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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina To High Point Elfr priv a. Wednesday. July 21, 1978 business and financial news Stock Market report by Fth it cd Ari or Al Busine writer new York a Tho Slock Market allowed Little change today in a Neutral re sponge to government consumer Price figures or june the noon Dow Jones average of 30 Industrial stocks was up a Token 17 at 988 46. And gainers and losers were evenly balanced in the Over a la count of new York Stock Exchange listed issues at the opening the labor department reported that its consumer Price Index Rose 5 per cent in june the figure was better than May s to per cent increase but not As Good As the 3 Fer cent average for the first Lour months of the year american airlines was the most Active Nysky Issue up a a at in trading that in eluded a 250 xxx share Block at is4 the company reported sharply higher june earnings the Nysky s composite Index of All its listed common stocks edged up of to 56 43 Al us american stink Kex change. The Market value Index gained 19 to 104 m volume on the big Board remained sluggish totalling 7 24 in Ilion shares Over the first two hours against 7 88 million in the comparable per kid tuesday y do mired aircraft Rose 1 j to ii n in act Ive trading the company and Canada read h de formal agreement on a contract for Lockheed to sulkily 18 patrol planes Al a Price of 697 million i int Tete i control Obi Cooper to a a a in a a i own i or i a wit 11 in Cut two 0 Dom rift my lifter j i it t woe i up Jeita Ait to Deli d i i 4$ u of Tosh i k Oit onco a Tinty tin dip ppr 40 10 Al 11 Jall 5 10 a i it 11 cd i of d a 40 a ii a ii i to u 10 44 it 17 in i 11 4p n n o tag ii is to co a a it 0 an i i ii i. 4 i 14 it 1. Al ii ii1 it i 46-4 x 40�?T 14�?T Dow ii it of flip in to 41 411 outre i to ii of it a do Pinta 75 ii Tao in it i o. Of. I ail air Gin ii Tow mid a 75 ii we Calor too is j u 41 a a Poto i to i i or p i i i orc i a ii Quot offi to i to to % mar i c thy i so i rim pm of i.�non5 is to won we 14 17 i to i ii too i 77 4 i la 73 14 7 i by 7jg by coh to 4 in Kis a 105 a in 14 52g 57g us to 47 71% la ii to is ii and ii1 it in in it to saw 43. 7jg us x i m. 73g ii a 40% la 13 74 Jiaa to 40% bag a 4 4 a cd i3% i two Jou 51% ii a i 41%-1g or by i a i i of kept of re i 60 a a rafters ? 17 or tuft j7 Roger i a let s int a Leupo of i we or t a it turn Loc i so l Laptop 7 50 la Honor. Ill i of kid Aire t Laws i to lories i a i l a i s i i i a i a is a v 77 10 3 9 i k to i la _ a i it 11 17 53 Aii la i to i i la a i is a la to 17 7 it Arti too ii 71 in l to corp to it mys tit tykes up i Ca 40u Buth 4 by 71% l Ila 15 4 Liv i 54 Juji Irb ii 77% is ii is of a to its. Iss if j a ii. J7 a to it 174115 17 s 5 7 m to i j a c Aire am to in Cair too to 14 c ropes f p i re of it m 5 i Roost i a u t a min i to f i Vuk i Arall i i Ulnah i to 13 minuet i a to c Lapow 7 to a i Lapel i a 7 Csc i i coff Mojo i ror or in 7 a raft Lam 0 1.1 f -0 a 4j 47% a lit a in 14 14 a 4ih r Nepom i 0 or Ito or i i i to to oaf up m Gams i to Gannett ii urn Dyna in it my i i to int Otto i 50 a Camilli it not Ifor a pub i at g i ref i i of g tier i of i War Vee i in drop i i to a Etty Oit it Gillette i to global malt i i a Rood or i to go loin i it Grair i to Giat Ipar of inf in to 7jb 14 4t�?�j la a to 74 Jib a / i a Jig a 4 it -i4b ii or giant i Roll t i 14 x 10 Ai 50 f 7 4 >4 i 11 f 17 to it 17 Iii i 77 t 14 i to cd to it a i 75 la to Ai r 57 i ii a 4 it in. 77 r a a. New York a Exchange Grey i 04a ill win to of i to i 17 Gifun tot Caw my it i to v j 7 Iii i 9 v to 7i a h Lull St Aro Klap or or i Ted morn my National in a for Nib Voth i % stuck Ca Nan Gantert h Val be no High Law last co Abidi at to Al r in i of and Kenny a pro top i ally pm i to Audi 1 to addle i to aim a. 40 Alcoa i Apama i to a Vitae a a hat at am add a by n a i to Ambor Sipp i Amman 7 to a at ran i to amt in 7 a of my my i a of a Hihi 40 to mater a bal a 7 Ai aist�nd1 amt Tow la a it in i it ii my 41 As u an vow corp it ii of anal end to is 17 i Ani or m i 30 i 13 a a. to it m Ivear Tho i Ada a 73 Jug Annite a 14 in to ava1 <.0 to to a Iii at iou i i a 3 ii i a id Oro i voip i if j Allan h j x 13 17v w i a or in i 10 t 11 to if 5 i a i 7 i 5i i it or of f i i it nil i i m of i 4 i a 71 3ft 71 u u ii i la i it a it to a Jav 10 i to Ujj or. By by tag in so 7i a 73 is to pc Jav a 77 it Jug 4 by a a to 11 i a tips corp a drum a ah.,.po i of Bab to i Banat i of Baun i a Knar cd to Brae h a to after it by j. I ii Blip i 4v Bong or 07 meth set 7 Bio shr i Haring i Bailee avio Hor it in i to Orwar i ii the .1v i if ii in apr a or Jiru Nieft 44 14 Butyer a 8 addio to Butova a hunk Aam Bur and i to �0i Burr grit of it 7a i it a ii v7 b i to i ,21 ii 21 u of i in v 17 he i a gift or ii la i la if to a in i to i b it 24 a by a a 72 a Gai i Tah i g Al a or k Jig a jog if b of go 2 he i it i la i. 14 Iuie ii 4 Bijj 37 it 5 to s p i 71 44 7v by i c c i jew to a in will 30v As a Van is 21 j ii. Is. A. Tiv jag h i jag Jug a Jav a to Gill Juja a ii i i. In my 27g ii. Ii j Jib to. A hug Jan Jug a jog to j in of 42 i 74b in Jig Iau a a a jog if i a Tov tut v 4 la i i i j avg or v Mil Ai to a 0 ? in i Jill b �4 Aig a a a Sog 4 21 a a 2ig is jog i 3v 7j� r 27% jag. Jia 4�h is of Hilt is 4 71 -3jg4 a. A it i a Jug 2ib4 it ii Jisa is it a i Ujj .4 Juja 4 a k jog it 77 o a a a 24 14 in 4iba a by m a i jag we age if i0g4 ii a it 1 Umi i i a Quot a l a a sea i Halk Botn v Star term Jav or. La v by 4brcubs to Rubini i to howl Tok to Horrow to Holiday 40 Hollys j Ada 4tomrtk la Mony 11 i pc u Ai Mouth i to j Al moult pig in How la i m All of a i it to j ii la i ii. A Jig v it ii g ii in it a 13 it b a a h -t0> i v 74 a la 14�?T a 17 21% j Sill Kab to it bag aug stir 24g la bag Aab la it 4 ?4b 2jb my by i j a a i a tag Ai St to Jug to a ii a 77 a a of i it i in a 73 by a. Ii i it to is. It a a us 74 a to 74 it 14 i a ii bag us us aug 32. Jig it i t it at 4 do to 4 u i aft b 4 2jb Ugi Jall in 4 74 b i 73 b St i j by Jig it my a 74 �4 a 4 to a is j jog 334 a. Ii a a 77 j a a. It a Jim i i 4 a .4 73 mgr 1 ii 4 17 j ii. 4 we is in a us 24 b agao 4 1 74 14 >-14 44 ag4 1 v7a a i of 4 ii a 4 v bag aug a 14 j 4 4 it v 2jg it a a 0 v la j i 5 2j 72 i i 1 a to it 2 i 2 43 9 to i i v Vetr or to is Vai Mill in it vary i in i mad pc ii to a pc j 90 in Mara no 7 la mar mid k t mar a i to f Mayom i ii la Maytag i Joa Java i mid or my Don o a m. Gram a Mrad Orp Marc i to or i a Milan tit Minim i 45 Vinnel i aft Mobil Jao Mon Van ? k Mon do 7 x Mer nor re Motorola to Jimi curl 7 i a mister by f j n Nabisco i 40 to it Nat Airl so in v Naicam it i w not do i to a Nan get 7 is r i Nat Gyp i Osio in out Natl ski i Vuna Oma i k not a up 77 Tengei i a a rent i to n i 74 no my i a Ciapha i to nor not 7 of no sip i 94 Noel hip i Aon Airt As ii ii nor Sim will Al 0 Ocie dirt i 17 to Chi of ii i a Vul i Jaio a okla no i to i 9 glint p i i ii Reitmar i 40 la i or Cha 20g m. A a i 9 a 14 lit 9 i is to a a to ii 1 a 2 9 9 to i hindi i to Ida Hap i it imply spa 7r Ina Chi t0 i no o i Ada Inger a i to mind i 7 40 intr Ria / to ism 2 in Marv i 20 x in Mac 2 40 a in i lift paper 7 into i i to Lowami or Lowass i 27 or corp Ite corp to i full 7 5 17 is a ii 73 u j in it a j la 109 727 47 we 33 of ii a 13 jag Jav Rog v b i a. Aft. If Jig if Bill i 9 by a i i i 79 9 la 14 a Jenman i a ii to a i it ii com Ogoc to i a Joy Mig i to 19% 72 i in my Jav 90 a so by 77ig jog Jab of try Jig of. Haul Ai i to hang i i a Kanji t i to. Al y my i Kenner for la to k ii Ivai. K Milf a big a a to. Jab by a a a is 47 my in a big a la Jig a of. 77 14 g in 4 Jig g 35 g �0g4 b it g my g 777 a 1v� by by 4 g avg Tibb g Jig big it a a 14 4 jog 17 4 1sg4 Ai my of a 10g4 a a 14 25 g u path in i m Pat cig i m Par Petr i to Pac a i x Pac j j i to pan a i Alf panel 7 to Pasco 77c gun cat a Eunray i 21 papal i i to Punini i a of Pho 7 plier a mar put to Phil act i a pm Morr i Philips my a a Ninvi i to Pine by Al Polaroid 17 to igl i a pc god 7 pc Tigi x is vol i to Psi Fig i k pc ibo or i and pug spa 7 a Pullman i 70 it purity c tin gun. Sio ii que Iii on Kals Lorpu i wan old to Laythn i to no a Kuichih 74 Rosil i to nov Ryall it or y Ion i to a Rynn Joi try Uvrl i Doh i Ina Poy id j tar of Der Syi p i 47 i 9 to 7 to i a it my i to to j 47 u Ai s 73 10 7? 16 ii 11 47 it to 9 19 u of 7. It 19 i us 10% 74 i a i i i 77g is of ii is 14 j big v9b to it. 90. Big big a. 47 we n 4/ a Ian to 7j in a. Of t to 33 to it i us tog my Aab it 9 4a my to. O 17% ii. By Job to Joa it g q to j it 79 a 21 j in a m to i in a a jog Sci ii. It aug by go it 7 age 4 agg 40g we we aft a a m j jag 7t% 71 % i us n i sea to j it vib 5b Jig Jim Jug Abb 4 a 14 Iab a ii big 9 77% 72% 14 i a in ii bag 15 n is 15% % bag 14. Tog 70. Leg 4% Abab 79 i in a 17% 17% % 39 a j9 j 53 i s3% 1 hug to 73% 71% % 37. 17 37 i a i 54 54 i 4 % 77% 77 a 15 to avg 19 a to. We big 13% in 14 b a ill Sib 59n 9 Al tog 59 x ,9. N 90% of i i 31% % big big a54% 47 47- 77% 7w 42 47 a a a g of a Aba 75 it ii la 13 a 1 a v is a a Sal rays a i Iii is Joltn i to of 145 us Sac ? Voll a s a rep i it Sandra allo in icel and i in 9 san Crim join scr or up m to St m up to 7 Scot in to 5 or Oit Pap Al 9 Seabul i to 2 Star by is i Era i. Aga of Shelton Tio ii sir Row 7 to in signal la it Singer co Sonych of c3l 73 so Ai t cd i 57 i i so calf i a 7 74 Soui co i 40 ii Chi san writ a 7 in sow Pac 7 74 so Tipy i 17 Sperry to 91 Squaret to Squbb 90 so for Al d i 14 14 smote i 7 to i Stool rid 7 to 9 Stoilow i Jacif Plauff chem sir1 drug to it i to 2 stupor i i s Sun co i a 2 i s it to it to it so 14 i t r to to to 33 12 i r to 5 75 9 Viv a ii la to 39 la 7 43g4 49 i to -j71-71 try he 4 a Stob jog 4 aft g4 tog a Jav 7vg4 i pm it 104 to .4 4c a i to -57b4 to a it 794 Tubis ag4 i to j in 50 30% i 4 tog Togia Hamb bag 4 4j% of i 7vi .17 i to 7a but tog jog aft b tag 4 to a tog avg ii g ii jog 40 to i 57 b Toi to i 79 a 71 j 15 a i. To. I b to tog Ujj tog to Al it Tampa i i it tried i a Tryr Pimpl Tete c p Trunco i m Tei Propri i i i in i 70 i try a raft i 20 Thi Okol a to u i t Odd ship re v Tram w Arn 732 Tram am to to Al Ancon i so to try in i 40 to 9 t went in to t 21 u Ual inc to in u be arb 2 to ii lit tint ire i >1 i 74 unix Al 2 to i la up acc 7 Roll to uniroyal to to 45 aij7 if avg Jig Jug 5jg big us 19% to u. A aft 37 j 77 73 9% ii a to 15 Sig a Aib 42% to Jib Jav j7g Sib Ai aug tvs 19% 5$g 37% Tir a it 37. Map 77 g jag by it ii 19. 9g in 4 31% s3 to. Iou 19% 79% us a j a Jii 71% 73 9% it to. 14% ss1 i 34 All 42% 77% Jib 35. I a vib Ai a a ii i 19% we ii a la 7s% 7% a 37 us 77% jag i. Wmk % at a i w j9. 9% jog a a 4 aug v 10% us of a 79% tax a a 4�? a 37 a % 71% 2j 9g 17% 4 % 70 h 15 4 5v in a bag % 41% 42 4 g to 4 i 31% % my a 32g 5j%4 to 43 a g ii1 a a i9g % Sig 32 a police still hopeful kidnappers can be found Livermore Alif apr authorities say the a prime area of investigation in their search for three men who kidnapped 26 school children and their bus Driver is the Rock Quarry where the victims were imprisoned in a buried trailer a a can t predict when there will be an arrest Quot Alameda county sheriff s led Volpe said late tuesday night a i m just optimistic a while remaining hopeful. Volpe downgraded an earlier statement by a sheriffs department source that the investigators were Only a a few phone Calls away Quot from being Able to apprehend suspects Madera county acting dist. Atty Charles Hoffman who met tuesday with Alameda Hist atty. Lowell Jensen said the investigation had reached a turning Point the preliminary investigation is concluded at this Point focusing in on certain aspects where if the sheriffs department discussed the facts it might prejudice a trial Hoffman said he declined to elaborate except to say a turning Point was reached Between noon and 4 30 p in tuesday Volpe said Progress is being made in the Case but nothing of the nature that would Lead to an imminent arrest. In Al la to a 2% j7 bag 77g left bag Eastern Belt opens with record prices 79 Hig Dib Mig a a. Jog a a ii Lull 71% to 71% to a ugly 20% avg 9% u i avg us Vig ii 9b u i 11% 20% 35 j 9% to j 4v i a i v �?�7 to 4-Sibio bag big 20% 35 9% to i a i us i 4 i/y4 9% % unit Kandi 2 a a 9% 9b or in item 0 i 12 12 17 % us As i 0 17 5 73% 73 23 % % us to x is 4 agag a us steel 9 i 52. 52 57 j Al run tech i x 9 i 15% j5. 35g i urn Tel i t7 i 14 via 4 a a my tot a la j j a i 13 i 1 Upjohn 9 ii to to to i 40 j a a u Hafif la 17 25 my m 5b % % us and i 41 i Jaob 33b Jug % v a Verier to 13 a bag 14% 14% % yet co of a 43 77 la la vet my i 24 i As us big 13% w a g War he sob la 3 77 71% to Java her i. I its us 34 a 14 a % b Ivna irl 40a 34 iss til i la i Llu i Xvi inc i to i s 73% 73. 7jg Yumon i to # 77 is is it Frei gel 92 4 243 14 i i a i bag a. Anger or to 79 As 45 ii 45 n whee if i to 11 3 77 a 77 a Aii Trepol so 14 4 72g 77b 77 g White met 24 4g a a Whiting i to a 5 it 77 a 27% g a limit cd i a 45 73% 73�?T a 73% % Winn do i 5 14 j ii ii % 37 a % 4 Winnebago 9 2 a a. Afe % Wol eth i x a 17 74 x 74 14 a i a x a a met of i 20 19 111 59% my 59b a % i 74ieturp so a v i5b 15 is % i 19 it 34 a 34 aft Raleigh apr an unofficial record Price average of $90 81 per Hundred pounds was reported on the opening flue cured tobacco sales tuesday on 12 markets in the Eastern North Carolina Belt the Federal state Market news service said a few warehouses had not reported their total sales. Three markets on the lower Middle Belt also held their opening sales and recorded a record average of $92 on sales totalling 1.217.647 pounds these markets were Sanford. Carthage and Fuquay Varina the incomplete Eastern Belt report showed total sales of 6.209 784 pounds the $90 81 average was $5 90 higher than the record on opening Day last year the average of the Middle Belt markets was $6 32 higher than on opening Day last year and sold meanwhile the South Carolina Border North Carolina markets 4.847.627 pounds tuesday for an average of $94 24. A drop of 25 cents from monday. South Carolina markets sold 3.499.850 pounds averaging $95 92. North Carolina s sales amounted to 1,353.777 pounds for an average of $89 91 four Eastern Belt markets Wallace. Robersonville. Ahoskie and Windsor held their first sales today along with Aberdeen of the Middle Belt the Ellerbe Market of the Middle Belt and Fayetteville will not hold their first sales until next monday. The news service said the majority of grades on tuesday s opening were sold at their Price support or Only a Dollar or two above lugs. Priming and nondescript were the main offerings important i it to 1 to 19 Joi 2 a 1 3v 7 is u fat to 9 27 i 2 a 10 in 9 v 11 v la 12 it i la to to a in a 19 4 mtg 97 in 20 i v 71% 37 ii a i bag a 2. To bag jul i9g mtg 94% 14% 79% v to 37 Iii an bag to aug bag a r i9g4 v7 97% us to 14 v to g it 4 ii -4% Over the counter bid asked by to ati<hut4l flit <3uolko<l of Oki the i Hill i a Hoci Onak in Blim but up parian a Lviv jul Fol of p us Ai of Coli Veiler Day Brut do not in club retail Mark up Mark Down or com Militon rih la 57 �2 52 x la 17 12 12 to to it 47 % to tit a 2sg 29 i a 14i a j i 14 37% ii Ira in in 13 i ass. 15 to 4 h Sib Sah my % 77 Jig jog Jug x a a i a a a i x 20 42% Ai j to % la 13 x 13% 13% a copyrighted by tse aug ated Pron Tievy i figure Are Uno Ciai Union Otheron Nobara of dive pm i mlle foregoing lab an annual dil Burie me nil baled of he annual declaration special or extra divid Jodi Opark Nti not life ii gnat de aired a Are Lei to feed mph following Foci Noffel a Aile extra or extra i a annual rate Phil Fock dividend it i la adeling div tend orc lured or paid in preceding 12 Mon la j i de. Tired or paid Allor Hock d c id end or Ipi it up t paid Ifni year. Dividend of Ted deferred or no action taken Ai Tail dividend meting a dec tired or mid Fri year an accumulative Lieut with dividend a Nar Roan n new Nae dec ared cd Paiden preceding it month plus clock dividend t paid in Ito pc in a finding 17 month animated Alii value on sex dividend Crex Diirr by ton Date sex dividend Rex righty y sex Divi dead and Catel in Lull t Valet in full Cid caned we i Yohe Mccred we with warrants a without Quot anti edit fax do Triphon it in bankruptcy or receiver lilt or to no reorganized under a bankruptcy act or veer Fitwi Anu med by Loch rom Lanwi denser from the abundance of argon. It can be deduced that nitrogen must have been present Early in the planet s history he told a news conference. I see no reason to exclude. From everything we know. The possibility of the evolution of my Elroy said the important question he said. Is whether water existed in a liquid form on the i trom Page if planet Long enough for the random combinations of prelate ingredients to come together and begin to evolve into sell reproducing forms the measurements were made by instruments aboard the Viking Lander As it soared through the atmosphere in route to its touchdown the first successful soft Landing on Mars in history. The amounts reported by scientists were about i 5 per cent argon and about 3 per cent nitrogen . Stock a averages Stock averages compiled by the a use lated Pron to Quot in Quot 11 40 i by Haiti uni. Vleck i new York a Stock Index Aero Ron in a wry Cah f 1.1 Alture quantic Peon banker Truit of s c Ballett furniture by i u old Aiken 7 3 Ici in tog 17 two to i bag it la a re i c Bange noun web prey Day Kiel ago Moran ago vgo age v7 High 197 Tun >975 197v Low 9 449 7 Irr r a9ft j 48ft 4 Ajo i 4vt. 9 a74 a j it �?�91 4 197 9 117 4 1aj 0 197 9 >49 j 15v 7 it a a Oft i Bur 107 v it i 97 v toe t 99 v 101 7 to i As la my 9 Bono averages compiled by the a hoc ated Pren to 10 to to i 317 v ji7 a 372 9 i i 2 to 3 j77 9 til v me a 2tv i no w Vuu map Stock eco adige Tidei Market a Nae Indus Friar 1 ran ipod i Afton Utility 4 name noon new York 4 i Cen is a3 4 0 01 Al 02 0 04 42 05 4 0 01 in j9 o of s3 70 0 c3 h ail my Igig Railto and util fun l cd i aint corp is i 14 y Nhuc Tianga he Enner Indi a a Nik ii wed >0 v so j to too i 13 j Burnup a 5 it nil a i i prey Day is 9 to j Aoi too i s3 i Burr i id 7% 7% wee a ago 50 a 9 Al 5 too i to j Lannon Mitt is is i mud the ago so s t9 i to i in i i Felt at min food it year ago As s 7ft a is r too i 75 i Faro ii Cai in 3% 3 i 12 High i 0 is 3 91 s Ici j is a Cai Pill 9 Torso a tit a to a a ii a he 7 of i 7 a Laro steel corp 9 i Vii High Ai i a a a t ii 5 7ft 5 late Wile fio % i4s cob aft i r it 9 a a it a t adrime id Cuppl Ada i in Slot i a rip i 72 l arte p ii a Taal 401 i amex tot car rpt 2 to i is i a Clunie 2 to in sow 1 to Lei t teed 4 i Edina i la c Namsim i c Quot Ai w 2 20 Nevi 2 to it h, 7 cent it att Bryner cd tic Pip a c ill so 7 to c in j no i Sejm i Muf my Aig i avg 7 bag at i v9 49 is i 75 i a vib 79% by do it 19% to John Jug 9 a i it 4 9 i i �?T95 to i. Rag a Agha of i to 27 i ?u till tag it to a i Combe a i com 7 40 come i onto it a conf i i 3v cd inc it i a c0�lw#0w i c int air pm c in tic i 2 by to 24179 a a 19 25 j to us to 73 b to 7ft 7 tog a to 11 it Init i to in Sig 17% Jug it Reg Joh 15% 7 taig Vav. 49 in do ii a Vuja a a we jog v >9 t ii a la raw 72 j a i avg ?9 2vb big 23 a tog i a 33 37% i Agadag 4 i jog 4 i is 7 to t bag g Aig x Ipbac a g in a do to % vib 79 i b .4 we v in a 19 i avg a Valt g % Rab v 27 14 i 2444 b a b4 cd 2 2v i big a 14 73% b 76 20% g in aft la 17 i the High Point Enterprise a Tab Chee ill pub1 in a f a Era a noon and sunday morning aft. Ndoc it nol n j in spa pfc it pub in a by a i High pop in Tonji Hohlst inc Tio Church a i a Point n c 7771 Mimi k of Tim associated Phe is a Aff s by mail a Abt read sane i v i it a j my i to Dag and sunday Saj of Sti of Rio to 3 to sunday Only in of Ivio m Vav Tise by la Quot it wkly la monthly Siso or 142 of mail subscription in n c tub in to a Sawi tax try allot ated press Iez titled to int use of rep run Ion it a local fews of mid n newspaper Ai weft Ai Ait apr ext dispatches e entered Ai in and. Tan matter a int Poi office a in.nl to under act of match j if79 be end clan Poi age paid it High Point n u Alt c it r wry dealers and distributor i Are a Depeiz Dent Contr a ton and the High Point Enterprise the ii not responsible Tor subscription pay Menti made to them or the r Pretente he i for Home Aen Yery Tate Fontal your local Carrier Aero Griffith company National advertising rep Tsenta Hytt Cato corp Centra Cero Bank Central vet Mon Chatham mfg Cas corp pm s c c a Ole co consult octane furn colonial i decl b comm Bank Conner Hornet context Dan internat Diamondhead corp Durham Lite int i Ngi arh inc i de to corp of a feb of Catawba food town stores Star Mer s new world 4 int in on Cor p t or syn Ink at i ult Franklin lit int Grey too1 guardian corp Morrilton rubber co of theilig Meyers Henr Don loin Hickory firn investment lat i b Ivey Justin ids Leman transport i am e to Lane co Tygett a plan Latte giant Little met Low i co wee x i stores mom a pop t multimedia no no Carp n c nature Gal Northwest finny ult North weve f in corp sex i tent Ftp l % int Peoples Bank att Ray it pro Cee it piece goods shops Piedmont aviation Piedmont reit until Pinkerton club Plant i hot Bank Public yet it n c Quality mint Mic corp re . Of Dent l Abs Republic Auto parti hinge Guild prod Riyal mfg Rex putties Salem carpet Sec merchandise Shorter i big boy Somo of of us disc Natl corp Sou Natl corp Sou film e it Supe Dollar stores Tei Erent seating textiles inc that Hitner Brut Triangle Brick Trion inc unit inc in Caro Banc int a International a Natl Bank b b Balker shoes Washington group West knitting corp Whit shield co we corp Wright machinery by dividends Are increased new York a ii Arlington industries the nation s largest textile operation has raised the dividend after reporting record quarterly consolidated net earnings for the third Quarter ended june 26 the new quarterly dividend of 95 cents a share an increase it 5 cents is paying sept i to shareholders on record july 30 earnings Tor the latest Quarter were $31,305,000 Cap pistol pointed at judge in court Charlotte it a it a a woman being tried for pointing a gun at another woman reached into a paper bag tuesday Drew out a pistol and pointed it at the judge sheriff Deputy r c. Gale who was assigned to keep order in the state District courtroom jumped Forward and disarmed the woman Inell Howard. It was a Cap pistol she claimed it was the same gun she pointed at the woman who had her arrested she said that she had brought it to court to show the judge it was t a real gun there was no immediate explanation Why she had pointed a gun at the other woman which had resulted in in assault charge judge w Pope Lyon of Smithfield found her not guilty but confiscated the Cap pistol i thought for a minute that judgment Day had come things Are livelier up Here than in Smithfield judge said later candidate changes mind no headaches Rocky mount y. No. Apr a Ben f Currin. Who is running for state superintendent of Public instruction does t want any headache so he has agreed to Stop distribution of Camp sign cards that look like packages of by headache powder Currin. Who is challenging incumbent Craig Phillips had been warned by the manufacturer of by Block drug co. Of Jersey f Ltd n j. To quit distributing the lookalike cards Joseph Silverman an attorney for the firm said Currin agreed to halt distribution Silverman said there is no threat of Legal action because we did t think we really had much of a Case against him Silverman said the firm had not received inquiries about Legal rights or requests to permit the Currin Campaign to use the design a people who done to like Currin will think we endorsed him and Boycott our product. Silverman said Currin said the idea came from a Friend and supporter who paid the printing costs As a Campaign contribution share were sales for the $580,863,000 Burlington previous Peak was earnings of $1 03 a share in the March Quarter of 1974 Sharp ears save life of collapsed woman Kansas City Kan apr Eunice r Rigg. 64 collapsed from internal bleeding shortly after picking up a phone and dealing the operator Wyandotte county sheriff s dispatcher listening to the volume of sirens coming through the open phone line. Was Able to direct the ambulance to her apartment. The action probably saved the woman s life the operator had switched the Call to the sheriff s office Quot the woman s voice was faint and unsteady but i thought she said 6815 said John g Holt. 29. The dispatcher he did not hear any More Holt sent an ambulance out parallel Avenue and listened As the Siren became louder and louder then faded. Holt told Rescue workers to turn the ambulance around and when the Siren reached full pitch told them to Stop the Only Likely place nearby was an apartment House so the ambulance Crew policemen and firemen started knocking on doors Holt could hear them on the Telephone he suddenly heard seven or eight loud knocks. A that s it that a it Quot he shouted the apartment manager was standing by with a pass key. The ambulance Crew found mrs. Rigg on the floor Semi conscious and unable to talk. Mrs. Rigg was hospitalized and was reported in fair condition today. Meanwhile officials in the town of Madera about 20 Miles South of Chowchilla said police Are following some summer school buses and Reserve officers Are Riding on others As a precaution taken after the mass kid Naping Quot the primary purpose is to gain the Confidence of parents and of children but the attendance dropped off drastically right after this said Fred Nilsen business manager of the Madera unified school District a i really Don t expect anything to happen but kooks get hold of these kinds of things and think. I la do that too. A Alameda county officers concentrating on the Rock Quarry Here where the children and the bus Driver were entombed for 18 hours after being kidnapped thursday in the Madera county town of Chowchilla about 95 Miles to the South attempted to determine if anyone connected with the Quarry was involved in the crime the moving Van trailer which was transformed into a makeshift underground prison was unearthed tuesday. The 27 Kidnap victims had clawed and pried their Way out of the moving Van and were unhurt investigators reported the moving Van was purchased last nov 20 from Palo Alto Transfer and storage co the Fresno Bee reported tuesday that the person who bought the Van has a close connection to the Quarry the newspaper quoted a source who said As Many As eight persons May to evolved in the abduction authorities searched in the Santa Cruz mountains on tuesday after learning the three masked and armed kid Napers had been there both before and after the Abdul Tion dogs injection used to catch Loose Jaguar Pittsboro a a Jaguar Loose for three Days in Rural Chatham county was recaptured tuesday night by a Small group using a tranquil Izer gun and a pack of dogs. Chief Deputy sheriff w c Willette led the group which caught the Jaguar on a Rural mad about three Miles East of Pittsboro at to 15 p in Willette said the Jaguar was shot once with a tranquil Izer Bullet and was nearly captured but slipped away and had to be shot a second time the big cat escaped sunday from a farm where carnivorous research Institute is operated by or Michael ble Yinan Law enforcement officers and citizens had combed the Woods for the big cat Willette said dogs chased the animal for about Hall a mile before the tranquil Izer took effect one of the dogs was missing following the capture and Willette said it is thought the Jaguar killed the dog Bley Man told searchers before its capture that the Jaguar was not dangerous unless cornered or wounded he said he would attempt to a Lasso Corner or shoot at her with a pop gun a lebanese cease fire fails in first scheduled Day by a Rock Nassar associated press writer Beirut Lebanon a a cease fire called to allow evacuation of wounded from the Tai Zlatar refugee Camp failed to get off the ground today. Saudi arabian peacekeeping troops trying to separate the Christian and moslem sides in Beirut ran into heavy mortar fire the third attempt to get the estimated 1,000 wounded out of the palestinian Camp on the Edge of the capital was called off by red Cross team Leader Jean Haefliger when neither Side would Stop shooting a 15-truck Convoy had been set up when the christians agreed to Stop their 29 Day assault on the Camp for five hours but heavy shelling continued along the convoys planned route two previous red Cross attempts to evacuate the wounded failed because firing turned Back the rescuers Haefliger said he would try again thursday. A Convoy of armoured cars carrying saudi arabian peacekeeping troops with machine guns covered moved into the no Man s land separating the two sectors of Beirut but ran into heavy mortar fire. Despite the barrage the saudis continued a Short distance into the zone and began setting up positions the agreement to suspend hostilities around the Camp was reached tuesday at a meeting Between the chief of Security for Yasir Arafat a Palestine liberation organization Abu Bassan and phalanges party chief Pierre Gema yep Nephew Alexandre. The christians also agreed tuesday to a restoration of electric Power water and garbage removal Iii the moslem sector of Beirut and the two sides agreed to establish a Buffer zone manned by saudi arabian and sudanese troops Between the Christian and moslem sectors of the City. T

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