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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 23, 1974, High Point, North Carolina Weather scattered showers More data on Page 3a 90th year no. 203 the High Point Enterprise Cau us circulation 882-1719 High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 23, 1974 22 pages classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 885-2161 daily 10c, sunday 25c rumoured for impeachment gop s rep. Hogan to announce position Washington a rep. Lawrence Hogan r-md., a member of the House judiciary committee plans to announce his position on impeachment today amid rumours he will declare president Nixon should be impeached. Hogan a candidate for governor of Maryland scheduled a press conference for 3 . Edt to make his decision known. Hogan declined to confirm the rumours sweeping the Capitol that he will decide in favor of impeachment but said a it s All Over As far As in a if Hogan comes out for impeachment he would be the first Republican on the judiciary committee to do so. Such an announcement would be a heavy blow to the solid front Republican supporters of Nixon Are trying to maintain on the committee. With democrats holding a 21 to 17 Edge on the committee a vote for impeachment is regarded As Likely but Republican support is believed necessary if the House is to go along with the committees recommendation. Hogan while maintaining from the Start he was uncommitted has been one of Nix rep. Lawrence Hogan ones most vocal supporters on the committee. At least three other Republican members have been regarded As More Likely to vote for impeachment. Hogan said he was making his announcement at this time to explain to Maryland voters How he reached his decision. He purchased time on several television stations to repeat the announcement tonight. A this is a big political problem with me in this in for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. He or she q. Is Lassie a girl or boy dog a. Canine liberation it seems hit the scene Long before women a liberation became prominent. Both male and female dogs have played the part of Lassie in movies and television series. Although one had puppies during a series and of necessity was female one source reports that males Are preferred because they generally have prettier Coats. He Calls it quits q. Is David Cassidy retiring a. At the tender age of 24, Young old David has decided that show Biz is getting to be too much for him and is foregoing his image of teeny Bop Star to Start acting his age. According to Newsweek Magazine that entails his slipping out the Back stage door and dropping out of the hearts of fourteen year old girls everywhere. Phyllis is 57 q. How old is Phyllis Diller thank you. A. Old Phyllis Diller is alive and Well. As a matter of fact she recently celebrated her 57th birthday. She was born july 17,1917 in Lima Ohio. We also found out something else a she attended Sherwood music conservatory in Chicago. Long ride on the Reading q. Could you please Tell me the longest world record the playing of monopoly please let me have this As soon As possible. A. If you re aiming for a new record Good Luck. According to the guinness Book of world records the longest monopoly game recorded was 127 i hours played by four students at Dundee University in Scotland in april 1972. There was no mention of How Many times they passed they Bug him q. Will you Tell me How to get rid of bed bugs and lice in furniture thank you. Or. T. A. You can get a Booklet called a controlling household pests from the superintendent of documents in Washington for 15 cents. It states that once the bedbugs have entered a House Only the application of insecticide will remove them. Sprays containing Dot lindane malathion Ronnel or pyrethrum Are usually effective but sometimes the bugs Are resistant to Dot or lindane. Spray the slats Springs and frames of Beds. Cover the mattress completely with Spray but do not soak it. Be sure to get the Spray into seams and Tufts. Do not treat mattresses with a Spray containing More than 0.1 per cent of lindane or i per cent of malathion As higher concentrations Are not Safe to use on mattresses. Allow the mattress to dry thoroughly before use. The Booklet also recommends spraying baseboards and openings or cracks in Walls or Between floorboards of the bugs Are present several weeks after treatment Spray again or employ a professional exterminator to fumigate the infested furniture. Evel takes the plunge q. What is the address of Evel Knievel before his jump Over the Snake River Canyon or. J. O. A. Your phrasing leaves one the impression you think his address will be different after the leap a like the nearest broken Bone repair facility. Knievel a address is p. 0. Box 505, Butte Mont. 59701. State a he said. The committee was scheduled to Start debating proposed articles of impeachment wednesday but chairman Peter Rodino d-n.j., reportedly has advised members it May be thursday before the televised sessions begin. With the evidence All in and the arguments made democrats and republicans on the committee have begun turning to tactics and strategy in preparation for their crucial decision. At party caucuses and private meetings being held regularly democrats Are searching for the Best Way to bring articles of impeachment to a vote while republicans Are planning counter moves. Democrats found themselves divided at a caucus monday night Over whether to plunge in with a proposed article of impeachment when debate opens wednesday or Start with a general Resolution on impeachment and leave see gop s on 2a televised sessions permitted Washington a the House and its judiciary committee have voted to allow broadcasters to switch on equipment that has been gathering dust since the opening minutes of the impeachment inquiry to weeks ago. Television and radio broadcasting is scheduled to Start wednesday the exact time depending on when committee members conclude discussions of the procedures for. Deciding whether to impeach president Nixon. North Carolina representatives voted six in favor of broadcast of impeachment deliberations by the committee three against and two not listed As voting. There was no division along party lines. Voting for broadcasting were Democrat reps. Andrew Fontain and Preyer and republicans Broyhill Martin and Mizell. Voting against broadcasting were democrats Henderson and Taylor and Republican Ruth. Democrats Jones and Rose were listed As not voting. The Abc lbs and Abc television networks said they will televise the hearings live in a rotation plan similar to tile one they adopted in Early june a year ago during the Senate watergate hearings. The House and committee stipulated that the broadcasts must not be interrupted by commercials. Judiciary members voted to allow television lights which will make possible color telecasts. Broadcast technicians in so televised on 2 a changes on greek government reportedly resigns i what s inside i amusements Bridge. Classified ads. Comics. Crossword editorials. Financial. Obituaries sports. Television women a news weather. Edward Gurney Gurney will not run again Miami Fla. Apr sen. Edward Gurney r-Fla., indicted by a Federal grand jury in connection with an influence peddling scheme said today he has decided not to seek re election. A there sensible or sound Way to conduct a state wide political race and prepare for and go through a major trial a Gurney said in a written statement telephoned to Miami by his Washington office. Gurney 60, was indicted july to in Jacksonville by a Federal grand jury which accused him of conspiracy bribery and perjury in an influence peddling Case. The Winter Park Republican a member of the Senate watergate committee has pleaded innocent to the charges. A i am innocent of any wrongdoing and the first priority is to Clear my Good name. After that is done i will decide whether or not to resume a career in politics and government a gurneys statement said. Drought threatens farmlands Kansas City a Midwest Farmers Are talking a a loss As drought conditions plague the Rich farmlands of Missouri Kansas Oklahoma Iowa and Nebraska. Com wheat sorghum Alfalfa Milo and soybeans Are All affected. Agricultural stabilization and conservation service officials estimate the loss already at some $92 million in five Northwest Missouri counties where Corn and soybeans Are the main crop. Most of Missouri received surplus rainfall in May and june. However a when you get so much rain Early and then not enough the crops just done to recover a said Garth Sharp ass agent in Holt county. In Southwest Iowa its estimated Pottawatomie county Corn growers May have lost More than $21 million. About 25 per cent of the 300,000 acres of Corn planted has been seared an official said. Emphasis in the five states is on the need for rain now to Avert a seasons disaster. Fred Ostby assistant director of the National severe storm forecast Center Here said a True drought at this Point exists Only in the Oklahoma Panhandle but there s no indication of a change. Reading of too degrees or higher have been commonplace in the five state area for the past two weeks. By the associated press the president of the rebel government on Cyprus resigned today and the greek government was reported to have resigned. As the government changes were being announced new outbreaks of fighting were reported on Cyprus the scene of bloody Battles since saturday. The presidency of Cyprus was turned Over to an official who had served under the now ousted regime of archbishop Makarios. The change was viewed As a move to reach a peace Accord with Turkey. Britain and the United nations reported new outbreaks of fighting on Cyprus despite a cease fire that was to take effect on monday. There was no official confirmation of the report of the pole Painter Bob Melleky hangs 33 stories above new Yorkus Rockefeller Plaza monday while painting a flagpole. Melleky has been painting and erecting flagpoles for More than 20 years in a family business that his Grandfather started. New York landmark St. Patrick a Cathedral is in the background below. A wire photo planned ordination of women stirs storm new York a a storm whirled through the episcopal Church today Over plans for la women to be ordained in Defiance of Church disciplines. One critic called the move an invitation to anarchy. Several Bishops in the women a Home dioceses said they would not be allowed to function As priests. A the tragic Point of it is that if these very Fine qualified people go ahead and supersede the Laws of the Church i can to go along with it a said Bishop Philip f. Mcnairy of the Minneapolis diocese where two of the women reside. He said they would be barred from serving there As priests. Similar reactions came from other Bishops in charge of the Home diocese of the women listed for an irregular ordination ceremony in Philadelphia next monday. A i have no doubt of their sincerity but i have grave doubts about its practical Wisdom and its effect on other women standing in line waiting for the Priesthood a said Bishop George e. Rath of the Newark n.j., diocese where another candidate lives. He and other Bishops contacted said they would restrict activities in their dioceses of women taking part. The Bishops said they themselves favor changes in Church regulations to permit ordination of women but would not approve it without that authorization a the tragedy of it is that the Church is not ready to do what i think we should have done a Long time ago a said Bishop Mcnairy. He said he saw the planned ordination As a dividing hurting and angering some people and saddening in Austin tex., mrs. Dorothy Faber editor of the Christian Challenge said if the planners of the irregular service a get away with it then the Laws of the Church done to mean a the Christian Challenge is published by an Independent episcopal group the foundation for Christian theology. In Philadelphia a local pastor the Rev. George Butler said it would provoke a schism. Another pastor called the planned ordination arrogant and irresponsible. Under the Church canons candidates for ordination must be recommended by their Home Bishop the standing diocesan committee and the pastor and vestry of the Home Parish. So far As could be ascertained Home Bishops of the women involved and the standing committees have not Given that approval. Resignation of the government of Premier Adamantios Androutsopou los in Greece. The report came from a bulletin Paris apr Gen. Phaedon Giz Ikis president of Greece has invited former Premier Constantine Caramanolis to end his exile in Paris and return to Greece As Premier Cara Manliss office announced today. Former greek Cabinet minister Petros Yaro Salias one of seven leading political leaders summoned to the office of the president Gen. Phaedon Giz Ikis. Yaro Salias said there would be an official announce ment later in the Day. Reports circulated in Athens on monday that a Northern military commander had tried to stage a coup to overthrow Greece a military Junta which had been in Power since april 21, 1967. These reports were officially denied today. On Cyprus earlier Nikos Sampson announced his resignation from the presidential Post he took Over from Makarios after the archbishop was deposed july a 15 in a coup by the cypriot National guard under the leadership of regular greek army officers. Sworn in immediately to replace him was Glafcos derides. Speaker of the House of representatives before the coup. American evacuees landed Beirut Lebanon apr a . Navy ship landed 384 americans and 82 lebanese from Cyprus in Beirut today. The evacuees were among 4,000 foreigners British forces conveyed from Nicosia to a British base on the South coast of the embattled Island sunday after the turkish invasion trapped them in the cypriot capital. . Navy helicopters ferried the 466 persons to the amphibious ship Coronado monday night for the trip Here. St. Clair rejects court questions Laguna Beach Calif. Apr president Nixon a watergate lawyer has refused repeatedly to Tell newsmen whether Nixon will abide by the supreme courts decision in the latest watergate tapes Case. James d. St. Clair appearing at a nationally televised news conference after conferring with Nixon for about two hours on monday at san Clemente fended off some to questions from reporters that focused on the court ruling expected this week. In All the questioning at White House press Headquarters Here St. Clair provided a Flat answer Only when asked if Nixon could plead the fifth amendment and withhold tapes if the court directs him to surrender them to special watergate prosecutor Leon Jaworski. A i done to know whether it would be legally possible or not but i can assure you he will not plead the fifth amendment a the Boston attorney responded. Asked whether Nixon already had a contingency plan to Deal with an Adverse ruling St. Clair said a no and i done to see How he can until he gets the decision reads the opinion and consults with vice president Gerald r. Ford said on july 13, after conferring with Nixon at san Clemente that he assumed any citizen would abide by a decision of the supreme court. However St. Clair and other Nixon aides have ducked the question consistently. Said St. Clair a i must insist i feel to answer the questions would inject my View As to what the decision ought to be and therefore i have consistently and will continue to consistently continue to not he also argued a it is highly improper to discuss a Case that is pending before a an american official said the Coronado was the first Navy ship to Dock in the lebanese capital since its Waters were closed to the . Navy after the 1967 Arab israeli War. Several dozen lebanese army troops armed with sub machine guns stood guard As the evacuees disembarked. They were taken to the Holiday inn in downtown Beirut. Yvonne Bachelis of Pacific Palisades Calif., said it had been a a a terrifying experience. A i have never Felt raw fear before this a she said. Mrs. Bachelis was one of More than too americans who took Refuge in the Hilton hotel in Nie Osier. They slept on the floor of a banquet room in their clothes. Jaworski seeks 64 additional tapes of presidential conversations which he says Are needed for the trial of seven former Nixon aides and Campaign officials scheduled to go on trial sept. 9 on watergate cover up charges. The supreme court Case also embraces the question of whether a Federal grand jury that returned the indictments was within its rights in voting to name Nix see St. Clair on 2a Quot by James d. Is. Clair t

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