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High Point Enterprise Newspaper Archives Jul 25 1974, Page 4

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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 25, 1974, High Point, North Carolina The High Point Enterprise an Independent newspaper Randall b. Terry president co publisher d. A. Rawley co publisher David a. Rawley jr., vice pres. Mrs. C. H. Lockwood vice pres. Joseph p. Rawley Gen. Mgr. Joe Brown editor Good afternoon Bald head transformed into a Paradise 4a thursday july 25, 1974 the impeachment process the watergate Story has taken Many surprising turns since it began unfolding two years ago. Still More startling revelations and events May be experienced but the conclusion to the drama is discernible. That conclusion is the impeachment of president Nixon. The inexorable movement of the impeachment process is obvious not Only in the House judiciary committee and in the House and Senate As Well but in the desperate nature of the comments now being offered in defense of president Nixon. Both James d. St. Clair the presidents watergate defense counsel and Sam Garrison newly elevated to the position of minority counsel for the judiciary committee have this week advanced arguments that in effect Are nothing More than pleas of sympathy for president Nixon because he is the president. Chosen by Republican members of the committee to replace Albert Jenner As their minority counsel. Garrison argued on monday that any evidence against the president should be ignored against the general question of whether impeachment would be in a the Best interests of the country. In a news conference later monday St. Clair said he did not agree with Garrison. He argued however that All watergate related allegations against president Nixon should be ignored except for the one question of whether he did or did not authorize the payment of a hush Money to e. Howard Hunt. Yet St. Clair admitted he had never discussed with the president his instruction to John Dean a for Christ Sake get he did not know what the president had in mind with that comment St. Clair said. Others however Are More persuaded by the Broad mass of evidence implicating the president in wrongdoing. Rep. Lawrence j. Hogan of Maryland a Republican member of the judiciary committee said at a news conference tuesday he was convinced president Nixon had committed impeachable offences. A candidate for the Republican nomination As governor of Maryland Logan was accused by a White House spokesman of making his impeachment announcement out of gubernatorial political motives. Yet the perspective for impeachment is brought into focus again in the decision by the supreme court in an 8-0 ruling that president Nixon must surrender tapes and documents sought by special prosecutor Leon Jaworski for the watergate coverup trial scheduled to Start in september. The court held invalid president Nixon a claims for absolute executive privilege in the matter of the tapes and documents subpoenaed by Jaworski. The claim of the president for absolute privilege and separation of Powers a cannot prevail Over the fundamental demands of due process of Law in the fair administration of criminal Justice the supreme court held. Due process of Law and the fair administration of Justice Are among the crucial issues in the watergate scandal. Yet even As now it has time and time again been the tactics of president Nixon and his White House advisers to delay restrict obstruct and obfuscate the Law and the administration of Justice. The fact that he is the president has become the last line of defense for president Nixon. That is Why the argument of or. Garrison to the contrary impeachment is now so near. The mass of evidence does indeed raise reasonable concern about the conduct of president Nixon in the White House and in the watergate affair. It is Only through the impeachment process that this concern can now be resolved for the Good of the nation. Byholt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus Bald head Island a that san Odd name for Smith Island a place of increasing Beauty but a More poetic name might deny Bald head its history and heritage. Buccaneers soldiers and shipwrecks Are Only part of the Aura of that Island now in the first stage of transformation into a tremendous development Complete with one of the worlds outstanding Golf courses slated for opening this october. The first White Man came to this northernmost subtropical Island around 1500. After the Spanish and then the English developed the Cape fear area Bald head. Became a Center for pirating operations during Early years of the 18th Century when the fearsome Blackbeard Edward teach prowled Waters of its Vicinity. During the american revolution the British maintained garrisons with As Many As 5,000 soldiers stationed there. The first Lighthouse was lit in 1796, and the a old Baldy Lighthouse still standing was completed what about the children the quiet and affluent resort Community of Southern Pines is up in arms about a group of children residing on a 17-acre estate in its midst. The children Are emotionally disturbed youngsters enrolled in a state supported program for their care and treatment. The children Are residing at Dun Craig Manor an estate made available to the program by its owner mrs. Christine Baker a wealthy businesswoman. Dun Craig Manor is surrounded by the Homes of a number of wealthy families. They have complained to the Southern Pines town Council that the current use of Dun Craig Manor is in violation of the Community a zoning Laws and is having an Adverse effect on the value of their properties. In response the town Council has served an eviction notice on the Rev. Cecil Brown director of the Home and a threat of a jail term for him if he does not comply. This action brought Strong response from Secretary David Flaherty of the state department of human resources. He visited Dun Craig Manor on tuesday to assure Brown that the state i projecting the news Hollywood of the East after attending this year s american booksellers Assn. Convention in Washington dc., los Angeles times Book editor Digby Diehl concluded that the nation s capital has become the a Hollywood of the 1970s.�?� washingtonians find it difficult to think of their City As Tinseltown on the Potomac. Many feel that John f. Kennedy a description a a City of Southern efficiency and Northern charms a is closer to the Mark but consider the evidence to the contrary the celebrity authors who attended the Aba convention included George Plimpton Zero mostel Rona Barrett Julie Andrews and Morris the cat. And yet Eliot Fresno it Smith wrote in new York Magazine a the autographing championship went to Jeb Stuart Magruder author of an american life one Many a Road to also in town that week was Robert Redford tilt reigning matinee idol of Hollywood West. He was there to Confer with Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein two of the brightest stars of Hollywood East. Redford will portray Woodward in the film version of the reporters Best Selling watergate Book a fall the presidents monday july 8, was Washington a busiest Day so far As the nation s entertainment capital the . Supreme court some now refer to the justices As a the supreme St heard Oral arguments in the cases of . V. Nixon and Nixon v. . Elsewhere in town the House judiciary committee was proceeding with its impeachment inquiry and the a a plumbers trial was drawing to a close. So much to see and do in one Day so much ground to cover to simplify matters As much As possible the Washington Post published a a capital guide to super stargazing a illustrated in 1817. During the civil War Bald head became significant in a strategy to keep the port of Wilmington a lifeline of the confederacy a open. In time however All human habitation on the Island ceased and the forests and beaches reclaimed what Man had altered. But a new phase in Bald Heads history began with the 1970�?Ts when Bald head was considered As an alternative site for the United nations. Man now has returned to shape there a resort unique in All the world a place where humans will live in Harmony with nature and not out of tune with it. A master plan of development within the first stage includes the incomparable Golf course already mentioned. A gracious Bald head inn nestling in the dunes adjacent to the islands Miles of Beach will open in conjunction with the Golf course. Houses Are springing up along the a Wynd so a there Are no streets rather the old English nomenclature is used a through the almost 13,000 acres in the Complex of five islands located 3.6 Miles offshore from the delightful Community of Southport some 35 Miles Down the coast from Wilmington. Officers and directors of Carolina Cape fear corp. Developers of the primeval Beauty spot at the Mouth of the Cape fear which is the Only North Carolina River that empties directly into the Atlantic Ocean hold that Man is not Independent of his environment a to the contrary that Man is dependent upon his environment. Had they chosen As chief executive officer a Man of less determination and purposefulness than High Points William r. Henderson the project would Likely have Long since bogged Down under burdens of costliness continuing Battles with environmentalists intent upon returning Bald head to the sorry state in which it had been when Only hogs possums and squirrels lived there and the natures constant encroachment in that sub tropical atmosphere. What is being done and has been done serves to stimulate Bird life and the ecology even while Rabid objectors keep Henderson fighting to gain the deep water Marina that will enable operation of ferries with passengers and materials necessary to the a continued development of what is being turned into a showplace brightening the Atlantic coastline. Vast monies have been poured into reclaiming Bald head from More than a Century of neglect. More will have to be expended on paving those a Wynd so and providing such installations. As the Golf and country club and numerous other refinements to make it the posh est such resort area on the Eastern Seaboard. The land generally has a Peculiar arboreal Beauty of its on carefully protected and maintained even to the building of structures in ways to save the Trees. The beaches a eight Miles of unspoiled coast a Are protected by a Dune Ridge. Stability of the islands in the Bald head group can be traced to those dunes and to the Interior Forest of live Oaks with their unique Leaf Structure resistant to Salt Spray. Palmetto Holly Yaupon Cedar Pine Myrtle and Dogwood brighten the supporting the determination of the Center to remain in Southern Pines. A the state thinks this school has been an outstanding Success a Flaherty said. Mrs. Russell Livermore president of the North Carolina Assn. For emotionally troubled children also voiced her support for the program at Dun Craig Manor. The action by the Southern Pines Council does appear to be Hasty and arbitrary. There have been no reports of damage to property or of a nuisance to the neighbourhood by the children at the Manor. The question of whether such use of Dun Craig Manor is in violation of the zoning Laws is now before a Federal court. A hearing is scheduled for aug. 29 on a complaint brought by mrs. Baker owner of the property who is seeking an injunction against the town Council. Surely Southern Pines can wait until the court hearing before pressing its own Legal authority against Dun Craig Manor. Has anyone wondered what effect All of this might have on children who already Are emotionally disturbed or is that not important by a map of watergate landmarks. A with our map of the stars a Judith Martin wrote a a you can see where famous events took place gaze at the places where the stars live and work and perhaps even catch them at she went on to suggest several offbeat sightseeing Tours including the Washington area Homes of Richard Nixon seven of them since 1942, including the White House. That Washington now boasts a stable of stars super and not so super is a tribute to the Power of the Media. Last Summers televised watergate hearings transformed seven formerly obscure . Senators into nationally known figures in an amazingly Short period of time. To viewers who at first complained that the hearings were pre Empting their favorite soap operas soon found that the drama in the committee room was of a higher order than that of the secret storm. Not All of Washington a stars owe their prominence to watergate. A prime example is Martha Mitchell the estranged wife of former attorney general John n. Mitchell. Long before the watergate scandal broke mrs. Mitchells outspoken opinions and engaging manner had made her a familiar figure to television viewers and newspaper readers. She has since proved a deft performer on television As a game show contestant and talk show hostess. The fact remains however that Fame is fleeting a perhaps even More so in Hollywood fast than in Hollywood West. One blockbuster does not a career make in politics or motion pictures. The news Media follow the action wherever it is which helps to explain Andy Warhol a prediction that everyone in the world will be famous for 15 minutes. Of Washington a current status As Hollywood East it seems Safe to say that this too shall pass. Interior landscape All carefully protected for Bald head is being developed not Only As one of the worlds leading resort communities but also As one with a highly sensitive environmental approach. Bald head had defied development until Bill Henderson in company with local friends and others from the state generally saw the Challenge for a responsible development covering a period of 20 years. A Good beginning has been made and when that sporty Golf course opens along with the inn and people begin to appreciate what a coming As Well As what has been Laid out Well Bald head should come into the full glory of what has been reclaimed from wasteland to create one of the Beauty resorts of America. A great Deal remains to be done of course on a project so extensive and As complicated As the tremendous Bald head dream but the Challenge and the Promise Are there to make of it a major adornment of tar Heel attractiveness. It had been almost 40 years since i had set foot on Bald head. The first time the place was a scene of desolation abused by thoughtless intruders who strewed it with Beer cans and their other garbage killed animals and butchered them brutally and showed Little if any regard for the Beauty of Pine and Cedar forests Cut Over recklessly. To View now what is being done the Beauty of it All and the Promise of what is to come is to thank god there Are men with the vision the Enterprise and the capability to transform what had lain so Long As wasteland and now is being converted happily into the place of Beauty and attractiveness it is entitled to become because somebody cared saw its Challenge and now is bringing to realization a potential which brightens not Only Bald head but a whole area better for its development. Washington merry go round Fri investigates postmaster general by Jack Anderson United feature Syndicate Washington the Fri is now investigating our allegations against postmaster general ted Klassen. We have reported that Klassen accepted a 122,917.67 consultants fee from the Martin e. Segal co., a postal contractor while he was a member of the postal services policy making Board of governors. Before his promotion to the Board Klassen personally handled As Deputy postmaster general a transaction that netted the Segal firm 15 per cent of a half million Dollar contract. Again after Klassen left the Board to become postmaster general the Segal firm was awarded another Large contract to do a life insurance study for the postal service. After our Story appeared the Fri assigned agents to determine whether the $22,917.67 which Klassen collected from the Segai firm was an illegal Kickback in return for these postal contracts. We have also documented in a series of columns How Klassen spent postal funds for Christmas gifts fancy furnishings and other personal extravagances How he padded the postal payroll with his friends and favored other friends with postal contracts How he deliberately slowed the mails in 1972 to avoid a rate increase that might Hurt president Nixon a re election prospects. We will leave it to the Fri and Justice department to determine whether the activities were illegal or merely improper. The latest edition i. A year ago we reported that the White House kept a secret blacklist of Republican senators who had displeased president Nixon and who forthwith were denied White House invitations and other courtesies. The White House put out an indignant denial that any such list existed. Now our Story has been confirmed by none other than the former White House impresario of dirty tricks Charles Colson. On a tape made without his knowledge Colson said a a Lovely girl. Worked for me and maintained All those lists which were known As the a opponents lists a people who would not be invited to the White those on the a opponent who is to blame lists a said Colson were a some Guys in the Senate who had annoyed the White House. 2. Earlier this month Ziegler twice assured reporters that the phlebitis in president Nixon a left leg had resolved itself and that the president was this was contradicted later by both the presidents physician or. Walter Tkach and staff chief Gen. Alexander Haig who acknowledge that the phlebitis condition is continuing. Or. Tkach added that he had warned the president not to go to the Middle East last month because the blood clot in his leg might become dislodged and endanger his life. This substantiates our report while the president was in the Middle East that a special medical team had been sent to the Mediterranean As an unprecedented precaution. A the five Man team a we reported on june 14, a is led by capt. William j. Fouty chief of surgery at the Bethesda naval Hospital and or. Myer Rosenthal head of the hospitals intensive care 3. We broadcast Over the Mutual radio network on june 18 that the United states was preparing to sell police equipment to the soviet secret police of All people. Among the crime fighting equipment american companies would offer to the Kab we reported were Mobile crime labs Metal detectors voice identification systems detection devices to locate explosives and narcotics electric arcs Antiwar stealing devices chemicals and Gas equipment for tracing fingerprints and equipment to protect personnel against firearms. Our report was echoed a month later by sen. Henry Jackson a Wash. Ziegler immediately denied it. He had spent an entire meaning he said trying in vain to find out what Jackson was talking about. Perhaps american companies want to sell the soviets a Walkie talkies or something a a suggested Ziegler. Next Day the Story was confirmed and Ziegler was caught in another lie. The Public View of inflation Ziegler a lies despite All the watergate lies that have backfired presidential press Secretary Ronald Ziegler still seems incapable of telling the truth about the most minor matters. From time to time we publish a catalogue of a Zieg Leriss a As we Call his official falsehoods. Here is by Robert Roth North american newspaper Alliance Washington inflation has been blamed on Many things on the Vietnam War on Arab Oil prices on increasing demand and decreasing Supply of essential commodities on food shortages on High interest rates on the russian wheat Deal Etc., Etc. Now it turns out that All those villains Are innocent that we the people Are the real culprits and its ail our fault. Such at any rate is the verdict of the Nixon administration which often takes its guidelines from the world of sport and in this Case has heeded the slogan which proclaims that a the Best defense is a Good accordingly the administration now meets complaints against its economic failures and constantly changing economic policies with the Bland assertion that they did no to do it. The people did. In a recent television interview Herbert Stein chairman of the presidents Council of economic advisers said that today a High prices could have been brought under control if taxes had been raised a while Back. It Wasny to done he said because the Public tolerate it. A this does no to mean that the american people were voting explicitly for inflation a Stein said. A but being so reluctant to have a tax increase they created the Well maybe so. Or. Stein is undoubtedly Correct in saying that there was never a time when american taxpayers or any other taxpayers wanted higher taxes. But that does t mean they would not have accepted them had the need been made Clear. It never was either by this administration or its predecessor. Neither As a matter of fact Ever moved a visible muscle in that direction. It Wasny to the american people who kept asserting All the while inflation was rising that everything was under control that the worst was Over and that a this year will be a Good year and next year will be a great it was or. Nixon and those who spoke for him including or. Stein. It Wasny to the american people who in 1969 and 1970 adopted a restrictive economic policy and then As the 1972 elections approached precipitately abandoned it in order to pump More Money into the Economy. It Wasny to the american people who suddenly decided that they were a keynesian so and believed in massive government spending to Correct economic imbalances. It Wasny to the american people who imposed wage and Price controls and then abandoned them just As they had gotten to working Well. It Wasny to the american people who thought up the device of a a full employment budget balance a meaning that deficit spending was All right so Long As the budget would have been in balance if everybody had been working. It Wasny to the american people who abandoned the policy after awhile and opted for stricter budget controls. And it was t the american people who finally decided that nothing could be done about inflation except let it Wear itself out and meantime try to restrain private spending by pushing interest rates to All time highs. A these things were done by the president and his advisers not by the american people who had Little Choice in the matter. The record does not disclose any administration Effort to persuade people to accept alternative courses which is now says might have a a saved us from the inflation which in or. Stein Book we must now accept for a Good Many years to come. A America is in trouble today not because her people have failed but because her leaders have Richard m. Nixon said it at the Republican National convention in Miami when he accepted the Republican nomination for president aug. 8, 1968. If it was True then it is a less True now

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