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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 21, 1976, High Point, North Carolina Weather thundershowers More data on Page 3a mod year no. 203 the High Point Enterprise Call us circulation 8821719 classified ads 885-2177 other depts. 88s-2i81 High Point n. C., wednesday afternoon july 21, 1976 48 pages daily 15c. Sunday 35c food costs level of gasoline helps drive prices up again Washington apr despite a leveling off in food costs consumer prices jumped five tenths of a per cent last month driven upward by a Sharp increase in the Cost of gasoline and other Energy products the government said today. The june increase follows hikes of six tenths of a per cent in May and four tenths of a per cent in april closing out the second Quarter with inflation rising at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 6.1 per cent. That is about what Ford administration economists have considered in the past to be the underlying inflation rate in the Economy the increase of grocery prices slowed in june rising Only two tenths of a per cent after jumping one per cent in May and six tenths of a per cent in april the 11 Bor department said however the department said the improvement was offset by Sharp increases in the costs of a Broad Range of Energy products including Gas House action delayed Senate vote favors tax Cut Extension Washington map Extension of individual tax cuts through 1977 is a step closer today but it May be Ano her two months before taxpayers know for sure whether they will face a tax hike next year the Senate voted 66 to 28 on tuesday to extend the tax cuts for 18 months but the House cannot act on the Extension until the Senate passes the Complex tax revision Bill to which the reductions Are attached sen Russell Long. A la chairman of the Senate finance committee said he Hopes but cannot guarantee that the Senate will approve a tax Bill before recessing aug la for the Republican convention once the Senate passes the Bill a Senate House conference must work out the countless Dit Terence in the Senate s tax revision Bill and one approved by the House last year that could take weeks for answers to questions or help with a problem Call or write action line in care of the Enterprise every request is considered but please understand that the volume makes it impossible to answer or even acknowledge every one. Houses in need of repair am a Brocket resident and i would like to know who you could Contact about these old houses. The one i Liv e in the Bock porch is about to fall off and i am scared that one of the children might walk out one Day and the thing will tall off and probably kill one of them. I wonder ii the Urban renewal houses Are to be torn Down or How do you get the inspector to inspect those things thank you. Anon Man a first ask the person or Agency you re renting the House from if repairs will be made then if you get no satisfaction Call the building inspector s office at City Hall. 887-2511 of the House does t meet the minimum housing code the owner will be required to make the repairs or improvements no passport for Canada q. If someone is planning to visit Anada will they need a passport or any Type of identification a thank you. . A. No passport is required you should take some kind of identification such As a Driver s License even though you May not be asked to show it they will ask you where you re going and How Long you plan to stay on your return any purchases must be declared for customs duty lid liners q. The or. Pepper company is sponsoring a promotion which gives Cash prizes to the person that sends in Cap liners with the words a Cdr. Pepper club a on them. This is to run through the month of july. The or. Peppers we have been buying since the first of june have not had the words Quot or. Pepper club Quot on them we do not feel that this is fair of the company. Collectors. A. A spokesman at the Winston Salem office cd the bottling company said he was sorry this happened and they will Honor the Cap liners from or peppers even with the words missing car telephones q. Who do you Contact to have a Telephone installed in your car i would like to know the Price to install it and How much it costs a month. Anon Man. A in the yellow pages under telephones you la see the and of Answerphone radio Contact mrs Luona Burwell the manager says the installation Cost is $50. The monthly rate is $54 .06 which allows 40 minutes talking time each month each minute Over that is 15 cents complaints on nursing Home q. I have done some investigating and am very upset with the facts that i have found out about the Home for the elderly. There is no dietician no Len or nurse to give the Medicine or the shots and they Are very poorly fed. I would like to get in touch with someone to get this investigated to see if these people can to be helped. Anonymous woman. A the adult group care unit within the Guilford county department of social services can be contacted in Greensboro at 373-3806, or through the direct line to the county switchboard. You can ask for Kathy Garrett what is required in medically trained personnel depends on the Type of facility. One offering domiciliary care would not have to have the nurses required in intermediate or skilled nursing facilities. No matter How Long it takes Congress to Complete work on a tax revision Bill. There is virtually no Chance that american workers will feel a bigger tax bite on their paychecks this year the $15-billion Worth of individual tax cuts technically expired once already on july i. But Congress hurriedly froze withholding rates until sept i congressional leaders indicate the rates will be Frozen again ii More time is required to Complete action on the tax Bill in addition to voting for an 18-month renewal of the tax cuts the Senate agreed tuesday 50 to 42. To allow motorists to continue deducting All their state and local gasoline taxes the finance committee in writing the Bill voted to allow deduction of Only the gasoline taxes that total More than $50 a year that would have raised the Federal tax Bills of millions of americans but it would have saved the Treasury about $300 million a year. The Senate rejected. 54 to 38 an Effort by sen Adlai Stevenson ill Dili to eliminate the Gas olme lax deduction altogether on grounds it encourages Energy waste the key elements of the tax Cut package include a provision allowing a $35 credit which is subtracted directly Iron taxes owed for each taxpayer and each dependent to in extended through 1977 of it is to his or her advantage the tax payer instead could Lake a credit of 2 per cent of his first $9,000 of taxable income to a maximum credit of $180 what s inside amusements6-7c bridge.71 a ossified ads7-111 comics4d crossword.7d editorials4a financial2a obituaries .21 sports1-5c television. 21 women a news1-9h weather 3a watergate Reform Bill gets support Washington Ahi the Senate voted today to prohibit High level presidential or Vic presidential Campaign officials from becoming attorney veneral or Deputy attorney Genera. The prohibition was adopted by voice Vole As an amendment to a Bill creating a special prosecutor to investigate such scandals As watergate which bought the resignation 91 former president Richard m Nixon the watergate Reform Bill has widespread bipartisan support and final action was expected later in the Day or on thursday. Offered by sen Lloyd rent sen. A Tex. The ban specifically bars presidential or Vic presidential Campaign managers finance committee chairmen. Party National chairmen Quot and other High officials Iron being named As at Sornev general or his Deputy Benison said naming Campaign officials to such posts Quot contributes to a growing perception of the department of Justice As a political instrument Quot he said it is Quot time to assure the american people Quot that the depart ment is not such an instrument key senators on the govern ment operations committee which is handling the watergate measure on the Senate floor gave Basic endorse ment tuesday to a major change sought by president Ford the senators were in apparent agreement with Ford s proposal that a special prosecutor s office be permanently established in the Justice department instead of making provisions Tor appointment of a temporary prosecutor when the need arises Dine motor Oil Tuel Oil. Coal natural Gas and electricity. Over All. Energy prices were up 19 per cent in june accounting for almost a third of the month s increase in the department s consumer Price Index workers were Hurt As Well by a june decline in average weekly hours on the Job the labor department said the decline amounting to sixteenths of a per cent. Plus the Rise in retail prices resulted in a decline of one per cent in Gross weekly earnings Over All consumer prices last month were 5.9 per cent More than they were during Tolje same month a year ago. In an interview tuesday John Kendrick the Commerce department s chief economist said it does t look As if there will an acceleration in Price inflation at least for the next several months because of the favourable farm and food prospects. British envoy to Ireland Dies in land mine blast Dublin Ireland apr Britain s ambassador to Ireland was killed in Dublin today when a land mine blew up his car a woman Secretary also was killed and a top British official from Northern Ireland was critically wounded ambassador Christopher Ewart Biggs and Judith Cooke died in the blast that hit the car As it came out the Gates of the ambassador s mansion on the outskirts of Dublin Brian Cubbon the visiting official from Belfast and the chauffeur were critically injured Ewart Biggs. 54, a monocle we army Oxford graduate and novelist came to his Post Here from Paris less than two weeks ago he is believed to be the first British official killed in the Irish Republic since the Irish War of Independence in the Early 1920s the British embassy in Dublin was burned four years ago by a mob enraged when British paratroopers killed 13 unarmed civilians during a demonstration in Northern Ireland Irish prime minister Liam Cosgrave held an emergency meeting with his Cabinet and said his government viewed the killings with Shock and revulsion Irish officials cancelled their attendance at Public functions and ordered flags lowered to half staff on All Public buildings. Quot the atrocity fills All decent Irish people with a sense of shame said Cosgrave. The government is determined that ail the resources at its disposal will be used to ensure that the perpetrators Are brought to Justice and face the Lull Rigours of the in London a foreign office spokesman said. Quot we have All been gravely shocked and grieved at the news but we do not have full details Quot the spokesman said British prime minister James Callaghan would make a statement in the House of commons later today the Cosgrave statement said he had personally expressed Quot condolences and regrets Quot to Callaghan. Police said it was too soon to say whether the explosion was the work of the Irish Republican army. The outlawed underground army waging a guerrilla War of bombs and bullets a violence aimed at ending British Rule in Northern Ireland and uniting it with the Republic. Officials said miss Cooke was private Secretary to Cubbon. Who is responsible Tor implementing Britain s continuing direct Rule in Northern Ireland police and firemen on scene of explosion near Dublin today in foreground is wreckage of car and bomb Oater 200 y Ards from official residence a a if a Pivot it California Harvest time strike poses threat of higher prices Palo Alto. Calif. A api a a Harvest time strike is under Way by the workers who process most of the nation s canned tomatoes apricots peaches and Truit cocktail the walkout on tuesday shut Down 76 plants which handle 95 per cent of California s Canning production up to 70.duo Cannery workers Are employed at the Peak of the Harvest season which is now getting under full steam agricultural leaders appealed to president Ford to intervene with a Taft Hartley injunction Tor an 80-Day Cooling off period shortly after the walkout began. Director James k Seca ret of the Federal mediation and conciliation ser vice summoned both sides to Washington for talks thursday it in extremely important that every Effort by made to Settle this dispute As quickly As possible in order to Avert the loss of food crops Scearce said Bosn w urm of California processors inc said California produces allot the nation s canned apricots cling peaches and fruit cocktail the state also turns out about 85 per cent of the tomatoes including peeled tomatoes Tomato juice Catsup and Tomato sauce produced in the United states. Wierm said scientists More optimistic about life important gases found on red planet 300 degree panoramic View of Martian landscape was returned by Viking objects in foreground Are parts of spacecraft a wire photo Pasadena Calif a the Viking i robot probe of Mars has detected nitrogen and argon gases in the atmosphere of the red planet in sufficient abundance to make scientists More optimistic that Lite could flourish there the project s directors said today Vav Fille not providing any evidence of life. Past or future the discovery by the probe As it descended toward tuesday s historic Mars Landing suggest that Mars had a denser More life nurturing environment in the past together with Viking s findings from orbit the planet s surface showed what appeared to be the effects of water once having flowed in Rivers the discovery of nitrogen Means that All the essential tetors for life could have been present at some time project scientist or Gerald soften said at a news briefing Early inlay Quot the Stew pot was there to do the kind of organic chemistry required for biogenesis synthesis of living organisms i Quot said soften whether it took place or not we Don t know the presence of argon an inert Gas also found in the Earth s atmosphere is Given Olf by the radioactive decay of elements in the planet s crust the tact that Mars has a relatively Large abundance now said or Michael my Elroy of Harvard University. Indicates the atmosphere at one time was much see important on 2a

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