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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather sunny and hot More data on pane 3a 92nd year no. 202 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation w 17 of clarified ads ms-2177 other dept. Is 211 a High Point n. C., tuesday afternoon july 20. 1976 22 pages daily i so. Sunday 3se Viking lands on surface of Mars dramatic photographs transmitted to Earth Pasadena Calif. Apr americans Viking i spacecraft landed today on a Dusty Plain of Mars to search for life on the red planet. In a spectacular space achievement Viking began sending Hack razor Sharp photos of the planets surface. The pictures arrived dramatically appearing line by line on television monitors after travelling 213 million Miles at the Speed of Light. The failure of two earlier soviet Mars Landing crafts had heightened the tension in the project Laboratory. A the details Are just incredible said or Thomas Mutch head of the Lander imaging team a a it just could t be he said As the first picture a portion of the surface directly under one leg of the Lander appeared on television monitors at Jet propulsion Laboratory. It was of the Chryse plan Tia the Gold Plain of Mars a the smoothest place on a planet marked by volcanic peaks and deep valleys and craters. Later the unmanned three legged Lander will make life detection and soil sampling tests for More than too years scientists have thought Mars might Harbor some form of life. Scientists cheered and hugged each other As the l,300pound Craft radioed that it touched Down on Mars at 4 53 a in put the signal took 19 minutes to reach Earth for Many the achievement was a childhood dream come True a a Mars Landing. President Ford telephoned his congratulations to the project Headquarters calling the Mission a a wonderful and most remarkable a by for answer to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise. Ever request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Overgrown lot a of when will the lot on Cleveland Avenue be cleaned off la is beside the Tennis court. I have called the Cit several times and called action Lane once about this and it is grown with weeds and we have seen snakes out there Lins is right near a Public Park on cordon Road where children Plav it does need to be cleaned ult immediate anon woman. A Hie sanitation enforcement officer a Villi Shiblie works says the owner of this property has been sent a final to Day notice to clean the property or they will Institute Legal proceedings Tab s calories of some friends it mine told me they read in the newspaper about a month ago that Tab had 77 calorie in each 12-ounce can. Is this True and have they been advertising falsely Cha ilk you. Of. A right alter tin by climates Ere removed from the Market. Tab did con Tam 77 calories Hall that of a popular it Ola but it now Lias Only line alone per 12-ounce can we were told that the information on the 77 calories was Given in a Low cholesterol diet Book but it is now outdated help with tuition of i Ain 38, a Mother of eight and have five Jii Idren at Home. The oldest is retarded i want to go to Len school. I want to know if there is any kind of fund available at All that would help with my tuition so i could go. Thank you. . A you can try one of these approaches apply at the employment Security office for feta comprehensive employment training act funds or Contact the financial Aid office of the school at Guilford technical Institute you can Call Suzette Williams who can fill you in on requirements for Aid and the Prospect of getting it a spokesman Al that office said there Are More applicants for Len training than they have room to accommodate the class is limited to 50 and already there have been about 180 applicants it was a suggested that you get your application in without delay if you want to try to get in there this fall. English and math placements tests Are Given and an interview a selection committee determines which of those meeting the minimum requirements can enrol for the limited class the course runs from september through the following August and costs $577 which includes tuition books uniforms and All other expenses some local clubs and sororities give scholarships to students re action regarding the lyricist who said that he needed to have someone write songs i am a guitarist and am unable to write real Good lyrics but i like to write music. I would be very interested in talking with this Guy possibly putting some music and lyrics together. I would like to talk with him about this. Thanks very much. Jay Joyce. 885-248 1. I am calling about this lyricist who says he has a problem and can to put music to lyrics. I have a problems can t put lyrics to my music. I would like to know if i could have the address of this person. Thank you very much. Keith Gardner 208 Westridge. I am interested in writing songs but can to write music. I write lyrics and play a guitar. I do have tapes of myself and am interested in knowing who i could have listen to these tapes or possibly get songs published. David Rollings 889-1178. He said Quot i think it s amazing that in the Span of a single lifetime the exploration of spare has grown from the dreams of very very few individuals to such a massive cooperative science fiction writer Ray Bradbury was at jul for the touchdown his dreams racing ahead of the Viking Mission. A i know in the next 20 years Well have a manned Landing on Mars a eventually Well have colonized and taken Over the planet a Bradbury said. The first picture showed an area of soil strewn with what seemed to be chunks of Rock of varying sizes Mutch said it looked As though some of the rocks had tails of dirt formed by the Rushing of Strong Martian winds across the surface. Scientists had expected the Landing site a Low Plain where streams May once have run. Would be covered by a Blanket of material deposited by the water although the pictures showed a Rocky surface the Lander apparently avoided any geologic hazards that project officials had feared might imperil the touchdown. In the Corner of the first picture could be seen one of Viking s round Metal Landing footpads the rivets on the Footpad were visible and the Footpad cast an Oval Shadow in the late afternoon Sun As it rested on the soil among the rocks. See Viking lands on 2a> Gnu drops sharply economic growth rate lags u g. David Wallace associated pre writer Washington it a it the Gross National Lyo duct the broadest measure of the nations economic Well being. Registered a Sharp drop in the growth rate during he Spring Quarter the government reported today. The drop was attributed primarily to a stabilization of business inventory accumulation the Commerce department said the Gnu grew at an annual rate of 4 4 per cent in volume for april through june compared to a 92 per Cen annual rate of growth in the year s first Quarter la spite the decline in the rate of growth most economists say they feel the drop will be temporary die Gnu represents the nation s total output of goods and services and is a key determinant of How Many new jobs the Economy generates As Well As the economic status of All a ohm leans the Commerce department said he slower growth rate was accompanied by a quickening of inflation prices As measures in the Gnu accounts which include the prices of All goods and services in the Economy rather than just consumer prices were up 5 per cent at an annual rate in the second Quarter the inflation rate in the first Quarter was 3 per cent a Sharp drop in the growth rate had been expected by Ford administration economists for at least a month despite the slower growth rate Lite Gnu figures contained some encouraging it Iguls demand in the Economy or the level of final sales actually grew at a Laster Pace -47 per cent at an annual rate. Final sales had climbed of a 3 7 per cent rate in the first Quarter die reason that final sales managed to climb Laster while the Economy As a whole was growing More slowly is that the Sharp boost Iii inventory accumulation of the first Quarter was absent businessmen satisfied demand in 1975 from inventories because they Cere overstocked with goods and raw materials in their storehouses then in the first three months it this year they suddenly began building inventories again that inventory building quickly stimulated production and created new jobs but in the second Quarter of this year inventory accumulation was at a slightly slower Pace slowing Down creation of new jobs inventories grew by sl3 3 billion in the second Quarter compared to a $14 8 billion growth in the first Quarter the government said the total value of Gnu at an annual rate in the second Quarter was placed at $1,673 billion a simultaneous with release of the Gnu figures the Commerce department reported that total personal income of americans grew by the smallest margin in la months during june personal income for the month see economic on 2a tax benefits get another look by panel k Jim lither associated press writer Washington apr the Senate finance committee is taking a second look at dozens it amendments that were written into a big tax Bill last month including several that Benefit Only one or two la ins sen Russell Long. D-la., arranged today s meeting of his committee in response to criticism of the amendments As the Senate neared a vote on extending last year s individual tax cuts at least through next june unless the tax cuts Are renewed a four member family making $15,000 annually would face a tax hike of $180 a year for a single person earning $8 too the increase would be $182 and for a couple with no children and earning $10,000, there would be a $204 hike a family of four earning $6,000 would pay $445 More Long called his committee into session alter Liberal senators attacked several amendments to the tax Bill As a Windfall for special interests Sens William Proxmire Dis. And Edward Kennedy mass. Who Are seeking to reconsider some of the amendments concede several amendments now being discussed Are meritorious. Rut As a whole Proxmire said. The amendments Are welfare for tile Well to do a Kennedy said the package invites speculation that the tax Laws Are for Sale to wealthy Campaign contributors the amendments were proposed by one or More of the committee s members and approved by the panel without hearings and with no Public announcement of who would Benefit. Rut All were subject to scrutiny before or after approval by Congress Iona i and Treasury department experts in a statement prepared for die hearing Long said the committee because of time pressures had to make numerous decisions with the Clear understanding they would be More thoroughly considered at sat tax on 2a photo shows closeup of ground on Mars several feet from Viking spacecraft part of Craft visible at right picture was taken from a lbs Monitor screen a Armstrong now shuns publicity Cincinnati apr it was seven years ago today when the Man on the Muon radioed Back to Earth that one Small step for Man. One giant leap for Mankind today. 46-year-old Neil Armstrong live on a Arm outside Lebanon Ohio. 25 Miles North of Cincinnati. With his wife and two children. Die professor of aerospace engineering Al the University of Cincinnati has shunned the spotlight since he he became the first Man to step on the Moon. Rut the spotlight focuses on Armstrong today because the seventh anniversary of that historic step of july 20. 1969 coincides with today attempted Landing >8 the Viking i Lander on Mars in Honor of the two events president Ford proc aimed today As space exploration Day Armstrong a native of Wapakoneta. Ohio. Was a Navy Veteran and a civilian test Pilot when he was one of the first two civilians picked for the space program in 1962 in 1966. His first space Mission ended abruptly when he and David Scott piloted their gemini 8 capsule loan emergency Landing in the Pacific Ocean the second went considerably better on july 20 1969 Armstrong and Edwin Buzz Aldrin descended to the sea of Tranquility in their Eagle Lander while Michael Collins circled the my a on in the Apollo la capsule. The next Day. Armstrong and Aldrin walked on the Moon collecting rocks and performing experiments returning to Earth three Days later a worldwide tour followed but none of the three astronauts Dew in space again Aldrin fought personal and mental problems in the aftermath of the Mission then wrote a Book about his experiences Armstrong quit a n Asa desk Job in i97f to come to the University of Cincinnati Collins became director of the National air and space museum in Washington Roberto Santuchi Argentina s top rebel is killed Buenos Aires. Argon Tina Apt a the Argentine army confirmed today the death in a clash with Security forces of Roberto Santuchi the elusive Kingpin of latin american terrorism police sources said san Tuchols chief lieutenant. Enrique Gorriaran also was killed in the clash monday but an official communique from army Headquarters did not mention him intelligence sources said the slaying of Santuchi might be a death blow to the marxist people s revolutionary army a Erp a considered the More important of the two leftist guerrilla organizations at War with the government Security forces killed Juan n Carrizo the fourth Man in the Erp High command see Argentina son 2a names photos of kidnappers Are expected Chowchilla. Calif it apr a authorities investigating the mass kidnapping of a Busload of 2b school children say they Are being tax died with tips and Hope to have names and photographs of the three Abdat tors by today we be got so Many leads. I can t say which one will Lead to # the breaking of this Alameda county sheriff Tom Lio chins said monday sked if the investigator was progressing satisfactorily. Madera county sheriff de rates said you d better believe authorities said they were using computers to Check Many of the leads including the descriptions of possible suspects and vehicles there s a lot of brainstorming going on Quot said Alameda county sheriff s it Clayton Paxton most of the work is being done Over the telephones and with computers a two Tresh leads Carne to investigators monday authorities also reported they had located some clothing taken from the victims by the kidnappers beside a Highway near Saratoga Iso Miles Northwest of this Small farming Community where the 27 were abducted the masked Trio hijacked the bus thursday left the 2b school children and the bus Driver in an underground Bunker in a gravel Quarry at Livermore 95 Miles North of Chowchilla. The victims dug their Way out and escaped Friday evening one new Lead came from an unidentified tonner inmate at san Quentin prison who told Tuolumne county sheriff Jack lateral a that while he was in the joint he knew of three or four Guys who talked incessantly about a Kidnap operation they intended to pull when they got out in which they would use a group of children for hostages investigators also checked on a report that a Man tried to get an unlicensed Van painted in Oakland on monday but took off when a suspicious shop worker asked Hie Driver for uie vehicle s serial number. Alameda county sheriff s of Edward Volpe said the paint shop owner gave a description of the Man which closely resembled descriptions of one of the suspects i what s inside i amusements Bridge. Classified ads. Comics. 12h crossword editorials. .4a financial. Obituaries sport. 3-5 b television women new 6-7 a weather

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