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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 22, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered thundershowers More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 202 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., monday afternoon july 22, 1974 22 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c intelligence net fumbled Cyprus invasion. Washington a -. Intelligence misread turkish military intentions towards Cyprus administration officials acknowledge. A it was our conventional Wisdom that the turks could be talked out of Landing on Cyprus a one official said. A obviously we were history played a part in the misjudgment by . Intelligence As Well a number of governments including the British with whom the United states consulted As the crisis deepened. Secretary of state Henry a. Kissinger recalled saturday that during the 1964 and 1967 Cyprus crises the turks embarked troops but did not invade the Island. Therefore Kissinger said Many members of the intelligence Community and foreign governments thought this sailing of troops from Southern Turkey might again be a Man Euver to bring pressure on Greece in diplomatic negotiations rather than a forerunner of invasion. Earlier the sailing itself came As a Surprise to Many . Officials although they were aware Turkey had concentrated troops and tanks on its Southern coast. Pentagon sources reported the turks had closed off the area around the port of Mer sin excluding . Attaches and other observers. Pentagon officials insisted All last week that the United states was not conducting Aerial reconnaissance Over Southern Turkey and Cyprus or the Waters Between. They said they were depending on the British for that kind of information As the United states strove to maintain a Low military profile in the situation. But even with knowledge that the turkish Force had sailed officials said they had no Way of knowing what the turks intended. . Intelligence has come under criticism in two major crises in the past six years. It was accused of failing to anticipate the soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 and of misinterpreting the signs of an imminent Arab attack on Israel last october. Despite cease fire continued fighting reported on Cyprus Wayne Morse sex senator Morse Dies at age 73 Portland Ore. A former sen. Wayne Morse one of the first members of Congress to speak out against . Involvement in Vietnam died today at the age of 73. Death Cut Short his second attempt at a political comeback since losing his Senate seat in 1968. Hospital officials said Morse had been suffering from a urinary tract infection. They said he died of kidney and heart failure. Morse was ousted by Republican sen. Bob Packwood who claimed a narrow margin of Victory. Four years later Morse then 71, was beaten handily in a race against sen. Mark o. Hatfield a Ore. Two again won for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Can t leave yet q. Can a girl 16 leave Home and can her parents bring her Back if they want to thank you. Girl. A. Yes to both questions. Wanting a Union q. I work for a company that is very much outside of this wage program. I know people that have worked Here a year and have Only received to a or 20-cent raises and this is just because it is an across the Board raise. How could you go about contacting the Union and what Type of Union could i bring in to make it a better place to work at times there Are extremely bad working conditions. The name of the company is a anon. A. As Long As the employees want to be represented by a Union and the Union is willing to represent them it could be almost any Union. There Are electricians represented by furniture workers Union and upholsterers in Auto workers unions and so on. You could also form your own collective bargaining unit. There is a Booklet called a a Layman s guide to Basic Law under the National labor relations act which explains what an appropriate bargaining unit is How its appropriateness is determined who can or cannot be included in a unit the duties of the bargaining representative and employer procedures and other information. It is written in a non technical Way to help the average person understand better what their rights and obligations Are under the act. You can order a copy of the Booklet for 35 cents from the superintendent of documents . Government printing office Washington . 20402 if you wish to Contact a Union you May write the Industrial Union organizational dept of Al Cio 2121 Commonwealth Avenue Charlotte or Call 704 334-4749. Cutoff installed q. I called last week the end of june about them not having an automatic cutoff on the Gas pump at a station on e. Green drive and or. Shelton of the fire department was supposed to look into it. I went Back today july 3 and they still done to have one. I wonder How they get around that a wait until people get blown up and then Check them Anonymous Motorist. A. The matter was corrected on july 17, according to fire chief h. L. Thompson. Earning too much q. If you Are 65 and draw social Security is it possible to work full time at present Job and make More than allowable if so what is the penalty and How is overage accounted for anon. A. There is nothing to prevent you from working full time and earning All you can but anyone under 72 who works while receiving social Security benefits May lose part or All of his benefits if he or she earns More than 52,400 in a Calendar year. If the beneficiary earns More than that an amount equal to one half of his total earnings above $2,400 will be deducted. For instance if you earn $3,000 in 1974, one half of your earnings above $2,400 would be $300. Regardless of a beneficiary a total earnings he can get a Check for any month in which he neither earns wages of More than $200 nor performs substantial services in self employment. Beneficiary have to give the social Security office an estimate of what their earnings will be or report any significant change in their estimate and then after their w-2 forms Are received they must file an annual report of actual earnings with social Security by april 15. Months ago Morse the democratic senatorial nomination a and the right to Challenge Packwood a by defeating state Senate president Jason Boe 44, in Oregon a primly election. Morse known for his unpopular views and unwillingness to Compromise on issues was one of the first members of Congress to oppose . Involvement in Vietnam. He and former sen. Ernest Gruening Dalaska who died last month at the age of 87, were the Only two senators who voted against the Tonkin Gulf Resolution in 1964. President Lyndon b. Johnson used the measure As a functional declaration of War in Southeast Asia. Morsels age was a major Campaign Issue during the May primary but he countered by saying that Many great . Senators had performed their Best service after they were 70 years old. Being a one term senator would not be a liability for Oregon said Morse who already had served 24 years in the Senate. Morse once a Republican himself switched to Independent in 1952 when he and party leaders agreed that he was too Liberal for the gop. Three years later he became a Democrat and was reelected in 1956. His detractors claimed that Morse who earned the nickname a Tiger of the Senate a was too cantankerous and too much of a loner to accomplish anything for Oregon in a single six year term. By the associated press Secretary general Kurt Waldheim told the United nations Security Council today that a fighting is still going on in Cyprus after the deadline for a cease fire that had been accepted by Greece and Turkey. Waldheim said turkish planes had bombarded the Nicosia Airport after the truce deadline and that a British Soldier was wounded by a bomb that hit a . Installation. One High . Official said the raid occurred about an hour after the truce was to have started. In another development the greek cypriot radio claimed that a hotel was bombed by the turks and 21 foreign tourists killed. The location of the hotel was not Given in the broadcast but it was believed to be in Southern Cyprus. There was no confirmation of the bombing and it was not known whether the reported incident occurred after the truce deadline. Three hours before the deadline Turkey was reported flying in fresh troops and two hours later the armed forces general staff in Ankara indicated that some Post truce bombing might occur. At the 4 p A to a m., Edt a deadline the Cyprus Ehrlichman charge set aside Washington a -. District judge Gerhard a. Gesell monday set aside one of the charges for which former presidential assistant John d. Ehrlichman was convicted in the Ellsberg break in trial july 12. Ehrlichman was convicted of conspiracy and lying to a Federal grand jury and also of lying to Fri agents on what he remembered seeing in his files about the break in at the office of Daniel Ellsberg a psychiatrist. Monday Gesell set aside the conviction involving the Fri. During the trial and outside the hearing of the jury Gesell had indicated his objection to the use of perjury statues As applied to interviews with Fri agents. He nonetheless allowed the Fri lying charge to go the jury but ruled today that the perjury statute a was improperly invoked in this Case. At the same time Gesell turned Down Ehrlich Many a attorneys request that the entire conviction be set aside. Without the Fri lying conviction Ehrlichman a faces maximum penalties of 20 years in prison and a $30,-000 Fine. Helmeted turkish paratrooper welcomed by turkish cypriots first invasion pictures from near St. Hila non Castle Yrenia a wire photo radio broadcast an order for greek cypriot troops to Stop shooting. The broadcast was heard in Beirut Lebanon. Earlier in the Day both Greece and Turkey announced that their forces on the Island would observe the United nations sponsored cease u. N. Headquarters in new York officials in Contact with the United nations peacekeeping Force on Cyprus said they had received no reports of continued fighting after the cease fire deadline. The officials declined however to make any official announcement that the cease fire had become effective throughout the Island. An associated press dispatch from Nicosia received just before the to a Deadline reported that massive turkish reinforcements had been landed on the beaches of Northern Cyprus today. It reported that paratroopers were brought in by at least 12 turkish c47s, and at least 30 helicopters ferried troops from Landing vessels. The dispatch went through greek cypriot censorship before being transmitted and it did not say what time the reinforcements had arrived. Associated press correspondent Holger Jensen see fighting on 2a debate starts wednesday to question taken up by John Beckler associated press writer Washington a the House judiciary committee is preparing to vote on whether its historic impeachment debate should be televised. The debate begins wednesday and could last into next change in House rules would be needed to allow the television cameras into committee sessions and a Resolution proposing the change is scheduled for House action shortly before the committee meets this afternoon. At an earlier closed session the committee will receive a Brief of arguments against impeachment presented by Sam Garrison newly designated by the Republican committee members As their minority counsel. Albert Jenner who had held that position from the Start of the inquiry with Garrison As his Deputy will remain on the staff As associate counsel working under special counsel John boar. Jenner had made it Clear from the Start that he regarded himself As working for the committee not the republicans and they repeatedly have turned to Garrison when they Felt the need for partisan services. The republicans patience with Jenner. A prominent Chicago lawyer snapped last week when Jenner endorsed Doaris conclusion that Nixon had abused his Powers of office and should be impeached. Garrison who served previously As an aide to former vice president Spiro t. Agnew has been asked by the republicans to rebut the Case for impeachment presented by Doar and Jenner. In a preview of the impeachment debate. Rep. Don Edwards a Calif said sunday the Doar Jenner Brief provides a an overwhelming cases for charging Nixon with serious misconduct while rep. Charles e. Wiggins r-calif., said it failed to link Nixon with any impeachable offence. Reps. Walter Flowers d-ala., and Robert Mcclory r-111., who also took part in a televised discussion on Abc a issues and answers a said they were having a hard time making up their minds. Meanwhile presidential spokesman Ronald l. Ziegler sunday again criticized the judiciary committee and said charges against Nixon Are unsubstantiated by fact. In another development judiciary committee transcripts released Over the weekend show that president Nixon expressed concern that he May have inadvertently ignored a watergate cover up plot. The transcript was of a june 4, 1973, conversation with Ziegler in which Nixon discussed conversations he had in february and March 1973 with former aides. Nixon is quoted As saying to Ziegler a i mean god maybe we were talking about a coverup watergate. I really did no to. I did t know what the hello i honestly set question on 2a because of stance Jenner loses gop position Albert Jenner soft Contact lenses accepted by . Mcdaniel a science writer Chicago a soft Contact lenses Are not the answer to everybody a vision problems but apparently they Are Here to stay. The so called soft contacts have gained wide popularity in the three years they have been available in the United states because of the ease with which they can be worn. Or. Barton l. Hodes an ophthalmologist on the faculty at Northwestern University medical school said that while he would fit his own children with soft Contact lenses if they needed them today a a they re not the answer to everybody a or. Whitney g. Sampson a Houston tex., ophthalmologist who is president of the Contact lense association of ophthalmologists said at a recent symposium on Contact lenses that a soft a As Well As hard a Contact lenses Are Here to but the decision As to which the patient needs should be the Eye doctors he said. He said there were some Early problems with soft contacts because the same techniques used for fitting the hard ones were used. But he said the soft lenses Are now a definitely Safe effective and warranted in a fair percentage of situations in the management of certain vision problems Contact lenses Correct vision the same Way eyeglasses do. There Are no accurate figures on the number of per sons wearing Contact lenses or eyeglasses. An estimated 50 per cent or More of the population Wear some Type of corrective lenses. Of these contacts May be worn by 2.5 to 3 per cent. A hard Contact Lens is a tiny thin bowl shaped Shell of corrective plastic which lits Over the Cornea. Soft contacts Are made of More pliable plastic containing water and Are larger than the hard lenses. They were developed in Czechoslovakia about 15 years ago and have been approved for use in the United states Only since March 1971. Hodes said the Cost of hard contacts usually runs $125 to $225 initially with lower replacements costs while soft contacts might Cost $250 to $450 or $500. He said the advantages of soft lenses Are a remarkable Comfort and patient acceptance As soon As they Are inserted they do not have to be worn on the steady schedule required for hard contacts. He said major disadvantages Are that More care is required to keep them clean visual acuity is slightly less Sharp they will not Correct astigmatism a condition in which an imperfectly shaped eyeball results in blurred vision because rays of Light Are improperly focused they Are fragile and can tear easily they have to be replaced after 18 to 24 months they can Harbor infectious bacteria if not cared for properly they absorb hair Spray and other contaminants and the shape size and color cannot be modified Washington a the pro impeachment stance taken by attorney Albert Jenner has Cost him his Job As the chief Republican counsel on the House judiciary committee two Gap congressmen say. Reps. Robert Mcclory of Illinois and Charles e. Wiggins of California said sunday the committee s Republican members unanimously have decided that Deputy minority counsel Sam Garrison will take Over Jenner a position. Jenner had said Friday he supported democratic chief counsel John Doaris Strong arguments before the committee in favor of impeaching president Nixon. Mcclory and Wiggins said Jenner will be shifted to an associate committee counsel working directly under Doar. A a he a out of tune with the Republican members a a Mcclory said on Abc to s a issues and a the has taken a Strong position pro impeachment entirely in line with the democratic leadership and it seems to me that he has to serve that Wiggins an outspoken sup Porter of Nixon during the impeachment inquiry said of Jenner a a he a set himself up As almost another member of Congress in reaching the ultimate judgment which we have to reach whereas he ought to be serving his clients in doing research background work and the like which we certainly do not have the time to also interviewed on the program were reps. Don Edwards d-calif., and Walter Flowers i Ai a., also members of the judiciary committee. None of the four would commit himself to which Way he will vote on whether to recommend that the full House of representatives impeach the president. What s inside i amusements.6b bridge.6b classified ads7-1 in comics8a crossword 6b editorials .4a financial2a obituaries.2b sports 3-5b television 12b women a news6-7a weather.3a

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