than the dashing leathernecks of tradition. Instead of a group of lit lie Young men in bleached Khaki spilling out of Small inuits to j splash through the surf and form on a Sandy Beach the picture May be something like this an armoured amphibian boat j Heads for the Beach lets Down wheels when it hits the shallows. J and Rolls up on dry land spitting fire from Sills Iii the plating another boat comes in and disgorge a detachment of Light tanks which go wading into the Jungle in the latest Blitzkrieg style and from still another boat emerges a plat ooh of marines on Devil dogs land next time with boats on wheels wading tanks and Jungle motorcycles a boats mentioned above exist so far merely As ideas but they May Premier Aly Maher Pasha meanwhile said the government is studying new measures to assure the nations internal Security in View of the tense situation in the Mediterranean. On i a till fully equipped soldiers with come to actual being As part of fixed bayonets rtoo<1 d Over the mechanization program i Telegraph and Telephone systems. Any Case the idea would be to heavy guard a a so were posed at enable the marines to play a full a auwae 8tatjons, Bridges and part in mechanized warfare with-1 8tratkicoint8 alon8 highways oat calling on the army for help. And Canas a i a beat police armed with rifles pains i to at stake trolled the streets. This has a direct bearing on authorities prepared to Requist the current National defense prob lion trains and other transports Lent. Facilities quickly to remove Chil n Avail strategists believe that Dren and aged persons from Alex the chief item Iii keeping any foe a tit Tiit if Egypt is attacked. From striking at the United states failure of negotiations Bels to keep All islands such As those to Quot Cen Italy and Britain Over Hay. Haen More mythical that. it a a ribbon a a it of a a i. A a i enemy hands in Case of War that Leatherneck to win to h"7"ii Quot it a a a a Quot Quot of Quot Ltd a gen.,.1 the Teehan led equipment and a a a re to fat la. Aland. No. 1 any such protective measures promptly or once the sleek speedy bombers like these ate expected to strike the first blows for a Belliger tit Italy the allies a especially France and her african Empire. Today the italian air Force is probably the fourth Best in Europe the first being German second British third russian in other words it is better than the French. The italian air Force is about 70 per cent bombers to very High percentage. In the total air Force of about 5000, nearly 3500 Are first line planes with Many bombing flying boats to operate in the Mediterranean. Italy has a very Good system of bases in the Mediterranean and if she got Spanish cooperation which is Likely she would have still Mote. Personnel is supposed to total 75,000 men. A luding eight to ten thousand pilots. Italian bombing planes Are All pretty Good. Her air weaknesses Are i about one third of the air Force must operate not in Italy but in Africa 21 italian bombing is not accurate at treat Heights 3 Italy a fighting planes As of Rosed to bombers Are not too Good and <41 Lei rapacity for manufacturing planes is Only i bout 300 a month Thomas Johnson. Contraband control spurred intense diplomatic activity. The would have to Conn. I motorcycles followed by Ria red Asal Nal any titties Quot of j Field pie. R. A he status of the Netherlands 1 Rich East Indian Empire. Germany has professed not to he interested in those dutch possessions. Yonai denied that Japan was making any peace overtures to a he chinese government at chunking with which she has been at War nearly three. Racing Driver ifs from injuries in Salisbury Salisbury. June 3.�? a it a an automobile racer turned Turtle during the trials for the Antonio i bile races Here yester and the i Driver. J. Carlton Pinnix 27, of j Winston Salem was fatally in j Jared. Pinnix car seemed to hug the j outside of the rail As it hurtled off the track and smashed up. Severely injured about the head Protection his Comrade in arms in the cavalry posse Aea. Some degree of mechanization would he too lat has already been provided. The nil started. I her hts marines now have a few trucks a Oulen t he Tim motorcycles and similar machines Phe marines. Hem the but plans now under considers to 8pt he Job marked. Lion would go a great Deal farther. Mechanized Landing of the program is carried would t be especially Nelt through every battleship and the Ordinary banana i is budget the Navy visualizes j Cruiser which carries a compte revolution sort of Fra As Tutor Zed tactics along this Lineament of marines would probably i be essential though in a opes to do something effective j carry few Light tanks and Arm with a first class Well Arm bout Mechan izing the Marine ored car As Well. Seas foe. And that a wha corps. The Quot horse malines May the armoured amphibian Type of this new program. Money in sight i of mechanization with the Money it is about to gel from the emergency prepared be Henry Maitland Wilson Coni-1 mantling officers of the British j forces in Egypt British ambassador sir Miles Lampoon anti the probably italian minister sea lion Mazzo i inti. Belief grew in official circles that the Mediterranean situation i would be clarified after the scheduled meeting of Premier Mussolini s Cabinet in Rome tuesday. I Ammi taken bold operators spa Bra Lone it. A i a sheriff Dewitt Bryan discovered a to gallon whiskey Mill in operation on Iii own farm. La lie sheriff who did he never via so surprised in All my life a waited around awhile and arrested two of the alleged operator of the 111 who soon appeared on the scene. Having resigned is trustee and the undersigned having been appointed substitute trustee in i place and Stead default having been made in toe payment of the indebtedness thereby secured and demand having been made for Sale. The undersigned subset tote trustee will sell at Public Arn lion to the highest bidder for Cam Al the East door of the county court House it 2 00 o clock p. Ni., on the 8 h a. The following described line of nera Street which Point to Distant in an Easterly direction. 354 feet from the Point of intersection of Sam line of nera Street with the East line of fourth Street thence along Sal lire of nera Street. North 88 Der East 50 feet to a Point thence South j dry fast 1121 j feet to a Point thence South 70 Dei West 54 feet to a Pointa a thence North ? Deg 20 min we n Greensboro North Carolina i 1k Ais in feet to the Point and place of beginning and being further known uha Nize ire now notice of Sale of under and by virtue of the Power of i Blair s Northeast Corner of july. 1940. Or nov Una i As lot no. 25. In the George t property located in High Point town i ,.4jj-di\ ship. Guilford county North Carolin beginning at. An Iron stake on tie southerly Side of Burton Street e v a ides do for Public they a contest Dover s Bauk state Revenue collections show increase Pinnix died a f a Hospital it witty of the aulos son Here. Ent Capri a Bureau sir Walter hotel by Henry Averill Raleigh june 3.�?whatever Revenue the state of North Carolina collects this month will he a a Gravy As compared with the two preceding fiscal years. 1937-38 and 1938-39, the May 31 statement of the department of Revenue revealed. Already in eleven month there have been collected More funds in the aggregate than in the full twelve months in either of the preceding two j taxes were not due until May i and by no Means j All of them have been collected. On the motor vehicle Side License till and hits franchise collections Are already beyond the 1 1938-39 totals with gasoline and Insp Mon taxes just behind the full year solely because so much la collected monthly. In Brief tabular form item by 11 in collection for the eleven months of this year Are com pared with collections for the entire fiscal year i 1938-39 Trust executed by e a. Wright and wife Rebecca w Wright to to Taos w Sprinkle trustee dated i december 22. 1938 Sud recorded in the the newspaper la bourse office of the of deeds of Outi Egypt Canna said thai nearly 1, Ford county North Carolina in Bool too persons had been taken into 862. At Page 638 default according to custody since police started a the term of the note therein secured Roundup of undesirables May 31. Having been made in the payment of among them were 11 men held vhf a the and upon the As suspected accomplices in the ?"0ath 0dr. # a. .i., designed substituted trustee will of. A Winkton of Sheik at Del tor ,ucu0i1 a Knout Amulet Zaher member of in of the municipal run time in parliament who was shot to death the a tiv of High Point. North Carolina from ambush May 25. T on Friday june 2tt, at Iem a new Law required foreigners i of clock a. M. To appear personally at police Sta i following described property lying Hon to prove their identity. Special police in Alexandria were assigned to keep watch for required a evidence of Tim the 3rd Dav of june 1940 j w Poole substitute trustee in Elack and Kirkman. Attorneys 6-3-10-17-24. Search for chair worker in it. Airy fatal shooting the figures first eleven months of full fiscal year of 193 full fiscal year of 193 Revenue division increases Lam Ltd 1939-40 be any attempted invasion by Parachute troops. Pha state office Breaks existing loan records Ion a map of which is refolded in plat Book 7. At Page 108 it the office of the Reamer of deed for Guilford county. North Carolina ,puu., in. Earn urn of i uric Quot a tr.\t7, a 2 parallel with the Hue of e v. Blair so Ujj land. 115 Leet to a take in the line of j Lori e v. Blair s and thence eau diagonally 40 feet to an ii on stake thence about North parallel with the first line of e. V. Blairs and. 121 feet More or in to Burton Street thence in a Vve steiny direction along the southerly line of Burton Street 41 feet. More or j less to a stake the Point of begin Natick of Sale of Lano Ning. This property in add subject to All under and by virtue of the outstanding taxes anti first deed of pm wer of or contained in that certain deed of Trust executed by w w. Raper and wire. Louise f Raper to e c. Cridlebaugh trustee and Atlantic building a loan association. Dated february 20. 1937 and at Page 355. A Cash Deposit of her jul i r7� in the i the to required a evidence of Ood Faith a a deed of. A our county North that the 3id Day of june. 1940 j. W. Poole Lovelace Aud Kirkman attorney substitute trustee. 6-3-10-17-24 j til ii rent year $70,790,443.36 3968,946,1 32.57 3869,5 75,589.50 it. Airy. June 3 <4�� of or hunted Over a wide a Tea to v for Howard h Tucket 38. I air company employee charge the fatally shooting gym at under Rod. 28. Operator of a filling Sta m yesterday. The shooting. Sheriff h s a cd said. Occurred in the Board wife almost two minion Dollar is the in tease this year Over last mole than a Milium above full Cullet lion of year before last. Taking up the Revenue by principal division s found that the so called inheritance. Print Bise. Income sales. Beverage. Mist Ella Neou intangibles. Total. I 925,323.68 i 8.020,01 6.68 1 1,653.013.91 2,020,4 45.37 i 3,368 is 1,51 1,588.63 37.49 1.2 4 4 68 1ng House run by Tuckett Underwood was a lodger there j the sheriff said that Tuckett still armed fled after the shooting. I the current la month have soared e full fiscal twelve months ended while this year a motor vehicle it ions Are Only slightly behind the of last and is 111 wind up with a a Mendouse increase because fully $2,000,000 can expected in gasoline taxes alone. Item try item in the Revenue division col Noi Irce has already surpassed last to Lect ions for far beyond to last june 30 division Coll twelve month 11 Revenue division not it up to full u4.9 year privilege. 2,103.244. 5 2.750.934 82 gift. 53,193 46 57,01 6.56 1938-39 or k pcs Boro 5,771.30 Brey g. Mccabe oat t,259.59 i announced today that 5.31 2.53 one of the Federal housing �?T.883 87 in in lit rat Ion state office to to i 1,888.1 4 f record in number of Applier 3,607.32 received Dollar volume am 04�?T�l .300.54 i amount of loan insured d in Quot Pulici $1.8 and being in the City of High Poi i county of Guilford and state of no j car tins Quot beginning at a stake in the w j Side of Centennial Avenue we take is located 213.�?�c feet North of the j North curb line of Richardson Street j thence North 88 degree 8 wet lid i feet to a stake thence North 2 degree 45�?T he -1 57 feet to a Takt thence Outh 86 degree 8�?T East 550 feet to a take in Centennial Avenue theme along Centennial Avenue South 2 degrees 4.v West 57 feet to the beginning a Aid property now being known Aso i Centennial Avenue High Point n c the pure Bayer will be required to in Trust executed by e. A. Wright and vile Rebecca Wright to e. C. Cradle Batth. Trustee recorded in the office of the Register of deeds of Guilford county North Carolina in Book 620. Notice of Sale of land under and by virtue of the Power of Sale contained in that certain j Public auction to the highest bid Arolina. In Book 805 at Page 276. The said e. C. having resigned As trustee and the undersigned having been appointed Subat Lute trustee in his place and atari. Default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured end de mend having been made for Sale. The no signed substitute trustee will Tidence of Good motor \ chicle hit Mon already a a Ltd of n-.t4f License. 7.688,566.48 7.35 1 731 42 title f 164.353.74 i 56.1 46.29 bus and franchise 661.224 58 501.260.40 my 3.4 in Over. And 5 it Fth Tondini the turn a 165 this 22i d Dav of May. Lib Owen Reese substituted to Emerson. Haworth a re exr �?�27�?6-3-10-17 to Ion notice of Wmk in the High Point municipal court North Carolina Guilford county City of High Point a municipal corporation a. George Wilson estate. Mrs. Fannie Wilson widow. George Wilson and wife mrs. George Wilson. Noah Davis and Wile mrs Noah Dave Frank Wilson. Robert Wilson and wife mrs. Robert Wilson. Lee Wilson John Wilson and Mary Wilson Ben l. Herman and wife Ethel Herman lids Renfrew Ana husband Wade Renfrow under and by virtue of an order made and entered in an action in the my. It Copal court of the City of High Point. North Carolina entitle City of High Point a municipal corporation v. George Wilson estate or. Fannie Wilson w Dow George wits in and wife a firs. George Wilson. Noah Davis and wife or Noah Davis Frank Wilson Robert Wilson and wife or. Robert Wilson Lee Wilson. John Wilson Aud Mary Wilson Ben l Herman Aud Wile Ethel Herman. Lois Renfrew and husband Wade Ben Frow the undersigned commissioner will. On the 17th Day of june 1940. At la of of clock a. A at the East door of the Guilford county building in the City of High Point sell at Public auction to the highest Biddie. For Cash subject to the confirmation of the court the property hereinafter described located in High Point township. Guilford county n a Sud More particularly described As follows 2 lot e state Street being lots no. 45 and 46 of r r Ragan plat of Homey Brothers Lund company plat Book 6, Page 54, Guilford county registry. See deed Book 481, Page 242. I lot West Green by. Beginning at a Point on Northern aide of West Green St., and running thence North 83-42 East so feet to % Point thence n 6-18 w. 157.6 ret to a Point thence South 6-18 e. 130 4 it. To Tho beginning. Save and except the following 4-foot Atrip sold off. Beginning at a Point on the Northern aide of w. Green St. And running thence n. 83-42 e. 4 it. To a Point thence n. 6-18 w 157.6 it. To a Point thence s. 55-10 w. It. To a Point thence s. 6-18 East 130.4 it. To the beginning also beginning at a Point on the northerly Side of w. Green St. And running thence n. 83-42 e. 50 it. To a Point thence n 6-10 w. 168.57 it. To a Point thence n. 30 w. 14 3 it. To a Point thence 8 55-10 w 50.34 it. To a Point. Thence South 6-18 e 157.6 it. To the beginning. The above described land will be sold subject to Street assessments anti All City and county taxes not included in the judgment in the above entitled proceeding. Said property was listed in name of Gen Wilson estate for year 1936 this the 13th Day of May 1940. H. L. Baumgardner commissioner. To Aoh. Every ear except privilege and gift taxes. Gift taxes re always a pure Gamble As to size while privilege her of Loans in Rcd amounting to $666.5on. Applications were received from 86 cities and town and out of 6o motor vehicle division not vet up to 105r-hd i count in in North Cai Olina. The gasoline. 23,636,245.53 24.440.996 29 average amount of mortgage Loans inspection. 1,148.#63.35 1,157.563.70 on which Fua insurance a ask total. 33.2991153,68 33,610,698.10 t de was approximate $4,000. I latest Fri farm Market r its vege1 upon Abi Uli i no l it f of Mif of under and by virtue of Topee a of Ala contained in that carts in dad of Trust a \ Aru lad by e a j Wright and Alfa Rebecca w i Whight to e c Cridlebaugh trustee and Atlantic building a. I i loan association data november i 1939 and recorded to the of lice of i Ilia Register of deeds of Guilford county. North Carolina in Book 890 at Page 39 the said e c cred Lobaugh j Lead of Trust executed by r b 08-i borne and wife Mary Mae Wayne Osborne to e c Cridlebaugh trustee and Atlantic building Ai loan association dated Ai gust i 12 1938. Aud recorded in the office of the Register of deeds of Guilford j county. North Carolina in Book 856 i a Page 289 the Ald e c. Cridla Raugi i having resigned a trustee and the in designed having been appointed substitute trustee in hts place and Stead i default having been made in die payment of the indebtedness thereby a i cured and demand having been mad for Sale the undersigned substitute i trustee will sell St Public auction to the highest bidder for Cash at the eat door of the county court House in i Green Boro North Carolina at 2,00 Dock p m., on the 6th Day of july ii 1940. The following de Cribeni property. Located in High Point township Guilford county North Carolina Der for Cash at the East door of the county court House in Greensboro North a Stiina St 2 00 o clock p i on the 8th Day of july. 1940. The following described property located in High Point township. Guilford count North Ca rot ins being lot no. 6 in Block a Quot of is known As the w a Bradshaw addition to the City of High to tit a map of which is duly recorded in the office of the regi ter of deeds of oui Ford county North Carolina in pm a Book no. 2. At Page 41, reference pc which is hereby made for full particulars As to location and desc it it of this property is Sld subject to a outstand it taxes a a h Deposit e Towill be required As evidence of got n Faith. Tim the 3rd Dav of june 19th j. W Poole substitute trusts log alar a Kirkman attorneys. Beginning at a Point on the Smith 6-3-10-17-24 North Carolina shipping Point information and saturday s sales on the j principal wholesale markets As reported by the u. S agricultural marketing service and North Carolina department of agriculture. Prices Are confined to the ranges at which the 1. C. I. Stock of Good Merchantable Quality and condition moved potatoes Baltimore Market about steady. North Carolina too Pound tucks cob Lens. U s no i 2 25 to 2.50. Mostly 2 35 to 2 40 Washington Market steady i ices unchanged North Carolina big a Nim sacks. Cobbler u s so. I mostly 2 so few Low As 2 40, and few High As i2 60 new York Market firm no Cid Slock Dull on new Stork North Carolina too i of net sine is cobblers u s no. I. J 65 to 2.75 s c stave barrels cobblers u. S no. To 4 25 to 4.37 a v 8 no i size b. 2.75 to 3 of Ala 50 Pound u s. No i mixing Whitey i 60 Chicago Market weaker cars on i .-.vck, 329 new 24 old army 106 new 5 of total u. S. Freight ship tent Friday 1.026 carlot and i. A i. A Eck Sale., sacked per cwt. Idaho ii Uhm i Burbanks u. S. No. I. 2.60 to ? 65 u. S no i Bliss triumphs Ala . 2.60 i o2 70 la unwashed 2.40 to 2 55. Calif. U. S be. I washed. Long Whites initially iced. 2.55 to 2.00 under ventilation 2 50 to 2 00 Charleston 8. A demand moderate Market firm carloads f. O. B. Usual ter a and truckloads Cash at shipping Pointe Friday. Too Pound sacks u. S. No. I unwashed. Cobblers and Long Whites 200 Bliss triumphs. 2.05 to 2.10. Lettuce new York Market slightly stronger on Southern Stock. North Carolina iceberg Type. 5 Peck hampers 1.25 to 1.50 Western crates 5�?Ta, 3.00 to 3.25 6 s. 2.25 to 2.50. Beets new York Market about steady. North Carolina. 5 Peck hampers bunched 125. Straw berries new York Merkel about steady. 21 quart crates various varieties per quart. Eastern Shore a mostly 6 to to some la to 12 cents Eastern Shore my and Del. Mostly i to to some la to 12 cents. Squash Llna 5 Peck hampers. Yellow Crook new York Market Dull. North Caro neck mostly 1.25 to 1.75, some 2.00. Italian Type too to 175 s. C. By. Basket. Yellow crookneck 1,25 it $.75 Boston Market Dull and weak North Carolina by. Basket Holdover yellow crookneck to cent to 1.00. Cabbage new York Market Dull and slightly i weaker. In by. Hampers. North Carolina pointed Type 50 to 60 cents. Norfolk Section a. Pointed Type. 40 to so i cents Domestic round Type around 85 j cents miss. Western crates Domestic j round Type mostly 1.50 balt Moie Market Dull North Carolina i a by hampers Domestic round Type Best 85 cents to i of poorer 50 to 75 cents pointed Type Best i 25 to i 75 poorer 25 to 50 cent. Boston Market weak North Carolina. In a by. Hampers Copenhagen variety Ito Philadelphia Market weaker Norm Catalina la by. Hampers pointed Type 4 Oil 60. Mostly 40 to 50 cents do j Mes Etc round Type mostly 50 to 65 cents some 85 cents. Washington Market about steady. I North Carolina. I a by hampers truck receipts pointed Type mostly so to 73 cents few higher. Green peas new York Market about steady North Carolina by. Hampers Ordinary to fair Quality 60 to 85 cents Calif. 190 to 2.123. A. By. Baskets. Loo to 1.25. Baltimore Market Dull. North Carolina by. Hampers Best 90 cents to to j poorer Quality. 30 to 65 cents. Washington Market about Leady North Carolina by. Hampers Best 75 to 90 cents poor to Ordinary Quality mostly around 50 cent. Philadelphia Market slightly stronger on Eastern Stock. A. By. Hamper. Ouie fair Quality Loo to l25 some Good Quality High As i 50. Snap Beans new York Market slightly stronger on Best Stock Dull on poorer Stock j North Carolina by. Hampers Bounty Luk mostly 1.75 to 2 00. Some 2.123 to 2 373 string less Black Valentines. 2.00 to 2 50 5 Peck hampers Bounty Luls 200 to 2.50 plentiful 2.75 Fla Type waxed 2 50 to 3 00. To Lifland Market slightly weaker North Carolina by. Hampers. Bounti-1 and to or Quality string less Black Valentines i so to 1.75. Phil Delphia Market about Stead North Carolina by. Hampers Green Flat in drowned types poor to fan Quality 50 cent to 1,40. Poor to fair Quality fist Type Wax 50 cents to 1.75 Washington Market slightly weaker 5 c by. Hampers string less Black Valentines mostly 175 Bountiful mostly around 1.50, few tug Liaf. Beginning on Page 7 of today s Enterprise

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