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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - June 3, 1940, High Point, North Carolina Pack two the High Point Enterprise Piedmont Center of Industry High Point North Carolina monday june 3, 1910 Cumi w Kat heh today noon. Low last night High yesterday. 84 61 78 North Carolina fair to partly bloody tonight and tuesday. Vinos Hatteras to a a Sonville sent it to Modr Rara aria hip wind neatly South Rolv overcast weather tonight and tues Lay with a few scattered showers. Sandy Hook to Hatteras gentle to moderate and West winds ver South portion. Weather partly Cloudy tonight and tuesday. Cloudy Charlotte. N. C., june 3�? a official weather Bureau records of the it my erasure and rainfall for the 24 sours ending at 7 30 a. In., in the principal Cotton growing areas and elsewhere station Asheville. Atlanta a. Auguata. Birmingham. Charleston. Charlotte. 84 Chicago. Columbia. Denver. Detroit. Evansville. Galveston. Greensboro. Hatteras. Jacksonville. Key West. Little Rock. Los Angeles. Memphis Meridian. Miami of. Minn St. Paul. Mobile. It. Mitchell. 61 new Orleans. New York. Raleigh. Ban Antonio. Ban Francuck. Spartanburg. Tampa. Washington. Wilmington. 82 55 of 84 59 of 88 68 of 82 55 of 83 74 of 84 63 of 86 65 of 93 65 of 89 55 of 78 62 of 84 82 of 84 68 .00 80 58 .00 76 70 of 88 70 .12 78 74 .16 88 59 of 78 58 .00 by 59 of 88 55 .00 82 76 a 16 93 70 of 88 61 of 61 43 .02 88 67 .00 76 63 of 82 62 of 92 70 does 55 of 86 62 of 81 70 .24 82 so .00 so 68 .31 to lower Price iting profit. Bolivia it urn More about italian continued from Page one tem obviated the necessity of posting a general mobilization proclamation but any doubt that the army is being put on a War time footing was dissolved by the authoritative fascist editor Giovanni Ansaldo in his weekly broadcast to italian troops. Quot mobilization is under Way Quot Ansaldo editor of foreign minister fount Galeazzo Gianos newspaper. La Teleg Rafo of leghorn declared emphatically. Stronger Conti Junth he said that a even stronger contingents Are reaching concentration Points and warned immobilized reservists that they might expect a Call to arms at any moment. Some quarters ventured the opinion that some announcement concerning Premier Mussolini s intentions might follow the scheduled meeting of the italian Cabinet tomorrow but this possibility was scouted by the newspaper la Resto Del Carlino a leading exponent of intervention. Ii Resto forecast however that Italy would have soon. Some observers believed that the arrival of the italian liner Conte i Savoia at Genoa yesterday after committing the usual Naples Stop had brought the deadline closer. Fascist circles found cause for satisfaction in the address which Premier re Yolk Saydam of Turkey broadcast yesterday to his nation. Although say a in declared that Turkey was ready to take up arms Quot in defense of the he failed to mention Turkey s Mutual assistance pact with great Britain and France a fact to which fascist commentators attached great importance. The italian press continued to devote considerable space to stories of Spanish demonstrations against British control of Gibraltar. At the same time the official italian news Agency. Stefani said there were rumours that the allies were planning to land troops in the International zone at Tangier i on the african Side of the Strait of Gibraltar. More a a picture every Mother will want correspondent her daughter to see an adult Story. Told for adults As thrilling As the cry of a new born Ila by a a child is born with Geraldine Fitzgerald Jeffrey Lynn Gale Page any Start tomorrow 15c Rialto open theatre today Center the two mar mad you laugh before a rut now you la positively scream Irene Dunne Cary Grant a in my favorite wife Quot Broadhurst those a brother rat a a in a an Angel from Texas fiddle Albert Rosemary lame Way or Morris Jane Wyman Ronald Reagan Ruth Terry Malsoon usual occupations i err id homa Nee on Paradise Island Clark Gable Joan Crawford a in Quot strange cargo Deanna Durrin a in first love font in tied from pane one four of the wounded none of whom was Hurt seriously were treated atone word censored Hospital directly across the Square from where i live. Among those in Hie Hospital was mrs Maurice halva an american of 20 West 58th Street new York City who gave birth sunday morning to a daughter. Sha was not Hurt. Before i could get dressed and get downstairs to an air raid shelter the building Shook from terrific explosions almost in the front Yard. Windows in our building were i shattered but ours withstood the i bin St. Edwin Plitt second Secretary of i the Amer an Era a by Avins urn i next door said he saw atones i Bounce off his car. He Wiat Chea the bombing from behind closed j steel shutters with smoke Drifting in through the air Hole. Ambulances and fire engines streamed across the Bridge near my House. The Bridge was not damaged although Bomba fell i near both end. I could see the material damage done at one factory where it was reported that there were dead and wounded inside. But the Blaze kept Rescue workers away. In one Street near the apartment i saw a bomb Hole at least 40 feet across and 35 feet deep. Five Hundred persons Iii the state old Peoples Home just two blocks Sway escaped injuries. At the first signal they herded into shelters. One bomb fell Only 2k feet behind a Chapel hut a Park nearby took the full Force of the con us Sion away from the buildings. Which were not damaged. Along one qual windows were broken from the ground floor a far up As the seventh Story. After the bombings the French soldiers a apparently springing from the ground took Complete charge of the traffic and wooded. Ten minutes after the last explosion was heard Street department trucks appeared to Patch up the holes. The whole neighbourhood began repairing the damage. The coolest Man i Ever saw was Houri Armand superintendent of our apartment building who i a Veteran of the last War. Sitting calmly in the shelter in the basement he said a Why worry. If a i to in ii hits ii it lists us. This May be Only the More about Britain keeps continued from Page one guards other known casualties were Evelyn Boscawen 23, lieu Lenin in the Coldstream guards and heir to Viscount Falmouth. Lilied and 30-year-old Viscount cow Dray a Captain in the Sussex yeomanry whose left Arm was amputated. Two bombs were dropped at Forest Row Sussex in Southern England. Villagers expressed belief. However that the Raider had lost his Way and merely was jettisoning his bombs. Some damage was done but the Only casualty was a woman Cut by flying Glass. Pish Idu map still tightening their defences against direct invasion the British pushed their round up of suspected a fifth columnists and announced creation of a scientific food committee to appraise Britain a food needs exactly and study How to fill them. The press entered its attention upon a Quot hitlers next blow Quot As the successful evacuation of the b. E f. Was virtually completed. A further smash at France Quot possibly in conjunction with Italy was predicted by the York i so re Post which urged that a new he. E. F. Be sent to France Quot at the earliest possible moment Quot and that Britain be turned into an Quot Island fortress armed and vigilant a to resist every onslaught and every untoward repercussions in the diplomatic Field were reported by informed British observers As a result of the Blitzkrieg advances. More about nazis continue continued from Page one Western and southwestern Germany without damaging much Quot last night. For the second successive Day. It said. German air raid Quot extended As far As Hie Rhone Valley and Marseilles yesterday. These attacks were featured prominently in the Berlin press. The newspaper 12 Uhr Blatt calling the importance of the attack on Marseille obvious pointed out that the Mediterranean port Quot is France s most important Harbor for supplies Whereto Are directed j ail transports from nor Hen Africa including not Only those j from Morocco hut also transports j of Black troops to the front Quot Allied a ins he Allied air losses yesterday were to planes 27 shot Down in air lights to by anti aircraft fire and the rest destroyed on the ground and German losses 1.5, the High j command reported. Along the Maginot he Fried j front la said Quot the enemy retreated to the Maginot line and left j prisoners weapons and equipment in our hands when our troops made a Forward thrust of both j a idea of direct hit remarkable photo snapped As nazi air bomb dealt ship a death blow although these photos were taken of Norway they give a vivid idea of the terrific Battle of plane is. Warship waged in the English Channel As Allied forces escaped from the German trap in Flanders above the British destroyer Bittern fighting gallantly against relays of German bombers has suffered Nti aircraft batteries still a direct hit her anti blast away but. Heavily hit previously the ship has now received a her after deck where bomber scored hopeless More about american ambassador love Lessly. In such were taken off by another Allied warship in Sud port in recent mortal wound. Smoke and flame billow from crippled the Bittern abandoned the fight her men fashion did British lose three destroyers and a trans Channel fighting. Hailey i see v Keh Raleigh j line 3 a sen Ator j. A. Bailey will deliver the commencement addles at Meredith College Here tonight. Or Carlyle Campbell who la completing i first year a president of the College will award the diplomas to the 87 senior continued from Page one Lnu and on several Points in the Paris i Tampa it a to v Ely Small the police however said casualty apparently Ware Small considering the tons of explosives dropped. From the roof of the american embassy in the place de la Coa a Corde i saw column of smoke suddenly rising within the City. This continued for the Hest part of ail hour. During the protracted raid we a j saw flames w Here bombs had started great fires. Windows of buildings along the a Seine were smashed by the terrific j concussion of falling bomb. I three apartment House burst a into flames after incendiary bombs struck them. An associated press correspond Ell who drove across Paris behind on of the numerous ambulance j reached the apartment houses in a slum District on the outskirts As nurses and Stretcher bearers were t carrying out the dead Aud the wounded. And these were Many. Horne of the wounded were in a conscious. Other were moaning. I vast gaping holes were dug in to streets in some sections. I was just about to have lunch Ina Elf at the hotel Crlson across the Street from the embassy with Maynard Barnes drat Secretary i of the embassy Captain Jack i Sterling air attache and com j mender Roscoe Hillenkoette. J naval attache when the first air raid sirens thrilled across the quiet City. We hurriedly crossed the Street and climb d to the embassy Root. Sergeant John Fook. Of the air attache s office who helped Howard Hughes ail a Bourg Field i ills record round the world j there already Iii Al neral Money Iii Warrenton june 3.�? pm Stephen a. Spain said he lost $700 he had saved toward his funeral expenses when his Home was destroyed by fire. A Fri pent fatal Asheville june 3,�? pm a Milton press Neil 4 6, Weaverville Blacksmith was fatally injured in an automobile Accident near Here yesterday. Palace theatres Salem Street Miah Oki Aull enjoy Ahlf Thomasville # s today and tomorrow a Twenty mule team with Wallace Beery and Leo Carrillo is Tfir admission s r _ a r Nix cent the coh. Adi its Ioc it 40c and saturdays children. Ioc my to a i Al is flight in 1838. A j with Field glasses. The planes came Over in great i numbers and soon we heard the Roar of French Pursuit ships taking off in Pursuit and heard too the sudden harking of til anti aircraft guns. Then As the dread Jed bombes moved in a fearsome Parade across the ancient City we j heard the chatter of machine guns. Kim a Long for an hour the City underwent j the most terrifying experience in its nine months of warfare. Three bombs fell in one Section j of the City smashing a dial Riel Post office knot King All a Corner j of an apartment House and smash ing through the roof of a rank. In one place four persons were wounded none seriously. They j were treated it a Hospital which Ira in the line of the Horn Bara flight a patient ill Hie Hospital was1 mrs. Maurice halva an american of 20 West 58th Street new York. I who gave birth yesterday to a baby girl. She arum the baby were unhurt. The raid occurred at 1 30 j. In <7 20 a. In., est and caught j thousands of parisians during the lunch hour. Men and women sitting in the Bright Sunshine on cals terraces. Heard the Thunder of the planes As they moved across the City. Home ducked for cover. Others. I including army officers remained where they were. Eating calmly. 1 one Man ordered More wino. Observers who spotted the first of the invading Fleet said the planes were coming Over in great numbers. From the roof of the american embassy in the place de la concorde. Other observers noted that the dreaded bombers suddenly zoomed heavenward into the Blue sky to get out of Range of the antiaircraft guns. As the guns opened up. They were joined by machine guns mounted on rooftops. Then came the than Del of the French fighting hips Laking off la Pursuit. Traders at the bourse idling in the Sunshine or talking about the Market heard the outburst of gunfire the noise of the planes the piercing shrieks of the air raid sirens and scattered like frightened ants from a stirred up nest. Night workers dosing Abed grabbed their clothes and dashed for the Security of basements and air raid shelters. The drone of the planes the steady chatter of machine guns the Roar of the big guns continued. Wreckage where bombs struck the air was choked with dust. Peaceful streets were suddenly ripped up and littered with rubble plaster stones broken tiles twisted chunks of steel girdles. From the outlying districts smoke Rose into the vision of men watching from roofs in the Center of the City. The crash of the bombs could lie heard All Over the City. Windows Shook some fell out from the deep vibrations. Dropping bombs sent up showers of dirt. For an hour the alarm lasted the dread mounting with every minute. There were no immediate estimates of either the amount of the damage or the extent of the bombing but from the Middle of the City it appeared to lie considerable. Fire engines Aud ambulances rolled swiftly across the City to bring Aid to the wounded and halt the Progress of any fires which might Start. One file did Start in a factory. Inside. It was reported there were dead and wounded workers. In one Street a bomb ripped a Hole at least 35 deep and 40 feet in Mantele. Five Hundred inmates of an old Peoples Home fled at the first signal into air raid shelters. A bomb fell Only 25 feet behind the institutions Chapel. In the slum District where the three apartment houses began blazing after the incendiary bombs struck the ambulances were filled As quickly As lovable one roaring off after another to the nearest Hospital. Crowds of badly frightened parisians from the neighbourhood began crawling out of air raid shelters Sud cellars in another residential District. An associated press correspondent found that three big bom by had fallen not a Hundred Yards from French wife hardly Able to speak for Shock said the planes had come Over while she was in the Garden. She had thrown herself Flat on her face. The most horrible part of the experience she said was the High piercing and rising scream of the bombs As they came closer to Earth. Quot you hear them coming Quot she said Quot and it give you time to wonder whether this one is meant for you or for someone different zones several different Sones of the City appeared to have been select Nusi leaders and ale immediate objectives it tie military Many fallen on civilian rest their Homes near these he the. 7 de by though j seemed to bombs bad dents and objectives. Throughout the City particularly in sections which had suffered damage and for blocks around the area where bombs had fallen streets were filled with broken Glass a people stood around in scared Little groups talking of their experiences. Explosive and incendiary bombs hit a factory near the scene and i started a raging fire. Great lows of smoke rolled out of building to blot out the sky across i j the River from one of the City s j most fashionable districts. Here j at least a dozen bombs fell. Equipment was rushed up to fight the Blate which apparently was quickly got under control. From the cabled description the location of this particular fire might he opposite the fashionable Auteuil District and just North of the Isay Lea Moulineaux Airport on the left Bank of the Seine. Rescue workers said there was virtually no loss of life at the factory As the workers Wert away at lunch when the raid started. The few who Wert injured near the Plant were mostly hit by hurtling bricks and flying Glass. An air raid Warden who watched the bombardment said there were at least 15 planes which dropped Between 40 and 50 bombs. For blocks around each bomb Hole in the City shutters were ripped off buildings and were shattered in one lit tie cafe chairs and tables were tossed about but strangely enough some of the bottles Oil the bar were still in place. Fifteen minutes after the last alarm sounded the proprietor was straightening up his place and doing business As usual outside. More about Bill introduced continued from msgr one noon to Start surveying departments and agencies with a View to trimming their funds. Stephen Early presidential Secretary said the was giving attention Only to those agencies Quot not directly concerned with National defense or the present ency Quot said or. Roost an average of it of their funds e Mer he strike per c a it hoped to about ten for return French heroes Are decorated generals Blanchard and Prioux Given higher ranks in legion of Honor Baris j ii n e 3 up a a e ii e a i Georges Blanchard and general Rene Jacques Prioux Frances two heroes of the Battle of Flanders have been raised to higher rank in the legion of Honor on recommendation of Generalissimo Maxime Weygand. A communique from Premier Reynaud a office said that general Blanchard commander of the Allied armies in North France had been raised to the highest rank the grand Cross in the legion of Honor. General Prioux commander of the first French army which still is covering the allies withdrawal from Dunke que Wras made a grand officer of the legion. General Prioux a whereabouts have not been reported for Days. The germans have claimed him and his staff As prisoners of War a third French hero of the Channel Battle rear Admiral Jean Abri who commanded the French Fleet helping in the Dunke que evacuation was rewarded last Friday with promotion to the grand Cross. News of coloured people or. Kilgore Demi ers we. Penn baccalaureate an unusually Large gathering for a baccalaureate Sermon heard or. Thomas Kilgore the dynamic Young pastor of Friendship Baptist Church of Winston Salem deliver a very timely address on Quot whither youth Quot to the graduating class of William Penn High school sunday afternoon. In speaking of the youth of totalitarian nations. Or. Kilgore stated that the German youth and their Leader Are following the philosophy that Quot no code of morality is any Good unless it makes men More adding that their Ideal is one of physical supremacy. Then turning to the graduates his query was Quot will you follow the philosophers of Force or the tenants christianity Quot continuing or. Kilgore urged the graduates to he Strong enough to think and in their thinking to be More than Mere dreamers. Do creative thinking he said and develop the proper social attitudes that will Aid in getting along with ones Fellowman. Speaking about the hold that Beer gardens have on the youth of today or. Gumore said that i injunctions against the establish Monte will not do any Good add i ing that the Only thing that will change the situation will be the providing of Means for every Legi a to in ate desire of Young people by j and under the supervision of the. Churches and schools j in his conclusion or. Kilgore asked the graduates to take christianity and make it work. I to do this he said they must j live it. The invocation was delivered by or Dribb Atekeh a Duna pro. A Feasor of religion at Virginia Seminary Lynchburg a music was rendered by the William Penn senior choral club under the do British agents in Mexico says Berlin secret service men fomenting incidents to blame nazis Mexico City. Tune 3.up a the press Bureau of the German legation charged today that Many British secret service agents had arrived in Mexico and the Panama canal zone recently to organize sabotage operations and to create a incidents a which would be attributed to German agents. The aim of these alleged tactics the Bureau asserted is to arouse fear and hatred of Germany in the americas particularly the United states. A statement issued by Arthur Dietrich chief of the Bureau said in part Quot the government of the Reich has authentic information that a great Quantity of British agents belonging to the secret service have arrived in Mexico and the neighbourhood of the Panama canal. Their Mission consists of creating incidents and practising acts of sabotage which would be attributed later to Germany. A in its desperation the British government believes that by resort Irig to these methods a it will spread panic among the american Peoples and a psychosis of hatred against the Reich. Quot the current catch phrase fifth column of which British propaganda talks so much in the to United states. Is designed to create uneasiness and fear in the american people a which Are exactly what the War mongers desire for their Nelson s reported sinking is denied or Section of mrs. T selection were Dett lonely heart and Quot Wade in Leigh. Windows withdrawals still going on in Northern France London. June 3 a a an authoritative source said tonight that the withdrawal of British Aud French forces from Northern France was still going on thine taken out by the French Navy were reported to be now in France and it was extremely difficult to give even an estimate of the number brought out in the dual withdraw. Al. I own apartment. His terrified to England. Ireland i again exporting pigs 4 i the question of cutting Federal salaries has not come up Early said. The $656.oho, tax figure a set by the House Way and mean committee before the president second message last week asking further prepared ass. L senator George do a a told de away at reporter that the country would i Day Avenir by in Quot a serious conditions a unless $750,000,000 to f 1,000,000.000 annually is provided in the Pond but lug tax legislation. Senator Brown the id. Mich urged in a speech last night Quot let us meet the Challenge of defense by paying the senator Vandenberg r., Mich proposed Quot Complete rear Gan ligation of the governments finances Quot Iii talking with newsmen. And called the defense tax Bill a Mustard plaster on a senator capper in hails expressed the opinion in a radio talk that the proposed lit per cent increase in income taxes would not be sufficient. He predicted that eventually Congress would have to lower the income tax exemptions. While the ways and Means committee pushed hearings on the tax measure in the Hope of completing action this week there were these other Ivlo puts in the rearmament Campaign 1. The National executive Board of the Cio was called into session with John l. Lewis today to determine its policy toward the defense program. 2. A manufacturer a committee agreed to report today to William s. Knudsen of the National de sense commission on How and from where a $200,000,000 list of machine tools of armament in Dur tries could be supplied. This is the first major step in gearing american a usury to the needs of the military services. 3. Senator Pepper a. Fla was understood to have suggested to president Roosevelt that the army and Navy be authorized to Quot Trade in Quot older warplanes of the makers who then could resell the it Fri to the allies for Quick Deli very. I the Federal work Agency began a Survey to determine How much Public works labor could be transferred or trained for defense preparations 5. The Senate took up the House approved naval expansion Bill with every indication that it would be passed As expeditiously a other defects measures. J. W. Yokely. The Quot listen to the none but the Tsehai Kovsky de water Quot rur mks. Frances Sillivan passes mrs. Francis Sullivan 35, Paa a local Hospital Satur following an illness of Only a few Day. Funeral serv a ices will be held at Ingram Chapel a. Me Zion Church it. Gilead. Tuesday afternoon at 2 30 o clock. Rev. A. Davis of the City a former pastor of the Church will be the minister in charge. Survivors Are is follows the i husband Dock Sullivan one son Scarbor Stal bark her parents. Or. And mrs. James Stanback of it. Gilead four Sisters mrs. Alice Robinson and miss Cora Stanback of High Point mrs. Wincie Hill of Baden and mrs Flossie Stanback. Of Raleigh five Brothers. Dost Stanback of High Point Scarbor Stanback of Durham. Ray Roy. And fathom Stanback of it. Gilead. The funeral party will leave the funeral Home tuesday morning at 11 30 o clock. Well known Lexington won a passes mrs. Alice Hartman 64, Well known Lexington resident passed away at her Home on Hartman Street sunday morning. She is survived by two Sisters mrs. Millie Reid of Bridgeport. Conn., and mrs. Ollie Smith of Anderson s. And two Brothers Pink and Henry Thompson of Anderson s. Funeral services will be held at new Zion Baptist Church Lind Wood tuesday afternoon at 2 30 of clock. Rev. W. L. Sloan of Salisbury will have charge of the services. Fashion show this evening the department of Home economics of William. Penn High school will give a fashion show this evening at eight o clock. The show under the direction of mrs G. Mason head of the department will feature the work that the girls completed this year. There will be a Small charge for admission. London june 3�? .4p a the ministry of information announced today there was not a vestige of truth in German report that the battleship Nelson has been sunk. An authoritative German spokesman at a press conference in Berlin last saturday said in response to a question concerning rumours of the Nelsons sinking thai the 33.850-ton flagship of the British Home Fleet had been sunk with the loss of 700 of her Crew of 1,320. For Quot military reasons Quot the spokesman declined to give any i further details. The sinking never was confirmed by the German High com in and. Nazi propagandists to operate in s. A. Editor of time and life says Effort will be made to divert u. S. New York. June 3 a it a a Henry r lure. Editor of time and life magazines said today he had been informed by a trustworthy source that nazi propagandists Are making determined efforts to foment South american alarm and bomb plot stories in an Effort to distract this country from what is going on in Europe. This would be Eay he said in j View of the actual danger spots existing in this hemisphere. In j this Way he said Quot the nazis could alarm Luce declined to discuss any other purpose of the supposed propaganda hut a fear hysteria Here could do much toward halting further Allied purchases of War materials such As air planes. The source of the information. Luce said. Could not be disclosed but it was one which has been unusually accurate previously. More about Flag Salute continued from Cage one if Tea Fly to the h. J. Hein company of Pittsburgh. Declined to consider a May 6 decision holding that the 1890 Sherman anti Trust act bars Quot any combination which tampers with Price the opinion ruled that a group of Oil companies had violated the legislation by conspiring to raise the Price of gasoline sold in to mid Western states. Granted an Appeal by Mikhail Nicholas Gorin a soviet citizen and a Fie Sabah russian born naturalized american contesting their conviction of violating the 1917 espionage act by obtaining information front United state naval intelligence files. Snitch was employed by the naval intelligence at san Pedro Calif a a All suspects in attack on Trotsky Are released Mexico City june 3. A Ltd Colone Leandro Sanchez Salazar chief of the secret police Smid today that All persons detained Quot ror questioning Quot in the attempted assassination of i you Trotsky had been released and that no important clue to those responsible had been unearthed. Trotsky and his wife escaped w Ith minor injuries May 24 when 20 men with machine guns and disguised As police raked his bedroom with hundreds of Bullet. One of i Secretary guard Sheldon Harte of new York City was kidnapped Aud still is missing. Denied Tennis Cli it to meet the High Point Tennis club will meet at the Washington Street Center this evening at eight o clock. Anyone interested in Tennis is invited to attend the meeting. Lon Don june 3 up a a German circulated report tha Queen Wilhelm a of the nether lands plans to go to the nether lauds East indies was denied today by official dutch circles in London the Queen and the gov eminent have been in Englan since a few Days after the germs invasion of the Low countries

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