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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 24, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather hazy and hot details on Page 7a 92nd year no. 206 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. C., saturday afternoon july 24, 1976 32 pages daily 13c. Sunday 33c Fri joins search for two kidnappers Chowchilla Calif. Apr the Fri today joined a nationwide dragnet for two men wanted in the kidnapping of 26 schoolchildren and their bus Driver after a third Man sought in the bizarre mass abduction Case surrendered. Richard Allen Schoenfeld 22. Walked into the Oakland office of the Alameda county District attorney Friday and surrendered he was accompanied by his father a prominent podiatrist and a lawyer a few hours later Federal and local arrest warrants were issued for Schoenfeld. His brother. James l. 24, and Frederick n Woods in. 24, son of the owner of the Rock Quarry where the Kidnap victims were imprisoned for 18 hours last week. The local warrants include 27 counts of kidnapping and 16 of armed robbery. Chowchilla Justice court judge Howard c. Green signed the local arrest warrants. Which set bail for the three at $1 million each the affidavit supporting the warrants was ordered sealed for to Days. Charles w Bates special agent in charge of the Fri s san Francisco office said. A a investigations conducted by the local authorities indicate that Woods and Schoenfeld had fled the Madera county sheriff de Bates said Richard Schoenfeld will be transferred to Madera from Oakland by thursday and formal charges will be filed there. Schoenfeld arrived with his father and lawyer Edward Merrill who defended sym ionese liberation army member Joseph Remiro in a 1975 murder trial. Schoenfeld s father practices in Atherton South of san Francisco. In Oakland dist. Atty. Lowel Jensen said the armed robbery charges involved trinkets and clothing taken from the children during the kidnapping. ., Arafat Deal Over evacuation by Barry Schweid associated press writer Washington a the palestinian liberation organization s hold on areas of Lebanon has made it necessary for the United states to Deal directly with Yasir Arafat s organization to try to secure the evacuation of americans from Beirut. Officials say but state department officials emphasize there is no change in . Policy toward the that the question of actual recognition cannot be met so Long As the group refuses to accept the existence of Israel. Even so the first . Acknowledgement of Contact with the could serve to enhance the prestige of the Arafat organization. Although it has had to fall Back before Syria s military thrust into Lebanon the has been gaining status Over the Long run. With an observer role at the United nations and a voice in Arab councils since the controls part of the Overland route As Well As the coastal Region where a sea lift might be concluded the United states has concluded that it must Deal directly with palestinian elements As Frederick z. Brown a state department spokesman put it Friday a a we re having daily exchanges with All the parties obviously Brown said. The palestinians Are a an important elements in maintaining Security and a any arrangements relating to Security necessarily involves asked whether he was in effect saying that there is now direct Contact with the . Brown told reporters. A you draw your own other officials privately confirmed the direct Contact with Arafat s group underscoring the plight of american citizens faced with declining fuel and food supplies who want to be evacuated irom Beirut and Are anxiously awaiting a new arrangement to bring them out. The Ford administration has been careful not to shut the door forever on the . Which remains a potent Force in the Middle East and in the Arab israeli dispute president Ford has said the Fate of the palestinians necessarily must be considered in looking toward an eventual Over All settlement cd Breaks Al the rules of courtship etiquette by e. Z. Strange a Man on the Road gets lonely so does a woman of course what s the harm then if they Stop for Coffee together0 and if they like what they see. What to the harm in meeting at Day s end for dinner this is what happens repeatedly now because of cd it s not much discussed in print implicit in the social scene is More the suggestion of a cheap pickup than a Chance encounter Quot brides of tender sensibilities Are loathe to report a i met him at a truck Stop a and grooms of a gentler persuasion decline to say a she was the Best looking Beaver on 1-35.&Quot but it happens travelling men who evenings used to hang around the melancholy Motel cocktail lounges just watching and waiting think cd has raised them a notch or two in that patriotic pastime called the Pursuit of happiness. And lady Drivers too timid heretofore to undertake the eyeball highball confrontations with invitational smiles in bistros feel a Little cooler now that they can talk to the Fellows first accept a Blank hello and offer a Lind goodbye if they so choose without getting trapped by an utter stranger Between the Jukebox and the Booth in the Back your great aunt Mathilda having forgotten what happened to boys and girls when cars first came onto the mass Market May shudder to learn that the citizens band has Woven one More new pattern into the old mating game but that a the intriguing condition. Undeniably the customers ask q a won t the pc cd a expansion of cd channels from 23 to 45 in the next year or so make the transceivers now on the shelves obsolete Quot a absolutely not did the introduction of uhf to make vhf to obsolete no or to look at it even More closely consider the observation of e. Craig Martin of the communications equipment distributors association if and when the expansion does come the present 23 channels will become the Bottom 23 channels and that is where 99 per cent of the cd conversations will take place Quot finally few of ust with 23-Channel sets Ever talk regularly on More than two or three of those channels. What difference will it make to you and me personally to have 45 channels available if we Don t even use the 23 now at our disposal q a what s a Green bears in cd Lingo a. A Park guard game Warden or Forest Ranger whichever q Quot is it against the acc legs to sing a song Over my cd just for the fun of it a a so it seems. Fart 95 of the rules and legs prohibits Quot transmitting for amusement entertainment. Or Over a Public address it s an oddball restriction somewhat certainly most cd dialogues Are for amusement and entertainment but clearly that specific Rule is aimed at theatrical Type performances California smoke add the California Highway department the nations biggest to that lengthening list of smoke pm up bears now officially sanctioned to install cd radios in their patrol cars a Federal Grant of $190,000 will pay Tor the units to be put into Hoo of that states 2,000 cruisers the Federal communications commission rejected More than 18.000 cd License applications in May because those applicants sent along either More or less Money than the proper $4 fee an Amish gentleman named Jerry Shenk of Bird in and. Operates a Battery powered cd Rig in horse drawn buggy his a a a Beaver is a girl As All tiers know and among the various Beauty pageants springing up nationwide of late under the sponsorship of local citizens band clubs Are numerous a miss Beaver contests comments Are invited and questions of general interest Are answered in this column volume precludes personal reply address mail to citizens on radio in care of the High Point Enterprise . Box 1009, High Point 27261. Jensen said Schoenfeld was to be charged under a Section of the state penal code which covers Kidnap for Ransom or robbery. The children and their Driver were kidnapped july 15 from a school bus taking them Home after summer school classes. They were imprisoned in a moving Van buried in the Alameda county Rock Quarry before they clawed their Way out. No Ransom demand was received but reports published in two newspapers Friday said investigators had found a rough draft of a Ransom note demanding $5 million the Oakland Tribune and the Fresno Bee said the note was found at the Portola Valley estate of Quarry owner Frederick n. Woods Iii and the newspapers said officials believed the note was written by the younger Woods another break in the Case came Friday morning when investigators found three vans believed used in the kidnapping they were in a san Jose warehouse which investigators said was leased by Young Woods last december Alameda county sheriff s Deputy Jack Baugh said the License numbers matched the numbers recalled by bus Driver de Ray Campaign break democratic vice presidential candidate sen. Walter Mondale interrupts a Tennis match at Hilton head. S c. Friday for a visit with an unidentified bystander. Mondale had spent the afternoon in meetings with his Campaign staff and that of presidential candidate Jimmy Carter before the Tennis break see related Story on Page 7a a wire photo Portugal s first in 50 years elected government installed Lisbon Portugal apr Portugal first democratically elected government in 50 years took office Friday alter 27 months of a Carousel governments following the overthrow of the old rightist dictatorship socialist Leader Mario Soares. 51. Was sworn in As Premier along with his mostly socialist Cabinet he said he believed the portuguese people want a government that will finally following a military coup in april 1974. Six successive military dominated governments ruled Portugal by decree As the initial revolutionary euphoria succumbed to the hard problems of inflation recession labor unrest and occasional violent clashes among groups competing for political Power the portuguese people have Learned to distinguish Between Utopia and what is possible. A Soares said in a televised speech after he and the Cabinet were sworn in a they Are tired of unrest. Of shortages of housing adequate medical assistance and Good schools he said the great conquests of the revolution would not be abandoned the new president. Gen Antonio rat Nacho fanes joined him in pledging that challenges to the Quot authority and effectiveness of the government Mario Soares would be quickly met a firmly anti fanes won last month s presidential election by a landslide with the backing of the socialists he named Soares to be Premier. Soares rejected opposition appeals for a Broad based coalition government his 17-member Cabinet includes la socialists along with six independents and moderate military men with close links to fanes for a he first time since the revolution there Are no communists or leftist military men in the government opposition leaders criticized several members of Soares Cabinet As having few qualifications but he said the socialists would Only have to Quot Stop being a minority government in order to get their program through parliament later this month among the opposition Only the communists have mentioned openly fighting Soares government warning specifically that labor unrest will result from the communists exclusion from the Cabinet Soares appealed to Quot All portuguese All unions All business groups and All political parties Quot for suppler t some of the problems his government will have to tackle Are 15 per cent unemployment. Inflation at an annual rate of 50 per cent a Trade deficit of $1.5 billion in 1975 and a level of drug abuse that has left dazed youths loitering around Lisbon s Rossio Square greek turkish clash Over Oil possible what s inside bridge.12a classified ads 13-15a comics.16 a crossword.12 a editorials.4 a obituaries .3a sports.8-Io a television Section b weather.7a by Emel Anil associated press writer Ankara Turkey a Greece and Turkey were on Alert today As a turkish research Essel steamed toward the Aegean sea in Defiance of greek threats to Stop the ship if it infringed on their Oil exploration areas Turkey kept secret the course and timetable of the ship. Seismic i. But it was expected to pass through the Dardanelles Strait into the Aegean where both nations claim rights to possible Mineral riches under the seabed Greece bases its claim on the 3,000 greek islands in the Aegean Many of them within sight of the turkish Shore but Turkey says the Continental shelf under the islands is an Extension of the turkish Mainland a turkish coast guard Cutter accompanied the ship As it steamed away from its berth in Istanbul into the sea of Marinara on Friday turkish military officials have said the ship would be fully protected on its Mission. Which turkish leaders said was to undertake seismic research on the Quot open the greeks say they recognize the right to cruise the open seas but they will not allow soundings or exploration in areas they claim neither country knows whether the Aegean hides Oil Worth lighting Over but the turks have made it Clear they Are interested not Only in Oil but also in keeping the Aegean from becoming a greek Lake Western diplomatic sources said a tight Between the two North Atlantic treaty organization countries was unlikely both sides have been cautioned by their nato partners to use restraint officials at n Ato Headquarters in Brussels declined comment on a possible confrontation the ship s Captain. Ahmet Nisan i. Asked about possible greek interference said i have no such apprehensions Why should i worry this is a Scien Tilie Mission both Gor hopefuls claim win Washington Aiu Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford both claim they now have the votes to win the gof presidential nomination but they Are eyeing Mississippi s 30 uncommitted delegates As if they May yet be the key to Victory. Ford s chief Delegate Hunter says the president has 1,135 committed Republican convention delegates five More than needed for nomination Reagan Campaign chief John Sears has said Reagan has 1,-140 delegates. Ford claimed support of 15 new delegates from Hawaii on Friday. Since both Ford and Reagan can to have a majority. Someone must be wrong most Media surveys of Delegate strength show Ford slightly ahead but both candidates below the magic 1.130 Mark the associated press tally of committed or declared delegates with the addition of those hawaiians not previously counted places f Ord at 1.096 delegates Reagan with 1.024 and 138 uncommitted Jim Lake. Reagan press Secretary said f riday a we have Felt for some time that the Ford forces would try to present numbers that might enable them to falsely claim Victory at about this period in the Campaign therefore today s press conference did t Surprise us nor does their announcement particularly concern us a since neither f Ord nor Reagan have made their Delegate surveys Public it is impossible to Tell How their lists differ on f riday. Reagan who had been vacationing at his ranch returned Home met with staff members and devoted several hours to phoning delegates Ford and Reagan have Hee n lobbying Mississippi delegates heavily in recent Days through supporters in the state and on the phone there has been growing pressure on the 60-Mer bar delegation w hich will cast 30 convention votes to take a stand there were indications that sunday s Delegate meeting in Jackson might prompt a vote to support either f Ord or Reagan but several leaders said they preferred to wait for a showdown meanwhile. House gof Leader John Rhodes said he believes f Ord will score a narrow win at the Kansas City convention next month and then May have no alternative bul to take Reagan As his running mate. Rhodes said a Ford Reagan ticket would unit the party and Appeal to conservatives across the country in democratic news. A spokesman for archbishop Joseph Bernardin would not Rule out a meeting Between d e in o e Rati c candidate Jimmy Arter and the archbishop who Heads the National conference of Catholic Bishops because of his position on abortion my because he is a Baptist some political analysts say Carter May be weak among Catholic voters sen Walter Mondale a major target of Southern republicans Campaign efforts against the democratic ticket was to begin his vice presidential Campaign in Dixie Mondale planned a swing today through Georgia and South Carolina capped by an indefinite stay at Carter s Home in Plains a scientists will try repair Pasadena Calif api a Viking i trouble shooters have successfully tested a plan they believe will free a jammed mechanical Arm aboard the Lander a device that is critical in the search for life on Mars. Engineers tried the scheme Friday on a duplicate Viking Lander in a Sandbox turned into a simulated Martian desert at Jet propulsion Laboratory late tonight repair instructions will be fed into Viking s computer and the results of the Long distance repair Job will be known sunday evening said Mission director Tom Young the jammed Arm. Which is the Only tool Viking can use to obtain Martian soil for biological analysis was the most serious of three problems to strike in recent Days officials said they would try next week to repair a seismometer designed to detect Mars quakes problems with two radio circuits that Are to transmit data 213 million Miles from Viking to Earth were still causing some trouble Viking s prime Mission was threatened by a tiny Locking pin that should have fallen Clear of the dirt scooping Arm after the Craft set Down on the surface of Mars. With the pin still in place the first attempt to move the telescoping Arm resulted in it becoming stuck thursday. The scheme for solving the problem involved ordering the Arm to extend itself about 15 inches at which time the pin should fall onto the surface of Mars Only if the diagnosis itself is wrong and it is not the pin that is the Root of the problem will the Arm remain jammed even if the pin does not fall Clear said Viking officials the Arm can be used but certain precautions must be taken. It the repair attempt is successful the first digging in Martian soil will begin wednesday the communications difficulties were blamed on malfunctioning equipment causing conversations Between Mission controllers and the robot probe to by limited in time in addition Fowler pictures were being sent Back to Earth on f riday. A color picture that had been scheduled for relay to Earth was cancelled scientists also issued the second weather report from Mars. The report covering wednesday and thursday said temperatures ranged from 123 degrees window Zero to 24 below slightly cooler readings than were reported earlier the winds had shifted from East to Southwest and were blowing 19 Miles per hour at their strongest

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