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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 25, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather in 90s today fair cooler monday 92nd year a no. 207 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1711 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., sunday morning july 25, 1976 96 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c positions May differ Carter puts Loose rein on Mondale Amy Carter 20 feet up views press conference Hilton head Island. So. A Jimmy Carter will give his democratic running mate sen. Walter f. Mondale the Freedom to speak his mind and won t insist on absolute conformity on issues a Carter spokesman said saturday. The democratic presidential nominee a has always Felt at ease with people close to him taking Posi Lions a different from his own said press aide Jody Powell. A the does t feel any psychological need to make a grown Man with a Long political record conform to his Powell said at a news briefing following a meeting of the Carter and Mondale staffs. A the idea is that we Don t intend to Force agreement Down the line on every Issue Quot he refused to say what will happen when the positions of the two candidates clash. Powell said that was for Carter and Mondale to disclose a it s not for the hired hands to do Quot Mondale. At this Seaside resort to discuss Campaign strategy with the Carter staff was to tour a Community health Center and make a fur answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one nepotism in High Point q. I have been told that there were three members of one family that worked Tor the City of High Point All in the same department. Is this possible thank you. Anon woman. A there is no written Rule that says they can t. But it is discouraged it one is in a supervisory Job Why the radio works q will you please explain am and pm on radio in detail thank you. Anon woman. A we combined information from an encyclopedia article on radio with More provided by mfrs chief Engineer Roby Fritts a and Hope we Haven t garbled the facts in transmission the word radio derives from a radiate out in radio communication. Energy travels from the transmitter to the receiver in radio Waves in the studio the sound Waves from voices records tapes Are converted to electrical Energy which is fed into a master amplifier transistors or vacuum tubes amplify and mix the signal with other signals if desired and these Are fed at the proper level to the transmitter this electrical Energy is referred to As audio the transmitter generates a High frequency alternating signal known As the Carrier or radio frequency Energy tile audio Energy is mixed with the radio frequency Energy in the transmitter and these form a modulated wave which radiates through the air to the receiving Antenna the electrical Energy generated in the Antenna is fed through the receiver tubes or transistors and is changed Back to sound Waves for your listening pleasure. The difference Between am and pm is the mixture of the modulation audio and radio frequency signals. In am amplitude modulation broadcasting the audio causes the radio frequency Energy to increase and decrease in Power in proportion to its own strength. In pm frequency modulation the audio causes the frequency of the radio frequency Energy to change in proportion to its strength frequency refers to the number of vibrations a sound or radio wave completes in a second it used to be measured in cycles but now the term used is Hertz named after Herr Heinrich Hertz abbreviated he Kilohertz Means 1000 Hertz or cycles per second Megahertz Means 1,000,000 Hertz per second. The frequency of an am transmitter May be any one of the 107 carriers starting at 540 Khz and ending at 1600 Khz each equally spaced to Khz apart an am wave follows the curve of the Earth and covers a great distance but most Static and Man made interference Are also am and disturb the reception. Am stations build their High Power transmitters in sparsely settled areas so their Strong signals done to drown out nearby stations the frequency of an pm transmitter May be any one of the too channels starting at 88 i Mhz and ending at 107.9 Mhz equally spaced 200 Mhz apart an pm wave is relatively noise free but can be received Only As far As the horizon these stations Are usually located in the Middle of a City to reach the most people in its limited Range sen. Walter Mondale speech at a shrimp supper saturday night in nearby Beaufort he then leaves for Carter s Home town of Plains a. For talks with the presidential nominee the morning staff meeting was devoted to a a preliminary overview of the records and positions the two candidates have taken and what their inclinations Powell said it showed that Mondale sometimes has taken a More Liberal position than Carter on an Issue and sometimes he has been More conservative but there is a general compatibility Quot Between the two men. Powell said he chose not to name the differences again saying it was for Carter and Mondale to Tell the Public Bow they differed a i would think that there is an obligation to do he said. He admitted however that such disclosures would Likely come at news conferences a where questions Are raised a and not in Campaign speeches he said perhaps More details would be available after Mondale and Carter meet in Plains this week Mondale s c Campaign chief. Dick Moe. Said that while the candidates opinions May not always coincide. Quot in a not aware of any fundamental differences on major he backed Powell a statement that the Carter staff had not tried to Force Mondale to modify or Back Down from any position he has taken Mondale said later saturday that he is not As Liberal As some perceive him to be for example. A i have never been for forced busing to achieve racial balance Quot in schools he told reporters after meetings with the staff of his running mate. He added that a Many thought i d been sort of hostile to a Strong defense. But my record shows that i have not been what i be been opposed to is waste Quot at an earlier briefing. A Carter spokesman said there were some differences in the two candidates positions on some major issues but the spokesman would not give details. When asked about the differences. Mondale avoided specifics referring Only to busing and military defense a if we disagree Well say so publicly and that s the Way Well run the Mondale said a if i disagree 1 11 talk to governor Carter Mondale is known As one of the senates strongest advocates of busing and was a Strong opponent of legislation to restrict the authority of the Federal courts to order busing Mondale said july 15. The Day after lie was named the party s vice presidential nominee that he does not advocate busing As the Best method to achieve racial balance a i just Don t want to repeal the 14th amendment Quot guaranteeing equal rights for All he said Mondale said that an administration sincerely trying to solve the problem of discrimination could a sharply reduce the need for busing Quot on defense spending. Mondale has voted for cuts in the defense budget he supported an unsuccessful Effort to bar appropriation of funds for the by bomber roof fall reportedly kills 500 by Nick Ludington associated press writer Beirut. Lebanon a palestinian guerrillas claimed on saturday that a Shell fired by right Wing Christian forces caved in a Concrete roof at a besieged refugee Camp killing about 500 civilians Arab league mediator Bassan Sabri Kholi said palestinians told him the roof fell in on an underground Bunker where mostly women and children were sheltered and All of those inside were killed a i think the report is sincere but the numbers May be he said. An International red Cross official also said he believed the report but could not confirm the numbers the Tai Zlatar Camp on Beirut a outskirts has been under siege by surrounding Christian forces for More than a month it contains As Many As 30.000 palestinian guerrillas and civilians. Kholi was called to the Telephone to learn of the disaster during a news conference at which he had just announced that All major parties to the lebanese civil War had agreed to cease firing at 7 a in sunday Jam Edt. Kholi said the agreement was signed by four leaders of private armies on the Christian Side and seven militia and guerrilla leaders from the Alliance of palestinians and moslem leftist forces he refused however to name the leaders who signed. Or those actions whose leaders refused to sign. More than 50 cease fires have been attempted during the i5month-old War. But All quickly broke Down the egyptian Diplomat refused to predict if the deaths at Tai Zlatar might endanger this cease fire agreement Quot it is very difficult obviously everyone is affected by this. But i can to Tell what will happen tomorrow Quot Kholi said that when the truce goes into effect. Arab league peace forces will begin expanding the Small Buffer zone they have established Between the front lines at a key Street crossing in Beirut. In in inside Reading Viking review. Bizarre in California. Page 10a Cates on used cars. Page 2a editorials. Page 4a women s news. Sports. Television. Entertainment pages 13,14 i 5c obituaries. Classified mysterious figures on Mars mysterious figures resembling painted from Mars by the Viking i Lander Satur letters a a a Quot and a a go and the numeral Day. But scientists stressed the figures "2&Quot appear on the Rock at left Center in could be anything a including shadows this television pictures transmitted a .rph0<� figures appear in Mars picture Pasadena Calif. A mysterious figures resembling crudely painted letters a a a Quot and a a go and the numeral �?o2&Quot appeared in a television picture transmitted from Mars by the Viking i Lander saturday. But scientists stressed that the figures could be anything a including shadows spokesman Stan Miller at the Jet Impulsion Laboratory said scientists were closely studying the picture and were awaiting special computer enhancement of the shot a not expected until sunday a for a better look at the features Quot we Aren t officially terming them anything Quot said Miller who added they could be Quot literally anything Quot Quot it s an apparent number and an apparent character but what they really Are we Don t know he said a All we re calling it now is an interesting feature certainly we re not speculating As to what it is. You really have to look at it yourself and then it s a matter of personal interpretation Quot said Miller. He said the features a May just be a function of Light Shadow and the character of the Rock itself Light playing on the irregular surface of a Rock. But we have no idea what it scientists have noted that other unusual formations have been spotted around the Lander they nicknamed a Long tubular looking Rock a the Midas Muffler Rock Quot another Rock. Which looked a bit like a Small car was dubbed Quot the Miller said speculation As to what might cause the apparent figures spotted saturday could include optical illusions or Lens refractions or reflections. The a a a Quot shape shows up in the lower right hand part of a Flat Side of the Rock facing the Lander with what looks to be a smaller Quot a Quot next to it on the right and the "2�?� just to the left and above the the features appear to have different textures or perhaps different colors. Miller said but he quickly added that was again Only speculation. While the a Bearance of the unusual shapes Drew attention scientists guiding the robot explorer scored one Success saturday in efforts to make it fully functional but still had two problems to work out a spokesman at the Jet propulsion Laboratory Here said scientists were elated when a Power problem which had affected transmission of pictures from the surface of Mars cleared up by itself Quot this is really great said Ken Senstad. A spokesman for the National aeronautics and space administration. But he added that scientists would be apprehensive As Long As troubles continue with the seismometer intended to detect potential Mars quakes and the scooping Arm which is to pick up Martian soil for biological tests in the quest for life. 20 years later Andrea Doria still hides treasure 1965 photo shows Andrea Doria As she sinks map wire photo by Daniel q. Haney associated press writer Boston apr Twenty years after it rolled Over and Sank the luxury liner Andrea Dona still rests on the Atlantic Bottom hiding a reputed $4 million in water logged treasure though no one has successfully raided its now legendary wealth the regal wreck is still the dream of underwater Fortune Hunters fifty people died when the Andrea Dona slipped from sight after a collision with another ship on july 25. 1956, about 45 Miles off Nantucket a i hear about plans to go Down almost monthly but none of them Are serious Quot said Donald Rodocker who led the last major Salvage attempt three years ago his week Long Effort using a Small diving chamber to descend into the cold water and fast currents turned up four Stiver trays a spoon and a bottle of perfume. Quot i still think there is a Chance Quot Rodocker of san Diego Calif., said in an interview Quot the $4 million includes stuff in the Safe Cash and Art objects Quot he said a recovering the Art objects would be next to impossible because they be fallen and Are covered with tons of debris the Safe is still accessible if it s done but even though there Are easier ships in shallower water the lure of the Andrea Dona remains i think it s because everyone knows about the Andrea Doria and can relate to it Quot Rodocker said the Pride of the italian line was headed for new York on an uneventful sail from Genoa when the tragedy occurred at la p rn., while the 1,700 passengers danced packed and slept the Captain of the Andrea Dona mane Vered desperately to try to avoid a crash then without warning to those aboard the 12.000-ton motor vessel Stockholm sliced into its starboard Side immediately the liner began to list sharply As water gushed in through the 45-foot Gash in its Side Many people were injured when they fell on the slanting Slippery deck nearby ships rushed to Rescue the passengers Rumps kept the liner afloat until the next morning when it finally rolled Over and Sank 235 feet to the Ocean floor and there the ship built three years earlier for $21 million remains As a habitat for Sharks and schools of fish in lengthy court hearings that followed the Crews of the Andrea Dona and the Stockholm accused each other of being at fault but blame was never established

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