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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Sedgefield wins meet Sedgefield swim and Racquet club had an easy time of it in defeating Wendover Hills swim club by the score of 378 to 160 this win brings Sedgefield s record to 4-1 for the season while lowering Wendover s season Mark to 0-5. The results Are As follows Medley relay boys eur i Dodson Barker Dunn Tippett sir2 06 3. Girls us i Kerr mulls Tilley Bryant sepi 57 boys 9 to a i scanner Kerr Tilley Mays 1 sir 3 41 girls 9 10 i l Carr Shepherd Haworth Doir Hak it we3 32 boys 11 12�?1 Hoos Shaw Kearns. Lane sir 2 a girls 1m2 a i Hampton self Topping Pearson sir2 57 boys 13 14 a i Dula Topping Tilley Hampton sir2 39 girls 13 14 it Crye per red k Prye. W Wade sir2 5� boys 15-18 a i Beeson Lane Vaughan Barbee sir2 44 girls 15-18 a in Holland k Parmer d Dula g Hoos sri 2 45 backstroke boys 8-u i r Godfrey we2 j. Dodson sir. 28 6 girls in i b Kerr sir2 m Lamuraglia we 29 0 boys 9-Io a i s Tilley sri 2 d Kerr sir 57 4 girls 9 to i s Dunn sri 2 l Poi chaw we49 1 boys la 17 h Hoos sir i 7 m Lane sir45 1 girls la 12 i d Hampton sir2 j Klemme we i 44 3 boys 1314 i m Dula sir 7 c Hampton sir33 4 girls 1314 i t Frye sir 2 b Carr we 47 8 boys 15-18 i t Lane sir 2 c Beeson sir 38 2 girls Isis a i k Klemme we 2 k Farmer i sir i. 397 breaststroke boys by i s Barker sir2 r Godfrey who 79 girls in i b Godfrey we2 s mums we. 30 7 boys 9 to i d Kerr sir2 j scanned sir 57 5 girls 9-10 i s Dunn sir2 m Shepherd we55 9 boys 11-12 i h Hoos sir2 g Godfrey we47 4 girls 11 1? i d self sri 2 b Barker sir45 7 boys 1314-i m Dula sri 2 j toe pings sri 37 6 girls 13 14 i k Frye sir2 m Ferrell we 47 9 boys is la i b Millar we 2 l Vaughn sri 36 5 girls is is i k Farmer sri 7 d ducats or 42 5 Butterfly boys by i m Tippet sir 7 j Lamuraglia we 31 j girls u a i a Huber sir 7 a Bryan sep 26 4 boys 9-10 i s Tilley sri. 59 i girls 9 10�? i s Dunn sri 2 l Grimmer sri 54 3 boys 1117 i g Shaw sri 2 g Tilley sri 47 a girls ii-17 i n Topping sir 7 j Klemme we 47 7 boys 1314 i m Dula sir. 7 c Hampton sep 31 7 girls 13 14 i k Frye sri 2 8 Carr who 47 i boys 15 18 i b Millar Wel Vaughn i sir i. 37 0 girls is 18 i d Dula i sir 2 k Farmer i sir 40 7 freestyle boys 8-u i m Tippet isar7 j Lamuraglia i who 26 i girls us i l Barber sir 7 m Lamuraglia we73 3 Bow to i c Kemah we .2 t s. Anne sri 46 i girls 310 i l Soichak we 7 l Zimmerman we43 j boys la 12 i m Lane sir 7 g Godfrey we 16 3 girls 1112 i d Seif is my 2 d Kerr sri 36 6 boys 13 14 i j Topping sir7 c Hampton sri. 30 9 Girts 1314 i t Frye ass 2 f Frye sep 35 05 boys its i c Beeson sri. 7 b Klemme we 30 6 girls in i i d Dula sri. 2 g Hoos Isar 34 7 freestyle relay boys but i m Tippett. J Dodson s Dunn we 2 00 8 girls in i a Bryant b Kerr t Tilley i Barber sir t 45 06 boys 9 to i s Mays d Kerr j scanned sep / 3 59 a girls 9-10 i l Carr do Chat Haworth Zimmerman we j 3 4 boys 11-12 i Tilley Kearny Lane Shaw sep 2 419 girls 11-12�? i Topping Kerr Pearson be i sep 2 44 1 boys i3u i Hoos. Topping Hampton Dula sir 2 72 2 girls 13 14 a i Frye Hampton Ferrell Frye sep2 44 boys is in a i Vaughn Barber Beeson Lane sir7 77 5 girls is 18 i d Dula hoes Holland Farmer sep. 7 33 4 Knoll rest tops Oak View team Knoll rest swim club took advantage of their Home tank Here recently in defeating the Oak View swim team by the score of 335 to 232 in a Community swim meet the results Are As follow Medley relay boys b u a i Ramey Kirby Foster Wagoner of 38 girls 8-u i Lewis Collins Burton Burns of1 51 boys 9 to a i o Brien Buie Stevens Mangano pc3 34 girls 9 to a i Bumgarner sanniota Wallace Simroll 3 04 boys 11-17�? i aet Ander Bumgarner Greene sanniota pc2 41 girls la 12 a i Everhart Smith Lunger Baker pc2 43 boys 1314 i Combs Williams Wallace Kueny pc. 2 26 girls 1314 i Ratkus Eaton Mcdowell Dumont pc 7 32 boys 15-18 a i Welch Sexton Ledford Hall of 15 girls ish i Morel Sheppard Combs Williams pc 2 35 backstroke boys b u a Ioc Ramey of2 k Errico pc23 8 girl in i j Collins of7 d Belt pc 76 7 boys 9-10 i d o Brien pc7 m Reid of 53 6 girls 910 i m Kueny pc 7 e Willis of39 4 boys 11 1? a i b Alexander. Pc. 2 j Butler 42 6 girls 11-12 i c Lenger pc 7 t Schwenk of 39 5 boys 1314 i k Combs. Pc2 c coggims. Ovi 36 7 girls 1314 i s Schwenk. Of 7 s Collins of37 5 boys in 8 i d Allred pc 2 j Welch of 34 5 girls 15 18 i s Ledford of2 s Combs pc37 7 breaststroke boys 8-u a 1a Herndon pc2 o Foster of24 4 girls by i j Atkinson pc2 b Burton of26 7 boys 9 10 a i j Coggins of7 c Horne of53 5 girls 10 i a sanniota pc2 m Currier pc 51 4 boys it-12 a is Bumgarner pc7 p Williams pc43 4 girls 11-12 a i k Smith pc 7 a Mcgee pc. 42 9 boys 1314 i w Myers of2 c Kueny pc37 8 girls 1314 i b Eaton pc7 d Burton of. 41 i boys 15 i d Allred pc2 j Welch. Of36 8 gins in a i b Sheppard pc 7 l More Sci 45 6 Butterfly boys 8 u a i k Errico pc2 d Foster of 712 girls a i b Burton of 7 j Collins. Of 76 9 boys 9 to a i a Mangano pc 2 j Coggins of54 3 girls 910 i l Simrin pc2 e Willis of54 0 boys 11-17 i s sanniota pc7 r Combs pc36 5 girls 11-12 i l Everhart pc2 t Schwenk Ovi 40 4 boys 1314 i w Myers Ovi 2 k Combs pc 37 5 girls 1314 i m Mcdowell pc j j stirrer of34 2 boys in 18 i m Ledford of 2 d aured pc 30 8 girls iv18 a i s Ledford of j s Combs pc35 t freestyle boys in i i Errico pc 2 j Wagoner of9 7 girls us i b Burton ova 2 d Belt pc72 2 boys 9-10 a i a Mangano pc. 2 j coggims Ovi 39 7 girls 9 to i k Bumgarner pc2 s Cramer pc416 boys 11-12 i b Alexander pc. 2 r Combs pc 35 3 girls h 12 i c Lenger pc 2 e Baker to 32 4 boys 13 4 i k Combs to j p Wallace to 28 9 girls 13 14 i d Dumont pc 2 b Eaton pc 33 1 boys 15-18�? i m Letord of 2 o halt of 29 5 girls ivi8 i s led Ford of 7 s Combs pc318 freestyle relay boys i u i Ramey. Wagoner Stevens Foster Ovi i a girls 8-u 1 Brockman Frarer Bett Atkinson it pc i 38 boys 9 to i o Brien bet Baker be pc 3 00 girls 9 to i Simrod Wallace Cranker. Blue pc 2 58 boys la 12 a i Greene Combs. Bitter Dumont inc jul girls hi2 1 Baker Stevens Mcgee Lenger pc2 a boys 13 14 a i Cox Kueny Wallace Combs Sci 7 07 girls 1314 i Contes Schwenk Sherrer Cockerham of 7 15 boys 15 in i Comby Williams Alima Huson pc i 58 girls 15 18 a i Sheppard Combs. Morel Williams i pc i 7 25 High Point Enterprise Friday july 23, 1976 so woman convicted of manslaughter Ida Howell 25. Of Rose Crest drive was sentenced to 7-i0 years in prison this week in Superior court after being convicted of voluntary manslaughter. Her sentence was suspended for five years on the condition that she be placed on probation. Is. Howell was originally charged with first degree murder following the shooting death of her husband James t. Howell also of Rose Crest drive on january 9, 1976. In other Superior court action. Herbert Rawlinson 50, of Dartmouth Street was Given a 60-Day sentence which was suspended for two years upon payment of court costs on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon on a female and the court ordered that prayer for judgment be continued upon payment of costs in the Case of Willie Parson 42. Of Greensboro. Charged with assault with a deadly weapon in the Case of Charles Michael Mangum of Charlotte charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery the court ruled that prayer for judgment be continued from term to term for a maximum term of five years or until the state prays judgment be entered by a Bill of particulars. Mangum entered a plea of nolo con tender on june i7, 1975. William Bryce Eddinger 19, and Arlie Martin Hopkins 33, both of by 5, Thomasville Preyer praises Stout for Community service by Lee Mortimer Enterprise staff writer congressman Richardson Preyer praised former High Point mayor Carson Stout during a luncheon thursday honouring Stout for his contributions to the Community. Because of the vote in the House of representatives to override president Ford s veto of the Public works jobs Bill. Preyer was unable to appear in person at the event sponsored by the High Point rotary club he delivered his speech by Telephone and it was heard by the audience Over the Public address system. A no one has done More to Advance living conditions in High Point especially for the poor than Carson Stout. Many More will certainly one Day Rise and Call his name Preyer said Stout served As chairman of the redevelopment commission when named to the Board in 1969 he subsequently has served As chairman of the merged High Point housing authority. The 160-unit Carson Stout Homes Low income housing project was named in his Honor a Carson never forgot what it was like to be poor but if a n to High Point had aristocracy certainly would be named count Preyer said the sixth District congressman commended Stout for his Strong sense of civic virtue without civic virtue All Laws would fall apart the founding fathers knew the country would t work without More Carson stouts in it Quot Preyer said he said the whole Community has benefited from the common sense of Stout a we can All be proud that Carson Stout has lived in High Point a a Nadia from Page 3b the water Polo team will continue to compete in the men s diving capt Boggs the favorite from the air Force Academy survived some gamesmanship being played by the american and russian judges and won the men s three meter springboard diving with 6 9 0 Points followed by Franco Kag Noto of Italy and Aleksandr Kosenkov of Russia. Through Many of the dives the russian consistently scored Boggs lower than the american judge and the american judge scored Kosenkov lower than the russian judge in some other major activity. Princess Anne of great Britain made her olympic debut As a member of the equestrian team another american Boxer advanced Over a russian opponent and the american women s basketball team kept their medal Hopes alive with an 89-75 Victory Over Canada Princess Anne with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip looking on. Had a spotty ride on a fiesta hard to handle horse in the first Day of the dressage Competition which is based on Harmony Between horse and rider. She was judged seventh in a Field of 24 sugar Ray Leonard a l40pound Boxer from Palmer Park. Md., scored a lopsided decision Over european Champion Valery Limanov and became the second american to reach the round of 16. Russians from Page 3b a team to pass Well and work for the Good shot Smith said. They d he Happy if we d take that first shot from the perimeter a Smith said. Another problem not unique to games with the russians is the adjustment to International rules and officiating Smith did not openly criticize the calibre of the referees but it was Clear he did t think too much of them a i think our players Are adjusting to the officiating As Hest they can which is a credit to their intelligence a a he said so if both teams play their Hest games and the officials done to throw the game one Way or the other who will win a i Don t know. You could guess and i could guess but i Don t know a he said. Still the americans chief medal producers remained the matchless men swimmers. Goodell s time of 3 5 93 was a world record in the 400 meter freestyle and he had to have it to hold off teammate Tim Shaw. Long Beach alif., who finished second the relay team knocked More than five seconds off the world record set in the morning by a different quartet with John Naber Menlo Park. Cali swimming the backstroke. John Hencken Santa Clara. Calif. The breaststroke Matt Vogel. Fort Wayne. Ind. The Butterfly and Jim Montgomery. Madison wis the freestyle the americans rang up an incredible time of 3 42 22 Shirley Babashoff Fountain Valley Cali collected her third Silver medal of the games when she finished second to miss Ender in the 200 meter freestyle . Thrower from Page 3b South Africa. The United states and other countries give South Africa More support through business dealings than countries do in sports a everybody s got some mud on his face. Every country is doing things for which they could be boycotted Wilkins and Feuerbach the shot Putter. Who both now reside in san Jose. Calif., created a stir among . Track and Field forces when they left Camp to train with the West germans at the latter s Camp about 50 Miles East of Here. There was concern the two might be suspended or disciplined in some other fashion. But or. Leroy Walker the head track coach said. We gave our athletes Freedom in training and asked Only that they be in Camp 72 hours before Corn petition a a a we wanted to get away from All the Wilkins said a i will have More to say on this matter he did t elaborate. Wilkins said he was distressed at the indifference and inefficiency of . Authorities in relation to sports programs. A watching pro football does no to develop healthy bodies a he said. A they give us a uniform and say go to Montreath a saving Energy from Page bed the door of Tucker a refrigerator. A when you open the door. Warm air rushes in that activates a thermostat which starts the compressor which pumps in Cool air to replace the warm air Quot he explained. Then picking up a Tomato he extended it to show the vegetable was cold a the density of the Tomato is far greater than the density of the warm air that enters the refrigerator. That makes the property of the Tomato to stay cold far greater than the Power of that air to warm it you simply Don t have to recoil a refrigerator each time it is opened a a the Basic principle is bypassing the thermostat it is applied in the same Way to heating water and air conditioning rooms appliances powered by fuel Oil or natural Gas can be controlled by Hes also. Objects and people in an air conditioned room can be compared to the Tomato in the refrigerator the temperature of the air does t matter a Only the temperature of the objects. Brown said conservation of Power in outside electric lighting works a Little differently they Are wired to Hes to turn on and off at any sequence or interval desired this also enhances Home Security by confusing would be burglars with intervals of Light and darkness around the House Brown said in North Carolina the Hes franchise is owned by Randy Hutchens and his father. George Hutchens the younger Hutchens who is president said the state Headquarters will remain in High Point an Hes system has been installed in one local food store a Chain owned by the Hutchens family if successful Hes will be installed in the other 29 stores in the Chain similar systems Are fairly common in Industry now but Are Only beginning to be available to residential users Brown has established distributorships in South Carolina. Florida. Texas and Virginia he Hopes soon to be Able to produce a Model for Sale at reduced Cost to elderly people pensioners and Low income families a i am really interested in helping people on fixed incomes who just can t afford exorbitant Power Bills Quot Brown said Brown received a degree in electrical engineering from Clemson University and taught engineering several years before becoming an electrical contractor when the Energy crunch really started to Hurt his business he decided to go into inventing Hes is not his Only invention. He has 12 other devices either patented or with patents pending they include a burglar alarm system for cd radios a system for dispensing liquids from a refrigerator without open my the door and a Chi id proof refrigerator Latch which also tightens the Seal around the door his most intriguing device is a Gadget that he claims heats water without using a water Heater a you can heat the water but it won t Cost you anything i guess i really should t say any More he said with a wry smile Brown modestly denies being an electrical Genius All his ideas Are based on simple common sense and practicality. But Hutchens and Campbell agree their associate May be a modern Day Thomas Edison winning combination taking things As they come. And being Able to live with them is another form of Success cd cd cd cd cd cd cd cd now snowing co u co o co o a u co u co u co j co u co u Roger Good buddy cd goodies available o cd communication a 03 n pct of Wtowne theatre it is a warning foretold for thousands of years. The0men you 11ave Buum warned electronics 2 i 28 n cantan Mal 882-1019 kok5391 cd cd cd cd cd cd cd cd Parris ave. Tel 869-2161 i get the most for your insurance Dollar All lines of insurance including a amp Ujj v in George w. Gillie Fiher Randy Norton Auto a fire a casualty a Bonds boiler a workmen s compensation serving your insurance needs since 1934 of you have any questions about your insurance coverage Call. Welborn insurance associates 310 s. Main St. Phone 883-1413 were each Given 5-10 year sentences in prison which were suspended for five years on probation ordered to make Sigo restitution to me Lamb grocery on it Green drive and ordered to pay court costs on a charge of breaking and entering and larceny William Edward Tomlin. 28. Of Cable Street was Given a two year suspended sentence fined $200 in addition to court costs and had his License revoked on a High pointers from Page in the bus on 1-85 near Carolina truck and trailer where Baird is employed when they came to the shop asking for help Baird made several phone Calls while a fellow employee made five trips in a station Wagon to transport the senior citizens to the air conditioned Comfort of Brin Wood restaurant. A bus was finally located from first Baptist Church on 1-85 which took the disheartened but cooled off travellers Back to Durham a Well do everything we can for people on the Baird said a especially in this superfluous sphere Maplewood. N j apr a Friend tried to persuade Ulysses s Grant to take up Golf As a Good form of exercise. Grant consented to he an observer arriving at the course the first thing they saw was a Tyro swinging his Driver vigorously but vainly a that does look like very Good exercise a agreed Grant a what is the Little White Ball for a charge of driving while his License was in revocation he also received a six month suspended sentence upon payment of a $ 00 Fine on a charge of Drunken driving Fred Farrell Tippett. 37. Of Jamestown was Given a six month sentence which was suspended for two years on consolidated charges of Drunken driving and assault on an officer he was ordered to surrender his operator s License and to pay a $100 Fine and court costs in one of the cases another charge of speeding 65 mph in a 45 mph zone was voluntarily dismissed against Tippett Billy Watson Williams. 38, of Hickory Road was Given a six month sentence which was suspended for three years on the condition that a ski Fine and court costs be paid on a charge of Drunken driving Williams was ordered by the court not to operate a motor vehicle until he obtains a License Bruce Tomim of Greensboro received a 12-month Active sentence which was suspended for two years on the condition that he pay court costs and make restitution on a charge of malicious damage to real and personal property. Richard Glenn Lambert jr., 19. Of Montsinger Street was placed on probation for a year on a charge of mis Demeanour Possession of a drug he was also ordered to pay court costs before january i 1977 Leon Daniel Wilkes. 28 of Gavin Street was Given a 90 Day Active sentence suspended for three years on the condition that he remain in Good behaviour and pay a $75 Fine before july 20 on a charge of Misdemeanour Possession of a drug i Irry Edward Barnes. 28 of Thomasville was Given an Active sentence on a charge of escape first offence. He is to serve 90 Days in prison commencing after the expiration of a sentence he is presently serving Walter Hughes of Keams Avenue was sentenced to 90 Days in prison on a charge of escape and Daniel Sanders 22. Of Greensboro also received a 90-Day sentence on a charge of escape get rid of Gray hair some of it or All of it 1st Day 6th Day 12th Day 18th Day r a types trophies for ail sports but nation swim. I Innis a coif Ainsie off in 5to,ii during Mulli i july Capitol medals 134 English re m3-1 Iza time lapse photographs show How gradual action of grecian formula 16 lets you control just How much Gray you slowly get rid of a some of it or All of it. Just As much Gray As you want some of it. Most of it or All of it. You can Stop where you like you Are in Complete control of How much Era g Morin on a you got rid it i. to is you want simply use grecian formula once a week or so to keep it that Way since grecian formula 16 works / Ltd a period of time even close fiends won t notice the change happening the resulting color is so completely natural that the hair definitely does not hive a dyed look grecian formula 1 Able at White Plains. N y. Hundreds of thousands of men All Over the country ate now using a remarkable product to control just How much Gray they slowly get rid of it is called grecian formula 16 and the results Are simply amazing grecian formula 16 is a practically Clear liquid As easy to use As hair Tome this remarkable formula works for any color hair because it combines with the natural chemistry of the hair to recreate natural looking color there is no mess and no rub of you simply use it every Day for two or three weeks until you slowly get rid of in is Avail Mann drug stores save m0hey with a Quality paint be covers More. Looks better lasts longer come see our Complete line of dutch boy paints Van trim Brush free with the Purchase of 3 Gal. Or More offer Good thursday Friday saturday july 22 24, 1976 Beeson hardware retail store a 214 n. Main a 885-2151 building supplies a 309 e. Broad St. A 885-2673 serving High Point for 93 years a Quot

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