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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Let s talk Good attitude greatest asset High Point Enterprise sunday july 25, 1976 3a fund drives have different results what s the greatest asset a Parent can have in raising children a a father asked me recently i had just finished a talk on a Good parenting and was caught off guard by the question a the greatest asset has to be a Good healthy attitude toward god himself and the people around him a i replied quickly after a lot of reflection i have not been Able to improve on the answer. Then he asked. A whats the worst liability a a a self hate Quot was the immediate reply. In my work i have seen a lot of delightful Young people and i have seen a lot of them who were really messed up the most common contributing Factor seems to have been the Way their parents have related to themselves to id and to the world around them. People who see themselves As worthwhile loved and lovable people seem to be Able to reproduce that kind of attitude in their children those who hate themselves seem to generate hatred in their offspring people who see themselves As being valuable seem to be Able of convey a sense of value to their children those who find their identity Only in what they do tend to drive their children up the Wall with unrealistic demands for achievement and doing the right things some of the evidences of the a Good healthy attitude Quot of which i spoke Are. Peace of mind a sense of Freedom with responsibility joyfulness Hope ability to get along Well with others. People who hate themselves seem to drive themselves beyond their limits or simply not care not. Cope Well with the problems of life. Blame someone or by Tom Watson something for All their failures worry a lot feel hemmed in. And be perpetually pessimistic. One of the big problems with the various a methods Quot of rearing children is that they seem to focus so completely on doing the right things and not doing the wrong things. The difficulty this presents is that children tend to grow up feeling that it is More important to do than to be. One of my great sources of sadness has been seeing the vast numbers of Young people who Are talented and capable persons but who Are so Hung up with insecurities that their Talent can never come to the front there Are Many things children need As they grow up they need a Good education financial Security opportunities to grow and learn and Many other things however there is no greater need than a Good healthy attitude toward god. Themselves and the world around them and. The Best a perhaps the Only source of this for most of them is their parents. They see it in the daily lives of their parents or they Don t perhaps the old country preacher said it Best he said. A you can to no More give somebody something you Ain t got than you can come Back from some place Vou Ain t been Quot Asheboro fund drives a you never can guess at How they will succeed. Take the fund drive to raise Money for the n c. Zoological Park a Well paid highly professional staff failed to raise even enough Money to get the first phase of the construction of the zoo underway. Statewide the fund raisers were unable to raise even the $4 million needed to get a $1 million Grant from the z. Smith Reynolds foundation. Zoo society officials had to go to the foundation officers and beg that it give its $1 million ramblings even though the society could not raise its share. Now take the Randolph Asheboro Myca drive. It has been going on for several James Elson joins music staff at pc months and thursday fund officials announced they have raised More than $900.-000 towards the $1.5 million goal and this is in less than a year of Effort. The Stedman corp of Asheboro announced thursday it is going to give $125,000 to the Myca drive boosting it Over the $900,000 Mark this Myca Effort has entered mainly in the Asheboro area not even All of Randolph county. A its hard to understand fund drives Randolph county has put something Over $3 million into the zoo. But statewide the zoo society could t even raise $4 million the society has recently trimmed its Asheboro based staff and some Are wonder ing if additional changes might be forthcoming Archdale has quietly passed another birthday its seventh and it is moving into its eighth with one of its major goals accomplished and a second one in the planning stage. The City incorporated because of its water and sewer needs. This year has seen water become a reality for the first time sewer service is not As. Close to becoming a reality. But it is Well underway planning Wise. And hopefully in three to four years it too will be ready for use. Archdale became a City on july 8. 1969. And since then its growth and development has been going Only one Way upwards. In a few Short years the City has seen the Rise of a new City Hall the opening of a $2 million plus water system the employment of a City manager and the development of a staff to carry out City programs. Not Only is the City offering its citizens these services but it is also providing a comprehensive planning and zoning program currently this program is being updated to meet the needs of its citizens one need the City has not been Able to meet to Date is that of Law Protection for its citizens. It has been depending. And probably will continue to depend for sometime on the Randolph county sheriff s dept for Protection. This has not been a Happy arrangement and Many citizens have expressed concern about the Lack of a police department but City officials with water and sewer on their minds have declined to go into debt for such a service even though they know it is needed Council members have indicated they plan to look into the problem of a City police department As soon As sewer service is closer to being a reality. But even without a police Force. Archdale can look Back Over its past seven years with a great Deal of Pride it has not been an easy seven years on the whole but even under the Strain of growth Archdale continues to move Forward flue cured Leaf production Cost lowest increase Raleigh a flue cured tobacco production and harvesting costs Are higher this year than in 1975. But the increase is the smallest in the past three or tour years. Extension specialists at no state University said Market prices for the season Are expected to Rise More than enough to offset increased costs economists with the . Department of agriculture said costs Likely will average three to four cents a Pound higher than in 1975. They said pre Harvest costs will increase by less than one half cent per Pound the increased Price of some pre Harvest inputs is largely being offset by lower prices for fertilizer and some types of chemicals. Most of the costs increases the us a economists said Are occurring in the Harvest period. When both machinery and labor costs Are heavy machinery prices Are higher this season than last and farm wage rates also Are higher. Not including land management and allotment costs production costs with the conventional barn system Are estimated at 68 cents a Pound and costs with the bulk curing method Are set at an average 66 cents a Pound these figures Are three cents a Pound higher than in 1975 machinery and curing equipment prices Are up an estimated to per cent Over last year these increased Purchase costs Are reflected in higher overhead and maintenance costs. Based on most recent available data farm wage rages Are estimated to be eight per cent higher than in 1975 Harvest labor requires about two thirds of the total labor involved in getting a flue cured Leaf crop produced and harvested an average Market Price at the support level of $1 06 a Pound and production costs of 66 to 68 cents a Pound would provide net returns to land allotment and management near 38 to 40 cents a Pound but if the crop is of average Quality or better Market prices Are expected to be above the support level by several cents a Pound thus. Growers net returns to land management and allotment May Range from 40 to 45 cents a Pound the corresponding Range was 43 to 45 cents in 1972, from 47 to 50 cents in 1974, and Only 35 to 37 cents last year. In 1975, the Market Price was Down five cents to an average of $1 a Pound but variable production costs excluding land allotment and management were up eight cents a Pound or James m Elson a j u11 i a r d graduate and presently the chairman of the visual and performing arts department at Huntingdon College. Montgomery Alabama will become professor of music and chairman of the Fine arts department of High Point College with the opening of the fall term or Wendell m. Patton president said he regarded Elson As an outstanding choral director performer and administrator the Fine arts department at High Point College includes course work in Art theatre and music. Elson has founded and directed numerous College Church and Community choral groups directed and produced musicals and has appeared in leading roles in operas oratorios and recitals he has written major research and articles for leading professional journals and is a member of several National associations and conferences. During his four years at Huntingdon College the touring ensemble under his direction tier formed by invitation at the convention of the National federation of music clubs and participated in the Bicentennial collegiate choral festival in new Orleans in addition to his conducting and a d ministrative duties he has taught voice choral conducting and music literature. He founded and directed the Montgomery civic clubs. A select choir of thirty singers earlier he directed an entertainment group which toured armed forces installations in Panama. Cuba. Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands under the sponsoring of the o. And the National music Council before moving to Huntingdon. He was choral director at the school of music Winthrop College his chorus of women s voices was chosen to perform at the Southern division convention of the american choral directors Assn he earned his pm i at West Virginia University where he was production assistant to the director of opera theatre and an assistant in voice and opera Elson was previously on the faculty of Dana school of music. Youngstown state University Ohio and chairman of the voice department. He directed the Dana concert choir and was chairman of the University concert committee. Throughout his career he has been an outstanding recitalist and performer. He has had leading solos in numerous classical oratorios and major roles in Carmen marriage of Figaro die Jack Hurt import Salvage 1-85 at Kivett or. Exit High Point Jurj a. A. We got Bug parts Stop by or Call us for any foreign car parts. Direct lines for the Piedmont High Point 887-2600 Winston Salem 722-6061 Lexington 249-3030 Greensboro 274-3340 Dave Gordon manager free teletype service 9 James m. Elson Fleder maus. Noye s Fludde and other operas. Elson grew up in new York City and completed High school in Knoxville. Tenn. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Tennessee and his master s degree from the Julliard school he also attended the Hochschulz fuer Musik in Cologne Germany As a Fulbright scholar and graduated with a certificate in music. Just human even Tho shrewdest of men has at one time purchased a Gold Brick in the form of experience your Telephone what would you do without it your Telephone its that electronic wizard on your desk the nightstand the Kitchen Wall. Its wherever you Are. It brings orders Joy sadness. It too often rings too often. You fuss at it stand in line for it threaten to have it taken out. More often than not you take it for granted. But its there. 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Call 882-2576 f.7 is to

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