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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 23, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Old Arrowhead discovered at City Lake by Ann Sjoerdsma Enterprise staff writer the big question that the enthusiastic archaeological diggers at High Point City Lake Are mulling Over now is a is it a Savannah River or a More desirable Kirk a the difference Between the two is a precious 6.000 years. The diggers have unearthed an Indian Arrowhead an artefact believed to have belonged once to indians of the Catawba Branch in the soil underneath the Quaker meeting House at City Lake by comparing it with known dated arrowheads. John Rauckman. Director of the High Point museum and supervisor of the digging at the meeting House has estimated the age of the piece to be either 2.000 years old it a Savannah River Arrowhead or 8,000 years old a Kirk Arrowhead. According to Bauckman an Arrowhead is identified by its general shape or design and its size. And named for the area in which it was found or for the person who found the first one of its kind Bauckman is satisfied that the descriptions of catalogued Savannah River and Kirk arrowheads match the appearance of the one he has found Bauckman and his company of diggers have been working at the meeting House about two weeks doing what he Calls Quot Salvage work Quot the building is scheduled to be renovated in about three weeks and Bauckman is trying to Salvage As much As he can from the soil before the reconstruction process begins. Barekman s interest in the project stems from the fact that the floor of the meeting House is a sealed floor that is. There is no sub Structure beneath it so the dirt has not been substantially disturbed this is one of the few sealed floors left standing in the he said the Only time it was opened was when the floor was rebuilt in the 1950s whenever you have an Opportunity to dig in a sealed floor or in one that yields this much chronology you take the soil beneath the Structure according to Bauckman. Is basically chronologically layered Quot All the Glass was found just beneath the said Duncan pick. An anthropology major at Duke University and one of the diggers Quot we found the Arrowhead an Inch and a half or two inches below the surface in disturbed see olo Arrowhead on 2bjohn Bauckman carefully trowels through dirt i photo or so or schools to have i 7 coordinators by Ray Hibbard Enterprise sunday editor High Point schools will have 17 Home school coordinators on the Job when school opens aug 30 this figures out to one for each of the City s l7 schools but they won t be allocated on that basis or Edwin l West or. Superintendent of schools told members of the Board of education thursday that they will be assigned where most needed and that Means that each of the five High schools will have two. Fairview Street Oak Hill and Tomlinson elementary schools will have one each and the remaining four will serve the eight remaining elementary schools the kindergarten at Leonard Street is not expected to have any great need for the service for years the Board of education has placed High priority on Home school coordinators but except for one year when a federally funded project included these personnel it has been beyond the reach of the Board Anan Clatty funds for these personnel for this year come from the comprehensive employment training act Leta i fund allocation to Guilford county. The allocation already approved runs out Jan 3 of next year however the overriding of the veto by Congress this week of the 63 95 billion Public works and jobs Bill probably Means that the Ceta funding will be extended there is no guarantee that the Home school coordinators would be continued under the program but it is Likely. Additional personnel funded through Ceta also will be available next year to provide physical education programs in the elementary schools last year four teachers provided instruction in physical education in the elementary schools next year there will be Only one teacher but j2 aides funded through Ceta will be on the Job there will also be an expansion of the cultural arts programs in the schools next year. With continued expansion planned also for the following year the same is True for the gifted and talented program however this program will be shifted from the sixth Grade next year to the fourth and fifth grades As Well As the seventh Grade in Junior High schools in another matter thursday the Board awarded the first Ever scholarship under the Dean b Truette scholarship fund mrs Rebecca Beale a Reading teacher at Fairview Street elementary school received the award to work on her masters degree this summer she said that for seven years she has been a teacher in the High Point system and for seven years she has wanted to get a masters degree but her experience has caused her to change her goal to one of finding As Many ways As possible of helping children to learn to read she said the semester award received by mrs Beale is for 6400. The Pruette scholarship was set up to Honor la Dean b in Uette upon his retirement As superintendent of schools Here last year. Donations to the fund have been invested and presently amount to 612.700 Only earnings from the fund will be awarded and May go All to one person or to More than one person at the discretion of the committee established to administer the scholarship Dona Lions Are still being accepted for the Lund according to Emerson Heatherly. Principal at Northeast Junior High school who has served on the committee since it was formed saving Energy Little yellow Box promises to Cut costs by 25 per cent Booster club policy debated Imam pint ii Vii a Psi firemen remodel old trucks by Ray Hubbard Enterprise sunday editor Quot it looks like you be got a Cadillac and i be got a bicycle and we re going to tear them Down and put them Back together and we re both going to have a that s the Way school Board member Edgar liver summed up objections at the Board of education s thurs Day session to a proposed school policy for governing Booster clubs at the two High schools and after More than an hour of hassling Over the proposal that View prevailed and the proposal adopted had been stripped of objectionable provisions temporarily. At least almost without fail. School correction a charge against Lonnie Lee Hollifield. 50, of Coltrane Avenue was erroneously recorded in High Point police arrest books on july 7 As failure to appear in court on a larceny charge the actual charge against Hollifield was failure to appear in court on a Drunken driving charge As a result of the error. The Enterprise incorrectly reported in the july 19 Issue that Hollifield was arrested on a larceny charge Board involvement in matters athletic Means a hassle and that was the Case at the regular meeting thursday As the Board was asked to adopt a Hoosier flub athletic program relationships policy or Edwin l West or superintendent of schools and a committee of represent lattices of Booster clubs and athletic professionals in the schools have been working for about a year to formulate the policy according to West it was formulated to meet the requirements of new fiscal control legislation passed by the general Assembly in 1975, to bring uniformity in Quality of programs available to athletes and to equalize distribution of Revenue available in support of athletes the fiscal control act requires that All Money from Gate receipts at athletic events be turned in to the Central accounting office for disbursements tile first five provisions of the proposed policy Are concerned with meeting these requirements and met no opposition but two other provisions brought Strong objections see Booster on 28 City into county emergency Fleet amp area Friday afternoon july 23, 1976 Section b High pointers help elderly in trouble Quot i be always said that High Point s a town that if you need help you could get help that s How Clyde Baird of Whittier Avenue summed up an experience thursday in which 23 senior citizens from Durham were spared an extremely uncomfortable afternoon. The senior citizens who were in a bus bound for car winds. Were stranded in the midday heat when one of the wheels came off see High pointers on so Don Personette Enterprise Staif writer i ton i be shocked if you see a 11-modeled 20-year-old military truck speeding to an emergency somewhere in Guilford county a that s just the Only Way the firemen at the Airport fire station can a Nord the Rescue equipment they need six vehicles in the county s Rescue Fleet located at the regional Airport Are remodeler according to fire marshal Charles Porter the body or merely the Chassis of discarded vehicles is bought and remade into modern fire fighting equipment by firemen who attach to the vehicles those things they desire the Bremen obtain these vehicles from an army surplus Sale in Raleigh which they periodically Check for Good buys or. As in the Case of a lighting truck from an ambulance service to remodel the vehicles. Porter said. Airport firemen do nearly All their own work Many of the firemen Are carpenters welders or plumbers on the Side the equipment they place on the vehicles is once again obtained More often than not from the army surplus Sale in Raleigh the Only work not done at the Airport. Capt n r Cook said. Is heavy work which involves equipment not available at the fire station such As that required for bending the major Metal Structure of a vehicle Porter in explaining the vane part time abilities at his firemen said he likes to Rind men who Are adept at another Craft. Quot we can teach them to tight fire a he explained when asked if the purpose behind this work was to save Money. Porter replied that the Airport fire dept did t have the Money to save Quot their budget is so tight according to Cook that they Are forced to Quot borrow finagle and scrounge Quot for anything they can get to illustrate the monetary savings involved the vehicle mentioned previously which can respond to any emergency in the county costs 650.000 new it Cost the Airport fire dept., which receives its Money from Guilford county Only a total of 62,000 to Quot scrounge Quot their vehicle together it contains its own Generator and Telephone Hook ups and can serve As a Rescue vehicle a supplier Al first Aid and As a command Post. Fireman w l Buckner said the department s lighting truck which is also available county wide Cost 6i.500 Porter said and performed belter than a Al no liar new vehicle which Cost 645 too the truck which has been at the fire station for four years and which was rebuilt Jess than a year ago contains compressed air packs and refills fans and a Generator i which Horler bought Tor 6300 used As compared to 63 too Newt in addition to the lights some of the lights several see firemen on 2b renovated army trick now serves fire dept photo of Sonny be Ayecock inventor Dave Brown checks Over newly installed unit photo by Art Richardson by Lee Mortimer Enterprise stall writer remember the Good old Days when a electric living was touted As some kind of technological breakthrough then came the Energy crunch which sent electricity Bills through the roof Many of those All electric dwellers probably wish they could move into a log Cabin with candlelight and a Wood stove but Dave Brown has an invention he says will turn All that around put his Little yellow Box in your House and he says you la Cut your electricity use Between one Quarter and one half. It Coines with a Money Back guarantee to reduce electricity use by at least 25 per cent As Long As use of Home fixtures remains constant but savings up to 40 per cent would not he unusual. Brown said and under optimum conditions could go As High As 50 per cent. The device to be marketed under the name Quot Home Energy Saver Quot will be sold in North Carolina through a distributorship headquartered in High Point. For 80 per cent of households in the area Cost of an Hes including installation should run about $550 the inventor is an electrical Engineer and former electrical contractor from Greenville s c. He is very tight lipped about explaining the theory of Hes for fear of revealing its secret to potential competitors even though a Patent is pending on the device. Brown fears someone could pirate his invention Embr oiling him in Long and costly Legal Battles he would allow photographing Only of the exterior of the control Box Hes does not operate by shutting Down electricity at intervals electric current is left in continuous use but consumption is reduced by eliminating the waste that is inherent in Home electrical use. Brown said the device controls the systems in the Home which use the most electricity a heating air conditioning refrigeration and freezing and outdoor lighting Interior lights Are not controlled by Hes but they use a very Small proportion of Power. Brown said each of these systems is routed through separate connectors inside the control Box it measures about 18 inches by 24 inches and is installed beside the fuse Box or circuit breaker system in Homes thursday Jerry Tucker of Balfour Road in Archdale became the first area resident to have an Hes installed in his Home it will be closely monitored every few Days for several months to determine whatever decrease in electricity use occurs the franchise is known As Home Energy Saver of North Carolina inc. Its local office which also serves As state Headquarters is located at Southgate shopping Center the firm says it wants to fully prove Hes potential before embarking on extensive advertising and sales promoters originally hoped Duke Power co would participate in monitoring the device a Duke service representative would be paid to take a meter Reading at the Tucker household every few Days but Duke District manager j g Mccachern said today the company does no to know enough about Hes to participate in testing it he said Duke could not disrupt meter readers schedules to Monitor tuckers meter every several Days but he said he would provide Hes promoters information on How to read the meter themselves a consumer group headed by Mark Mcdaniel has agreed to help Monitor the device and a presentation is planned next week before the High Point City Council at which the councils Public utilities committee will be invited to participate in testing. Another household of identical size number of occupants and lifestyle will be selected for monitoring but it will not be equipped with an Hes a close watch on Power use at that House will be compared to that at the Tucker household to determine any difference Quot our main interest right now is to build Confidence in this so the Public will be con Vinced it works Quot Brown said but Len Campbell Brown s associate added that Hes goes on Sale As of today to demonstrate the principle Brown open Sec saving Energy on so

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