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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather hoi and dry More data on Page 3a 92nd year no. 205 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation mm71i classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 High Point n. A Friday afternoon july 23, 1976 22 pages daily Loc sunday 35c armed dangerous nationwide net put out for Trio by Mike Dunstan associated press writer san Leandro. Calif. A three a armed and dangerous a men from wealthy California families Are the target of a nationwide Hunt today sought for questioning in the mass kidnapping and imprisonment of 26 Chowchilla school children and their bus Driver. Alameda and Madera county sheriffs said they would seek arrest warrants this morning for the three san Francisco Bay area men. An All Points bulletin named Frederick n. Woods 24. James l. Schoenfeld 24, and Richard a Schoenfeld 22. It described them As a armed and dangerous a and told officers to a arrest on probable Alameda county sheriffs deputies were reported to have obtained at least one search warrant Early today to search a warehouse in Eastern san Jose. A san Jose police source said deputies hoped to find the pair of vans that transported the Chowchilla youngsters to the Quarry where they were imprisoned for 18 hours. Whether the deputies went into the warehouse or found what they were looking for could not be immediately determined. Alameda county sheriff Tom Houchins and Madera county sheriff de Bates told a news conference thursday night that Ransom May have been the motive for snatching the youngsters and burying them alive inside a Van in a Livermore Rock Quarry owned by Woods father. A i believe these three Are involved in the kidnapping sufficiently enough so that we can arrest Bates said. Houchins confirmed earlier reports that the younger Woods owned the moving Van used to imprison the school children four feet underground. It took the youngsters and the Driver 18 hours to Tunnel out. Sheriffs officers had searched the Woods 100-acre suburban san Mateo county estate thursday discovering about too vehicles apparently accumulated by the younger Woods. San Mateo county sheriff John Mcdonald said officers had been looking for a Evans masks and guns he said new searches were underway in Sonora county and san Jose where Woods a has some acreage some warehouses and barns be looking for some More vehicles More two vans were used to transport the Chowchilla children after the kidnappers camouflaged the school bus from which the children and drive were taken Bates said one of the men being sought has not been seen since the incident and that officials expect to see nationwide on 2al world danger cited Frederick n. Woods in James Schoenfeld e5d2@e1 for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Education in the mountains q. I would like some information on the High schools in the mountains like Fletcher and Pisgah Academy. I really need this a lot for my daughter. Thank you. Or. R. A. The principal of Fletcher Academy a seventh Day adventist school is r e. Schermerhorn the address is Fletcher n c 28732 it. Pisgah Academy it 2, Candler. N c 28715, has As its principal j a. Shepherd a reference librarian looked up the addresses for you in a Patterson s american education a Delegate selection j. I would like Tor you to please explain the presidential voting. We vote in the primaries and then the delegates Are selected to go to the conventions and the delegates vote for who they want to. Why should we even vote and what Good does it do and please explain the Delegate picking system. I would certainly appreciate it. Or. J a w. A the Delegate picking starts at the precinct meeting the Republican party rules allow one Delegate and one alternate from each precinct to attend the county meeting plus one Delegate for every 50 votes cast in the precinct for a Republican governor in the last election. At the Republican county convention one Delegate and one alternate Are chosen Tor the District convention plus one for every 200 votes cast in the county for a Republican governor in the last election usually those who go to the county convention go to the District one also. In the sixth congressional District convention the republicans elected 197 delegates and 197 alternates to the state convention each of the state s congressional districts is allowed three delegates and three alternates at the National convention in addition to these 33 elected in the districts the state convention elects delegates at Large and alternates to bring the total normally to 52 delegates because of the slates Republican governor and one Republican senator the Republican rules committee gave the state a Bonus of two delegates at Large state Law requires that the vote of delegates on the first ballot at the National conventions be cast in proportion to the popular vote for candidates in the primaries on successive ballots they re on their own. State Republican party chairman Robert Shaw said the 54-member delegation to Kansas City will cast on the first ballot 28 votes for Reagan i who won a plurality in this state s primary25 votes for Ford and one uncommitted. The last is because enough voters chose a no Choice a to entitle them to an uncommitted Delegate. In the democratic party 75 per cent of the delegates to the National convention Are chosen at the congressional District level and 25 per cent at the state level. Their rules require that to run As a Delegate the person must file an application with the state party that he or she is committed to a particular candidate the state party submits the names to the National organizations of the candidates who select from the list at least twice the number of delegates who could go the District conventions then select from the list of approved names the delegates they wish to represent them and they must be proportional to the popular vote cast in the presidential primary. The remaining 25 per cent of the delegation is elected at the state convention the at Large delegates and alternates also coming from the approved list and proportional to the candidates popular vote. Prairie privy plan angers Many Farmers Washington apr some Farmers Are outraged at a privy on the Prairie proposal that would require them to provide toilets washing facilities and drinking water within a five minute walk of All Field workers since the proposal was made last april the occupational safety and health administration has received about 1.000 letters mostly from Farmers who cite Cost impracticality and difficulty of enforcement As potential problems few Are from farm workers one irate Florida Farmer says his workers must control their Bowel movements when they Are working so As not to reduce productivity a Why Are you trying to get us to 1984 before the clock does wrote Rhee Cummings of Greensboro. N c a toilets sinks and water fountains in the Fields Are you serious a mrs Bill Simanton of Malta. Mon writes that she would need dozens of toilets on her 627 acres a this would entail financial bankruptcy because a water Well would have to be drilled for each facility and each would have to be heated to insure against freezing during the Winter months a a and this unsigned comment from an Farmer in Brownfield. Tex what else will you idiots in Washington come up with Quot f aced with this outhouse impasse. Osha officials concede changes in the Standard will be made a i think it will have to be said w m Glasier. An Osha agricultural safety specialist he added however that some regulation is necessary because not everyone takes care of workers Glasier cited a letter from a Farmer in Coconut Grove f la., who wrote these proposed standards Only give a worker another excuse to be goofing off while on the Job and will not provide any real Benefit to the worker Bowel movements can be controlled and should be accomplished by the worker before entering the place of work or after at the present time no one is permitted to use the sanitary facilities Here during working hours As this cuts Down on their production and amounts to a monumental waste of time new employees Are permitted to use the facilities until they train themselves so Bowel movements take place out of see Prairie on 2a bomb spread feared Washington apr the nations arms control director said today that growing world stockpiles of reprocessed plutonium and other nuclear material pose a Clear danger of a proliferation of atomic bombs though proposing new american controls. Fred Ikle also registered his opposition to legislation that would Block shipments of . Technology and reactors to countries that have not signed the International nonproliferation treaty Ikle director of the arms control and disarmament Agency said the Bill before the Senate would Force the United states to Cut off contracts with Friendly countries and make it More difficult to persuade them to accept controls. Besides he said they could still turn to other suppliers. While nearly too countries Are parties to the treaty a number of nations believed to have the potential to acquire nuclear weapons have not signed the pact. These include India which conducted a nuclear explosion in 1974. Israel South Africa. Pakistan. Brazil. Argentina and Spain. Also France and China both nuclear weapons countries have not signed Ikle told the Senate foreign relations committee that the most promising solution to the problem of accumulation of reprocessed plutonium is for the United states to require countries to return the irradiated fuel that is used to Power american reactors sold abroad he said this is especially True in the Case of India which . Officials have said used american technology and a possibly crucial chemical ingredient for its atomic explosion the nuclear regulatory commission currently is considering an Indian application for enriched uranium for its Power station at Tara Pur Viking problem believed solved by Richard Saltus a science writer Pasadena Calif apr Viking officials believe they have diagnosed and can easily solve a malfunction on the Mars Lander that caused its soil scooping Arm to Jam if their theory of the adore is Correct. Project manager Jim Martin said thursday night the begin my of the Mars life search next wednesday will not be affected Martin said the telescoping Arm. Which was designed to reach out for a handful of Martian soil and dump it in a Small biology Laboratory jammed thursday alter being extended for a test it jammed while being retracted he said apparently because a Locking pin that should have fallen free did not do so he said that was the a most probable cause a of the trouble the cure which will be tried sunday is to command the robot Lander to extend the Arm again until the pm Falls to the ground it that was indeed the cause said Martin it is Likely that there will be no effect on the Mission a and we will be Able to continue on our present Emeline a special team of trouble shooters came up with the theory after duplicating the problem on an identical Viking Lander that sits in a Sandbox at Jet propulsion Laboratory Here Martin described the failure As a human error a he said the Lander s computer had been Ted a Long before Viking i arrived on Arrow shows where cover ejected from Viking landed the cover. Which protects soil Sampler scoop. Bounced out of sight of camera a Ai Reanoto Mars a with an erroneous command As a result the telescoping Arm did not extend far enough to let the pin fall away. Martin said there had been no Progress on two other problems plaguing the Lander s investigation of the red. Rocky surface on which it landed tuesday one was the seismometer designed to Monitor rears quakes which never recovered from the dormant state it remained in during Viking s journey from Larth but it was too soon to write it off officials said communications with the Lander Over 2p2 million Miles of space were somewhat flu vaccine effective Atlanta apr tests of Swine flu vaccine have indicated it is effective and produces few and relatively minor Side effects a Federal committee said today in a report released through the National Center for disease control. Quot plans for vaccinating All age groups of the population should said the report of the Public health services advisory committee on immunization practices. Prototype vaccines tested in trials involving 5,200 persons were most effective in persons More than 24 years old. The committee said a a furthermore the trials indicate that younger adults and children As Young As 3 years old can also be safely immunized but that additional data will be needed before specifying the precise vaccine Potency and optimal schedule for them a the report said Congress has been less than enthusiastic in response to president Ford s recommendation of Federal help for vaccine manufacturers who say they fear suits growing out of the National Innocia Tion program backed by Ford Ford said earlier this week that the program would be conducted a with or without the support of Congress and the Secretary of health education and welfare David Mathews said vaccine could be available to the Public by mid september if the liability question can in resolved quickly limited by a Balky transmitter on the Lander As a result of the undiagnosed malfunction data were being received Tor a Shorter time each Day than had appeared possible at first one result could be. Said Martin Quot that we won t be Able to take As Many pictures As we had planned engineers were still working on those problems they were also continuing to study the Sampler Arm failure because if the Locking pin theory turns out not to he the cause there May be some see Viking on 2a what s inside i amusements.9a bridge.6b classified \ds6-llb crossword.6b editorials4 a financial2a obituaries .2b sports3-5b television .2b women a news6-7a Howe trial near end Margaret Hamblin by Bill Beecham associated press writer Salt Lake City apr the prosecution and defense were to give closing arguments today in the Misdemeanour sex trial of rep Allan t Howe Dutah after the defense rested without calling any witnesses to the stand. The attorney for the freshman congressman said the decision not to put Howe on the stand was a completely consistent with my judgment that he is not going to get a fair after two lengthy recesses in which lawyers conferred in judge Raymond s. Unous Chambers Howe a attorney Rose and told the court a at this time your Honor the defense but the lawyer Dean Mitchell said later a by no Means am i giving asked by reporters if Howe was Happy with the decision that he not testify Mitchell said a a he a relying on my he said he had planned for a Long time not to put Howe on the stand the development came shortly after two police Decoy prostitutes Kathleen Taylor and Margaret Hamblin testified that Howe approached them the night of june 12, asked for specific sex acts and offered to pay 120 Howe a wife Marlene was sitting behind him in the courtroom when the women pointed to him As the Man they arrested june 12. Mrs. Taylor acknowledged under Cross examination that mrs. Hamblin mentioned Money first in the conversation with Howe but she said sue Mowe on 2a Kathleen Taylor

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