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High Point Enterprise (Newspaper) - July 20, 1976, High Point, North Carolina The High porn Enterprise letters to the editor an Independent Jesus paper Randii b Terry president co publisher d. A Rawley co publisher David a Rawley Orvice pres mrs c h. Lockwood vice pres Joseph p Rawley Gen mgr Joe Brown editor a Strong no to garbage at curbside 4 a tuesday july 20, 1976 thoughts for today if any one thinks he is religious and does not bridle his Tongue but deceives his heart this Man s religion is vain religion that is pure and undefiled before god and the father is this to visit orphans and widows in their affliction and to keep oneself unstained from the work James i 26.27 far Tifuh democracy Tinnat it bait d an re Friou Faith neither in tighten d tolf inter in nor practical a thick can make an effective a tiber ii. I to mat former i s. A Nutof. Does anybody like it government according to one of our syndicated columnists in a recent essay May be a dangerous to our the Point he was attempting to make was that Peoples Well being was being threatened by what the government is not doing in the Way of controlling the emission of potentially injurious substances into the air we breathe hut government according to the majority of candidates for office these Days May be a dangerous to our health because of what it it doing Jimmy Carter won the democratic party s nomination for president in Large measure by running against government against Washington . His acknowledged biggest single asset was the fact that he had no Washington connection no prior involvement in Federal government and thereby none of the blame for what it has done or has not done Ronald Reagan s Success thus far As a challenger to the desires of an incumbent president to succeed himself is based on the same premise his most telling Campaign speeches have sprung from his opposition to How Washington taxes How it spends and How it administers the fever is contagious. Current newsletters from North Carolinas two senators one a Democrat one a Republican and neither involved in campaigns this year Are full of criticisms of government of Washington this is not anything new for Republican Jesse Helms. Virtually All of his messages Back Home Are like letters from an imprisoned St Paul about the misdeeds of the infidels. This week he writes of hidden taxes and includes this judgment a government is the guilty party that has caused the inflation that All americans Are now suffering. Government spending is now roughly four times what it was just ten or twelve years ago on top of that government regulations a which involve All kinds of red tape and paperwork a Are costing the american taxpayers $130 billion a year that s approximately what the american people arc now spending for food each year a Jesse is a big user of the a a a he tends to talk in exclamation Points. From the democratic Side of the aisle sen Robert Morgan takes out after Washington s regulatory agencies they Are largely run of course by a Republican administration but he also reserves a few words of criticism for Congress his targets Are the consumer product safety commission which wants to require latching covers on match books to make them a child proof and the department of health education and welfare which tried unsuccessfully. To outlaw father son and Mother daughter events in Public schools. Writes Morgan in reference to the candidates. A they feel and probably rightly so. That the people Are getting fed up with the manner in which the Federal government is trying to regulate their lives having been in the Senate Only 18 months is this in the Way of a personal disclaimer can hardly qualify As an expert on Washington but i have seen enough of this meddling to understand the growing Morgan thinks Congress ought to pass a Law giving itself the Power to act within 60 Days to disapprove new policies set by the regulatory agencies in effect setting up a process to a veto Agency rules. No doubt about it. The 1976 bandwagon is an armoured machine with All barrels aimed at the Babylon on the Potomac. In Light of history the lessons of history Are most assuredly not unknown to messes. Carter and Mondale particularly of such recent Vintage do you remember the Man in the White House was by no Means a very popular president. There was a great Deal of division within his own party and he had managed to step on some very popular toes his opponent. On the other hand. Was considered very popular he had been nominated by acclamation in an unusually harmonious convention the opponent proceeded to Campaign cautiously to avoid entanglement in the projecting the news matters that were labelled As Quot issues a with the popularity polls All in his favor he wanted to avoid the risk of a hard Campaign. The unpopular incumbent president on the other hand bore Down hard on matters of popular concern. And. Of course Harry Truman won re election and Thomas e. Dewey profoundly shocked was the loser. The Carter Mondale team says Over and Over that it will not repeat the experience of 1948, that it will not repeat the mistakes of Dewey and Warren. They vow that they will not be victims of overconfidence. We shall see. What killed the horses the Story sounded vaguely familiar As Well it might about 50 wild horses recently were Lound dead on the Arm s Dugway proving ground in Utah a facility whose main Mission is to test and develop chemical and biological weapons of War but the army steadfastly denied that it was responsible fight years earlier in March 14. 1968. Ranchers discovered flocks of sheep felled by some strange ailment on grazing lands to Miles Southwest of dug a most of the animals a about 6.300 in All a were dying or so incapacitated that they had to be put to death officers at Dugway insisted that there had been no recent testing that could have caused the sheep to die it soon transpired however that the army had conducted an Aerial nerve Gas Experiment the Day before the ailing sheep were discovered because of a valve malfunction 320 Gallons of the toxic a is were released in Spray form if weather conditions had been favourable the deadly particles might have drifted As far As Salt la Ike City 80 Miles Northeast of the test site the military continued to deny a cause effect relationship Between the test and the sheep kill in june 1968, the army claims service approved payments of $376,000 to ranchers for the loss of sheep and $198,000 for Range damage a still without explicitly acknowledging responsibility the 1968 and 1976 incidents at Dugway have reawakened interest in this country s chemical biological warfare cow program How extensive is it for instance a Are there plans to phase it out there Are some hard answers to these questions but essentially the program remains shrouded in military secrecy some persons May be under the impression that the United states abandoned cow some years ago in november 1969, president Nixon renounced the use. Development and stockpiling of biological weapons. He also renounced the first strike use of lethal and incapacitating chemical weapons then in 1972, the ignited states was one of 70 nations that signed a convention a treaty outlawing biological weapons and. For the first time under a modern arms control measure requiring states to destroy their stinks of such weapons the convention came into Force in March 1975 after the requisite 22 signatory countries had ratified it the United states also completed ratification Pix be dogs in 1975 on two other International lbs agreements one was a 1925 Geneva protocol Banning use of such weapons the other a 1974 Geneva convention prohibiting production or stockpiling of bacteriological and toxin substances despite their scope these agreements have not eliminated pow As a threat to peace defensive research is not expressly forbidden. And presumably the tinted states and the soviet Dillon Are engaged in it moreover production and stockpiling of chemical weapons still is permitted on april 13 u s Delegate Joseph Martin or called on the 30-nation disarmament conference at Genev a to agree on a step by step reduction in the manufacture and Possession of chemical arms the United states takes the position that on site inspection should be part of the agreement but the soviet Union has consistently opposed All arrangements of this sort in arms control negotiations still. An Accord May be possible some Day. The i nned states after All. Ratified the 1925 Geneva protocol after half a Century of foot dragging to the editor the object of this letter is to Register my protest to the proposed change in City policy from a a backyard a to a curbside a garbage collection i have numerous reasons which i think Are valid for coming to this conclusion. But in the interest of Brevity. I ii mention Only a few i implementation a a Large percentage of our citizens Are too old or Are otherwise physically unable to take their garbage containers from the rear of their Home to the curbside also the husband in Many younger families has a work schedule which would prohibit him from complying with this proposed provision on the Day scheduled for collection therefore to insure collection. The Container would most Likely be placed at the curb a Day or More before collection time and remain there an equal length of time after emptied the alternative to this is to hire someone to perform this chore or leave it to the housewife the objection to the first of these alternatives is that regardless of the extra Cost to the Homeowner it would be practically impossible to i my anyone to do this the objection to the second is that it not Only places too great a Burden on the housewife assuming she could do it but a great portion of housewives just could not perform this chore 2. Aesthetics a i do not believe there is anything that adversely affects the attractiveness of a residential area More than rows of garbage cans lined up along the curb. Some of which Are unkempt covered with vermin and therefore attract swarms of flies furthermore there Are residential areas in All cities where Slov enness is so general that if a garbage Container is once placed at the curb it will not be removed the raw garbage will simply be brought from the House and dumped into the Container. When one considers the Cost of landscaping and beautifying the grounds of the new City Hall planting Trees on main Street in Concrete containers which i notice have recently been encased in what appears to be an ornamental Type of Wood the encouragement and cooperation Given to Civie organizations to beautify Small Public areas around the City. And the vast amount of Money spent on Parks and playgrounds a Large part of which is for beautification it is hard to understand Why curbside garbage collection with its extremely ugly appearance can be justified the above statements and observations Are based on personal experience in that i worked for the Federal housing administration for 3u years until i retired in 1967 my duties ranged from the appraisal of single family dwellings to analysing and evaluating the suitability of entire residential subdivisions consisting in Many instances of 500 or More single and duplex dwellings in one subdivision and in the course of this work. I visited not Only every City and town in North Carolina but practically every Small Hamlet repeatedly during this time. I believe that if you will make a tour of be residential areas of Greensboro not Only on the designated garbage collection Day but also the Day before and after you will observe the unsightly Ness of the a a curbside garbage containers and will conclude that it is not Only unattractive but it actually constitutes a blight on the respective neighbourhood for a True picture of the situation any inspection should include a Cross Section of All residential areas of the City i am and have been proud of High Point s garbage collection system and have bragged about it for years to City and town officials throughout the entire state for goodness Sake done to let the citizens of High Point including me. Down by changing the existing policy. W c Folger Johnson St tired amp Tacky to the editor the enclosed letter has been sent to the chairman of the Randolph county Board of commissioners it enclosure this is to inform you of my tent kill i. A a a. I. K 1 Mnew a a a a a a a ii Tim Jim Mai Ihrk Tkv i on Nook Mune cant accuse democrats of ignoring his economic plight1 refusal to accept my appointment As a member of the Randolph county Council on the status of women. Last Spring after the Board of commissioners had established the Council i allowed my name to be submitted for consideration. I did this because i assumed the Council would be a work my organization which would at least begin to carry out the recommendations set Forth in the report on the status of women in Randolph county. I understand the commissioners had High Praise for this report and the Many volunteers who spent hundreds of hours compiling it i understand they expressed interest in the information it contained and enthusiasm for its recommendations nevertheless the commissioners failed to allow one Penny in the county budget for its new Council it would have taken very Little Money for the Council to begin work the labor would have been donated by those who agreed to serve on it and those same volunteers would have donated some supplies. But with absolutely no funds a not a postage stamp not a paper clip not a file drawer a i cannot see How the Council can perform any service to this county whatsoever in a Telephone conversation. County manager Frank Boling suggested the Council could continue to beg funds from individuals and organizations just As the committee on the status of women did last year in order to compile and publish its Fine report this seems at Best. A haphazard Way for a governmental body to obtain funds. I realize that most Randolph county agencies must depend on charitable donations to function properly and i expected this Council to do so. Too i did not expect that it would be forced to depend entirely on Charity i know that Many county agencies were pitifully underfunded this year and Many Are More important to this county than the Council on the status of women if the commissioners had refused to establish the Council on the grounds that the county could not afford to support one i would have disagreed i would have been disappointed but i would have accepted it As the Best judgment of duly elected officials performing a difficult Job however the commissioners were not so forthright they established the Council Asker people to serve on it and then displayed an insulting disdain and contempt for the time. Energy and talents of those people by refusing to provide them a single tool with which to work. Of course. I do not believe the insult was intentional it was merely a Clumsy mistake made during a political Man Euver planned to appease a those women Quot without committing the Board to any positive action that is a very tired Tacky and rather Boring old game i do not choose to play Alice r Hammond Asheboro catch-22 to the editor catch-22 is alive and Well in Raleigh. On july 7. 1976. The North Carolina Senate rules committee voted to continue in effect Senate Rule 35 which prohibits Roll Call recorded votes in All Senate committees the vote on senator Macneil Smiths motion to Amend Rule 35 to allow Roll Call votes in Senate committees was by voice it recitation of a a ayes and noes in uni Sonas required by Rule 35 after listening to the respective volumes of each voice vote the chairman of the rules committee senator John Henley ruled that the amendment had failed he further ruled under Rule 35, that no division could be called a raising of hands to get an accurate vote count i after the committee had adjourned a poll of the members of the committee revealed that three members had abstained it senators James Garrison. Wesley Webster and Russell Kirby three had voted against the amendment senators j j Harrington. Harold Hardison and Billy Mills and four had voted in favor of the amendment senators Macneill Smith. Tom Strickland. Ralph Scott and Bob Barker thus according to the senators testimony As to How they voted the amendment would actually have passed if the votes had been counted by Roll Call but Roll Calls of course Are prohibited by Rule 35 we wish to express our gratitude to the Senate rules committee for providing such a poignant demonstration of the need for Roll Call voting in Senate committees hopefully the full Senate now scheduled to meet in special session or july 15. Will reconsider this matter and pass the amendment to Rule 35 suggested by senator Smith and we urge All Senate candidates to commit themselves during this election Campaign to the support of Roll Call voting in Senate committees so that these unfortunate lapses of accountability will cease every voter has the right to know How the candidates stand on this Gerry Hancock common cause Raleigh Good afternoon architect left major Mark on his City by Holt Mcpherson Enterprise editor emeritus tragic death of architect Leon a Schute saddens a Community which recognized and appreciated his All too Brief career in which he made quite an Impact by the Way he combined Utility and Beauty in buildings which improved the usefulness and appearance of our City. His was a Genius such As too often carries the seed of Early death our first Contact with him was so graciously effective that it endeared him to those of us in a civic project in which when completion ran so Short of Money there was not sufficient to cover the architect s tee he made that fee his contribution for a Well planned facility which continues in the civic service he was gracious As Well As competent in a Field of which he was master in designing buildings to fit needs the owner required and getting them done attractively Tor Oft times bargain value to see the accomplishments of his architectural Art. One needs Only look about a Community better for his skill in design the new City Hall in planning of which he joined with Edward Durrell Stone is one example of replacing an ugly run Down area with a building of special attractiveness and space to alleviate crowded conditions at the outgrown old building in the Owca another project in which funds were not All that might have been wished he produced a building of Beauty and usefulness the High Point College Campus is better for four of his buildings a the Campus Center the Horace Haworth science building the Belk and Yadam dormitories a and he was working on plans for enlargement of the present facility while hoping funds could be developed for an entirely new learning a enter incorporating the Library he conceived the project and designed the building for the High Point Bank amp Trust company As handsome a banking Structure As to be found in a Bank of its size and locale a and he was in process of designing the new South office for that Bank the impressive Bassett furniture industries showroom he designed so that it could be converted for manufacturing uses should it for some reason not continue As showroom for that largest of furniture manufacturers the finely completed High Point memorial Hospital was done mainly by him the modern new Plant of the Enterprise was his Handiwork. As were the Amos hosiery finishing Plant and the National Springs corporation. To name just three of his specialities in varied Industrial design. The Headquarters fire station and the s rotary As Well As the Centennial Avenue fire station were his Handiwork Leon Schute specialized distinctively with buildings and distinguished himself with a clientele that appreciated the value and the Economy of his product so that his customers were pleased to commend him for drafting projects of others comte inflating his Type of specialized architecture recently he had completed purchases of the former Post Allice fronting on e Green Between s main and s Wrenn. For he recognized the sturdy nature and attractiveness of that building he was planning to convert into a furniture showroom or possible other commercial use he encountered some difficulty with the new stadium project when Concrete seating buckled but that was straightened out and the responsibility placed on the contractor and subcontractor to Correct the situation what caused him to take his Lite and end a Brilliant career no one seems really to know but he leaves his Mark on a Community after an All to Brief career in which he brightened the landscape with buildings that combined Beauty As Well As Utility in a Way unmatched in so Short a designing period As our Community was privileged to know one of his Fine nature May god rest his gentle soul Moshe Dayan Israel s dashing military commander who directed Victory in the 6-Day War As Well As elsewhere will come to speak in High Point on sept 28 to open the executives club s new season at the top of the Mart club officials were Able to announce the engagement at the weekend following the earlier engage ment of metropolitan opera Star William Walker next feb to. Executives president James Johnson and his Board Are putting together what promises to be a Banner year of programs for their club announcement of touch calling push Button Telephone service being introduced by North state Telephone co is the first step toward some still further advanced Central office electronic switching now on the drawing boards relative to provide yet More sophisticated electronic computerized switching gear it is quite an extensive and expensive step that will bring in some months hence a huge new device that will provide a whole new Field expanding touch calling apparatus already installed incidental to it also Are expanding cables on the burgeoning East Side of the City in the Centennial and Mon lieu areas the announcement of still Lurther automated service by the phone company which pioneered with automated phone service Here following world War i has been received with enthusiasm by subscribers despite the Small additional charge it will entail. The company is receiving touch calling equipment for installation in the South 431, 434east 454and North 869 Central offices of the High Point Exchange in addition to having in operation already facilities for servicing Telephone numbers with prefix 88, 472475476, and 498 in some instances the Telephone numbers of subscribers desiring touch calling will have to be Chang cd As the new service is not adaptable to All numbers within the system Charles a Brooks who won locally ins education during years when his parents were merchants Here was honoured with the 16th annual Community service award by the Mystic. Con chamber of Commerce at its annual meeting recently. The Lormer managing director of Mystic Saport was cited for his civic contributions Over the past 30 years. Following graduation from High Point College he joined general dynamics electric boat first As ship s superintendent and then As executive in Industrial relations and personnel his work As director of development for the Lawrence memorial Hospital was also cited As a contribution for the betterment of the entire Southeastern Connecticut Region he purchased a Long established jewelry store in 1947 and with help of his wife. Dorothy expanded it by opening the Mystic seaport gift shop shortly afterwards it eventually grew into Mystic seaport stores the chamber selection committee said the seaports greatest growth occurred during the two decades of Brooks involvement with the maritime museum when he endeavoured to keep close relations Between the rapidly expanding museum and the Community All those year

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